Create Your Own December Advent Calendar

Create Your Own
December Advent Calendar
Materials Needed:
• One large piece of felt (approximately 3’ x 3’)
• Eleven 8 ½” x 11” pieces of felt, all different colors
o Note: feel free to use your own colors, but here are the ones I used: white, off white, black, brown,
gray, tan, blue, light blue, turquoise, yellow, and red
To Create Your Characters:
• Cut out the included pattern pieces (labeled A-Z and STAR)
• Follow the guide below for each individual character
• Hot glue the pieces together, as instructed
o Note: Each character is a combination of various pattern pieces. The pieces have been listed in
order from bottom to top as you will glue them. Refer to the pictures in the tutorial for assistance.
o Note: Again, I have included my color choices merely for your reference.
1. Mary – B (blue body), A (light blue headdress), C (brown hair), D (off white face), E (brown bangs)
2. Joseph – A (blue body), F (brown hair and beard), D (off white face)
3. Wise Men – you will make three in assorted colors, each with a body, face, and crown. I also added
optional facial hair to mine.
a. A (red body), D (tan face), G (red crown)
b. A (turquoise body), D (brown face), G (turquoise crown)
c. A (yellow body), D (tan face), G (yellow crown)
4. Presents – you will make three in assorted colors, each with one K and two Ls.
a. K (one yellow box, one red, one turquoise), L (two yellow ribbons, two red, two turquoise)
b. Glue one L vertically and one L horizontally (crisscrossed to look like ribbon).
5. Baby Jesus – J (white body), H (off white face)
6. Angels (MAKE 5) – I (white body), H (off white face)
7. Stable – M (tan)
8. Buildings – you will make 4 to represent Bethlehem and the Inn.
a. N (two gray, one tan, one brown)
b. Cut out various arches and rectangles in contrasting colors to act as windows and doors.
9. Cow – O (off white body), P (off white head)
10. Goat – Q (tan)
11. Donkey – R (gray)
12. Shepherds (MAKE 3) – S (brown body), T (off white face), U (tan staff)
13. Sheep (MAKE 4) – V (white body), W (black face), four X (black – these are their legs, glue them
however seems most natural)
14. Manger – Y (brown manger), Z (yellow hay)
15. Star – two STAR (one yellow, one white – glue them at an angle to one another to create 8 points)
To Create Your Pockets:
• Use a large, rectangular piece of fabric (approximately 2’ x 3’)
• Cut 25 rectangles in a contrasting fabric (approximately 4” x 6” each)
• Lay out your rectangles in a grid on the large fabric
• Sew or fabric glue the sides and bottom of each little rectangle (to create a pocket)
• If desired (though I did not), paint or write a number on each pocket, 1-25
• Put your finished pieces into each pocket according to the numbers on “The Greatest Story”
Inspired by Heart Felt Truths. Find the complete details at