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MARCH 16-22, 2015
Better passenger service seen at Kalibo Airport
Buruanga Port
expansion starts
uthorities at the Kalibo International
Airport aim to provide better passenger
service with the renovation of one of
its terminal buildings.
Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines
(CAAP) Kalibo manager Martin Terre said
renovation works will be completed by the
end of March.
“We are trying our best to improve the
services and management of the airport,”
Terre said.
The terminal building currently being
renovated will accommodate domestic flights.
The other terminal building, which has
also been renovated earlier, will accommodate
international flights.
The airport is handling international flights
to and from Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, and
South Korea, and domestic flights to and from
Manila and Cebu.
Kalibo airport facilities were being
upgraded also in preparation for the AsiaPacific Economic Cooperation Summit
ministerial meetings that Aklan and Boracay
Island will host in May.
The upgrades were being facilitated
by the Department of Transportation and
Asphalt overlay will also be implemented
for a period of two months, for four days a
week soon.
The airport was also set to receive a
brand-new fire truck in compliance with
International Civil Authority Organization,
Federal Aviation Administration and
European Union standards. (Boy Ryan Zabal)
The Philippine Ports Authority (PPA) has
started the P56 million expansion project at Port
of Alegria in Buruangan town early this month.
Situated just around eight kilometers from the
town of Malay, the port terminal was envisioned
as alternate to the Caticlan Port, according
to Engr. Antonio Belarga , head of the PPA
Port Management Office – Panay/Guimaras
engineering division.
Earlier, the PPA has commissioned a
consultant to study the Buruanga port and it
was found as a feasible alternate for Caticlan, he
disclosed during Thursday’s dialogue with the
Western Visayas Inter-Chamber Regional Group.
Belarga said that they were supposed to have
a project in Caticlan but there was resistance
from the Sangguniang Bayan of Malay due to
environmental concerns. PPA intends to add four
ramps for roll-on roll-off vessel at the port.
Meanwhile, the extension of the Alegria Port
stretches to some 112 meters while they already
had expanded the terminal for about 51 meters.
Belarga said that the national road leading to
the port is okay although it needs widening. (PNA)
Boracay needs
IT expert
PHOTOS BY Alex Carlo Magno
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The local government of Malay is needing a
company to partner with experts in the field of
information technology (IT).
Malay Vice Mayor Wilbec Gelito said that the
local government wanted to enforce a legislation
urging all business owners in this resort island to
operate their own CCTVs.
“However, we could not implement the said
measure since we do not have an accredited
company who are IT experts,” said Gelito.
Altough there are several local IT companies
in Boracay, the local government wanted to ensure
their reliability.
“We wanted to be assured that the CCTV
cameras installed is of quality. We do not want
business owners to install cheap CCTV cameras
for requirement purposes only,” said Gelito.
The Boracay Tourist Assistance Center has
recently endorsed the requirements for each
business owner to have its own CCTV for the
security of tourists.
“Aside from the assurance of CCTV availability,
we will be looking also to the after sales and
continuing technical support services of the IT
company,” said Gelito.
Once the local government of Malay has
an accredited IT company, having a CCTV
for business owners will be one of the annual
requirements for renewal of business permits.
SP eyes regulating
irrigation canals,
The Sangguniang Panlalawigan of Aklan
is keen on passing an ordinance regulating
irrigation systems and waterways.
SP member Emmanuel Soviet Russia
Dela Cruz, chair of the committee on
agriculture, farmers will mostly benefit
from the measure.
The measure bans the construction of
any structure along irrigation canals and
The measure also prohibits the throwing
of garbage into irrigation canals, illegal
diversion of water, destruction of irrigation
dikes and canals, dumping of chemicals into
the canals, and building fishponds along
irrigation canals.
It also prohibits the planting of huge
trees along irrigation canals and building
houses and similar structures on and along
irrigation systems.
“The goal is to ensure the steady flow
of water in the irrigation networks,” Dela
Cruz said.
Meanwhile, a proposed multimillionpeso diversion dam for the Aklan River
irrigation system in Barangay Sigcay,
Banga town is also in the pipeline to expand
irrigated farms and improve rice yield.
Aklan River is one of the major rivers in
Panay Island.
Irrigation canals connected to it are
jointly operated and maintained by the
National Irrigation Administration and
several irrigators’ associations.
