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MAY 21-31 2015
Photo by Suzie Ismael
By Karen Bermejo
oracay residents and tourists expressed Boracay property will have the largest number
their opposition in the ongoing of underwater hotel resort rooms -- 77 -- with
commercial development in the “large acrylic panel windows boasting a 12
island’s another popular site, the Puka square meters of viewing area, or equivalent
Shell Beach.
to 192 inch of viewing screen beneath the sea.”
The Puka beach which is popular for its
“Guests will have an up close vista of
pristine nature and lush forest covers was spectacular marine life in the comfort of their
recently reclassified as commercial land for hotel room. The building will rise over 22
meters above sea level and more than 4 meters
The petition, made through Change. under the water,” it said. The resort hopes to
org is urging more people to help stop the open by mid-2016, it said on the website.
development in the area which is claimed to
ruin the ecosystem in the northern tip of the
Some tourists and residents expressed their
sentiments online.
“Help us protect the last remaining pristine
“I’m guessing big money is involved and
beach, forest and wildlife in Boracay, as its now maybe with this we can make a difference or
again threatened to disappear,” the petition Puka shell beach and the forest will disappear
forever,” a resident of the island said.
As of May 31 at least 8,636 people signed
“Tourists come to Puka Beach due to its
the petition.
serene nature. If construction will continue, it
Hotel construction
will lose its beauty and essence,” a supporter
Currently, a new hotel, the Seven Seas of the petition said.
Boracay Hotel and Residences, is being
“Aside from its forest, the development will
constructed in the area.
also affect the wildlife on that side of the island,”
According to the Seven Seas website, the one supporter also said.*
Jujet Reyes
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Pespective of the Boracay Ocean Park project in Yapak
The ongoing construction of the Boracay Ocean Park at Puka Beach
Jerome Vega
Jess Salonzo
Dj Callie
Dj Daxie
Boracay APEC meetings,
a success
By Karen Bermejo
huge success!
This is how the local organizing
committee for the Asia Pacific Economic
Cooperation meetings here described the
recently concluded international event.
Boracay successfully played host to more
than 1,500 high-profile delegates from 21-APEC
member economies - including the United States,
Australia, Brunei Darussalam, Canada, Chile, China,
Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico,
New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Peru, Russia,
Singapore, South Korea, Chinese Taipei, Thailand,
Vietnam and the host country, the Philippines.
It was the first time Boracay served as a venue
for APEC meetings.
The APEC meetings in the Philippines in 1996
were only held in Manila, Cebu and Davao.
To ensure the safety and comfort of the
international delegate during the duration of the
event, more than 3,500 members of the Philippine
National Police have been deployed to augment the
101 tourist police here.
Apart from the PNP, augmentation team from
the Philippine Coast Guard, Philippine Navy, Land
Transportation Office, Bureau of Fire Protection,
and Armed Forces of the Philippines were also
deployed in the island.
Members of the Metropolitan Manila
Development Authority (MMDA) also deployed
its select personnel to help in traffic management
operations and crowd control operations during
the APEC meetings.
According to Police Inspector Sheila Sangrines,
regional public information officer, no major
incidents were recorded during the whole duration
of APEC meetings in Boracay.
“When they came to the island, it was still
nameless. But one day, Lamberto was at the beach
looking seaward and he noticed the froth and foam
that formed as the waves hit the white sand in the
seashore,” Del Rosario said.
“In the local language he called out to his wife
and said ‘Acay, hanggod ka bora, Acay.‘
Bora in the local language means bubbles and
Acay is a term of endearment which means darling.
“Apparently, one of the natives overheard the
conversation and the name Boracay was later on
used to refer to this whole island meaning, darling
bubbles,” Del Rosario added.
Del Rosario said the Tirol’s decision to settle
on the island started the chain of events that later
Boracay into a tourist destination it is today.
