Week 33 - Boston Arts Academy

Weekly Bulletin
May 4 - May 8, 2015 | Week 33
Upcoming @ BAA:
Announcements for Students:
• Monday, May 4: Yearbook Committee will meet during lunch in
room 400 | Senior Visual Arts Exhibition Opening; 5-7pm in the
Gordon Gallery
• Tuesday, May 5: AP Calculus Exam | Student Government will
meet during tutorial in room 314 | MCAS Engineering Intensive; 3-4pm in room 216
• Wednesday, May 6: Gr. 10 BMI Health Screening pullout during
tutorial | Yearbook Committee will meet during lunch in room
400 | Prom Committee will meet during lunch in room 337 |
Senior Master Class during seminar: Ekua Holmes; 2015 Commencement Speaker | Math MCAS Prep, 3-5pm in room 132
• Thursday, May 7: SPECIAL SCHEDULE; School-wide Community
Standards Circles
8:00-9:10 Period 1
9:15-10:15 Community Standards Circles
10:20-11:35 Period 3
The rest of the schedule as normal
• Thursday, May 7: AP Spanish Exam
• Thursday, May 7 & Friday, May 8: VA Reviews
• Friday, May 8: Hum. 4 Exhibition Paper, due at 1:30pm
• Friday, May 8 & Saturday, May 9: Dance Springfest @ Boston
University Dance Theater, 7-9pm
• Saturday, May 9: MCAS Engineering Intensive, 9am-12pm @
• Monday, May 11: AP Biology Exam
• Tuesday, May 12: MCAS Engineering Intensive, 3-4pm in rm 216
• Tuesday, May 12-Wednesday, May 13: Gr. 11 PARCC ELA Test
• Thursday, May 14: Senior Assembly #1, during seminar | Math
MCAS Prep, 3-5pm in room 132
• Saturday, May 16: Math MCAS Prep, 9am-12pm, room 132 |
MCAS Engineering Intensive, 9am-12pm @ BAA
Message from Ms. Clark:
Last week as our seniors were receiving their college acceptance and scholarship information (and lots of it! Great work
class of 2015!), our freshmen, sophomores, and juniors went out
on college visits. As a parent and a BAA advisor, I know one thing
for sure: It is never too early to be thinking about your post high
school plans because high school goes by more quickly than you
might think.
For most of our students college is the next step, for some the
next step is a career pathway. Regardless, our goal is for all
students to be thinking about their goals as early as possible so
that they can make the interim choices that will set them up for
success. The seniors who are currently making decisions about
which college to go to and which scholarship to accept began
by making a first college visit as freshmen. I hope those of you
who had a college visit last week used the opportunity to think
about your future and how it connects to the choices you make
as a student today.
• SPEAK! Monday, May 4 during Advisory in the Library. Please
come and share your raps, poems, songs and favorite writings. Full advisories are welcome. If you need a pass, please
see Ms. Froggatt.
• The Senior Visual Arts Exhibition, “There’s Never Any Paint”,
opens Monday, May 4 (today!). Please join us in support of
your peers in the Gordon Gallery from 5-7pm for the opening
• Hello Boston Arts Academy student body. Are you passionate about the wellness of BAA? Interested in making a difference in your school community? Then run for the 2015-16
Student Government Executive Board! Available positions
are: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and
Public Relations Manager. To run for a position, submit your
self-nomination to [email protected] by May 5 @
9:30am! Questions or concerns? Please feel free to contact
the current members of the BAA Executive Board:
President: Nadia Issa; VP: Cierra Wright; Secretary: Issel Solano; Treasurer: Paola Dominguez; PR Manager: Irene Sampson
Additional details are attached to this bulletin.
• Grade 10 students who missed their BMI Health Screening will
be pulled out on Wednesday, May 6 during Tutorial in order
to make-up the missed screening.
• Artists from all majors present the 2015 Art Connections
Exhibition on Wednesday, May 6 from 9:20-10:10am, during tutorial. Please join us in the 4th floor gallery to see visual
artwork made by our group, enjoy light refreshments, and
talk about art!
• ALL STUDENTS: The theme for this year’s prom is “Enchanted
Forest.” If you have decorative items to donate (such as
fabrics, white holiday lights, mason jars, or artificial candles),
please see senior dance major Andrea Juarez. Donations
are being collected until Friday, May 8.
• The Spirituals Ensemble are contestants on WGBH’s Sing
That Thing!, a new local series showcasing New England’s
best amateur singing groups in a friendly competition that
celebrates the diversity and joy of song making. Watch the
Spirituals Ensemble on the next episode of Sing That Thing!,
Friday, May 8, 8pm on WGBH2!
• Dance’s SpringFest is 7pm on Friday, May 8 & Saturday, May
9 @ the Boston University Dance Theater. Tickets are $5 for
students and $10 for adults. Tickets can be purchased via
phone through BU’s box office, 617-358-2500. Come support
your peers!
• We are excited to let you know that 4 BAA students will be
competing in the Louder Than A Bomb Youth Poetry Festival:
Tajah Lee, Asia Aviles, Reggine Walker, and Janahya Mitchell! Please come and show your support at the festival on
Saturday, May 9 in the South End. See Dr. Jackman or Ms.
Bayer for more details.
• The library will be open Saturday, May 9 from 9am-1pm.