Operation and maintenance activities
include the operation of storage and diversion
dams; running of pumps; operation of gates,
turnouts and drainage ditches; preparation
and implementation of cropping and
irrigation schedules; maintenance of the
physical facilities, including service and
access roads, and repairs on minor damages
caused by floods and typhoons. (Boy Ryan
Kalibo creates early childhood care team
The Kalibo municipal government has
formed a group to sustain the integrated
delivery of programs for the children here.
The Kalibo Local Early Childhood Care
and Development (KLECCD) team which
will complement the establishment of a child
friendly facility National Child Development
Center (NCDC) here was created through an
Executive Order No. 009 series of 2015 signed
by Kalibo Mayor William Lachica.
The NCDC center in Kalibo or commonly
called Bulilit Center in Kalibo is one of the 200
centers established in 70 provinces pursuant to
ECCD Council mandate.
The KLECCD are composed of Mayor
Lachica as chairman, Municipal Social
Welfare and Development Officer Lolly Espino
and Deped Kalibo District Supervisor Arlyn
Regalado as vice chairpersons.
The members are Municipal Planning
and Development Coordinator Engr. Marlo
Villanueva, Municipal Health Officer Dr.
Makarius Tel-Aviv Dela Cruz, Liga ng mga
Barangay president Rey Tolentino, Barangay
Nutrition Scholar Cristy Sarria, Child
Development Teacher Jonalyn Lucerio and
Teacher Assistant Juvelyn Tang.
The ECCD Council, which had a
memorandum of agreement with the
municipal government of Kalibo, is tasked to
institutionalize a comprehensive, integrative
and sustainable early childhood care
development system involving multi-sectoral
and interagency collaboration at the national
and local levels under Republic Act No. 10410
or the Early Years Act of 2013.
Child development teachers are meanwhile
hired and trained to teach children of nearby
barangays in Kalibo, particularly on Early
Learning Program and the Family Support
Program Strategies.* (Boy Ryan Zabal)
The National Child Development Center (NCDC) in Kalibo
located along N. Roldan corner Goding Ramos Streets.
mulls PPP
The Sangguniang Panlalawigan of Aklan
is pushing for the creation of a PPP (PublicPrivate Partnership) Code, a measure that
will allow wider private sector participation
in public infrastructure and development
The measure requires the creation of a
PPP Selection Committee, which will be
convened by the governor.
The committee is tasked to conduct
preparatory studies and procurement, and
select the private sector proponent for a PPP
The measure, once approved, is seen
to give the provincial government greater
access to private sector financial resources,
technical expertise, operating competence,
and technology.
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Cases of abuse against
women in WV decrease
Cases of abused women in the region are
decreasing, according to the Regional Center
for Women (RCW).
Currently, there are 16 residents under the
care of RCW, according to center head Haydee
The RCW is catering women that are
victims of domestic violence, incest, rape,
human trafficking, involuntary prostitution,
abandonment and illegal recruitment and is
being managed by the Department of Social
Welfare and Development 6 (DSWD-6).
Of the 16 cases, six are mothers while the
10 are their children. The youngest resident is a
six-month old whose mother is suffering from
emotional stress.
Canilla said the present number of cases is
lower than the previous years.
“Victims are given temporary shelter from
three to six months before they will be turned
over to their proper custodian,” she said.
While inside the RCW, victims are being
taught of livelihood activities, conduct skill
trainings, tutorials, and undergo self-therapy,
counseling, psychiatric tests, and among others.
Cora’s story
One of the beneficiaries of RCW is Cora.
She left home carrying his two sons because
of anintense argument with her husband and
mother-in-law due to money matters without
knowing that she was two-month old pregnant.
Emotionally traumatized by the incident,
28-year-old Cora (not her real name) sought
the help of the police in Capiz. Later, she was
turned over to RCW for her protection and
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hurry love
ife has never
been so happy and
fulfilling until I
had a family of my
own – a husband who loves
me exceptionally and a child
who is the best blessing I have
ever received from God. It has
been three years now since I
got married. I was young then
and people at that time said I
married too young. Three
Maria Solita Zaldivar-Guzman
years now and still I get to hear
this comment.
A few people continue to comment that I married early and that
I missed out a lot in life because I got my own family at the age
of 22. They say it limits me to what a single lady should be doing
at that age or enjoying a plain relationship just like what ladies on
their 20s are doing.