“By the 1980s, the island was already beginning
to be a popular destination for tourists who wanted
to keep it secret, they didn’t want other to come
here. But the internet got on the way. So by the 90s,
its beaches were claimed as some of the best in the
world. Since then, Boracay has become a leading
tourist destination and home to tourism related
enterprises of different scales,” she said.
Trade ministers from 21-Asia Pacific
Economic Cooperation economies during a
press conference held at Shangrila’s Boracay
Resort and Spa.
Trade Secretary Gregory Domingo, Ministers
Responsible for Trade Chair
Tourism arrivals
Meanwhile, despite the maximum security
implemented during the duration of the APEC
hosting, tourist arrivals remained high, according
to the Malay Tourism Office.
Based on the records of the Malay Tourism
Office, a total of 102,375 tourists visited the island
from May 1 to 18 of this year.
If the trend continues, the number of tourist
arrivals last year for the month of May, which is
167,506, may be exceeded.
Though APEC event here coincided with the
island’s super peak season, Boracay was able to
show its capability host such an international
According to Assistant Secretary Charles Jose
of the Department of Foreign Affairs, Boracay
was specifically selected as one of the venues for
the APEC meetings to showcase what Asia’s 24/7
island can offer and why it is considered as one of
Philippine’s prime tourism destination.
The island served as backdrop for the second
round of the APEC Senior Officials Meeting (SOM2)
and other related meetings from May 10-21 and
the Ministers Responsible for Trade Meeting from
May 23-24.
“Some delegates are even excited to visit
Boracay since many of them have heard of the
island as a famous tourism destination,” he said.
During the opening of the SOM 2 and MRT
meetings, both Undersecretary Laura del Rosario
(SOM 2 Chair) and Trade Secretary Gregorio
Domingo (MRT Chair) boasted “Boracay’s alluring
Del Rosario shared to APEC delegates Boracay’s
history and how it developed into one of the
country’s busiest destination now.
Of all the stories about Boracay’s origin, Laura
del Rosario highlighted the story of how couple
Lamberto Tirol and wife Sofia started the island’s
According to Del Rosario, the couple is credited
for naming the island and the start of the island’s
Free monthly chess tourney
opens, serves Kalibo’s youth
he first qualifying round of one
of the region’s major chess cups,
the 6th Peter I. Kimpo Memorial
Chess Tournament, will open
at the Trade Hall (beside ABL Sports
Complex), Capitol, Kalibo on May 30.
The event is organized and
sponsored by Aklanon youth leader
and former editor-in-chief of ABS-CBN
Choose Philippines, Phillip Yerro Kimpo.
Since 2010, the Province of Aklan
has held this tournament in tandem
with the Kimpo Family. It is held in
commemoration of the “Father of
Chess in Aklan,” the late Peter Imperial
- No registration fee.
- First 150 registrants only.
- Three age categories: under 12, under 16, open.
- Two registration venues:
(1) the Brgy. Poblacion Hall care of Kagawad Kim T. Melgarejo;
(2) the Provincial Sports Development Office, ABL Sports Complex,
Capitol, Kalibo.*
Peter was a superb US- and Elo-rated
chess player who generously lent moral,
technical, and financial assistance to
Aklan’s budding chess players at a time
when the youth did not have exposure
to proper training and the resources to
join national competitions.
The tournament named after him
has helped hone stalwart young
Aklanon chess players, one of which is
Precious Day Yecla, who represented
the Philippines and earned top ten
honors this month in Thailand.
This 2015, the tournament has
expanded to include a series of
barangay-level qualifying rounds.
Aside from the prizes they will receive,
winners will be seeded in the Grand
Finals in December.
This first qualifying round is held in
cooperation with the Brgy. Poblacion
of Kalibo headed by chairperson Mary
Jane A. Rebaldo.
Nephew of the late Peter I.
Kimpo, Phillip Yerro Kimpo is a multiawarded writer and youth leader
now based in Kalibo. In 2012, he was
named by the national government
as a parliamentarian to the National
Parliament of Youth Leaders, and as
the National Capital Region’s most
outstanding youth volunteer.
lower by
engue cases in Aklan decreased
by more than half, according
to the Provincial Epidemiology
Surveillance and Response Unit
Only 134 cases were registered from
Jan. 1 to May 17 this year — 53.47 percent
lower than the 288 cases in the same period
in 2014.
