Second Splash Pad, Pickle Ball and More

VOL.29, NO.4 - APRIL 2015
Transcona’s Only Exclusive Community Paper
Community Update Report
Second Splash Pad,
Pickle Ball and More:
Community Centre Renewal
By Councillor Russ Wyatt
Starting this year work will begin on major improvements and
new amenities at the Park City West Community Centre.
With the growth that has been occurring in Transcona over
the last number of years, Park City West Community Centre
and the City of Winnipeg will be undertaking a $1.2 million
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Published by
130 Victoria Ave. West • Phone: 204-222-7069
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138-701 Regent Ave. W
Winnipeg, MB R2C 1S3
Phone 204-224-4015
Fax 204-224-2734
Mon. - Thurs. 7:00 am – 8:00 pm
Friday - 7:00 am – 7:00 pm
Saturday - 9:00 am - 2:00 pm
Massage Therapy Available
Proudly serving Transcona since 1983
The Best In Sight
Orthokeratology: A Non-Surgical
Approach To Treating Nearsightedness
From Dr. Steven Mintz & The American Optometric Association
Orthokeratology (Ortho-K) is a
non-surgical procedure used to reduce nearsightedness and allow
some people to see well without
glasses or contact lenses for significant periods of time. Ortho-K involves wearing a series of
specially-designed, rigid, gas-permeable (RGP) contact lenses to flatten and reshape the cornea — the
clear, front surface of the eye. The
change in corneal curvature helps to
bend incoming light rays so they
focus more precisely on the retina at
the back of the eye, resulting in
clearer distance vision.
This approach to corneal modification for treating nearsightedness
was initially developed by optometrists
during the 1960s using standard, hard
contact lenses. Advances in lens materials, design and fitting techniques
have improved the effectiveness of the
procedure and reduced the amount of
time needed to bring about changes in
the cornea. Studies have shown that
the procedure is safe and effective in
reducing low-to-moderate amounts of
nearsightedness, and low amounts of
astigmatism. However, the results are
not permanent. Thus, retainer contact
lenses must generally be worn several
hours each day to maintain improvements made in vision.
Modern RGP lenses permit
good oxygen transmission to the
cornea, so this technique involves
wearing the lenses at night while
April 2015- Page 2
sleeping. Depending on the amount
of nearsightedness or astigmatism,
patients may find a significant improvement in their uncorrected vision within the first few days. It may,
however, take weeks or months to
achieve the maximum acuity improvement. Most patients are able to
get to a point where they maintain
good vision for the entire day. Many
are able to go for two full days before
their vision becomes poorer. These
latter patients would, then, be required to wear the retainer lenses
only every other night.
For some people, Ortho-K may
offer an alternative to surgical procedures used for correction of nearsightedness and astigmatism. It
provides an option for those who desire unaided clear vision for significant periods of occupational or
recreational activities such as firefighters, law enforcement officers,
swimmers and other athletes.
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Providing Insurance for your…
• home
• business
• cottage • travel
Sheilagh Ball
Carrie Ozarko
Monday to Friday – 9:00 - 5:30
Saturday – 10:00 - 2:00 p.m.
Susan Hannah
Auto Broker Only
Serving the Community for Over 60 years
April 2015- Page 3
Being well informed involves
knowledge about many different
things. In order to be well informed
one should broaden their resources
of information. You can spend every
waking minute in libraries or on the
computer, however, you have other
available avenues at your disposal
for helpful information. One danger
that can happen when gathering information is that it can become so
addictive and overwhelming that you
never get around to doing anything
with it. When someone attends information seminars, reads articles, or
even ponders the positives and negatives of what they are purchasing
for their skin care, hair care or even
make-up, they may be surprised at
what they find out.
But there are other options. Find
time to talk to your hair stylist, your
esthetician and other service people
that spend their working lives making
good choices for their clients and
themselves. They are educated to
help you find the answers to your
questions. Whether it's your mechanic or the butcher, their knowledge is your source for information.
The staff at Transcona Salon
Spa continually upgrade their education and knowledge by attending
classes and staying abreast of ingredients and changes in products for
the health and well being of their
clients skin, hair and body. We can't
help you with what you put into your
body but we can help you with what
you put on it.
Our skin is our largest organ. It
can readily absorb chemicals and
other substances that are applied on
the surface through the layers of the
skin and possibly into our bloodstream! That lovely scented lotion
that you enjoy wearing does not just
float around on the outer layer of
your skin until it is washed away in
the shower- it can penetrate into
your body as you wear it. This is
where we can help you make the
Transcona Salon Spa
Manic Organic and so much more…
You are invited to an evening hosted by
Transcona Salon Spa along
with Eminence Organics, Pure Anada
and more at
Canad Inn Club Regent Casino Hotel
April 14th 6-9pm tickets $5.00
Guest speakers, information, prizes and fun
Be a friend-bring a friend
Only with Carlee and Courtney for the month of April please (expires April 30, 2015)
#14 1783 Plessis Road Ph: 204-222-8266
Visit us on Facebook: www.facebook/transconasalonspa
April 2015- Page 4
right choices for your skin and hair
needs, all the while keeping your
well being in good health.
The skin care line at Transcona
of the top international organic skin
care lines available through spas
and salons. Eminence Organics is
very passionate when finding ways
to bring our customers the most natural, organic and effective skin treatments and products. Originating
from a balanced, holistic view of the
universe, Eminence use fresh fruits,
vegetables, herbs, plants and flowers to create a full range of products
and treatments to improve the health
of our skin. Their products do not
contain harmful chemicals like
Parabens, Petrolatum, Mineral Oils,
Propylene Glycol or Sodium Lauryl
Sulfate. Omitting these chemicals,
you can be sure your skin care is actually caring for your skin.
At our event we will be bringing
in people to inform and answer
questions about ALL of these products. Our skin care line is organic
and our new make-up line is organic!
We will also be showing our clients
and friends our hair lines while informing everyone the benefits from
the products we use on them.
Transcona Salon Spa is inviting you to "MANIC ORGANIC", an
evening event with guest speakers, information, prizes and fun.
Tuesday April 14th 2015 at Club
Regent Casino Hotel from 6-9pm.
Tickets are $5.00 and can be
purchased at the salon. 14-1783
Plessis Road. Next to Subway
Restaurant. v
Transcona Museum News
Museum Will Close In April For Changes To Exhibits
By Alexandra Kroeger, Curator, Transcona Historical Museum
a space for residents to talk about
what matters to them in the places
they live and work. (Description by
Winnipeg Arts Council.) Visit the
Jane’s Walk Winnipeg Website at ... For detailed info about
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For the peace of
mind that comes with
quiet, dependable
warmth and energy
efficiency that can save
you money, discover
Transcona Historical Museum
will be closed for our annual exhibit renewal starting Monday April 6 and will
re-open in early May with all new exhibits. To supplement our new exhibits,
we’re looking for stories of your arrival
in Transcona. When did you move
here? What was your first impression?
What do you think of it now? E-mail us
your stories, give us a call or talk to us
online. (See contact information at the
end of this article.)
Annual General Meeting —
Transcona Museum will hold its Annual
Wednesday April 15 at 7:00 PM in
Moroz Hall upstairs at Transcona
Legion, 117 Regent Avenue East.
If you have a membership, you have
voting rights — so plan to attend the
meeting and have your say. Memberships must be renewed at least
one week prior to the meeting. The
AGM is a great way to find out what
the Museum does and how you can
get involved.
Jane’s Walk — Transcona Museum will once again participate in
“Jane’s Walk” on Saturday May 2.
Meet at the Museum, 141 Regent
Avenue West at Bond Street, at
2:00 PM to get a guided walking tour
of Downtown Transcona. Learn
about our community’s past through
archival photographs and stories
from our staff.
[Ed. Note — Jane’s Walk celebrates the ideas and legacy of American-Canadian
Jacobs (4 May 1916 – 25 April
2006) by getting people out exploring
their neighbourhoods and meeting
their neighbours. Free walks held on
the first weekend of May each year
are led by locals who want to create
for both or book $
10995 each
separately at 69
Includes: Inspection, Cleaning, Tune up, & Freon Check
plus applicable taxes
Please mention coupon at time of booking. Expiry May15, 2015
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Rebekahs News
Memorial Service To Honour
Dedicated Member
By Joan Garner
Confidence Rebekah Lodge
#40 of Transcona will hold a Memorial Service on Thursday April 2 for
one of our dedicated members, Lorraine Reimer, who passed away on
January 22. Lorraine was very active in all Lodge activities, having
served as Noble Grand twice and
as District Deputy President. In
spite of poor health in the last few
years, she continued to serve on the
Board of Golden Links Personal
Care Home until her passing.