I was never the type who engaged into relationships at a very
young age. I had several crushes, true, but I never had a boyfriend
until I was in college. It never bothered me that my friends had a
special someone because I really wanted my first to be my last, but
that too, did not happen. I guess subconsciously, my standards were
very high and I was not really good at handling relationships – be it
romantic or platonic. I had a scripted view on love that one single set
back made me thought otherwise. I tried too hard to be so in love
or to prove that the relationship is worth it, and it became the same
reason why my emotions and the relationship itself never lasted.
There were instances when I envied those who got committed
in their teenage years, especially during their high school days
where it was supposed to be the peak of first loves. But when I look
back at my attitude at that age, I was never one to fancy having a
special someone because I believed I did not need one. I was happy
with family and friends, and I never really bothered having another
person to make my days extra special. I thought, and I figured, I
was okay and satisfied on my own.
I see my friends and hear stories from acquaintances, particularly
from boys, that they only have beaus because of that thing they get
which of course is not love and for flaunt purposes only. Truth is, if
I did want to be in a relationship, I could be in it, even though my
family would not approve it. It was just that I never really wanted
to. So, the first time that I did, I was just curious and pressured
because almost everyone else was committed in college.
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We b : w w w. b o r a c a y i n f o r m e r. c o m
o you realize that
we are so proud by
the name that we
carry, especially if
you have a reputation to keep?
We are bothered by what other
people would say about us if
you do not conform on what the
peers or society is expected of
you. At times, we are afraid to
say the truth because we have a
good name to protect, just afraid
to be part of ‘collateral damage’
or afraid to lose some friends for
speaking out the truth about him
or her. But who else will speak
the truth?
Each day is indeed an
opportunity to do great, small
or big thing. Each day is an
opportunity to use our talents and
or skills to help others and inspire
them to do the same. As Angelina
Jolie would remember what her
mother told her, “Everything
would mean nothing if we didn’t
live our life in a way that’s useful
to others.” This is so true with
a person of integrity who tells
the truth about life. What an
impressive teachings of value.
How often do we need to
protect our reputation to cover the
truth? How often your pride eats
up your inner being? Remember,
there are times where we need
to speak the truth no matter how
painful it could be for your friend
or others, no matter what damage
it may do to our reputation and
if we lose everything because
we said the truth…. then lose it.
As the bible would say, “What if
you gain the whole world but lose
your soul.”
The only person who can tell
the truth about you is the person
closer to you. Now, if she denies it,
then it is no longer your obligation
to push your way on her. You can
only speak to a professional and
mature person. If they don’t listen,
it’s no longer your fault. What is
important is, you have told her
and yes, because you are good
friends, and good friends tell the
We consider friendship as a
gift. So let’s be excited to open
it every day. Let us consider
them our everyday blessings. Let
us discover the real ones as we
traverse the mystery of life. They
are our greatest asset in the world.
True friends are someone whom
you can tell the truth about each
Our Church teaches us to
tell the truth. It is our duty as
Christians, to speak of the truth.
We can tell the truth about Jesus.
We can say the truth in the face
of your friend who badly behaved.
We need to tell the truth about the
Megs Lunn
wrong doings of your boss or your
leader. Do not be afraid to tell the
truth. Remember, “The truth will
set us free?”
This Lenten Season let us
remember that we have an
obligation to live in the tenets of
honesty and that we are to tell the
world nothing except the truth. It
applies not only to friendship but
in all the things that we think, say
or do.
Easter season brings new hope
and we welcome it by accepting
the truth of life, it would be
an astounding joy for a new
beginning of true life. Let us be
true to ourselves, to others and to
God whom we owe everything
that we are now. Let’s keep the
promise of repentance and new
The Brotherhood of Christian
Businessmen and Professionals
(BCBP) campaigns for the BE
HONEST motto. “Be honest even
if others are not. Be honest even
if others cannot. Be honest even
if others will not.”
May you all have a spirit-filled
and grace-filled Easter Season!*
Unity statement of
Justice Network for
Mamasapano victims
he January 25
Mamasapano debacle
which led to the death of
44 Special Action Forces,
18 Moro Islamic Liberation Front
fighters and seven civilians in
pursuit for the two international
terrorists fueled so much anguish
and anger all over the country.
The clash has been dubbed as the
greatest loss of government elite
forces in history.