This capital town still has the highest
number of cases, as in the previous regular
monitoring by PESRU. For the said period
this year, it had 45 cases.
Malay followed with 15 cases; Numancia,
12; New Washington, 11; and Banga, 10.
The rest of the municipalities had seven
cases and lower. Batan had the least with
Of the patients, 52 percent were males
while 48 percent were females.
Most of the patients (50) belonged to
the age bracket 11 to 20 years old.
There were 36 patients under the 1 to
10 years old bracket and 20 under the 21 to
30 years old bracket.
Nine or fewer patients belonged to the
rest of the age brackets except for those less
than a year old with four patients.
Despite the decrease in dengue cases,
health officials advised the public to remain
vigilant since dengue is now a year-round
Dengue may be prevented by cleaning
the surroundings, seeking early treatment
and strengthening the body’s immune
Meanwhile, PESRU also noted that
maladies in the province decreased in
number except for bacterial meningitis,
which increased by 20 percent.
Viral hepatitis dropped by 15.38 percent;
influenza-like illness, 60.78 percent; nonneonatal tetanus, 500 percent; typhoid
fever, 41 percent; measles, 6,400 percent;
and rabies, 200 percent. (PIA)
Boracay beach patrol
group gets 9 new bicycles Criminality
in Boracay
he Philippine Army’s beach patrol group
here received from the Aklan provincial
government nine bicycles.
The bicycles were given to the
Philippine Army during a ceremony on May
16 at the ABL Sports Complex in Kalibo town.
The turnover was one of the highlights
of the Spearhead Troopers Unity Ride for
Peace and Progress of the 12IB based in Camp
Jizmundo in Barangay Libas, Banga.
Gov. Florencio Miraflores handed over
the bicycles to Major General Rey Leonardo
Guerrero, 3rd Infantry Division commander.
After which, Miraflores and Rep.
Teodorico Haresco Jr. signed a “Commitment
for Peace.”
Spearhead Bike Tour Panay Challenge
Meanwhile, some 120 soldiers and biking
enthusiasts joined the Unity Ride that covered
100 kilometers from Kalibo to Banga, New
Washington, Numancia, and Tangalan, and
then back to the finish line in Kalibo.
The activity aimed to show the public that
Aklan is peaceful and they are free to move
around, said Guerrero. Biking, he added, also
promotes good health.*
The first and the second leg of the unity
ride were held in Roxas City and Iloilo City last
March 8 and March 15, respectively.
Another bike tour was held in San Jose,
Antique on May 24.* (Informer)
rime incidents in Boracay Island in the
first four months of the year dropped
by 10 percent, according to the Police
Regional Office 6 (PRO-6).
PRO-6 record shows that crimes recorded
from January to April of this year totaled
982 cases, which is 104 cases (9.57%) lower
compared to 1,086 incidents during the same
period in 2014.
The PNP cited coordination with the local
government of Malay and other stakeholders
as the reasons for the lower crime rate.
Chief Superintendent Josephus Angan,
PRO-6 director, also attributed the drop of the
crime volume in the island to the operational
and administrative interventions of the PNP.
These include the following:
• detail of additional personnel to Boracay
Tourist Assistance Center (BTAC);
• adoption of investigative e-projects to
enhance the capability of BTAC investigators;
• implementation of Geographical
Information System-Based Crime Analysis
and Comparative Statistics as a tool in crime
prevention and suppression;
• enhancement of BTAC personnel through
various tourist and community related trainings
or seminars;
• mobilization of Barangay Peacekeeping
Action Team and Boracay Action Group; and
• procurement of handheld radios, batons
and other equipment that boost communication
in crime prevention and anti-crime response of
the center.