Easter Hat Parade — On
Thursday April 16, members will attend our meeting dressed in their
finest Easter Bonnets for the Easter
Hat Parade. In the past, we have
had some very creative hats and lots
of fun.
Local Member To Represent
Province — On the weekend of May
2 & 3, Dorian Sherman will be our
representative once again for the
Wreath Laying Ceremony at the
Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier in
Washington, D.C. This is a special
privilege granted to our Order. No
other non-governmental agency is
granted this honour. We are very
proud that one of our members will
be there to represent the Odd Fellows & Rebekahs of Manitoba.
Annual Bazaar & Tea — We
are busy preparing for our Annual
Bazaar & Tea to be held Saturday
All Road Tours & Charters
Your Local Tour Company 204-339 -1500
Great Tours
Great Deals
Casino Tours: Black Bear Casino & Resort May 19-22
4th Annual Golf Tourn. Booking 2nd bus!
Shooting Star April 7-9, 14-16
Sky Dancer Casino & Hotel April 8-10 Warroad 1 Night Stay April 20-21
Prairies Edge Casino & Resort April 13-16
Spirit Lake Casino & Hotel, Mystic Lake Casino & Resort,
Grand Falls Casino & Golf Resort, Fortune Bay Casino Resort.
Holiday Tours: Branson Tour November 3-11,
Yellowstone & Deadwood Tour June 11-23 4 SEATS remaining,
WashingtonDC-Kentucy-Foxwood-Rhode Island September 24-Oct 12
Phone: 204 339 1500 Fax: 204 694 6554 Email: [email protected]
Located at: 5 - 14 Don Valley Parkway (Off Gunn between Redonda & Day St)
Need to Rent a Bus give us a call-you may be pleasantly
pleased how affordable it can be.
Hours of Operation – Mon-Fri: 9-4pm, Closed: Saturday & Sunday
Give us a call or drop by our office –pick up a catalog on our 2015 tours.
April 2015- Page 6
Dorian Sherman of Confidence
Rebekah Lodge #40 of Transcona
represented the Odd Fellows &
Rebekahs of Manitoba during the
annual Wreath Laying Ceremony
at the Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier in Washington, D.C. in 2012.
He will do so again this year on
the weekend of May 2 & 3.
May 23 from 1:00-3:00 PM in Yale
Hall at Transcona Memorial United
Church, 209 Yale Avenue West.
Admission is $7 from a member or at
the door. This is our major public
fundraising project of the year. Members are urged to bring a friend and
join in the fellowship. We look forward to seeing those who were unable to get out in the winter.
Everyone is welcome to attend.
Annual Church Parade —
Members are reminded to mark their
calendars for Sunday May 24 for
our Annual Church Parade to be
held at 10:00 AM in Transcona Memorial United Church (TMUC) at
209 Yale Avenue West. Our Order
is non-denominational, based only
on a belief in a Supreme Being. As
many of our members attend either
St. George’s Anglican Church or
TMUC, our Annual Services alternate between them.
(For more info about Confidence #40 and its activities, or to
inquire about becoming a member, call any of the following:
Christine Harrison at 204-7957878, Jacqueline Lee at 204-2244614
204-222-6136.) v
Featured: Senior Soccer
League Accepting Teams — The
Manitoba Senior Soccer League
(MSSL) is now accepting teams for
the 2015 Season. The MSSL offers
competitive, recreational soccer for
males aged 18 and over. We fall
under the Manitoba Soccer Association which allows us to use certified referees for all of our games.
League play begins in late May and
continues throughout the summer,
ending in September with league
playoffs. You can check out our website at
or contact the League President at
[email protected]
Transcona Food Bank — Open
the 1st-and-3rd Thursdays each
month from September to June
(once per month in July & August). Remaining schedule is as follows: April 2 &16 ... May 7 & 21 ...
June 4 & 18 ... July 16 & August
13. To receive food, you must preregister with Winnipeg Harvest at
204-982-3660 on-or-before the Friday morning prior to each Food
Bank date. On Food Bank days, a
Used Clothing Depot is open to the
general public from 8:30-9:30 AM
and food is available to Food Bank
recipients from 9:30-10:30 AM.
Food Bank’s location is Suthwyn
Hall, Transcona Memorial United
Church, 209 Yale Avenue West.
Easter Services At TMUC —
Church (TMUC) at 209 Yale Avenue West will hold Holy Week
Services as follows: Maundy
Thursday Communion on April 2
at 7:00 PM ... Good Friday Service
with Choral Leadership on April 3
at 10:00 AM ... Good Friday
“Messy Church” on April 3 at 5:00
PM ... and Easter Sunday Morning
Choral Cantata & Communion at
9:30 AM & 11:15 AM. Everyone welcome. For more info, call 204-2221331. For general info, visit
Holy Week Masses At Blessed
Sacrament Church — Blessed
Church at 710 Roanoke Street will
hold Holy Week Masses as follows:
Celebration Of The Lord’s Supper
on Holy Thursday April 2 at 7:00
PM ... Stations Of The Cross on
Good Friday April 3 at 1:00 PM ...
Passion Of The Lord on Good Friday April 3 at 3:00 PM ... Easter
Vigil on Holy Saturday
April 4 at 8:00 PM ... Resurrection Of The Lord on Easter Sunday
April 5 at 5:00 AM ... and Easter
Masses on Easter Sunday April 5
at 9:00 AM & 11:30 AM. For more
info, call 204-224-1669. Visit the
Corner of Transcona Boulevard and Peguis Street
April 2015- Page 7
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For School Library Upgrades
Western Financial Group Donates $5,000 To
Harold Hatcher School
Harold Hatcher Elementary
School at 500 Redonda Street has
been selected to receive a $5,000
(Special To The Views)
infrastructure grant from the Western Communities Foundation
(WCF), charitable arm of the West-
April 2015- Page 8
ern Financial Group. The grant will
contribute to improvements and upgrades to the School Library.
The selection was made by
Western’s Transcona Branch located at #5 - 630 Kildare Avenue
East. “Giving back to the Winnipeg
community gives us a great sense of
pride,” said Branch Manager
Patrick Lien, Western’s Manitoba
Regional Director. “We are happy
to contribute to students’ education
in Winnipeg by giving these funds to
the library improvements at Harold
Hatcher School.”
This year, Western is proud to
announce the donation of 40 infrastructure grants through the WCF for
a total of $200,000 being donated
back to the communities where
Western operates. The infrastructure grants are given to encourage
healthy living and learning, and to
strengthen communities.
“It is wonderful to see a record
number of infrastructure grants
going to these great causes,” said
John Jenner, WCF Executive Director. “The projects are selected by
the employees as they know the
specific needs of their communities.
At Western, we love giving back
where we live and work, and it’s
great that we are able to contribute
to so many local initiatives in the
areas of public health, public housing, education and recreation.”
In its 13-year history, the WCF
has distributed more than 100 infrastructure grants to communities
across Western Canada for numerous projects. In 2014, Western contributed to many local communities,
and also donated $25,000 to support
flood-relief initiatives in Manitoba
and Saskatchewan.
Founded in 2002, the WCF
serves to give back to the communities where Western employees live
and work, and to foster employee
pride and engagement. The Foundation’s core donation programs include
grants, Exceptional Achievement
Citation & Bursary Awards for
graduating high school students, and
a Matching Grants program. Since
its inception, the WCF has raised
more than $1 million to support local
Group — Western is a diversified insurance company that serves more
than 800,000 customers across
Western Canada. Founded in 1996
and headquartered in High River, Alberta, Western provides personaland-business insurance services
through more than 162 office locations and affiliates, and online. With a
skilled team of approximately 1,900
employees, Western is committed to
building the strongest insurance-brokerage network in Western Canada.
Western Financial Group is a subsidiary of Desjardins Group, the
leading cooperative financial group in
Canada. v
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church website at ... Pastor is Father Rodrigo Lazarte.