The bloody incident turbulently
caught national attention and
question of who were the culprits
of this bloody incident. Everyone
desired to know the truth and hold
liable the responsible authorities.
Immediately, the search for truth
and accountability drew motion
both in the House of Congress
and Senate. Sadly, the House of
Congress halted their investigation
while the Senate went on. The
Philippine National Police
initiated their own independent
investigation by forming their
Board of Inquiry (BOI). The
Moro Islamic Liberation Front
conducted its own investigation
which they submitted to the straight to sacked Special Action
International Monitoring Team Force Chief Police Diretor Getulio
(IMT) in Malaysia. Suara Napenas and allowed his “friend”
Bangsamoro, a Moro group suspended and now resigned
had their own investigation PNP Chief Director General
too, the first group who went to Allan Purisima to participate in
Mamasapano, Maguindanao for the Operation Exodus despite
Ombudsman suspension order,”
a Fact Finding Mission.
President Benigno Aquino said the BOI report on March 12.
“President Aquino III as the
III tried to prevail over people’s
criticisms of his liability by one ultimately responsible for the
blaming suspended PNP Chief Mamasapano massacre,” cited the
General Allan Purisima and Draft Senate Committee Report
sacked SAF Chief Getulio presented by Senator Grace Poe
Napenas of lying and tricking last March 17.
Both reports stated US direct
him on the actual ground situation
during the operation. Both denied participation in the bloody
President Aquino’s allegation.
Government officials loyal to
However, in March 12, 2015
President quickly defended
the PNP Board of Inquiry
followed days later by the Senate him saying there is no chain
disclosed their investigation of command in the PNP and
finding President Aquino liable President is not liable for the
carnage. But the truth cannot be
for the Mamasapano operation.
“The President bypassed the hidden anymore.
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PNP chain of command by going
Group wants DSWD circular scrapped
A cause-oriented group launched in Aklan
DSWD MC #24 was issued by Soliman
wants the Department of Social Welfare and to guide the implementation of the long
Development (DSWD) to scrap Memorandum delayed Emergency Shelter Assistance
Circular (MC) #24 issued by Secretary Dinky Program (ESAP) and to regulate selection
Soliman for being “inhumane, unjust and of beneficiaries for the said program.
With ESAP, victims whose shelter were
The Scrap MC24 movement, launched in totally damaged are entitled to receive
Kalibo on March 19, is composed of members P30,000 and to those whose shelter were
from the Local Government Executives partially damaged, P10,000.
In their manifesto, the group said that the
(LGE), Kalibo Diocesan Social Action Center
(DSACKALIBO), Federation of Kalibo national government is directly accountable
Tricycle Operators and Drivers Association for the current chaotic situation happening
(FOKTODAI), Progressive Organization led in Aklan, and thus a national movement is a
by Bagong Alyansang Makabayan (BAYAN- great need to scrap MC 24.
“If the proper authorities would strictly
AKLAN) and Yolanda survivors’ organization
follow the stipulations in MC 24, no one
The movement vowed to take all forms of would be qualified to receive certificate of
action from the local level combining people’s eligibility as a requirement to become one of
movement and legislations to press for the the ESAP beneficiaries. As stipulated in MC
immediate rescind of MC 24 as this circular 24, victims who are living in danger zones,
placed the affected communities in chaotic those who received assistance from other
private organizations working for Yolanda
DepEd-Aklan promotes
proper hygiene in schools
survivors’ rehabilitation, those who received
P15,000 monthly earnings were disqualified to
receive assistance,” expressed George Calaor,
chairperson of Bayan-Aklan.
Calaor further said MC 24 autocratically
disqualified teachers, overseas Filipino
workers, professionals, government employees,
Cases of abuse...
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Participants of the WASH in Schools (WinS) program orientation hosted by the
Department of Education in Aklan.
The Department of Education-Division of
Aklan is pushing for a proper hygiene program
in schools in the province.
The activity dubbed as Wash in Schools, or
WinS is a school-based management program
that aims to promote the use of water and
sanitation facilities, toilets/urinals, handwashing with soap at appropriate times, and
other hygienic habits.
It also targets to improve school attendance
and health and cognitive development,
establish positive hygiene behaviors, introduce
better washing practices in families and
communities, and address issues on inequity
and exclusion.
An orientation on the program was
conducted by the Division of Aklan on March
14, in acknowledgement of schools as places
where children can get sick due to exposure to
poor hygienic conditions and illnesses spread
Education program supervisors, division
Aklan mulls ...
