Over 50,000 tourists join

MAY 1-10,
MAY 1-10,
Ecstatic crowd in one of the parties at the White Beach during Laboracay.
Photo by Jack Jarilla
Over 50,000 tourists join
By Karen Bermejo
Despite the increase of visitors, this year’s Laboracay
event went smoothly due to the rigid preparation,
ore than 50,000 tourists joined this year’s according to Malay Chief Tourism Officer Felix delos Santos.
“Laboracay became a good marketing strategy to sell
Labor Day week dubbed as “Laboracay.”
Data from Malay Tourism Office showed the island, not just for foreign tourist but for the domestic
that the island hosted 50,099 visitors travelers as well,” delos Santos said.
Delos Santos also lauded the cooperation of the various
during the Labor Day week from April 27 to May 3, higher
event organizers for maintaining the cleanliness of the
compared to last year’s 49,992.
On May 1 alone, 10,701 tourists arrived in this resort- island despite the influx of tourists by different clean-up
island to celebrate Labor Day, also higher compared to drives.
Apart from the success of Laboracay, tourist arrivals on
last year’s 10,431.
the first four months of the year already reached 567,351,
data from Malay Tourism Office showed.
It is however a little lower compared to last year’s
After Laboracay, the island will host delegates and
guests for the two Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation
meetings here.
This resort-island will host the Second Senior Officials’
Meeting and Related Meetings which will be held on May
10 to 21 and the Ministers Responsible for Trade meeting
on May 23 to 24.*
Preparations for Boracay
hosting of APEC meetings
ersonnel from various government
enforcement agencies have been
deployed in Boracay as the island play
host to the several high-profile meetings
of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC)
from May 9 to 24.
Malay Councilor Rowen Aguirre, head of the APEC Malay
Task Group said everything is already in place for the two APEC
meetings here.
“All government agencies are now ready,” he said.
Boracay will host the back-to-back Second APEC Senior
Officials’ Meeting and Related Meetings (SOM2) from May 10
to 21 and the Ministers Responsible for Trade (MRT) Meeting
from May 23 to 24.
Around 2,500 delegates from the 21 member APEC-economies
are expected to attend the two APEC meetings.
However, no head of state from the APEC member economies
will attend the meeting in Boracay.
Three hotel venues have been identified for the APEC meet
namely: Shangri-La’s Boracay Resort & Spa, Crown Regency Hotel
and Convention Center, and Paradise Garden Resort.
Aguirre said APEC delegates started to arrive in the island
since May 7. Maximum security measures and some adjustments
will only be allowed during designated hours to avoid road
Utilities Aside from security, Aguirre assured power
By Karen Bermejo
utilities supply here are stable.
“We got an assurance from the National Grid Corporation of
will be implemented during the duration of the APEC meeting, the Philippines and Aklan Electric Cooperative that no power
Aguirre added.
interruptions will happen during APEC,” Aguirre said.
Among government agencies that were deployed here to
For any untoward incidents, Aguirre said all venues have their
ensure security of the delegates are the Philippine National Police, own power back-ups. The National Organizing Committees have
Philippine Coast Guard, Philippine Navy, Land Transportation brought two big generators in the island, Aguirre added.
Office, Bureau of Fire Protection and Armed Forces of the
Effect in tourism
Despite the full alert status, Aguirre assured tourists visiting
Aside from the augmentation from various government
island will still enjoy their vacation.
agencies, Aguirre said additional land, sea and air assets were
task force head said only minimal adjustments will be
transported to Boracay to ensure the enough rescue services
water sports activities in the island.
sports activities will still be allowed during the duration
Nine closed-circuit television cameras (CCTV) are also installed
meetings here, but it should only be conducted in
in different strategic areas in the island for easy monitoring in
he said.
the island, Aguirre added.
Meanwhile, Lt. Jimmy Oliver Vingno, station commander
of PCG-Caticlan said boat trips to and from Boracay will be on
The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) normal schedule.
also deployed its select personnel in the island to help in traffic
Vingno however clarified boat in front of the White Beach
management operations and relevant crowd control operations should be docked 500 yards from the shoreline.
during the APEC meetings here.
“Only APEC authorized bancas are allowed within the 500
MMDA also dispatched its road emergency group to the yards,” he said.
province to help respond in cases of emergencies.