St. George’s Holy Week Services — St. George’s Anglican
Parish at 321 Pandora Avenue
West will gather for Holy Week
Services as follows: Maundy
Thursday on April 2 at 7:00 PM ...
Good Friday on April 3 at 10:30
AM ... Easter Sunday on April 5
with Sunrise Service at 8:00 AM
and Holy Communion at 10:30 AM
(breakfast at 9:30 AM between services). For more info, visit or call
the Church Office at 204-222-1942.
Experience ‘Messy Church’ At
TMUC — “Messy Church” is an interactive church community gathering. It includes crafts, worship and a
meal. (‘Google’ it to learn more.)
Church (TMUC) at 209 Yale Avenue West will offer Messy Church
twice this month on the following Fridays: April 3 (a special Good Friday event) & April 17 from
5:00-7:00 PM. Everyone welcome.
Registration appreciated, but not required. For more info or to register,
call 204-222-1331.
Special Offering: Grade 12 Essential Math Class — Transcona
Adult Learning Centre will offer a
Grade 12 Essential Math Class at
its 130 Regent Avenue East location beginning April 27. Classes will
run five mornings a week from 9:00
AM to 12:00 Noon until June 19.
Call 204-958-9297 to set up an appointment to register ... Transcona
Adult Learning Centre still has
openings in a Grade 12 Physical
Wednesday April 8. For more info
and to register, call either the above
telephone number or 204-667-6193.
St. Michael’s Perogy Sales
(Note Change For May) — St.
Michael’s Ukrainian Catholic
Church at 400 Day Street holds
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The Transcona Views welcomes your articles and notices
of coming events. We invite you to promote yourself to the
residents of our community. Ever y month, you have the
opportunity to inform your fellow citizens just how, through
your activities, you are contributing to the quality of life in
Transcona. Need help publicizing your fundraising efforts?
Tell us about it! Need exposure to attract the public
to your carnivals, concerts, dances, dinners or other
activities? Just send us the details! We’re here to help
you get the word out!
Editorial Articles & Coming Events of interest to the community may be submitted directly to the Copy
Editor via e-mail – or via postal mail, fax or hand-delivery to Bond Printing Ltd. E-mail Submissions may be
sent as plain text or as an attached document (MSWord only). Submissions On Paper must be typed or printed
legibly. Submitted Articles must be no longer than 500 words. All Submissions are subject to editing-and-formatting for style and to fit available space. There Is No Guarantee that articles will appear in their entirety and
no guarantee that any images accompanying articles will be used.
130 Victoria Avenue West, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R2C 1S5
Tel: 204-222-7069 • Fax: 204-222-2979
Editorial Email: [email protected]
Advertising Email: [email protected]
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Perogy Sales on selected Fridays
from September to June. Remaining
schedule is as follows: April 10 & 24
... May 8 & 22 ... June 12. (The dates
for May have been amended — there
will be NO sale on May 29. Remem-
ber, too, that June 12 is the final date
before summer break.) Orders must
be placed by the Tuesday preceding
each Perogy Sale date. Contact person is Helen at 204-222-6544.
‘Going Once... Going Twice...
Gone!’ — The gavel comes down on
the Annual Time & Talent Auction at
Church, 209 Yale Avenue West, on
Saturday April 11. Come share all the
fun and enjoy the bidding. Breakfast
201 Regent Ave. W.,
Winnipeg, MB R2C 1R3
Phone: (204) 224-1760
Winnipeg’s No. 1 Saw Shop
Email: [email protected]
available at 9:00 AM with viewing for
a Silent Auction. Bidding starts at
10:00 AM. Gift baskets, oil changes,
home cooking and loads of surprises
will make the Auction an event to remember. Everyone welcome.
Diabetes Support Group —
Next meeting of the Diabetes Support Group will be held Thursday
April 23 from 2:00-3:00 PM in Access Transcona at 845 Regent Avenue West. Topic: “Monitoring
Diabetes”. No registration required
for this meeting. For more info, call
204-940-2114 ... Diabetes SelfManagement Education (One-ToOne) is also available in River
East-Transcona. For more info, call
Final Reminder: ‘Art To Die
For’ Dinner Theatre — Caught In
The Act Co. presents its 5th annual
dinner-theatre production of “Art To
Die For” from April 23-26 at
Church, 209 Yale Avenue West.
Tickets $40 each ($20 tax receipt)
sold on first-come/first-served basis
(cheques payable to Caught In The
Act Co.). Wheelchair accessible —
vegetarian meal optional. Dinner
Thursday to Saturday at 6:30 PM
& Sunday at 4:30 PM. For tickets,
contact Frank & Carol Favoni by
phone at 204-222-1475 or by e-mail
at [email protected]
Help For Those Eligible In
Preparing Tax Returns — Community organizations host free tax clinics and arrange for volunteers to
prepare returns for eligible taxpayers. Access Transcona at 845 Regent Avenue West will offer free,
drop-in, first-come/first-served income-tax returns until April 30
every Thursday from 9:15 AM to
2:00 PM. Are you eligible for help? If
you have a modest income and a
simple tax situation, the following income levels could determine if you
can get help: Single Person (Up To
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April 2015- Page 10
Call us today to protect your home. 204 949 2600
11 locations throughout Winnipeg - 4 in your neighbourhood:
Regent & Bond
138 Regent Ave. W.
Phone 204 222 3221
Regent & Plessis
4-801 Regent Ave.
Phone 204 940 6552
Plessis & Devonshire
401 - 1750 Plessis Rd.
Phone 204 940 6550
April 2015- Page 11
Reenders & Lag./59
60-11 Reenders Dr.
Phone 204 949 2610
Comprehensive Estate Solutions
Do You Have A Tax Bomb Ticking?
By Darryl B. Horeczy, Consultant, Investors Group
Protect Your Estate From
Taxes & Fees — Are you aware that
taxes and probate fees could reduce
the value of your estate by up to
half? While Canada does not impose
death-or-inheritance taxes, generally
your capital assets are considered to
have been sold upon your death unless you leave these assets to a surviving spouse on a “rollover basis”.
The income-tax implications of this
deemed disposition can be severe,
and depending on your beneficiary
designations and the province in
which you reside, probate fees may
be assessed on your estate to further erode your legacy. Life insurance, often viewed solely to provide
for dependants in the event of an un-
timely death, can provide an effective way of preserving your wealth
for the benefit of your heirs.
Just What Is Taxable Upon
Death? — Virtually any asset upon
which taxes have been deferred will
be subject to tax upon your death.
This includes the full value of your
Registered Retirement Savings
Plan (RRSP) or Registered Retirement Income Fund (RRIF) as well
as half of the gain on any non-registered assets including recreational
property. The tax implications on
these deemed dispositions can be
significant. For example, if the cottage you purchased 30 years ago for
$50,000 has appreciated in value to
$250,000, then upon your death
A large refund means you’ve been overpaying
your taxes throughout the year. That’s like
providing an interest-free loan to the
government; money that could have been
working for you instead.
I can show you steps to minimize income
taxes and keep more of what you earn.
Contact me and we'll put together a tax
plan as part of your overall financial plan.
™Trademarks owned by IGM Financial Inc. and licensed to its subsidiary corporations.
MP1132 (03/2012)
April 2015- Page 12
your estate could face a tax bill of
approximately $45,000 on the cottage alone. An RRSP or RRIF containing $300,000 of assets would
also be taken entirely into income.
The result? It, too, could be cut almost in half once it’s taxed. In jurisdictions with relatively high probate
fees such as Ontario, Nova Scotia
and British Columbia, these fees can
further reduce your estate by thousands of dollars.
Delaying The Inevitable —
Canadians can bequeath capital
property directly to their spouse or
common-law partner with no immediate tax consequences. The proceeds of registered plans can also
be ‘rolled over’ to a surviving spouse
or common-law partner and remain
sheltered from tax. As a result, many
tax liabilities can be deferred until the
death of the surviving spouse or
common-law partner. Unless the surviving spouse or common-law partner
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Phone:204-222-1700 Ext. 4216
Cell: 204-990-2779
Toll Free: 855-459-9744
[email protected]
Now located at:
200-1605 Regent Ave West
Winnipeg, Manitoba R2C 3B3
We are Transcona's only Funeral Home locally owned
and operated with over 20 year's experience…
you can expect us to provide you and your loved ones
with affordable rates and the most professional service.
