Boarding Agreement - Boone County Veterinary Clinic

Boone County Veterinary Clinic
1410 Hwy 62-65 N
P.O. Box 806
Harrison, AR. 72601
Boarding Agreement
Your Name:
Your Pet's Name:
Diet: Clinic Diet • Own food • Special Diet D.
Special Instructions:
Boarding Requirements
1. All pet's must be current on all vaccinations. This facility requires documentation showing thatall dogs have
current rabies, DA2PP, and Bordetella vaccines, and cats have current rabies and FVRCP vaccines. If any
of your pet's vaccinations are past due, they must be inoculated before boarding. Vaccines that must be
administered at this facility will be added to your bill. Pets that are so young that they have not completed their
entire series of vaccinations may not yet be protected and, thus, owners accept any risks of infection.
2. All pet's must be free of external parasites (ex. ticks, fleas, etc.), or they will be treated at owner's expense.
3. Pets must be picked up during normal business hours. Discharges after hours and on holidays are not
4. Personal items are welcome; however we are not responsible for any loss or damage to items during your
pet's stay.
5. This facility cannot guarantee the health of any animal, but pledges to provide appropriate careto all bokrders.
agree to hold this facility harmless for conditions that often are unavoidable in boarding environments, including,
but not limited to, weight loss or gain, rough hair coat, diarrhea, and fleas.
6.1 acknowledge that in the event of my pefs illness, the staff at the above named veterinary facility may not be able
to contact me immediately. Nonetheless, they are authorized to initiate appropriate treatment until my agent or I can
be reached. 1agree to pay all related expenses associated with the treatment of my pet until I am available to discuss
further care and related fees with the attending veterinarian.