June 15, 2011 Name/Title/Magazine Publisher/Designer Notes

June 15, 2011
1000 Great Quilt Blocks
120 Patterns for Traditional Patchwork Quilts
Adapting Architectural Details for Quilts
American Country Scrap Quilts
Gordon, Maggi McCormick
Malone, Maggie
Wagner, Carol
Fons & Porter
American Quilts and How to Make Them
American Quilts, Quilting, & Patchwork
America's Best Quilting Projects
Houck, Carter and Miller, Myron
Hechtlinger, Adelaide
Rodale Quilt Book Editors
America's Best Quilting Projects -- Star Quilts
Rodale Quilt Book Editors
America's Quilts and Coverlets
Animas Quilts
Art of Silk Ribbon Embroidery, The
Baltimore Album Revival
Safford, Carleton L. and Bishop, Robert
Robinson, Jackie
Montano, Judith
Sienkiewicz, Elly
Best All-Time Tips for Quilters
Big Book of Scrap Quilts
Rodale Quilt Book Editors
Fons & Porter
Bright Ideas for Lap Quilting
Buttonhole Stitch Applique
Cat Quilts & Crafts
Celtic Spirals
Classic Country Christmas
Classic Patchwork & Quilting
Color Confidence for Quilters
Color for Quilters II
Bonesteel, Georgia
Wells, Jean
Langeman, LaVera
Durcan, Philomena
Jensen, Lynette
Echols, Margit
Beyers, Jinny
McKelvey, Susan
General how-to techniques and quilt block instructions.
Traditional quilt patterns
Drawing inspiration from architectural designs
31 projects, easy to challenging
42 old patchwork traditional patterns with some variations;
advice on care and preservation of quilts.
History, techniques and design.
Instructions for many quilts plus tips & techniques.
Piecing and applique patterns with full instructions from easy to
challenging; emphasis on star designs with some holiday
Survey of the variety and design of bedcoverings from past
generations, beginning with the 17th century to present;
accompanied by nontechnical account of the development of
styles, materials, and needlework
Dozens of quilt patterns
Instructions for silk ribbon embroidery projects
History & pictures of Baltimore quilts
Everything from sewing space, quilt show savvy, care of quilts,
display and decorating to lots of general tips
Beginner's step-by-step guide to quiltmaking
Patterns/templates and instructions for a variety of quilts and
wall hangings
Buttonhole applique patterns and projects
Applique patterns
Companion Project Book for Texture with Textiles
Country Patchwork & Quilting
McGehee, Linda
Linsley, Leslie
Christmas patterns
Instructions for several quilt patterns.
Exercises to improve color selection in quilts.
Exercises to improve color selection in quilts.
Traditional embellishments made easy
Several country patterns
Crazy Quilt Handbook, The
Montano, Judith
Creative Guide to Color & Fabric
Creative Ideas for Color % Fabric
Townswick, Jane
McKelvey, Susan
Crib Quilts and other Small Wonders
Woodard, Thomas K & Greenstein, Blanche
Dahlia Quilts and Projects
Benner, Cheryl & Pellman, Rachel T.
Decorative Machine Stitching
Dresden Flower Garden
Drunkard's Path
Singer Sewing Reference Library
Young, Blanche & Bingham, Lynette Young
Murphy, Anita
Complete instructions for embroidery stitches, decorative details,
and projects
Tips for color and fabric; color value; stripes and plaids, pastels to
bold; dimension
Exercises to improve color selection in quilts.
Complete patterns & instructions for making your own crib quilts
Complete patterns and instructions for dahlia quilts, wall
hangings, and home dec with variations
Instructions/patterns for basic stitches, appliques, hierloom
sewing and free motion sewing
Quilt layouts and pattern templates
Several patterns using partial circles
Easy Does It Quilts
Easy Does It Quilts
Easy Reversible Vests
Encyclopedia of 63 Quilt Patterns & Designs
Bonesteel, Georgia
Better Homes & Gardens
Doak, Carol
FC&A Craft Publishing
Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns
Faces & Places - Images in Applique
Brackman, Barbara
Anderson, Charlotte Warr
Instructions and patterns/templates for a variety of quilts,
wallhangings and wearables; includes tips and techniques,
square yo-yo's and bow ties, novelty designs
Amish & easy quilts
Instructions & patterns for reversible vests.
Complete encyclopedia of tips, techniques and designs.
Compilation of over 4000 pieced blocks by style with pattern
name and published reference
How to design and create appliqued images.
Fast, Fun & Fabulous Quilts
Favorite Applique Patterns
Flawless Hand Quilting
From a Quilter's Garden
Fun & Fancy Jackets & Vests
Gallery of American Quilts Book 3
Geometric Patchwork Patterns
Great American Quilts 1987
Great American Quilts 1988
Great American Quilts 1989
Great Applique Wonderful Small Quilts
Heirloom Quilt, The
Hobo Quilts
Home Study Course in Quiltmaking
It's Okay if you Sit on My Quilt Book, The
Rodale Quilt Book Editors
Pellman, Rachel & Kenneth
Rodale Quilt Book Editors
Swain, Gabrielle
Lose, Patrick
American Quilter's Society
Grafton, Carol
Oxmoor House
Oxmoor House
Oxmoor House
Better Homes & Gardens
Filson, Yolande & Przybylski, Roberta
Henninger, Debra
Spears, Jeannie M
Hopkins, Mary Ellen
30 terrific projects from the country's most creative designers.
Applique patterns
Tips, problem solving, designs and motifs.
A fresh crop of applique designs
Folk art using no-sew Applique
Gallery of 875 quilts.