“Those interventions are of big help
especially that Boracay Island was chosen
to host Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation
meetings from May 10-24,”Angan said.*
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Keeping t
he t
ion alive
The 3rd Grand Boracay
Flores de Mayo
Henann Resorts’ Events
Manager Michelle
Molano, SB Jupiter
Gallenero, 2015 Grand
Boracay FLores de Mayo
Festival Queen Ms. Sofia
Pasag (LGU Malay), last
year’s Festival Queen
Kristelle Adayon (Alta
Vista de Boracay) and
Mr. Felix delos Santos.
lores de Mayo is a religious
event in honor of the Virgin
Mary. It also commemorates
the search of the Holy Cross by
Reyna Elena and her son, the newly converted
emperor Constantine.
It was introduced by the Spaniards has
since become part of Filipino traditions and is
considered as one of the most colorful Maytime festival in the country.
Now on its third year, the island’s own
version of the festival, dubbed as Grand Flores
de Mayo organized by the Boracay Foundation
Incorporated once again showcased how
Boracay value this Filipino tradition.
On May 23, lovely ladies from different
establishment in Boracay Island paraded
along the famous White Beach for this year’s
After a mass held at Holy Parish Church,
the beautiful ladies of the island, in their
distinctively designed gowns adorned with
different colorful ornaments, paraded along
the White Beach.
Eight queens representing their respective
resorts along with their escorts; and with
embellished flower arcs walked along the
White Beach with Boracay’s beautiful sunset
as a backdrop.
Aside from the queens, young girls from
the Holy Rosary Parish Church’s Youth Ministry
paraded as princesses and represented the
different virtues of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
Dressed in white dresses with white flower
crowns, the beautiful children from children
from the Boracay Ati Tribal Organization led the
parade with forming the phrase “Ave Maria” or
Hail Mary, a sign of devotion to the Virgin Mary.
Text and photos by
Karen Bermejo
adjudged as the best escort.
The Henann Group of Resorts
also grabbed the Best Floral Arc
Reyna Kanaway L acerna
of Jony’s Beach Resort was
meanwhile adjudged 2nd-runner
up. She was escorted by Gyermie
Ross Carpeso
Other participating queens
were: Reyna Jenelyn Salvador
escorted by Mohammad Ali
Binbandar Jr. of Astoria Boracay;
Reyna Genevieve Valle escorted by
RM Padrigo of White House Beach
Resort; Reyna Rochelle Honorario
escorted by Frederick Vince David
of Microtel Resort Boracay.
Reyna Elena Kristelle Adayon,
representing Alta Vista de Boracay
also joined the parade and was
escorted by Seth Alexander Orque.
Reyna Nicole Angela Crescini
escor ted by Donrey Ilazar
meanwhile represented BFI.
Meanwhile, Frederick Oleo
from the Department of Tourism,
Alta Vista De Boracay Manager Arie
Sena and Bernadette Monteliban
from the Department of Trade and
Industry served as judged during
the event.*
Reyna Sofia Pasag of the Local
Government Unit of Malay with
escort Jake Gonzaga
Reyna Kanaway Lacerna
of Jony’s Beach Resort and
escort Gyermie Ross Carpeso
Reyna Elena Kristelle Adayon, 2014
Grand Boracay Flores de Mayo Festival Reyna Rochelle Honorario and
Frederick Vince David of Microtel
Queen escorted by Seth Alexander
Orque of Alta Vista de Boracay
Resort Boracay.
Reyna Jenelyn Salvador and
Mohammad Ali Binbandar Jr
Reyna Genevieve Valle escorted by
RM Padrigo of White House Beach
Resort .
Festival queens
(From left) SB Member
Jupiter Gallenero,
Bernadette Monteliban
of the Department of
Trade and Industry,
Reyna Mary Arriane
Peñola of Henann Group
of Resorts and Chief
Tourism Officer Felix
delos Santos
For this year, Reyna Sofia Pasag representing
the Local Government Unit of Malay was
crowned as the 2015 Grand Boracay Flores de
Mayo Festival Queen.