Vingno said pontoons are stationed in some areas of the
Meanwhile, Aguirre said that the delivery trucks and vehicles White Beach to cater to APEC delegates. (Informer)
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Laboracay tourists join Megaworld’s
‘Cause for a New Coast’ campaign
ince its launching last year, Laboracay, or the much hyped Labor Day Week celebration in
Boracay Island has attracted thousands of tourists in the island, both local and foreign.
Most of the tourists join Laboracay for the non-stop beach partying events consisting
of music concerts, sports events, bazaars, rave parties and other exciting activities in
this resort-island.
However, tons of garbage was also left after these events.
This year’s Laboracay celebration attracted more than 50,000 tourists.
If every person can produce at least one kilo of trash, around 50,000 kilos or 5 metric tons
of garbage were also accumulated in that week alone.
If not collected properly, this scenario can result in several environmental problems in the
near future.
In a bid to encourage tourists and residents to be more responsible in cleaning up and
protecting the Boracay coastline, a clean-up movement dubbed Cause for a New Coast was
initiated by Megaworld during the start of the Laboracay week.
Megaworld is the country’s leader and pioneer in developing integrated urban townships,
through its subsidiary Global-Estate Resorts,
Inc. (GERI).
GERI is the developer of Boracay Newcoast,
which is a 150-hectare master-planned
development project that is poised to become
the next tourism hub in Boracay Island.
“This Cause for a New Coast campaign
was initiated with the intent to help clean
and restore the island paradise. Every year,
thousands of visitors have left undetermined
amount of garbage along the white
beach, which gradually affect the natural
surroundings, especially after LaBoracay,”
said Saki Mirabueno, head of marketing for
Boracay Newcoast-GERI.
The clean-up drive launched during the
Labor Day gathered volunteers and tourists
from all walks of life, mostly the partgoers for
a clean-up movement along the 4-kilometer
White Beach.
Trash bags were distributed to the
volunteers. But as a treat for the volunteers,
for every 1-kilo of trash they collected, a
coupon was given to them in exchange for free
drinks sponsored by the Emperador Distillers,
In partnership with Sur Bar located in
Station 1 and Epic Bar in Station 2, plastic bags
were distributed to partygoers to encourage
them to participate in the clean-up movement
from May 1 to 4.
“We want them (partygoers) to be part
of this small act but significant solution to the
littering problem during LaBoracay caused by
parties and events,” says Mirabueno.
Aside from the clean-up movement,
Boracay NewCoast also plans to institute
various environmental initiatives to foster
sustainable preservation of the island
By Karen Bermejo
Photos by AGS Photography
all it pathetic but like the print in my shirt – “I love SG,”
indeed I love Singapore.
I love it in so many ways and those who saw and
conquered SG in one week will agree with me too.
I keep coming back to Singapore, no matter how hot the
weather as others complain but it’s all about the people, the
law and the food. It is to good travel abroad and to get the best
practices of each city when you have the opportunity. I am very
much grateful for the privileged of meeting the locals, dining
with the family and being able to browse elbows with other
people whose values are rooted with integrity, love of culture
and passion for healthy living.
While in our place we talk literally about politics, in Singapore
their politics is food.
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We b : w w w. b o r a c a y i n f o r m e r. c o m
I love SG!
You see in every corner of the city a food court where a
fusion of Asian cuisine of Indonesia, China, India and Singapore
of course abounds. Every time I am in the city, I indulged in food.
I take a toast and kaya (coconut egg jam) a cup of kopi (coffee)
for breakfast, in the middle of the day I eat curry puff and yong
tau foo (vegetables and tofu stuffed with fish paste), lunch is nasi
padang (Indonesian Malay curried dishes and rice) and at dinner,
I enjoy Hainanese chicken rice or a western chicken chop with
fries and rojak (Indonesian Chinese fruit and vege salad with
seasoned shrimp paste sauce and peanuts…a bit sweet but still
healthy to me.
They said, the place is where people eat Hainanese chicken
dish all the time, but why not. I can’t blame them. My Singaporean
friends took us to too many choices of food courts, the Hawker
Centre (China town) with the best of Chinese cuisine choices or
Tekka Market (Little India) where my favorite of all is the roti
prata (Indian Muslim fried flatbreads with curry gravy). Another
is the Pek Kio Market and Food Center and many more.
According to one writer in Singapore, “food means unity.”
The city though multi-racial, multi-lingual with English, Chinese,
Malay and Tamil – food is still their national language.
What is admirable is my idol in governance and leadership
– the late 1st Prime Minister of Singapore – Lee Kuan Yew. As a
former affluent leader which he did not think it that he was, I
learned that he flew economy class and not on private jet on
his business visit anywhere. He likewise advised his officials to
fly economy class for flights under 6 hours.