Our Funeral Home offers many ways to honor your loved
ones. We offer Complete Funeral Planning Services to
accommodate your family’s wishes and traditions:
Traditional Funeral, Immediate Cremation, Cremation
with Memorial, Granite and Bronze Monuments.
• Cremation - No Service
$1195 + GST
• Memorial Service
$2200 + GST
• Traditional Burial
$3300 + GST
We provide you and your loved ones professional service without all the high costs.
Immediate Cremation Services Include:
Removal from the place of death, basic cremation container,
cremation process, and all legal documentation.
Cremation with Memorial Service
Removal from place of death, basic cremation container,
cremation process, memorial book, service at church or chapel,
memorial cards, thank you cards, all legal documentation.
Reception Centre including coffee, tea and juice. Funeral cars
Traditional Services Include:
Removal from place of death, casket, viewing, prayer services,
legal documentation, memorial book, thank you cards and
memorial cards. Reception Centre including coffee, tea and juice.
Funeral coach and clergy car. Limousine available.
We prepare all the details for the benefits
you're entitled to in the cases of...
• CPP Death & Survivor • Veteran's Affairs
• Manitoba Public Insurance • Victims of Crime and all other
Government Agencies & Life Insurance Companies
• Traditional Burial Plot $1130 + GST
Plot preparation
$ 700 + GST
• Companion
Cremation Plot
Plot preparation
$ 640 + GST
$ 295 + GST
• Niche for cremation $1450 + GST
Engraving included
General Manager Chad Wheeler is available for you,
24 hours a day 7 days a week. Please call us at
[email protected]
Serving and Supporting the Transcona Community • Serving all Denominations
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$30,000) ... Couple (Up To $40,000)
... One Adult With One Child (Up
To $35,000). For each additional dependant you have, add $2,500 to the
family income. You should not have
interest income of more than $1,000.
Community organizations have the
flexibility to adjust the eligibility criteria. Taxpayers helped by this program may include Aboriginal
peoples, social-assistance recipients, newcomers to Canada, Seniors
and students. Volunteers do NOT
prepare complex returns such as
those for individuals who have selfemployment income ... who have
132 Regent Ave. West, Winnipeg, MB R2C 1P9
Thinking of buying or selling your home please call your local specialist
Serving the community for over 47 years!
Jeremy Kehler
Art Kehler
Station Condo 1 BR plus a den
with Indoor Parking.
216 Melrose W. $204,900
Transcona Canterbury
$249,900 5 Room Bungalow
2 Bathrooms, Rec. Room & 3rd BR in
basement. Appliances, C/Air Cond.
Deck & Double Garage
This is not intended to solicit properties already listed.
Gus Miller
Robert Unger
Transcona 1000 Sq. Ft.
3 BR Bungalow
2 Bathrooms, Rec. Room with
Fireplace, & Garage $244,900
North Kildonan
On A Bay Location!!
$219,900 1200 Sq. Ft. sxs 3 BR’s
1 & ½ bathroom, Recreation Room.
C/Air Cond. Front drive
April 2015- Page 14
business-or-rental income and expenses ... who have capital gains or
losses ... who have employment expenses ... who file for bankruptcy ...
or who became deceased during the
year. For more info, call Stacy
Boone, WRHA Community Facilitator, at 204-223-6535.
Hi Neighbour Early Morning
Indoor Walking Program — Free
program ends Friday May 1 (note
change in date). Runs Monday to
Friday, except holidays and Spring
Break, at three Transcona elementary schools. To register, call 204938-5555. Bring your walking shoes
and walk anytime at the following
schools between the hours listed:
Radisson School at 1105 Winona
Street from 7:00-8:00 AM (Gymnasium) ... Wayoata School at 605
Wayoata Street from 7:00-8:00 AM
(Gym) ... Westview School at 600
Hoka Street from 7:30-8:15 AM
(Gym & Hallway).
Harold Hatcher School Spring
Bazaar & Bake Sale — Harold
Hatcher Elementary School at 500
Redonda Street will host its 3rd Annual Spring Bazaar & Bake Sale
on Saturday May 2 from 10:00 AM
to 3:00 PM. Admission is $1 (12 &
under free). All proceeds in support
of remodeling the Harold Hatcher
Elementary School Library. Stay
for lunch and find the perfect gift for
Mother’s Day, or for any day.
Harbour View Ladies Golf Club
—The 2015 Season will begin Tuesday May 5 and run until Tuesday
September 29. Games will be played
on Tuesday mornings — tee time
8:00–10:00 AM. Are you interested in
golfing, but don’t have a golfing
buddy? Our Club is a very social group
of ladies and we are accepting new
members. Our Membership Fee is
$40 plus you pay green fees for
games played. For more info, please
call Stanis Steffano at 204-694-8211
or Barbara Johannson at 204-2226640.
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Comfort Food
Our retail store opened up for
business Dec 1st, 2014. It is a family
owned and operated business. We
opened the store in honor of my
baba who passed away tragically in
January 2014. We wanted everyone
to taste and enjoy all her recipes as
we always have.
We offer catering for all special
Not only do we have homemade
perogies, cabbage rolls, borscht,
sauerkraut buns and kulbassa but we
now offer – New Variety and Fancy
Sandwich Platters, Daintie Platters,
Cheese Platters (crackers/pickles),
Fresh Fruit and Veggie Platters
We take pride in our food and
ensure all of it is top quality and perfect for our customers.
Please visit our website for more
details. You may also email, call or
drop by for a quote.
We are located in Dugald next
door to the post office.
Store Hours: Sunday and
Monday closed, Tuesday 11-5,
Wednesday 12-6, Thursday 11-5,
Friday 11-6, Saturday 12-4.
682 Dugald Road 204-2284059 [email protected] v
Standard Menu
Cheese and potato . . . . .
Cheese/bacon/potato . . .
Sauerkraut . . . . . . . . . .
Cottage cheese/potato . .
Cottage cheese/potato/dill
with or without Tomato sauce
Rice/onion . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Hamburger/rice/onion . . . . .
Bacon/rice/onion . . . . . . . . .
Buckwheat . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Cabbage Rolls
Sauerkraut Buns . . . . . . . . . . $8.95/dozen
Borscht . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $5.95
Meatballs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $4.95/dozen
with gravy or s&s sauce . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $5.95/dozen
New - home made garlic pork medium grind kulbassa
Prepared single and family meals
(Perogies/cabbage rolls/meatballs)
Call in the morning have ready to pick up
and eat by dinner time!!
No cooking for you just Heat and Eat!!
Great for busy families! Please visit our website.
Store Hours: Sunday and Monday closed,
Tuesday 11-5, Wednesday 12-6, Thursday 11-5,
Friday 11-6, Saturday 12-4
682 Dugald Road 204-228-4059
[email protected]
April 2015- Page 15
Do You Have A Tax Bomb Ticking?
Continued from page 12
enters into a new relationship, the
tax deferral ordinarily comes to an
end upon his-or-her death. In these
circumstances, estate assets may
have to be sold in order to pay longdeferred taxes.
While selling assets to pay
taxes is an option, it may not always
be an ideal solution. Unfavourable
market conditions could force the
sale of assets at depressed prices,
limiting the proceeds available to
your estate. Transaction costs incurred upon these sales could further reduce these proceeds. Finally,
some assets cannot easily be sold.
For example, it is not feasible to sell
off only a portion of your cottage to
cover taxes. This could put someone in the unenviable position of
having to raise large amounts of
cash if they hope to retain the property they inherit.
Another Option — Rather than
selling assets or borrowing cash to
pay fees and taxes, consider purchasing a joint second-to-die life-insurance policy to preserve your
estate. These policies insure the
lives of both spouses with proceeds
payable upon the death of the surviving spouse. The proceeds can
then be applied to cover your estate’s tax liabilities and other debts,
thereby leaving your legacy intact for
distribution to your heirs. For a more
thorough understanding of what lies
ahead for your estate, talk with us
(Article abridged from original.
For full details, see your financial
consultant.) v
Museum Will
Close In April
For Changes To
Continued fron page 5
Jane Jacobs, visit her Wikipedia
Profile at
Doors Open — Transcona Museum will be open on Saturday May
30 & Sunday May 31 for Doors
Open Winnipeg. Behind-the-scenes
guided tours will take place every
hour on the half hour starting at 9:30
AM. Last tour is at 1:30 PM. See for
more information.