Pasag, dressed in flora green gown made
with indigenous materials such as abaca was
also adjudged as best dressed queen. She was
escorted by Jake Gonzaga.
Meanwhile, Reyna Mary Arriane Peñola of
Henann Group of Resorts was this year’s 1st
runner-up Festival Queen.
Her partner, Calvin Lim was meanwhile
Frederick Oleo with Reyna Kanaway Lacerna of Jony’s Beach Resort.
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Megs Lunn
t was so funny when we overheard just
recently a group of adult friends talking
badly in another table about someone
who belongs to their circle. We leave
in a small community, everybody knows
Human as we are, my friend and I in
another table were kind of pissed of their
actuations. But then, we chose to be at peace
and continued eating and talking about the
good things in life. Of course, in order for
us to be totally in peace and not pissed, we
transferred on another table.
We do not know what’s their problem
or concern but the way we understood the
words in between, it seems to us that they
sound so envious and insecure of the luck and
happiness their other friend is experiencing
in her life.
Then it occurred to me what a good
quotation I have read a long time ago, “When
other people treat you poorly, keep being
you. Don’t ever let someone else change the
person you are. People will talk about you,
and the life you live now. It just shows that
you are doing better.”
You can’t assume things about other
people, no matter what. We do not know their
heart. Only God knows what’s going on in their
heart, in their mind, in their soul. Therefore,
we can’t judge a person because other people
said so. If you are that person they are talking
about, let go and continue doing what is right.
Mr. Francis Kong in his FB wall just recently
posted, “The work place is full of negative
people. Be careful. These are the people who
will always have a problem in every solution.
If you cannot inspire them to be more positive
then you have to avoid them so that you
would not become negative. Your friends and
close associations will always influence you to
a certain degree.”
My mentor in behavioral organization
also once said, “When other people treat
you poorly, keep being you. Don’t ever let
someone else’s change the person you are.
People will always talk about you and the
life you live. It just shows that you are doing
Looking at the other table, I couldn’t help
but pray for them quietly.
Though we were created equal in the eyes
of God, we are still unique with each other.
God called us His own but again, each one is
unique. I believed that Jesus has no favoritism.
So therefore, we can’t compare ourselves
with others. They say it’s a sign of insecurity
if you compare yourself with the other person.
Our decision and disposition in life is always
unique and our luck is also unique. Do you
agree? If you don’t, let’s talk over coffee, my
In fact, whoever said something bad about
you, that is their problem not yours. I just
couldn’t help but write it here so that others
can be warned that we do not have the right
to judge people. God loves us equally and He
wants us to enjoy life equally, too. We will
instead do our best to understand that kind
of behavior in others, perhaps, they need
In our conflict management class, they
taught us that if you have something in your
mind about that person, you can actually talk
to that person directly instead of talking about
that person to others. Sensible, right? Do what
it takes to do it. If you really treat that person
a good friend, why not!
One thing that I can only say about those
kinds of people, the only one moral and wise
thing to do is, to pray for them, so the Lord will
enlighten their minds to finally see the truth.
And if you do not want to lose a friend,
try not to listen to those negative things
because as the saying goes, “He who listens
to a backbiter loses a friend.”*
“He who listens to
a backbiter loses a
The goodness of change
HEAD Jr. tennis Visayas leg
ends in Kalibo, Aklan
Michael van der Kleij
id you ever wonder about how
“change” is the one constant in
During life’s journey, we
are continually caught between one state
and the next, all brought about by change.
Many of us find this as a daunting thought,
because it means continuous adaptation and
parting with what we consider familiar. But
today I’m going to show you that change is
not necessarily bad. Quite the contrary, the
creatures involved in the tales I’m about to
tell you, would vouch that for them change
was only for the better.
