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all-bisque dolls
All-Bisque Dolls
Small dolls have one thing in common: The entire doll is of bisque. Most are German and
from the beginning of this century. Some are head-torso dolls, others one-piece dolls, dolls
with molded shoes and socks, dolls with molded clothes. Some have painted, others glass eyes.
Some have molded hair, others cut-off crown and wig. These are our newest all-bisque dolls
and old favorites-all delightfully detailed and fun to create.
Key: Complete = # Mold(s} for complete doll. If more than one mold is included, ST (for Set) is added to item number.
Head-torso doll: Head and torso are one piece. Shoulders and hips are jointed.
General instructions for creating all-bisque dolls in Small Dolls and Making Porcelain Dolls, The Authentic Way, both by Eva
~ Belladonna
Extremely rare, beautiful all-bisque
French doll. Finely sculpted features, like
those of a fashion doll, and unusual detail
make her uncommon. Note the cupped
hands. Unmarked. Reference: Worksheet
for All Bisque Dolls WSABDI7; Doll
Artisan, Vol. 20, No.3.
Head eire. 4 3/4 " (12cm), Eyes 6mm,
Doll size 7" (18cm)
S473ST Belladonnao mold set (4
molds) Wt. Bibs.
CP945 Dress, hat, chemise
This delicate all-bisque French doll
originally came in a fabric-covered egg.
This doll has tapered arms and legs,
with white socks and pale blue boots.
Unmarked. Reference: Worksheet for
All-Bisque Dolls WSABDI5; Doll
Artisan, Vol. 20, No.5.
Head eire. 2 1/ z" (6.5cm), Eyes 4mm,
Doll size 5" (Bern)
S474ST FabergeO mold set (2 molds).
Pattern: CP946 Dress
French all-bisque doll with a wardrobe
and trunk. Head and each limb is
incised with a 2. Solid-dome head with
painted circle on top. Wardrobe
includes 3 dresses, 2 hats, and 5 pieces
of underwear. References: Worksheet
for All-Bisque Dolls WSABDI6; Doll
Artisan Vol. 20, o. 6; Small Dolls.
Head eire. 2 3// (7cm), Eyes 4mm,
Doll Size 5 liz" (14cm)
S475ST Periwinkleo mold set (3
molds). Wt. 7lbs
Pattern: CP947 Wardrobe
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\j]Hey You! and Who
Me? S466ST, S467ST
\j] Klara & Karl: Piano
Babies S471 ST, S472ST
Two little Heubach figurines with lots of
attitude] Hey, You' has a pouty mouth
and tight, tiny fists. Who, Me? looks surprised. Both are marked with the
Heubach square and a number on the
left foot: 9744 for Hey, You' and 9743
for Who, Me? Reference: Worksheet for
All-Bisque Dolls WSABD llA; Doll
Artisan Vol. 19, No. 1. Doll size 3 3/ /
tall by 4" long (9.5 em x 10cm); head
eire. 5 1/ 2 " (l3.5cm).
S466ST Hey, you)O mold set (3 molds).
S467ST Who, Me?O mold set (3
molds). Wt. 21bs.
This delicate pair of cherub-hke children is a fine reproduction of Carl
Schneider, Erben's antiques that once
graced piano tops as early as 1860. The
set is beautifully painted and decorated
in soft matching colors. The highly
detailed boy and girl are as charming as
they are innocent in sweet repose.
Marked: II 7287 DE? Painted eyes.
Reference: Worksheet for All-Bisque
Dolls WSABDI4; Doll Artisan, Vol. 20,
Doll size 4" (lOcm) tall; 7" (18cm)
S471ST Klara Piano Babyo mold set (4
molds). Wt. 181bs.
S472ST Karl Piano Babyo mold set (4
molds). Wt. 201bs.
\j] Little Beth
Lovely jointed head-torso French doll
attributed to Bru. Delicate features,
glass eyes, open crown, and well molded bare feet. Reference: Doll Artisan
Vol. 19, 0.4. Head eire. 3 1/ 2 " (9cm),
Eyes 4mm, Doll size 5" (l3cm)
S403ST Little BethO mold Set. Wt.
Pattern: CP914 Dress, hat, coat, vest,
panties, shoes
\j] Forget-Me-Not S464ST
(Photo on following page.) Head-torso
doll, jointed at shoulders and hips.
Painted eyes, molded shoes and socks.
Her hands and wrists are unique: right
is cupped, left is open. Marked: Made
in Germany. References: Worksheet for
All-Bisque Dolls WSABDIO; Doll
Artisan Vol. 18, No.5.