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Also to be created is a PPP Regulatory
Authority, which will perform contract
management functions for all PPP projects
entered into by the provincial government.
The regulatory authority will be headed
by the governor as chairperson and the vice
governor as vice chairperson.
Local governments, including the provincial
government of Aklan, are mandated to draw up
and implement a comprehensive multi-sectoral
supervisors, principals, and school heads of
public elementary, integrated and secondary
schools attended the actvity.
T hey d is c u s se d i mple me nt at ion
requirements, strategies, gray areas in WinS
implementation and identified bottlenecks,
challenges, and solutions to problems.
Schools form an ideal setting for skillsbased hygiene education where children can
learn and sustain life-long hygiene practices,
researchers said.
WinS is a continuing global collaboration
of partner agencies with DepEd to realize
the vision of a world where all children go
to schools that provide a safe, healthy and
comfortable environment where children grow,
learn and thrive.
The program is supported by the
International Medical Corps and the United
Nations Children’s Fund. (Text and photo by
Boy Ryan Zabal)
plan consistent with the infrastructure,
development, investment, environment, and
governance framework, according to Section
106 of the Local Government Code of 1991.
PPP is a contractual agreement between
the government and a private company that
involves financing, designing, implementing,
and operating infrastructure facilities and
services traditionally provided by the public
The partnership, coupled with good
governance and a strong business climate, is
widely perceived as an important strategy to
accelerate growth in various industries. (Boy
Ryan Zabal)
“When she first entered the center, Cora
wasskinny, very shy, hesitant to be talked to
by anybody else and preferred to stay inside
her room,” said Canilla.
Canilla said through the rehabilitative
activities and counseling conducted inside
the center by the house parents, Cora’s has
recovered fast from the trauma until she gave
birth to a healthy baby girl.
“Now, she is already participating in
different activities, knows how to take care
of herself including her three children,” said
Cora is also thankful that they are
benefiting from Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino
Program. Her six-year-old son is covered by
the program and receives P1,600 for his health
and education.
Why you can’t...
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It took me to reach the age of 20 when
I finally allowed myself to simply let love
come into my life like how it was supposed to.
When at last, someone with the halo sign came
knocking on my door, I was ecstatic and afraid
at the same time. I even thought of pushing it
away because at that time, I was so scared that
it was too good to be true. I could not afford to
lose someone so beautiful at that point. I did
not want a superb thing to disappear because
of fear that I was not good enough or that I was
good at ruining perfectly great things. It was
then that I realized that true love is like that (in
my context). It comes when you least expect it
and even though you shun it away because of
apprehension, it nevertheless finds its way to
you and you feel a sense of certainty that it is
meant to be.
I think about life before Matt came into
my life, and although it is difficult considering
what he and what I have been through in our
own past, it does not really matter. If it was
not for the things that happened to us prior
to each other’s arrival, we would not find our
way to each other. It made him “him”; and it
made me “me”. Those experiences that we have
gone through individually made us see that we
are the missing piece to each other’s lives. We
each have reasons for doing the things that we
did, regardless if we wanted to or not. Even
though it would have been nice to meet each
other at a younger and more innocent age, it
is one of life’s consolations that everything
happens for a reason and in God’s perfect time.
I would not like to have years with Matt prior
victims whose earnings are more than P15,000
and those who had received shelter assistance
from NGOs and since then had enraged these
sectors without considering the context of the
The group also believes that there’s no other
option left but to scrap MC 24 and to provide
assistance to all victims of typhoon Yolanda
without prejudice and free from discrimination.*
“We taught her how to handle and manage
her money so that she could have more savings
for her children. But for the meantime, she
keeps her money because all her needs are
being provided to her at the center,” Canilla
Cora’s husband also reconciled with her and
regularly visits her and their children at the
center. He promised to provide a separate home
for his family and settle the misunderstanding
between his wife and parents.
On her part, Cora said she is willing to
go back to her husband and start for a new
beginning because she still is in love with him.
“I am very thankful to DSWD for taking
care of us here. I learned so many things
here especially regaining my self-worth. My
husband and I had promised to take care of each
other and settle differences as soon as possible
to avoid possible arguments,” she said.