April 2015- Page 16
Film Festival — We invite all
Transcona high school students to
take part in our very first Transcona
Film Festival. Create a video (two
minutes max) telling us your
Transcona’s community spirit. Tell us
your history (or your family’s history).
What do you love about Transcona?
What are your favourite places in
Transcona? These are things we
want to know. Entries are due May
31 and the “Best Of” will be shown
in Transcona Centennial Square in
June. Watch this space for more information.
Volunteers Needed — We are
currently looking for help with various duties including light housekeeping, research assistance, taking
pictures and other opportunities.
Please contact Barb at the Museum if you are interested. (See
contact info at end of article.)
Community Outreach — We
are looking to expand our programming to include our senior groups, as
well as seeking advice on what types
of activities you would be interested
in if the Museum were to hold them
(e.g., a speaking series, maybe an
afternoon of knitting and tea-andstorytelling). If you have some time
and a story to share, please contact
Hours & Contact Info —
Transcona Historical Museum is
located at 141 Regent Avenue
West at Bond Street in Downtown
Transcona. We are open Monday
to Friday from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM
except during our month-long closure for exhibit renewal beginning
Monday April 6. For more info, call
[email protected] ...
Visit our website at where you will also
find links to our Facebook Page, Instagram Feed, Twitter Feed &
YouTube Channel. v
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Klinic Counselling — Klinic
Free Community Drop-In Counselling
Transcona, 845 Regent Avenue
April 2015- Page 17
West on Tuesdays from 12:00-7:00
PM. Free first-come/first-seen counselling service for anyone ages 13+
experiencing any problem. Includes
one-time and short-term counselling.
For more info and to check for
schedule changes, call 204-7844067 or visit
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Second Splash Pad, Pickle Ball and More:
Community Centre Renewal
Continued from page 1
grounds improvement. Namely to be
built is a new Splash Pad, new and
better paths, new little tikes playground, land drainage improvements
with new catch basins and a refurbishing of existing tennis courts with new
surfacing, fence improvements, and
converting 2 out of the 3 tennis courts.
One court will be converted to an outdoor basketball court and two courts
will be converted to allow for Pickle
Ball or Tennis play. These works will
start construction this year with the intent of having the improvements, including the new splash pad,
operational for the 2016 summer season. For more information, an Open
House will be held at Park City
West Community Club on Tuesday,
April 21st, from 4pm to 7pm, where
drawings and information on the
improvements will be presented.
Pickle Ball, you ask? It is a new
and growing sport very popular with
the 55 plus crowd. Using a tennis
court, and a paddle that is larger than
a table tennis paddle, it is fast becoming a new form of healthy recreation.
Presently, Oxford Heights Community
Club is the site of indoor Pickle Ball
play in the winter. The new courts at
Park City West Community Club will
be Transcona’s first outdoor Pickle Ball
And the Splash Pad will be the
second splash pad for our growing
April 2015- Page 18
community. Not only will it assist as a
new place for recreational play for
more and more new families moving
into the community, it will be an important complement to the existing splash
pad. Presently, the Transcona Kinsmen Centennial Pool is undergoing a
major renovation which I wrote about
in this column last spring. A new outdoor pool with beach entry feature,
water slides, new wading pool and expanded splash pad are being constructed. The old outdoor pool was
over 50 years old. This work is to be
complete for the 2016 summer season
to enjoy, and the entire facility, for
safety reasons, will be fenced, and
similar to Kildonan Park’s outdoor pool
and splash pad amenities, a small entrance fee charged. Presently there is
no entrance fee at the existing splash
pad. Therefore families will be able to
have a choice, within close proximity
to each other, namely, to attend the
large outdoor facility that includes
more regional amenities such as pool,
slides and splash pad, or the Park City
West Community Club Splash Pad,
which will be free of charge. And of
course, the wading pools at Rotary
Centenary Park (Rosseau and
Plessis) and at the South Transcona
Community Club will still be operating
and free of charge as well.
Improvements have also been
made to other community clubs over
the last year. At Oxford Heights
Community Club, with City grant
funds, a new playground, a modern
basketball court and new washrooms have been installed, and at
South Transcona Community
Club, a new kitchen, basketball and
hockey nets restrung and outdoor
rink pavement installed. The dedication and hard work of our community
club volunteers, especially executive
and board members, have made all
these improvements and investments possible. We cannot thank
them enough. v
Working to Renew
our Community Clubs
City Councillor
Park City West
Community Club
Upgrades and Improvements
New Splash Pad
New Paths
Renewed Tennis Courts
New Basketball Court
New Pickleball Court
New Playground
This project is possible due to
the hard work and dedication of
Park City West Community Club
Volunteers. Thank you!
Russ with Park City West CC Executive Board
Left to right: Mark Flemming, Vice President,
Councillor Russ Wyatt, Mike Purdy - President,
Ken Mann - Treasurer
[email protected]
April 2015- Page 19
Winnipeg News
2015 Walk With
To Be Held
Sunday May 3
By Diane Truderung
Walk With L’Arche Marks 11
Years Of Fundraising — The
Olympic Building Centre’s Walk
With L’Arche will take place on
Sunday May 3 at Oxford Heights
Community Club, 359 Dowling Avenue East. Walking with your family
and friends will add more fun to your
day. Create a team (minimum of five
people will be recognized as a
team), choose a team captain and a
team name. Pledge forms are available from the L’Arche Winnipeg Of-
The 2014 Walk With L’Arche was a huge success.
(Submitted Photo Courtesy of Hubert Pantel.)
The Transcona BIZ Anti-Graffiti Campaign
sponsored by the City of Winnipeg,
City Councillor Russ Wyatt and Transcona BIZ
The goal of the campaign is to
wipe out graffiti in the
Transcona Community from
April to December 2015
If you see any Graffiti in Transcona
please call the hotline at
204-222-8566 or visit
April 2015- Page 20
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L’Arche Tova Café Celebrates
Third Birthday — L’Arche Tova
Café opened its doors in April 2012.
This social enterprise, located at 119
Regent Avenue West, is open Monday to Saturday from 8:00 AM to
2:00 PM. The Café has a full menu
which serves breakfast all day, lunch
items, desserts and beverages.
Catering service is available as well.
You may view the Café menu at
L’Arche Tova Café provides
training and employment for individuals with a developmental disability.
Many of our participants have come to
the Café through special-education
programs in high schools. One of
those students was Nolan. When
Nolan graduated, he began volun-
Regent Ave.
teering at the Café. Soon Nolan was
cooking meals at the Café and is
learning new skills every day. He is
now a proud staff member at the Café.
Nolan takes great pride in his
work (as is evidenced in the accompanying photograph). He is always
on time and willing to assist where
needed. He continues to learn more
about food preparation and baking,
and really enjoys working with the
Café team. Nolan is a team player
Continued on page 23
Earn with us
Plessis Ave.
fice at 118 Regent Avenue East in
Downtown Transcona or online on
at and at
One hundred percent of your
pledges will be used to help maintain
and improve the quality of life for
L’Arche members with developmental disabilities and their volunteer assistants. Fundraise by letting your
family, friends and co-workers know
you are walking for L’Arche and ask
them to sponsor you. The more you
raise, the more prizes you earn!
Come and join us for this fun event.
There will be free food, prizes and
entertainment for the entire family.
We hope to see you there!
(Diane Truderung is Director of
Fund Development & Communications for L’Arche Winnipeg Inc.
For more info about L’Arche Winnipeg, its services and activities,
visit v
1300 Regent Ave. W
April 2015- Page 21
Birchwood Ford: the exclusive SVT, ROUSH,
and AEROPLAN dealer in Winnipeg
Gardens Of Delight
April Is The Time For Yard Cleaning & Maintenance
April is here, so let’s gear up for
the busy months ahead. Start with
cleaning up the yard by picking up the
debris that winter winds have left behind. Examine gates, fences, sidewalks, etc. and do needed repairs or
replacements. Remember to clean the
leaves out of the eavestroughs. Perhaps your deck needs repainting.
These are some of the things that
might be on your to-do list and can be
done before planting begins. Too much
to do? Relax – you don’t have to do
everything in a day or two. Grass raking is another first job in waiting. But
wait until the soil thaws and the surface
dries a little – otherwise you can damage the roots of the grass when the
surface is too wet. Rake lightly.