12 full-size patterns, cutouts & instructions
Patterns and instructions for dozens of quilts.
Patterns and instructions for dozens of quilts.
Patterns and instructions for dozens of quilts.
Patterns for several small applique quilts.
Create the look of delicate handwork by machine.
55 blocks based on language of riding the rails
Complete guide to quiltmaking
Design patterns for dozens of quilts.
It's Raining Cats & Dogs
Kansas Connections
Kime, Janet
Hopkins, Mary Ellen
32 paper-pieced projects for pet lovers
Design patterns for dozens of quilts.
Lap Quilting Lives!
Learn to Quilt the Traditional Way
Log Cabin Flower Quilts
Bonesteel, Georgia
Landman, Annlee
Daniel, Nancy Brenan
Machine-Quilted Jackets, Vests & Coats
Make a Quilt in a Day - Log Cabin Pattern
Making Animal Quilts
Moore, Nancy
Burns, Eleanor
Soltow, Willow Ann
More Creative Sewing Ideas
More Texture with Textiles
Singer Sewing Reference Library
McGehee, Linda
Morning Star Quilt
New Ideas for Lap Quilting
Nine Patch
Ohio Quilts
Pastels Book, The
Patchwork Quilt Design & Coloring Book, The
Burns, Eleanor
Bonesteel, Georgia
Rodale Quilt Book Editors
Canton Art Institute
Russell, Dale
Larsen, Judith LaBelle & Gull, Carol Waugh
Perfect Piecing
Picking up the Pieces
Rodale Quilt Book Editors
Pictorial Quilts
Pieceful Scenes
Hall, Carolyn Vosburg
Madden, Angela
Pieces of an American Quilt
Prize Country Quilts
McCormick, Patty
Johnson, Mary Elizabeth
Putting on the Glitz
Quick and Easy Sewing Projects
Hatch, Sandra L and Boyce, Ann
Singer Sewing Reference Library
Instructions and patterns for a variety of quilts and wallhangings
Basic techniques and patterns
Complete instructions for several log cabin quilts.
Instructions for designing and constructing outer ware; includes
fitting, quilting and embellishment
Instructions for various quilt sizes of log cabin blocks
Patterns & Projects
Instructions/patterns for creative details, creating fabric, fiber
art, and creative sewing projects
Traditional Embellishments
Complete instructions and pattern for various sizes of this quilt
Instructions for several lap quilts
Instructions for several 9 patch quilts.
Collection of Amish , Contemporary
Designer's ultimate guide to working with color
How to design a quilt.
Instructions only on all aspects of piecing from cutting, pressing,
strip piecing, half and quarter square triangles; includes paper
piecing and crazy piecing
Dozens of patterns, tips and techniques
Instructions for designing and stitiching an art quilt by hand or
Combining landscapes and patchwork piecing
Quilts, patterns, photos & behind the scenes stories from the
Complete guide to creating country quilts
Primer for getting started and working with unusual fabrics and
Projects on clothing, accessories, toys and home dec
Quick Country Quilting
Quick Quilting
Quilt Maniacs Playbook
Mumm, Debbie
Johannah, Barbara
Chamber, Nicole
Instructions and patterns for country quilts and wall hangings.
Simple quilt patterns.
Quilters' Companion, The
Quilter's Complete Guide
Quilting by Machine
Relax and Quilt
Scrap Quilts - The Art of Making Do
Seasonal Quilting, A Year in Stitiches
Sensational Sets & Borders
Spring Cleaning
Starburst Mosaic - Exploring a Simple Design
Stitch & Quilt
Dietrich, Mimi; Thomas, Donna; Hanson; Joan, & Basic introduction to quilting terms, equipment/supplies,
Kimball, Jeana
applique, binding and finishing techniques
Complete guide including tips, techniques, how-to, problem
Fons & Porter
Instructions only for quilt designs, quilt tops, and types of
Singer Sewing Reference Library
machine quilting
McCloskey, Marsha
Four patches to feathered stars
Wilens, Patricia
General instructions and patterns for several quilts.
Horton, Roberta
Patterns for several quilts and wall hangings.
Patterns and instructions for a variety of designs centered around
Fall, Cheryl
Tips, techniques, instructions, problem solving, etc for sets &
Schneider, Sally
Atkinson Designs
Good use of leftovers & scraps
Remme, Camille
Instructions and patterns for mosaic quilt s
Eaton, Kathleen
Making accessories for your home.
Successful Quilting, a Step by Step Guide to Mastering
Techniques of Piecing, Applique and Quilting
Seward, Linda
Sunbonnet Sue All Through the Year
Linker, Sue
Step-by-step guide to mastering techniques of piecing, applique
and quilting with over 1000 how-to illustrations
Multiple sunbonnet sue patterns
Sunbonnet Sue Visits Quilt in a Day
Super Quilter II
Three Dimensional Applique
Traditional Quilts for Kids to Make
Travels with Peaky & Spike
Treasury of Crazy Quilt Stitches
Burns, Eleanor
Hassel, Carla J.
Davis, Jodie
Eikmeier, Barabara J
Speckman, Doreen
Samples, Carole
Complete instructions for Sunbonnet Sue quilts in various sizes.
Challenging projects for the advanced quilter
Instructions on three dimensional applique
Esay quilts that children could make.
Several quilt patterns
Embroidery stitches for crazy quilts
Weekend Quilt, The
World of Amish Quilts, The
You Can Be a Super Quilter
Linsley, Leslie
Pellman, Rachel & Kenneth
Hassel, Carla J.
19 classic quilts to make with shortcuts and quick techniques
Pictures of Amish quilts
A teach yourself manual for beginners.