Rescuing GM
One evening we were doing a so-called
food run, which is when we drive through our
town looking for stray and usually emaciated
animals to provide them with food. When
we can, we add medicine to the food as
well, such as the anti-parasitic Ivermectin
which also cures skin disease like mange. Not
too far from the Aklan Animal Rescue and
Rehabilitation Center head office, a small,
totally hairless and skinny puppy was caught
in the car’s headlamps. Temporarily blinded
by the main beam, she froze but as we got
out of the car she bolted through the bushes
towards a house by the side of the road. We
asked the occupants about the puppy but they
denied it was theirs. Supposedly it belonged
to a neighbor and they sometimes fed it. This
type of story sound only too familiar to us in
animal welfare: nobody ever owns or feels
responsible for a stray animal or they always
belong to someone else. In any case, they
cooperated in catching the puppy and handed
her over to us. It was obvious that the poor
thing was in a terrible state, so after trying to
make her as comfortable as possible for the
night, we took her to the veterinarian the next
morning. Fortunately, skin disease like mange
can be cured so after about six months her fur
was back and GM had changed into her former
self: a happy playful puppy.
Looking after Maddy
Quite another story was that of Maddy.
Someone turned up at our gate carrying a
puppy that was so weak that she couldn’t
stand or even hold her head up. If ever I
thought that a poor creature wasn’t going
to pull through, it was in this case. We didn’t
know what the cause of her weakness was,
but it could have been malnourishment in
combination with the severe mange, often
causing anemia. Of course we took her in and
my sister-in-law Angie got to work right away.
She was bottle fed five times a day. She was
kept warm and was given medicine. Maddy
would sleep by her side in bed. After a week
she started showing hopeful signs that some
of her strength was starting to come back.
After a month she could finally stand. And
with all these small changes, with love, care
and devotion we turned Maddy into a happy
and incredibly cheerful dog. When you come
to our shelter to adopt a dog, please don’t
choose Maddy, because my sister-in-law will
die of a broken heart. So strong is now the
bond between her and that fragile creature
that she nourished.
So as you can see, change is something
positive. Two precious creatures changed
from destitution and no hope, to being active
and valued members of their society, the
AARRC pack of rescued dogs.
YOU TOO can be that change!!!
Would you like me to write about a
particular subject or give feedback, please
contact me at [email protected]
YouTube link, “Rescuing GM”, https://
ore than 500 young tennis players all over the
Visayas region has successfully competed in
the 17th HEAD GRAPHENE XT Junior Tennis
Satellite Circuit six-leg Visayas schedule,
bidding goodbye from Kalibo, Aklan.
The Luzon campaign simultaneously started in Naga,
Bicol, on May 5 to 9, “School days are over and vacation
starts. The kids are all excited and pumped up in the
Visayas,” said Liza Tang-Yuquico, Managing Director of Head
Philippines. “Young players from all over the region are
now gearing up to compete in this annual Junior Tennis
Satellite Circuit.”
SATELLITE CIRCUIT is brought to you by Globe Telecom
and Head Philippines and supported by Chris Sports, Head
ATP Tennis Balls, Graphene XT, Toalson, Philippine Sports
Commission (PSC) and Philippine Tennis Association
(PHILTA). Along with Sports Radio 918AM, Home Radio
97.9FM Natural, Boracay Informer, Todo 88.5FM Aklan,
Radyo Inquirer990AM, Pinoy Mirror, Balikbayan The Asian
Journal Magazine, Wazzup Pilipinas, Reach Magazine, Oishi
and AMAX Inn Makati and is Organized by Dynamic Sports
“We have seen and experienced more and more
players rising from the Visayas and getting junior ranking
points provided by the Philippine Tennis Association,”
added Tang-Yuquico. “Globe Telecom and HEAD Jr. tennis
are also excited to start the next campaign in Luzon.”
The singles and doubles events will be available in
different age categories – 10-year-and under (unisex),
12-and-under (boys), 14-and-under (boys), 16-and-under
(boys), 18-and-under (boys), 12-and-under (girls), 14-andunder (girls), 16-and-under (girls) and 18-under (girls).
For more details about the 17TH HEAD GRAPHENE XT
(Philippines) Jr. Tennis Satellite Circuit Facebook page.
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