Towards the end of the month,
check your perennials and trim last
year’s stalks before the new growth
starts. Do not be in a hurry to remove
any mulch just yet. This protects the
new growth tips from being damaged by spring frosts. Check for insects that have over-wintered and
By Domia Derkach
When planning to rake the grass this spring, remember to wait until the
soil has thawed and the surface has dried a little – and rake lightly so
you don’t damage the roots.
may damage the young shoots. Find
a way to oust the critters before
damage occurs. Perennials are the
staple plants in our landscape, so do
protect them as best you can.
Consider Perennials — Using
suitable perennials for particular gardening environments can be a real
boon to your landscape. Learn what
would be best for your specific loca-
MLA for Transcona
Constituency Office
3-549 Regent Ave. W. R2C 1R9
Putt ing C om m unit y Fir s t
E-Mail: [email protected]
April 2015- Page 22
tion and shop accordingly. If you
don’t know much about some plants
you might like, ask your gardening
neighbour or any member of the
Transcona Garden Club at one of
our meetings. Some perennials require more-specific locations while
others will grow successfully in almost any location. Keep in mind that
perennials have different lifespans –
some live for five years or less while
others live for 20 years or more.
One such perennial that has a
lifespan of 20-or-more years is the
Peony. It has been a very popular
plant in most gardens for many,
many years. These very large flowers can be used as “cut flowers”
which can last two weeks and
longer. They are fragrant with a hint
of rose scent — hence, they are
sometimes referred to as “The Rose
of the North”. They are very hardy –
they not only survive, but flourish.
They are deer-and-rabbit proof, too.
Plants are usually purchased as live
roots; however, you can also start
them by seed – but only if you have
the patience to wait for seven years
or more for that first bloom.
The Double Flower or Chinese
plants are the most popular. The
Japanese Peony is of the same
species, but has a Single Flower – a
majestic bloom that will soon have
you smitten by its beauty. Peonies
are mostly found in shades of red
and pink, and fewer in white. Newer
varieties are being offered for sale
every year, so look for them at garden centres.
Next Garden Club Meeting —
Our topic will be “Peonies” with
guest speaker and Manitoba grower
Ted Sobkowich. He will share his
knowledge on growing these beautiful flowers. After listening to his talk,
you may decide to grow them as
well. The meeting will be held
Wednesday April 15 at 7:00 PM in
Transcona Retired Citizens Centre
at 328 Whittier Avenue West.
Everyone is welcome.
Club Program Schedule —
Copies of the Garden Club’s 2015
Program Schedule are available
from Transcona Public Library at
111 Victoria Avenue West, the
Transcona BIZ Office at 108 Bond
Street or Transcona Historical Museum at 141 Regent Avenue West
during their regular business hours –
or pick one up at a Club meeting.
Transcona Garden Club and its
activities, or to inquire about the
benefits of Club Membership, call
204-222-0236.) v
Thursday April 2, and will be serving free coffee and cake. We hope
that you can join us for this special
event! (Submitted Photo)
J.L.R. Jewellers Features New
Owner & New-Look Store — As the
old proverb goes, “There is nothing
new under the sun”, but at J.L.R.
Jewellers, there is definitely something new under the “son”. Since his
father Joseph’s sudden retirement
and West Coast move in 2013,
Jace Richarde has worked hard to
keep the family business in
Transcona and re-emerge with a
Continued from page 21
and the Café staff really enjoy working with him. Nolan always has a
positive attitude, a wonderful work
ethic and a great smile. We hope
that you will come into the Café so
that Nolan can cook a meal for you.
L’Arche Tova Café will celebrate its Third Anniversary on
5 Year GIC
April 2015- Page 23
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Orthokeratology: A Non-Surgical
Approach To Treating Nearsightedness
Contionued from page 2
The most common reason for
utilizing this procedure is to achieve
a required vision standard for employment. Applicants for police-orfire departments are required to
meet certain minimums of visual
acuity for entry into training. Many
who are not otherwise able to meet
those minimums can do so after
treatment by Ortho-K.
The next most common reason
for doing the procedure is for sports.
Many athletic activities are difficult
to do with glasses, and contact
lenses aren’t always appropriate
(such as for water sports or contact
sports). Ortho-K enables these athletes to achieve excellent vision
without glasses or contact lenses.
The newest use of Ortho-K is
for Myopia Control. Myopia (or
nearsightedness) usually starts to
become a factor in childhood and it
invariably increases as the child
gets older. Performing Ortho-K on
a child when he-or-she is just starting to become nearsighted can
maintain the level of Myopia at a
low level while the eye is growing
and often can result in the child
needing a much weaker (or even
no) prescription as a teenager or
Not everyone can benefit from Orthokeratology. People who want to
consider this procedure to reduce their
dependence on eyeglasses or contact
lenses should consult one of our con-
If you are considering
buying or selling a
home call me first!
April 2015- Page 24
tact-lens practitioners who are skilled
in providing this treatment.
(Check out the Transcona Optical Website at and follow them on
Facebook at
transconaoptical) v
Continued from page 23
new image. Now, nearly a year after
re-opening the doors, J.L.R. Jewellers at 118 Regent Avenue West is
still offering the same quality jewellery
repairs it always has... and so much
The younger Richarde, who was
a full-time wildlife artist in the early
2000’s, has taken the Downtown
Transcona store in a whole new direction (as can be seen in the accompanying photograph). As well as his
own vibrant art, the store is now carrying pieces from other Transconabased artists working in mediums
such as stained glass, gem trees and
wood carvings. To round out the inventory, there is also an ever-changing variety of one-of-a-kind giftware.
Adding a few new showcases, the
store also features a selection of estate jewellery and Jace’s own custom
pieces. And all the while, the repairs
remain a staple of the business. The
new open-concept layout allows for
more traffic into the small space, but
maximizes every inch of the store for
visual appeal. The response to the
changes has been unanimously positive. Many long-time customers have
been stunned but pleasantly surprised
when they walk through the door.
Jace is urging all of his father’s old
clientele to explore the re-designed
store and if you have never been in,
please drop by and visit Transcona’s
“newest” boutique and its owner. (Submitted Photo) v
C R E M AT I O N & C E M E T E R Y S E R V I C E S
Some of our highlights are:
• N.E Winnipeg’s largest chapel
and reception centre that will
accommodate 450 people.
• Large parking lot for 150
vehicles & Modern accessible facilities
• Webcasting of funerals –
Secure viewing of your loved
one’s funeral anywhere in the
Large Chapel
Ask about
our Best Price
Reception Centre
Spacious Foyer
Shawn Arnason, Darin Hoffman, Pat
Potenza and John Gigliotti and families
invite you to come and have coffee with
them as you review their well appointed and
spacious funeral chapel and reception
In keeping with the Mosaic tradition we
are proud to present our newest facility
where you will be treated to warm and
comforting surroundings. Our new
facility boasts a similar feel to our Inkster
location and we have expanded our size
to serve you better.
Ph. 204-275-5555
• Competitive pricing all services
and merchandise available
• Darin and Shawn share over
50 Years of experience in all
aspects of Funeral, Cremation
and Cemetery services.
• Prearrangements – we honor
all funeral home prearrangements; please bring in your
paperwork to explore your
options in transfers. It is in
your best interest to bring
your prearrangements in for
us to review to ensure that
you receive the best possible
pricing and service. Purchasing everything at a cemetery/
funeral home combo location might be convenient but
may result in you paying
higher prices.
24/7 Compassion & Accessibility
1839 Inkster Blvd. (corner of Inkster Blvd. & Keewatin St.)
New: 1006 Nairn Ave. (corner of Keenleyside St. and Nairn Ave).
BUSINESS HOURS: 9:00 A.M. – 4:30 P.M
April 2015- Page 25
Report From Parliament
National Volunteer Week April 12-18
Celebrates Benefits To Communities
By Lawrence Toet, M.P., Elmwood-Transcona
Volunteers make exceptional contributions to improve the well-being of
Canadian families and their communities. Every year, more than 13 million
Canadians volunteer their time, energy and skills to supporting families,
caring for the elderly, leading our
youth, risking their lives as volunteer
firefighters and disaster-relief personnel, and helping not-for-profit organizations deliver programs and services
to Canadians.
