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General instructions for String or
Voodoo Dolls
Voodoo dolls are a large part of numerous cultures and religions, with each one being different and used for
various purposes. These are purely for fun.
What you will need
4 cm stick
8 cm stick
Polyester wadding
White string
Coloured string
Scrap fabric in color desired
Needle and thread
Strong tacky glue
Small beads
Use the two thick sticks to create the body by placing the 4cm long stick across the middle of the longer one to
resemble a cross. The cross can range in size (depending on how large you want the voodoo doll), but these
voodoo dolls have large heads, medium-size torsos and tiny limbs. Tie the two sticks together with strings,
looping in and out of the middle of the cross section.
Wrap the white string tightly around both of the sticks, like a mummy. Start at the bottom of the stick cross. Wrap
the string around the bottom, tightly overlapping the string until you reach almost to the torso. Start wrapping in a
thicker manner, overlapping multiple loops to create the appearance of a larger middle. Wrap the materials
around the horizontal stick, creating arms.
You can of course use coloured string for the dolls body.
Make the head much larger than the rest of the body by wrapping up and down the top half of the longer stick.
Place a small wad of polyester wadding on the stick as a base for the head. Keep overlapping and wrapping the
string until the head is about the circumference of a ball. Secure the stray edges and fray with glue.
Wrap the fabric scraps around the doll for clothing or added color, if desired. You can also use the marker,
clothing scraps, beads or woggle eyes for eyes. It is a plus for the doll to have clothing on, because clothing helps
protect the string loop. Attach the fabric scraps with strong tacky glue, or the needle and thread.
Finally, add the features. You can add a hat, clothing, facial features, tools, hair.
Other features can be added using tooth picks or matches with the tips cut off.
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