According to one official, “we do not want our next generation
to work and pay what the last generation has already spent.”
Amazing! And what is more amazing is that their government
ends each term with a balance budget. You can see around how
they spend more on infrastructure, healthcare and education
and they still will manage the same up to the next 10 to 15
generation, notwithstanding a lifetime health care coverage for
all Singapore residents.
I had the chance to have my morning walk around the
community with a resident friend while I was there and all
the people are health ambassadors especially the younger
generations. Frequent exercise is a must-do and each park is
connected to the next if you want to run more than what you can
tackle and end up coming back to where you started. Their passion
for healthy living is seen in
every person who runs and
eats good food with always
a serving of vegetable salad
Megs Lunn
and or fresh squeezed juice
Watching them is solitude to me. I can feel their energy and
passion. Healthy living is another language of the city. Not to
mention, that the people are courteous in so many ways and
aspects of life, too.
Though they are well known to be one of the most expensive
cities in the world, their political leaders wholeheartedly devoted
time to health campaigns like “No Smoking” even in the open park
and no wonder I still meet Singaporeans who are 80 years old
and 91 during my visit. According to the people in Singapore, it’s
the late PM Lee Kuan Yew who is their chief architect, advocate
and defender, and so why in 50 years of existence, Singapore is
stable, peaceful and with warm relations with countries of races
and religion. Even there minorities trust the government that
there is a possibility of moving and progressing up.
Again and again, I am impressed with their Housing and
Development Board (HDB) where a family of 5-6 persons can
fit in a three to four bedrooms and where a Social Service Office
can come knocking on your door offering assistance and find
ways to resolve and plug them. The help and services are always
a ready assistance from the government of which the community
does not need to find them; instead the government will find
you even before you ask.
What is the most refreshing when you arrived in the city? The
flowers from the airport to the city center to even their urban
housing. The blooming city is clean and green, indeed. The late
PM Lee once said, “It is the most cost effective way to get visitors
be impressed and lure investors to stay and invest.”
Tourists alike would feel that if they take a photo in front of
Merlion – just across the beautiful and most valuable property of
Marina Bay Sands, then you know you are in Singapore. So be it!
I can speak more but I want you to experience if for yourself
and so I have to stop now.
It is a ‘field of dreams’ the people say in Singapore and for
me, it is a place of limitless opportunities - Singapore!
WV workers get P11.50 increase
inimum wage earners in Western Visayas started to receive
their P11.50 salary increase beginning May 2.
The Wage Order No. RBVI-22 was approved on March
27 by the Regional Tripartite Wages and Productivity
Board (RTWPB-6), an attached agency of the Department of Labor and
Employment (DOLE)-6, and was affirmed by the National Wages and
Productivity (NWPC) on April 15.
According to RTWPB-6 Board Secretary Nesa Nolido, the new wage
order covers the employees both belonging to the agricultural and nonagricultural industries in the private sector.
For non-agricultural, industrial and commercial establishments
employing more than 10 employees, the minimum wage rate will increase
to P298.50, while those who are employing 10 workers and below the
new wage rate is P256.50.
Meanwhile, for workers in agricultural plantation, the wage of the
workers was raised to P266.50 and P256.50 for the non-plantation
The said wage increase is a result of the petitions filed by the General
Alliance of Workers Association, New independent Workers Organization
and Ceneco Union of Rational Employees last year, according to DOLE-6
Regional Director Ponciano Ligutom.*
PSA cites 6
Boracay Firms
(Seated from left) Major General Rey Leonardo Guerrero, Commander, 3rd Infantry Division, Philippine Army, Aklan
Governor Florencio Miraflores, Aklan Police Provincial Director Senior Superintendent Iver Apellido during the signing
of a joint declaration to hand-over the Internal Peace and Security Efforts responsibility in Aklan to the Provincial Peace
and Order Council (PPOC).
ix business establishments in Boracay Island were recognized
recently by the Philippine Statistics Authority-Aklan for their
invaluable support to the agency’s business and industry surveys
conducted last year.
These are Boracay Peninsula, Paradise Garden Resort Hotel and Convention
Center, Aklan Baptist Hospital, Paradise Cable Television Network, Caticlan-Boracay
Transport Multipurpose Cooperative, and Discovery Shores-Boracay.