In celebration of National Volunteer Week which takes place
April 12-18 this year, I would like to
take this opportunity to reflect on the
tremendous impact volunteers have
on our community. Every day I see
and hear about residents stepping
up to help those around them, and I
know how much we all value those
who work tirelessly for the benefit of
others. Many volunteers work quietly
and behind the scenes, not asking
for any recognition or praise. Their
real reward is seeing the improvements made and the lives that are
touched by their selfless efforts.
Community events like the
Transcona BIZ summer concerts and
the Transcona Council for Seniors
meal programming would not be possible without the hard work of countless helping hands. Groups such as
the Transcona Rotary Club,
Transcona Royal Canadian Legion
and the Transcona Food Bank also
depend on individuals to give hours of
their time to empower a wide variety of
causes that make the quality of life better for everyone in our community. We
also have numerous community clubs
and sports organizations in Transcona
that count on many people to give of
their time for the sake of others.
It is important that we thank these
unsung heroes for all they do to build
our community. I am certain we are all
able to share stories of how someone
volunteered their time to help us at
some point in our lives when we
needed it. In a day and age when people are increasingly busy and schedules are overbooked, the value of
volunteering is greater than ever and
it is essential that we continue to make
connections with people in our community to keep our neighbourhood
To formally recognize the outstanding voluntary contributions
made in our communities across
Canada, our Government introduced
the Prime Minister’s Volunteer
Awards in 2011. Canadians can
show appreciation for exceptional
volunteers in their communities by
nominating them for one of the 17
awards. The call for nominations will
be opening in the coming weeks and
I encourage you to contact my office
for more information on how to submit a name for national recognition.
During this National Volunteer
Week, I invite everyone in Transcona
to join me in thanking our volunteers
for their remarkable contributions to
our great community. I also encourage
people of all ages and abilities to get
involved in giving back to our community as I believe no gift of time is too
small to have a lasting impact. If my
office can be of any assistance to you,
please do not hesitate to contact us at
204-984-2499 or by e-mail at
[email protected] v
Seniors Bulletin
Featured: April Is Volunteer
Appreciation Month — A volunteer
action is like a stone thrown in a
lake: Its effect has a direct impact. At
the same time, like ripples, volunteer
efforts reach out far-and-wide to improve our community. Undeniably,
Transcona Council for Seniors
(TCS) Volunteers rock! TCS can
April 2015- Page 26
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Transcona Legion News
Volunteers Important For Successful
Legion Operation
By Faye Jashyn
Spring has arrived and April is
not only a month of new awakenings, but also a month of celebrations. The number-one motivation for
people to volunteer is to contribute to
their community. The second reason
is to gain new skills and knowledge.
April is Volunteer Appreciation
Month — a time to recognize the
work, time and effort your volunteers
contribute to your organization.
Transcona Legion has strived
hard over the years to maintain and
acknowledge their volunteers. We
know that the volunteer’s time is important and wish to thank everyone
who has volunteered over the years
and continue to volunteer. Including
the Executive, members of which
are all volunteers, we have over 50
volunteers actively volunteering in
various roles to maintain the Legion
and each role is critical to the success of the Legion. Some volunteers
have been dedicating themselves to
the Legion for over 20 years. Thank
you to the volunteers that have volunteered, or continue to volunteer, at
Transcona Legion.
Secretaries Ensure Success
— Another celebration taking place
in April is Administrative Professionals Day on April 22. Secretaries’ titles have changed over the
years, along with their roles. They
are considered professionals and
are known as the right hand to
many big executives. They may
work behind the scenes, but they
keep many organizations running
smoothly. We wish to thank our
Secretary, Linda Page, who works
tirelessly behind the scenes keeping the Executive informed, prepared and organized. Without her
commitment to the Legion, we
would not be able to fulfill our roles
in making our Legion the best it can
be for the community.
Ladies Auxiliary Bingo — The
Ladies Auxiliary of Transcona Legion Branch #7 holds Bingo every
Thursday on the main floor in the
Club Rooms at 117 Regent Avenue East. Seven games of Nickel
Bingo begin at 12:00 Noon. A combination of hard cards and paper bingos are available. (No paper bingo
sheets will be sold once Nickel
Bingo begins.) Paper Bingos include Lucky 7 and Loonie Accumulators. Coffee, tea, canned
drinks, sandwiches and cake are
available for sale. We have 50/50
Draws and Pie Draws. Bring your
bingo chips and dabbers.
Coming Events — Good Friday:
Closed all day on Friday April 3 ...
Easter Bonnet Parade on Saturday
April 4 at 2:00 PM. Make your own
bonnet and come on down to show it
off, and possibly win a prize ... Bluegrass on Friday April 10 at 7:00 PM
... Executive Meeting on Tuesday
April 14 at 6:30 PM ... Bluegrass on
Friday April 24 at 7:30 PM.
Weekly Activities — Bingo on
Mondays at 6:45 PM (Early Bird) &
7:00 PM (Regular Games) ... Cribbage on Tuesdays at 7:00 PM ...
Darts on Wednesdays at 7:00 PM
... Ladies Auxiliary Bingo on
Thursdays at 12:00 Noon (Main
Floor) ... Meat Draw & Chase The
Ace on Saturdays at 2:00 PM &
4:00 PM respectively.
(For more information on all
events and activities at Transcona
Legion Branch #7, 117 Regent Avenue East, watch the bulletin boards
or visit our website at www. ... For further
information on the Royal Canadian
Legion, visit their website at v
RGC Plumbing
& Mechanical
“Your Total Plumbing Contractor”
High Efficiency AC Unit
Starting from $2,495. installed
• 10 years parts & labour • Free estimates
• Guaranteed quick and friendly service
• Low monthly payments on the Hydro Energy Finance Plan
For available services visit
April 2015- Page 27
Transcona’s Best Kept Secret
Starlight Christian Nursery School
By Jennifer Hayes
A little gem nestled in the basement of St. Michael’s Parish at 400
Day Street, Starlight Christian
Nursery School is one of
Transcona’s best-kept secrets. For
more than 30 years, this charming little nursery school has been serving
the needs of the community with its
program for three-to-five-year-old
“We love to celebrate children in
the biggest possible way,” says
Manuela Hoff, Executive Director.
“We are an all-inclusive nursery
school, and have children with all
types of abilities engaging and cooperating with one another.”
One of the most evident ways
that children learn to be mindful of
others is through their participation in
Operation Christmas Child every
Manuela Hoff, Executive Director,
School (Submitted Photo)
year, an activity which encourages
the children to bring various items to
fill shoe boxes for other children in
developing countries.
Publisher: Bond Printing Ltd.
Copy Editor: Robin Chase
Distributed free of charge to
the Transcona community
on-or-about the first day of each month.
Deadlines For May 2015 Issue:
Editorial Copy Deadline: Tuesday, April 7
Display Advertising Deadline: Friday, April 10
For Display Advertising Information,
call Greg Romance at 204-222-7069.
130 Victoria Avenue West, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R2C 1S5
Tel: (204) 222-7069 • Fax: (204) 222-2979
Editorial Email: [email protected]
Advertising Email: [email protected]
April 2015- Page 28
After graduating from the University of Manitoba in 1988 with a
Bachelor of Science majoring in
Early Childhood Development &
Family Studies, Hoff received her
level-three Early Childhood Education certification. After teaching
Early Preschool Years at Red
River Community College and directing programs at two other centres, Hoff stayed home to
homeschool her own two children for
14 years.
Four-and-a-half years ago, she
arrived at Starlight Christian Nursery School and has redeveloped its
childcare facilities into a brand-new
program, offering a wide range of
Kindergarten preparation skills as
well as addressing matters of the
heart and building children’s character based on the fruits of the spirit.
Starlight Christian Nursery
School celebrates families through
festive celebrations and graduation
ceremonies, reflecting on their child’s
progress and achievements. Hoff feels
it is very important that these events
be offered at convenient evening times
when many parents and extended
members of the family are able to attend, and celebrate the milestones
and accomplishments of early education with their child.