Head eire. 4 1/4 " (llcm), Doll size
5 1/ 2 " (14cm)
S464ST Forget-Me-NotO mold set (3
molds). Wt. 8lbs.
CP908 Smocked dress, drawers
CP919 Dress, bloomers
CP933 Coat-dress, underwear
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all-bisque dolls
IilLi'1 Tough
An "Action Figure" by Gebruder
Heubach, dated around 1910. Marked:
10212. Li'l Tough has the Heubach features: unsurpassed realism of expression,
and outstandingly detailed modeling in
the body. Painted eyes. Reference: Doll
Artisan Vol. 19, No.5. Head cire. 3"
(8cm), Doll size 3 1// (8.5 cm)
S470ST U'l Tough" mold set (2
molds). Wt. 3lbs.
iii Iris
Petite head-torso doll has molded, unpainted socks, high-button shoes, and
glass eyes. Most likely produced in the
mid-1880's; attributed to Kestner.
Cupped hands and pegged legs. Reference: Worksheet for All-Bisque Dolls
WSABD12; Doll Artisan VoL 19, No.
2.; Kestner; King of Dol/makers. Head
cire. 4 liz" (Il.Scm), Eyes 8mm, Doll
size 7" (I8cm)
S465ST Iris" mold set (3 molds). Wt.
Pattern: CP943 Dress, tulle overdress,
chemise and drawers
iii Edelweiss
& Edelbud
S468ST & S469ST
Edelweiss and her little sister, Edelbud,
are attributed to the Gebri.ider
Heubach company. Edelweiss, a mischievous little all-bisque doll, has a
one-piece head-torso with jointed arms
and legs. She has side-glancing intaglio
eyes, and a slightly upturned, smiling
mouth. Edelbud, a tiny, one-piece allbisque doll with arms jointed at the
shoulders, is a variation of Edelweiss.
This darling little doll is painted the
same as her larger sister, with exception
of her blue eyes. References: Worksheet
for All-Bisque Dolls WSABD13; Doll
Artisan VoL 20, No.1.
Edelweiss: Head cire. 5 3/4 " (I4.Scm),
Doll size 7 11/ (I8.Scm)
S468ST Edelweiss" mold set (3 molds).
Edelbud: Head cire. 3 1// (8.5 cm).
Doll size 4" (lOcm).
S469ST Edelbud" mold set (1 mold).
Wt. Sibs.
Pattern: CP944 Edelweiss dress
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Smiling doll with three molded bows
in hair. Tilted head. Made by Gebruder
Heubach. Marked: 104903. Headtorso doll. Intaglio eyes. Open-closed
mouth. Molded shoes and socks.
References: Worksheet for All-Bisque
Dolls, WSAB 1; Doll Artisan, Vol. 17,
No.5. Doll size 7 1/ / (I8cm)
S453ST Elsbeth" complete, 3 molds.
Pattern: CP9l9 Dress and bloomers
Well-sculpted doll attributed to J.D.
Kestner. So called "wrestler" body with
molded stockings and fully-detailed
boots. References: Worksheet for AllBisque Dolls WSABD3; Doll Artisan,
Vol 15, No.4. Head cire. 5" (l3cm),
Eyes 8mm, Doll size 8'1/ (2Icm)
S458ST Buttercup"complete, 4 molds.
Pattern: CP927 Dress, underwear
Jointed doll known as Simon & Halbig's
Blue-Stocking Girl because of her molded stockings and shoes. Marked: 4, 886.
Reference: Worksheet for All-Bisque
Dolls, WSAB2. Head cire. 4.38" (1 Icm),
Eyes 6mm, Doll size 7" (I8cm)
S457ST Bluebell" complete, 4 molds.
CP925 Straight dress, underwear
CP926 Fitted dress with variations
Well-sculpted body with bare feet, one
open hand and one closed. Attributed
to Kestner. Marked IlIon head and
body. References: Worksheet for AllBisque Dolls, WSABD6; Doll Artisan,
Vol. 16, No.2, Vol. 16, No.3, and Vol.
17, o. 1. Head cire. 4%" (I2cm), Eyes
6mm, Doll size 7'1/" (I8cm)
S460ST Primroseo complete, 4 molds.
Pattern: CP932 Primrose wardrobe,
dresses, underwear
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all-bisque dolls
Head-torso charmer by Kestner. Stout
little body, chubby legs and dimpled
tummy. Marked: 150, 6. Molded stockings and shoes. References: Worksheet
for All-Bisque Dolls, WSABD4; Doll
Artisan, Vol. IS, 10. 5 and 10. 6.