Cora is set to return home before June
this year.* (Montessa G. Caoyonan/DSWD6/
to our expected rendezvous and end up being
someone from his past. Likewise, I did not want
to meet him at a time when I did not know how
to handle relationships. Even though we were
not able to enjoy years together while we were
still younger, I felt relieved that we met each
other when we were both ready to truly fall in
love and we knew better than we did before.
You cannot rush love, much more, its growth
and essence. You can only hope that the effort
and time you give is more than enough to make
it last. Love, despite being the most beautiful
in the world, also have some ugly shades to it,
depending on the circumstances. For us, that
is what makes our marriage remarkable. Even
though there are struggles along the way, we
manage to pull it together and learn from every
springboard. We are so definite with each other
that no matter what life throws at us, we take
it, indulge in the good and overcome the bad –
always together. We see ourselves years from
now, and the love that we have, it will never
falter; it will never wane; and it will last beyond
time and space.*
Promoting sports over gadgets
Maria Solita Zaldivar-Guzman, Baby Ball
3-Point Basketball Shootout organizer with
her husband Matt Aaron Guzman, also the
Skills Challenge organizer.
(The Baby Ball 3-Point Basketball Shootout)
Participants of the Baby Ball 3-Point Basketball Shootout
Team KnightsIJA
Team De Paul
Team Pirates majority with
two Guardians and one
Aklan Kenth
The special prizes and
tokens for the winners
ost of the events that I organize
are planned spontaneously. It was
a nonchalant afternoon and I was
talking to JS Rey on Facebook. I mentioned
to him about the Talk N’ Text three-point
shootout last 2013 and sought advice if it
was feasible to do the same. He asked me
what my idea was all about and I relayed to
him that I wanted to organize a fundraising
sports event.
Setting aside all other details, the first
Baby Ball 3-Point Basketball Shootout
was finalized with the help of some BCBC
(Bulwang-Capitol Basketball Club) members,
Ronie Fuentes and Jet Daguno. BCBC is a
group composed of basketball lovers who
play basketball every day except Saturdays.
They have two basketball leagues annually
in which members form teams and battle
against one another. A member of the club
is appointed as commissioner tasked to post
daily updates on their Facebook Groups.
I am happy that Matt became an active
member of the club early last year and was
able to manage his own team, Guardians. I
am perhaps the girl – the stage wife – who
is present in almost every game and close
to everybody. My husband was teased
often about having his wife go with him in
what is intended for the boys only. But over
time, they got used to it and my presence
prompted others to bring along their
girlfriends and wives as well. These boys
are fun to be with because they are very
friendly, accommodating, and after the
games, nothing is personal.
I am grateful that they helped me organize
the shootout for a cause and supported me
by forming teams of five players to participate
in the event. Some of them sponsored the
basketball balls, special prizes, and snacks
for the crew, while others referred me to
sponsors. Matt sometimes tells me that he is
ashamed when I persuade people to sponsor
our events but at the same time, he is amazed
that I can convince
people to become a
benefactor. At the end
of the day, what we are
doing is not for us but
for the benefit of those
who are less fortunate
and that accounts for
what we do, albeit it
could be embarrassing
sometimes to always ask
for [financial] help.
I would like to thank
all of the benefactors of
the shootout; without
them, the event would
By Maria Solita Zaldivar-Guzman
Photos by Earl Masangkay
not have pushed through. For the cash
prizes: Claudy Salas, Aklan Tourism Officer’s
Association (AkTOA), and Altarius Security
Agency, Inc. For the basketball racks: Maritoni
Peren, Fortune Magdael, Sheila Yee, Gamelyn
Oczon, and an anonymous SP. For the basketball
balls: Glenn Carlo Malapad, Maria Cecilia
Malapad-Calizo, Rocel Talapian, Leopoldo
Sanchez, Boyet Dela Cruz, Michael Geovil
Rovero, Ryan Martesano, Euben Concepcion,
Apollo Roldan, Jude McKean Nagtalon, and
Jeff Taal. For the venue: Northwestern
Visayan Colleges (NVC), Allen Salas Quimpo,
Lilian Quimpo-Tirol, and Julian Tirol. For the
tarpaulins: Eagle Printing & Publishing and
G Star Marketing & Merchandising. For the
special prizes: Aklan Vanguard Security Training
School, Inc., Antonio Amideo Zaldivar, Marie
Crist Zaldivar, and Aklan Kenth. For the snacks:
Devriz Eatery. For officiating the game: Ryan
Jay Latina, Giovanni Lalisan, and Carl Tienson.