Starlight Christian Nursery
School has undergone some exciting physical upgrades this year including new flooring, a fresh coat of
paint and brand-new, contemporary
toys. The Nursery School held its
Open House & Fall Registration at
the beginning of March; however,
they are continuing to accept registrations for the fall. If you would like
your child to experience all of the
wonderful learning and social opportunities that Starlight has to offer,
call us at 204-224-4314. Also check
www. for information about our program and
‘like’ us on Facebook. v
Seniors Bulletin
Continued from page 26
only function because of our many
volunteers. We have Volunteer
Drivers who take Seniors to their
doctor appointments ... we have volunteers who help prepare, serve and
clean up at our 55+ Dining Experience ... volunteers who make ERIK
Kits for distribution ... volunteers
who lead exercise programs and
support groups ... volunteers who do
office work and are members of the
TCS Board. We always appreciate
new volunteers, so if you would like
to join us for fun and frolic, please
call Colleen at 204-222-9879.
Featured: Would You Like To
Learn More About Your Computer?
— Transcona Council for Seniors
will be offering free programs for
learning about Microsoft programs,
e-mail, the Internet, etc. Please call
Colleen at 204-222-9879 to register
as groups will start soon.
Featured: TCS Invites Riders
For April Bus Trip — We will be
travelling to Selkirk for a game of
miniature golf at a lovely indoor tropical golf course followed by lunch. If
you would like to take a short trip
with Transcona Council for Seniors (TCS), call Colleen at 204-2229879 for details.
Featured: TCS Fundraising
Luncheon — Iron Chef Seniors will
hold a Fundraising Luncheon on
Thursday April 9 at Transcona Legion, 117 Regent Avenue East.
Tickets must be purchased in advance and can be obtained by calling Colleen Tackaberry, Resource
Coordinator, Transcona Council
Continued on page 30
Dr. Alison McMechan
Comprehensive Eye Examinations
Contact Lens Fitting and Training
Glaucoma and Cataract Evaluation
Digital Retinal Photography
A Wide Selection of Eyewear
Direct Billing to Blue Cross,
GWL, Sunlife and more
Tues. Wed. & Fri. 9 AM to 5 PM
Thursday 9 AM to 6 PM
Saturday 9 AM to 3 PM
Eye Centre
50 - 11 Reenders Drive, Winnipeg,
Manitoba R2C 5K5
or visit
Phone: (204) 421-9429
PH: 204-290-9549
• No Contracts
Senior Discount • Yard Cleanups
Pay Per Visit
• Grass Cutting
• Fencing
• Snow Clearing
April 2015- Page 29
Seniors Bulletin
Continued from page 29
for Seniors (TCS), at 204-2229879. Let the Irons Chefs tickle your
pallet with their delightful cooking
Recognition For Caregivers —
Tuesday April 7 is Caregiver
Recognition Day. Watch for events
in your community.
Age-Friendly Winnipeg Coming To Transcona — The City Of
Winnipeg and the Mayor’s AgeFriendly & Seniors Advisory Committee invite you to join them to
provide feedback about existingand-future actions and opportunities
for making the Transcona community more “age friendly”. Meeting will
be held Tuesday April 7 from 10:00
AM to 12:00 Noon in Access
Transcona at 845 Regent Avenue
West. For more info, call Stacy
Boone, WRHA Community Facilitator, at 204-223-6535.
Vision Impaired Group — Will
meet Tuesday April 7 from 1:002:30 PM in Devonshire House at
75 Kildonan Green Drive. For Seniors who have difficulty with their
eyesight and who would enjoy meeting once a month to discuss topics of
mutual interest regarding loss of
sight. To register or for more info, call
Colleen at 204-222-9879.
Moving Forward Support
Group — Meets third Friday each
month from 1:30-3:30 PM in Access River East at 975 Henderson
Highway. At their meeting of April
17, the Group will receive a presentation on “Housing Options For
Seniors”. This Support Group is for
those who find themselves alone
after the loss of their spouse, and
want to establish new social networks and new opportunities for personal growth. For more info and to
register, call 204-940-2114.
Hard Of Hearing Program —
Will be held Monday April 27 at
1:00 PM in Abundant Life Church
at 1396 Plessis Road. Come learn
how to maximize the hearing you do
have. Learn the basics of lip-reading.
For more info, call Colleen at 204222-9879.
Dinner Discussions For Seniors — Will be held Wednesday
April 29 at 3:30 PM in Transcona
Memorial United Church, 209 Yale
Avenue West. Register and stay for
supper (if you wish) by calling 204222-5947.
Business & Professional
Hours of Operation:
Monday, Wednesday & Friday
8:30 am - 5:00 pm
Tuesday & Thursday 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
Saturday 8:00 am - 2:30 pm
Dr. Jerry Weiss
Dr. Charles Morris
Dr. Pat Kmet
Dr. Mandeep Sidhu
"We offer direct billing to most insurance companies"
Visit us at for more information.
L-1522 Regent Avenue West
Accepting New Patients!
Winnipeg Dance Force offers quality
dance instruction at affordable rates
for dancers ages 2-Adult.
Timson Tax Service Est.1990
Personal and Small Business
Income Tax Preparation
5-549 Regent Ave W Unit 3
Fax: 204-505-0617
[email protected]
Seasonal Office Hours Monday to Friday 10am – 2pm
Please call for weekend and evening appointments
Phone/text: 204-955-7832
Arlene Nerger
formerly of Root 37 Hairstyles
now accepting new clients!
WDF offers classes in tap, jazz,
ballet, hip hop, musical theatre,
adult programming and more!
Professional studios with great amenities located in the newly
renovated Spring Meadows Square on Plessis Road.
Dance Education you can trust. Accredited Faculty!
Call today (204) 661-5335, or visit
Call 204-250-4247
or 204-421-9321
for your appointment
April 2015- Page 30
Monday 9-6
Unit B 313
Tuesday 9-6
DaySt Transcona
Wednesday 9-6
Winnipeg, MB
Friday 9-6
[email protected]
Saturday 8-3
Business & Professional
Effective Treatment
and Rehabilation
Dr. Terry Wong
Dr. Nancy Auyeung
212C Regent Ave. W. • Mon -
n Sports injuries
n Neck pain n Whiplash
n Low back pain
n Slipped disc n Headaches
n Tennis elbow
Thurs: 8:30 am to 5:00 p.m.
8:30 am to 4:00 p.m.
Comprehensive Family Dental Care
New Patients Welcome!
Phone: 204-222-4238
n Foot pain - custom orthotics
Dr. Curtis Possia
Massage Therapist:
Ask us how we can help with your loose dentures!
Christopher Millard
Jin Park
Tracey Watanabe
n Rotator cuff injury
705 Regent Ave. W.
Winnipeg, MB R2C 1S2
PH: (204) 222-1571
FAX: (204) 222-8050
n Tendonitis n Work injuries
n Exercise programs
Treatment covered by:
Medicare, Autopac,
Workers Comp.,
Blue Cross and
Great West Life
Landscaping by Rene & Sons Ltd.
Residential & Commercial Installations & Repairs
• Renovations
• New Installations
• Gas Furnaces
• Air Conditioning
• Pumps & Softeners
• Prompt Water Heater Replacements
[email protected]
At your service for over 50 years
“Serving Transcona for 35 Years”
Rototilling • Levelling • Sodding • Black Earth
Sand • Gravel • Crushed Stone
Patio Blocks • Sidewalk Blocks • Driveways Dug
Snow Clearing • Front End Loader & Trucks
Crushed & Screened Manure
Lawn Dressing by the Truck, Yard or Bag
Phone: 204-222-9653 • 204-222-8414 • 204-222-7150
Rene Desrosiers / 1704 Copeland Street
For Pick Up 9:00 - 6:00 Mon - Fri. • 9:00 - 4:00 Sat. • Closed Sunday
Dr. Charles W. Rubin
Dr. Ken J. Strong
Evening Appointments Available
Complete Dental Care for the Entire Family
www.t ra ns c o na den ta l.c o m
Transcona Chiropractic
Wellness Centre
Transconas' Very Own
Joey Lash
Real Estate Agent
Dr. Harpal S Duggal B.Sc, D.C
Cell: 204-899-7747
[email protected]
Office: 204-477-0500
1783 Plessis Rd, Unit 7, Wpg, MB, R3W-1N3
Ph: 204-777-9355 Fax: 204-777-9356
Email: [email protected]
April 2015- Page 31
Dealer #4456. Offer on 2015 Toyota Corolla CE is based on 60-month lease at $0 down. Payment includes principal, interest and taxes OAC. Model shown is 2015
BURCEP BA. Offer valid until April 30th, 2015. Some conditions apply. Offers are time limited and may change without notice. See Frontier Toyota for complete details.
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