Have a great week!
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weekly bulletin
May 4 - May 8, 2015 | Week 33
Additional Announcements for Students:
• Did you know that “The vast majority of fabric can be recycled, yet 85% of textiles made each year ends up in landfills.
That’s 11.1 million tons, or the equivalent of over 70 Billion t-shirts” (DoSomething.org). NHS is holding a recycled clothing
drive through Wed., May 13. Bring old clothes to room 216 to help do your part to save fabric from ending up in landfills.
• Leadership Opportunity: Calling Summer 2015 Lit Circle Leaders. Please consider co-leading a lit circle with one of your
teachers. The 2015 Lit Circle List list is available on the BAA WebPage and the digital announcement board. For more
information, see Ms. Froggatt.
• PROM 2105
- Prom tickets are now on sale in the main office! Tickets are $60 each. Please see Ms. Gomez.
- If you are interested in purchasing prom accessories, such as corsages or boutonnieres, see Ms. Gomez for the vendor
options that have been extended to us.
- If you wish to run for a prom court position, please send a paragraph describing why you wish to run, along with a
picture of yourself, to Ms. Clark ([email protected]) and Ms. Booth ([email protected]) by
Friday, May 15.
Prom Court Positions:
Prom King
Prom Queen
Prom Prince
Prom Princess
Prom Duke
Prom Duchess
BAA prom attendees must be juniors or seniors. Sophomores are allowed to attend only if invited by an upperclassman.
BAA juniors and seniors may invite outside guests. All outside guests must complete and submit a permission slip two weeks
before the prom (permission slips can be found in the main office); this year’s deadline is 1pm on Friday, May 15. Approved
guests will be posted in the main office one week before the prom. If your guest is not on the approved list, they cannot attend. No exceptions.
In the event that a sophomore, junior, or senior is found not to be in compliance or is in violation of the school’s Community
Standards or the BPS Code of Conduct that results in a disciplinary action, not limited to a suspension, such student will not
be allowed to participate and/or attend BAA’s prom that year and will be refunded their money.
All students attending Prom are expected to adhere to the BPS Code of Conduct. Inappropriate attire at Prom will result in
no entry. Students who do not adhere to the BPS code of conduct will be removed from the prom.
Announcements for Families:
• The Senior Visual Arts Exhibition, “There’s Never Any Paint”, opens Monday, May 4. We hope you can join us in the Gordon
Gallery from 5-7pm for the opening reception.
• Dance’s SpringFest is 7pm on Friday, May 8 & Saturday, May 9 @ the Boston University Dance Theater. Tickets are $5 for
students and $10 for adults. Tickets can be purchased via phone through BU’s box office, 617-358-2500. We hope to see
you there!
• The next Family Council Meeting is 5:30-7:30pm on Tuesday, May 12.
• Parents of seniors: Please know that we accept Senior Dues anytime throughout the school year. You may send cash or a
check, made payable toBoston Arts Academy, to Ms. Gomez in the main office. Senior Dues are $120.Prom Guidelines
• Save the dates:
Thursday, May 28 - Senior Awards Ceremony, 1-3:30pm @ The Museum of Fine Arts
Monday, June 8 - Graduation, 2-4pm @ the Shubert Theatre
Monday, June 29 - Junior StepUp Ceremony, 1:30-3:30pm @ The Museum of Fine Arts
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Elections for Student Government 2015
What is student government? What does it do? o Student government is a group of students who, alongside with adults, make decisions that affect the whole school o It gives students the voice they need on school rules and the direction the school is going o A group of students that make improvements in the school o Students & teachers working together o Helps teachers communicate better with students o Helps organize student led events (Talent Show, charity events, etc) o An opportunity for student leadership o An opportunity to build your resume Who can be in Student Government? All students are invited to be a part of Student Government. There are many ways to be involved including the Executive Board, Arts and Class Reps and Committee members. How can I run for a student government elected position? Email your self-­‐nomination for E-­‐board by 9:30 am on Tuesday, May 5. The self-­‐nomination should include: 1. Name 2. Major 3. Grade 4. The position you are running for. 5. Answers to the following prompts ! Why do you want to be in the position you are running for? ! What will you do in that position? ! What qualifies you for the position? Email to [email protected] Use the subject: SG nomination What happens once I self-­nominate? You will be invited to make a 1-­‐2 min candidate video, if you would like, to share with advisories. Or you can have your written nomination shared. Any campaigning would happen between May 5th and May 15th. It cannot disrupt classes. Advisories will see/read candidate info May 11 & 15 and vote in advisories. Any questions, see Mr. Wan or current SG e-­‐board members. Student Government Elected Positions and Roles
Lead SG meetings based on previous notes
Facilitate deciding what issue SG will address
Attend BAA Board Meeting
Point person for BAA administration/teachers
for SG
Participate in committees
Vice President
" Partner to president
" Run SG mtgs in president’s absence
" Got to Parent Council meetings
" May also attend BAA board mtgs
" Participate in committees
Keeps track of SG budget
Participate in committees
Takes notes in meetings
Sends notes to everyone who attended SG
Participate in committees
Take attendance at meetings
PR Manager
Creates and distributes flyers
Info to the bulletin
Communicated with student body and SG
Maintains SG branding
Taking pictures of SG events
SG bulletin board
Social Media presence