The awarding was held during the Respondent’s Forum on April 30 at Eurotel
Rodelyn R. Panadero, PSA-officer in charge said these firms showed active
cooperation to the agency by providing quality data and prompt submission of
survey questionnaires during the 2013 Annual Survey of Philippine Business and
Industry (ASPBI) and Survey on Information and Communication Technology (SICT).
Data from ASPBI will be used by the government and private sector to
formulate policies and economic development plans, while data in ICT will help
decision-makers develop policy measures and make investment plans.
“Actually, it’s not easy to collect data from business firms as most are unwilling
to provide information about their operations,” Panadero said.
By doing this recognition, the PSA hopes to inspire and encourage other
establishments to fully support future related undertakings of the agency.* (PSAAklan/Informer)
INC plant mangroves to
celebrate 101 years
n celebration of their 101st Anniversary,
more than 500 members of Iglesia ni
Cristo (INC) in Aklan planted some
3,000 Api-Api propagules across the
17 hectares mangrove plantation in
Bakhawan Eco-Park located in New
Buswang, Kalibo.
The man grove planting was in
support to the implementation of the
National Greening Program–Mangrove
Rehabilitation which is now in its second
year of being maintained and protected.
“Refores ting
our mangrove areas helps our
coastal communities become
climate change resilient,” said
Aklan PENRO head Ivene D.
Reyes likewise lauded the
INC group for helping in their
campaign to minimize the
impact of climate change.
“We are happy to see so
many concerned individuals
who are willing to lend a hand
to promote environmental
protection,” Reyes added.
PENRO Aklan led the
mangrove planting together
with members of the Kalibo
Save the Mangrove Association
(K A SAMA) and other
The planting site was
damaged by Typhoon Ruby on
December 2014.
“If we can reforest all of
our coastal communities with
mangroves, then we are sure
that they will have their buffer
zones strengthened. It is their
first line of defense against the
cruel effects of climate change,”
said Regional Director Jim
Sampulna of the Department
of Environment and Natural
Resources 6.
hand in hand with other
groups or people will help in
the call for stronger and climate
change resilient communities.*
To promote environmental protection, members of the Iglesia ni Cristo join
the mangrove planting activity of the Provincial Environment and Natural
Resources Office at the Bakhawan Eco-Park.
Aklan’s barefoot runner,
arnis champ grab
medals in
Palaro 2015
klan’s barefoot runner Anjelica De Josef
and arnis athlete Angie Nicole Reyes
bagged medals for Western Visayas in
the 2015 Palarong Pambansa in Tagum
City, Davao del Norte.
De Josef delivered silver and bronze medals for
WV in the 400-meter and 800-meter run. The 15year old De Josef of Lezo Integrated School won the
silver in the finals of secondary girls 400-meter dash
by clocking 58.71 seconds.
Feiza Jane Lenton of Eastern Visayas emerged
as the fastest runner after winning the gold in
58.66 seconds while Jessel Lumapas of Calabarzon
captured the bronze in
59.69 seconds.
De Josef won bronze
in 800-meter run with a
time of 2:14:49 behind gold medal winner Jie Anne Calis
of Northern Mindanao who clocked 2:12.27. Feiza Jane
Lenton of Eastern Visayas edged De Josef for the silver
with a time of 2:14.47.
Meanwhile, Reyes, high school student of Saint
Gabriel College, stamped her class in winning the gold in
Arnis Espada y Daga event with a score of 67.50.
Geraldyn Canete of Calabarzon settled for silver
with 66.75 points and Jamaica Natangcop of Northern
Mindanao for the bronze with 66.50 points.
Reyes also led the WV-trio composed of Neve Fairuza
Tajaran and Jan Elaine Anquilan from Regional Science
High School for Region VI (Kalibo) for a silver medal finish
in Anyo Team Event-Single weapon with 66.25 points.
Arnis players from Northern Mindanao ruled the
event for the gold with 67 points while Calabarzon team
settled for bronze with 66 points.
Reyes was also part of the WV team along with
Tajaran and Jamie Ignacio from Saint Gabriel College that
won the silver in Anyo Team event-Double Weapon behind
gold medal winner Northern Mindanao.
As of May 7, Reyes hiked her tally
to three silvers and one gold in the arnis
Bulk water
supply to start
this month
he bulk water supplier of the Metro Kalibo
Water District will start its distribution
this month.
Edgar Isada, MKWD general manager
said Datem Water, its bulk water supplier is
expected bring in an additional of 5,000 cubic
meters of water daily to fill in the shortage of its
MKWD serves consumers in the towns of
Kalibo, New Washington, Banga, Balete and
portions of Batan.