And for sponsor referrals: Marianne Amparo
Guzman, Paul Escalona, Lorely VillalobosBuncalan, and Earl Masangkay. On top of it all,
I would always give credit to my other best half,
Matt, who did all the errands with me – buying
and getting basketball balls and special prizes,
looking for a carpenter to make the basketball
racks, putting up the tarpaulins in NCV, posting
flyers in schools, and convincing friends to join
the event.
On March 21, we were up early to bring all
the stuff to be used for the event at the NVC
Gym. I appreciated the crew who helped me
with the shootout; some of them are the same
people who help me with my previous events
as well: Jhon Harold Ruiz, Jemidel Nemis, Susa
Rebucan, Randy Quadrante, April Carrillo,
Jayza Sarabia, Joseph Alvin Murillo, Jackjack
Jayme, and Earl Masangkay. Earl was not only
the photographer of the event but he was also
the one who convinced almost ten teams of
teenagers to join the shootout. Without these
people, the event would not have been stressfree for me.
While the 3-point basketball shootout
was taking place on one side of the court,
there was a skills challenge on the other side
spearheaded by Matt and Earl. Matt initially
told me that he would organize a skills
challenge so that the teams waiting for their
turn would not get bored. It was a brilliant
idea because true indeed, it added to the
excitement of the event. Almost all of the
participants joined because there was also a
cash prize for the winner.
It was evident that the players enjoyed
the shootout and the skills challenge because
during the event, I already received positive
feedback from many people. Some even
congratulated me for a very successful event
and encouraged me to organize a sequel in
Numancia. This is the first event, aside from
the book drives and outreach programs, that
I really felt appreciated by the participants,
crew, family members, and friends. It feels
great that people are happy with what I am
doing and they see the good things in the
events that I organize. I am looking forward
to many more sports events like this in the
future and I hope that many will continue to
support and participate in my endeavors.
1st Place - Numancia Stags
Skills Challenge Winner, Team IJA
1st Place - Numancia Stags (JS Rey, Ryan Jay Latina, KJ Jayme, Kit Corrador, Benjie Mamburan)
2nd Place - Altarius (Matt Aaron Guzman, Jhon Harold Ruiz, Jemidel Nemis, Randy Quadrante, Jun Leo Luciano)
3rd Place - RSHS (Amiel Rembulat, Jayson Cavan, Kim Cabangon, Lee Jimera, Joshua)
Skills Challenge Winner: IJA (Ejay Buenavidez,
Dale Lucito, Renz Serrato, EJ Rasgo, Elijah
Unity statement of Justice Network...
2nd Place - Team Altarius
3rd Place - Team RSHS
The people’s clamor for
truth and accountability
rose up as revealed by
the Pulse Asia Survey on
March 15 the President’s
plunging approval of 38%
from November’s 59% and
trust rating of 36% from
November’s 56%. This
is the lowest rating the
President got since 2010
reflecting a glaring reality
of people’s demands for
truth. Furthermore, the
Pulse Asia survey said
that 8 out of 10 Filipinos
deemed insufficient of the
President’s explanation as
to Mamasapano fiasco.
We cannot close our
eyes to these challenges
of our times as servants
of truth, peace and justice.
Our people await more
light to the darkness that
blinds and immobilizes us
in searching for truth.
Justice Network for the
Mamasapano Victims, a
loose regional network of
individuals, groups and
organizations coming from
all walks of life in the island
of Panay and Guimaras,
join together in seeking
truth and justice for the
Mamasapano victims.
We believe that truth
must be fought collectively
to set us free, and for justice
and peace to prevail in our
We are calling President
Aquino to speak the truth,
admit responsibility, and be
liable for his actions. This is
the noblest act the President
can do to redeem himself
█ From Page 04
from the outrage of the
people and to the families
of the Mamasapano victims.
We b e l i e v e t h a t
reparation must be given
to all victims especially the
civilian victims as an act of
admitting liability.
Furthermore, we are
also calling the government
to stop military offensives
in Mindanao and pursue
Peace Negotiation with the
Moro Islamic Liberation
Front. The deafening
cries and lamentations of
more than 100,000 internal
refugees must be listened to
as they suffer hunger, fear
and dislocation due to the
intensified war offensives
in Mindanao.
T he war must be
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