Head circ 6 1/ 4 " (I6cm), Eyes 8-lOmm,
Doll size 3// (22cm)
S4S9ST Sweetpea" complete, 3 molds.
Pattern: CP930 Sweetpea costume
with collar variations
Sweet William
Sweet William will pair up nicely with
many of the all-bisque girls, either as a
big or little brother. Molded hair, molded socks and shoes, painted eyes. Headtorso doll, marked Germany 31/2 8159.
References: Worksheet for All-Bisque
Dolls, WSABD7; Doll Artisan, Vol. 16,
10 .5.
Doll size 6 3/ 4 " (I7cm)
S46IST Sweet William" complete, 3
molds. Wt. IOlbs.
Pattern: CP934 Sweet William sailor
suit and underwear
Sister to Bluebell, sometimes called
Brown-stocking girl. Molded above-theknee stockings and molded shoes with
heels and bows. Head-torso doll, paint-
ed eyes. Marked 0 on head, arms, and
legs. References: Worksheet for AIIBisque Dolls, WSABD8; Doll Artisan,
Vol. 17, No.4 and o. 5. Head circ 3"
(8cm), Doll size 5" (l3cm)
S462ST Honeysuckle" complete, 3
molds. Wt. SIbs.
Pattern: CP938 Dress with lace overlay
and pantaloons
German head-torso doll with deeply
molded hair, molded shoes and stockings. Painted eyes. References: Making
Porcelain Dolls; Worksheet for AIIBisque Dolls, WSABDS. Doll size 8"
S443ST Saraho complete, 3 molds. Wt.
] Sibs.
CP9lS Dress, hat, and petti oat, combination
CP942 Crocheted hat, dress, cape
All-Bisque Hilda V
(photo p. 34) Favorite baby doll. References: Worksheet for Baby Dolls, WSBOB; Doll Artisan, Vol. ] 7, 0.6. Fits
body mold ALB9427. Head cire. 5" (13
cm), Eyes 6mm, Doll size 6 1/ 2 " (17 em).
S239 Hilda \ head mold. Wt. 3lbs.
Ll3407 Baby layette
CP906 Boy's suit
CP908 Smocked dress, drawers
Kestner Baby
( ot shown.) Chubby baby with molded hair. Marked: 3. Head-torso doll.
Doll size 5 1/ / (l3cm)
S404ST Kestner Baby" complete, 3
molds. Wt. 6lbs.
CP902 Baby outfit: dress, slip, diaper,
bonnet, pillow
Ll340S Baby Layette
For referral to a Seeley Doll Center or to order, call toll free: 1-800-433-1191
Needs only little pink or blue bows
around his wrists to become a lovely
baby-shower gift. Or bow and arrow
for Valentine's Day. Painted eyes.
Molded hair. Head-torso with jointed
arms. Made in Germany and marked:
949. Reference: Small Dolls. Doll size
4 3 / 4 " (12cm)
S447 Cupido complete, 1 mold. Wt.
Darling little doll by Gebruder Heubach.
Set-in or painted googly eyes. Marked:
9578. Fits body mold ALB9427. Head
eire. 4 3/ 4" (12cm), Doll size 6 1/ 2 " (16cm)
S418 Heubach Elvao head mold. Wt. lib.
Ll3407 Baby Layette
CP906 Boy's suit
CP908 Smocked dress, drawers
Content little girl. Molded hair decorated with two molded bows. Head-torso
doll with molded shoes, painted eyes.
References: Small Dolls; Doll Artisan,
Vol. 16, No. 1. Doll size 6" (lScm)
S407ST Nancy Girl° complete, 3
molds. Wt. 131bs.
CP908 Smocked dress, drawers
CP919 Dress and bloomers
Googly-eyed doll with open/closed
smiling mouth. By Louis Wolf & Co.
Marked: 222. Reference: The Complete
Bool? of All-Bisque Dolls. Fits body mold
ALB9412, also compo. body TB6.5S.
Head eire. 7 1/ 2 " (19cm), Eyes lOmm,
Doll size 9" (23cm)
S412 Bridget GooglyO head mold. Wt.
Pattern: Ll3909 Romper suit, variations
Make sweet little kewpie as party favor,
decoration, or gift. Molded hair, painted
eyes. Head-torso with jointed arms and
applied wings (separate in mold).
Reference: Doll Artisan Vol. 18, No.3.
Doll size 4 3/ 4 " (12cm)
SC247 "QP"o complete, 1 mold. Wt.
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