Datem Water will be using ultra filtration
technology designed by Mann+Hammel, a
German membrane filtration specialist that
introduce environment-friendly technology to
filter and remove impurities from water, making
tap water safe for drinking.
The water district also has a bulk water
supply agreement with Numancia Water District.
Datem Water will source its water from Aklan
Isada said residents of Calizo, Balete and
Camaligan, Batan are experiencing low water
pressure since February.
To address the water shortage in far-flung
barangays, MKWD is already implementing
potable water rationing to thousands of residents
in Balete and Batan.
With the bulk water agreement with Datem,
Isada said it will address the provision of potable
water to more towns and meet the future drinking
water requirements of consumers.
He said the bulk water technology is seen to
reduce groundwater extraction and use of deep
He also assured the water concessionaires of
no increase in water rates, although, Datem Water
will sell water to MKWD at P13 per cubic meter.
Datem Water bulk water supply contract with
MKWD is 15 years, subject to review of water
rates every five years.
The bulk water contract was awarded by
MKWD to Datem Water last year, which had
initially targeted to operate and distribute the
bulk water last January.
At present, a temporary zoning clearance
for 90 days was issued for Datem Water by the
municipal government pending the favorable
approval of Sangguniang Bayan of Kalibo for the
project.* (Boy Ryan Zabal)
(From left) Barangay Balabag chairman Lilibeth Sacapano, Managing director of
BonChon Philippines Scott Tan, BonChon founder and president Jinduk Seh and
Malay Chief Tourism Officer Felix delos Santos during the store’s opening.
opens first WV store in Boracay
By Karen Bermejo
onChon, a famous Korean restaurant, opened
its 86th store in Boracay Island and its first in
Western Visayas on April 7.
BonChon, famous for its crispy chicken is
located at Lime Hotel in Station 2, along Barangay Balabag.
Scott Tan, managing director of BonChon Philippines,
said this newest store is their first BonChon store in the
“Opening of BonChon in Boracay brought us closer to
our dream of serving more Filipinos as possible. It is our
pleasure to give locals and tourists the chance to enjoy
the same crispy chicken that has made its mark in the
international market,” Tan said.
BonChon is famous for its crispy chicken that’s light
and not greasy; the meat is perfectly moist and juicy,
topped with either soy garlic, spicy, honey citrus glaze or
crunchy garlic sauce that’s bursting with delightful flavors.
BonChon also offers Ricebox Meals, light and hearty
snacks and some seafood offerings, which include the
brand’s take on the English classic Fish and Chips; Crispy
Shrimp, Crispy Squid Rice; and the raved-about Fish Taco,
inspired by the California food truck mishmash of Korean
and Mexican delights.
True to its heritage, BonChon also serves the classic
Korean bulgogi, flavourful Korean Yogurt or Ko-Yo, and
their very own version of Crispy Crepe; a crispy dough
filled with fruit preserves and finished with delicious
From its original home in Seoul, BonChon opened
branches in New York where its crispy chicken secret
earned major media and industry accolades, as well as
raves from discriminate diners.
Its similar success in other US cities such as San
Francisco, Boston, Virginia, and New Jersey set the
stage for the restaurant chain’s international expansion
in Bangkok, Manila, Jakarta, and Singapore.
BonChon which means “my hometown” in Korean
also continue to make its strong presence in key cities
in the Philippines such as Cebu, Davao, Baguio, General
Santos City and Cagayan de Oro.
To realize its vision of having BonChon in every key
city in the country, Tan said they will also expand another
BonChon branch in Iloilo this July.*
Scott Tan, Managing Director
Chicken Sandwich Box
fish taco
Seoul Fried Rice
with 2pcs chicken
Wings Ricebox
crispy squid rice
fish a
d chi
oriental crispy chicken salad
Caesar Salad
Puka Shell Beach
JULY 21-27, 2014
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Manila Showroom:
G/F Forbeswood Parklane,
Forbestown Center,
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Boracay Showroom:
2nd Floor Plaza Sta. Fe,
Station 1, Brgy. Balabag,
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Contact No. +63-917-8104374
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Website: www.boracaynewcoast.ph
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us R
White House Resort
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OLE Spanish Tapas Bar & Restaurant
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Phone number: (036) 288-5940
Email: [email protected]
The Orient Sun Travel and Tours
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Boracay Island Malay Aklan,
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Merly’s Place
Cottages Boracay
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Angol Road
Tulubhan Road
Main Road
Jetty Port
Beth Shalom Academy
Tambisaan Road
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