Baste & Banter

Valley of the Mist Quilters
Volume 22 Issue 9
Baste & Banter
September, 2011
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Treasurer’s Report
Bring quilts
Board List
Charm Squares
Monthly Mini
Milk Fabric
Philanthropy Sewing
Quilt Show Needs…
President’s Message
Interesting Historical Items
Quilt Show
Opportunity Quilt Tickets
Challenge Quilts
September 13th Meeting
Challenge Quilts Shown & You
Get To Vote for Your Favs &
Joann from the Coop with
Lots of Surprises
Plus Happy Birthday
Celtic Knot
Block of the Month
September, 2011
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Valley of the Mist Quilters
So here’s what’s up in September:
―The Good, the Bad & the Ugly‖ Quilt Challenge
Can hardly wait to see those!
And you get to vote for your favorites.
 Joann from the Coop—dinner & surprises — always a treat!
 Turn in auction quilts & forms for quilt auctions at the show.
 Turn in your form detailing what you will be hanging.
 Celebrate our birthday with us.
 Bring Show & Tell items to share & inspire us.
 Good friends, fun & surprises.
 What more could you want from one evening?
Double Wedding Ring
Carpool offer
10 &
Looking forward to October 11th & Leora Raikin
African Embroidery—Exciting New Skill!
African Folklore Embroidery is for quilters, those who love to quilt, embroider, hand
appliqué, knit and crochet. Folklore Embroidery is
a multi- cultural needlecraft, a wearable art and a
visual art that appeals to all ages.
Ideal for incorporating into crazy quilting or
patchwork quilting or clothing.
You will want to be sure to come to this!
Treasurer’s Report
Celtic Quilts: “Knot” Your
Everyday Quilt Designs
One of the most popular trends in appliqué quilts
today is ―Celtic Quilting‖, done by continually
weaving bias tape into a decorative geometric pattern that seems to have no beginning and no end.
As with so much in the quilting world, this something new is actually based on something old, and
in this case, really old – ‗interlace‘ or ‗endless knot‘
inspired designs have been around at least since
the last days of the Roman Empire.
But it is the Celts, a Germanic people who eventually settled in the British Isles, who have become
identified with this art form, and few would disagree that they perfected it. During the Dark Ages
(5th - 9th centuries CE), skilled Celtic artists incorporated stylized, continuous line designs into
everything from castles and monuments to the
margins of bibles – the Book of Kells, an interlace
decorated manuscript from 8th century Ireland is
considered one of the finest works of art in the
world. (One thing the Celts didn‘t decorate with
endless knot designs – quilts! Quilting didn‘t come
to Ireland until the 18th century.)
Although Celtic traditions never really died out
(some small groups in Ireland still speak the language), the revival of Irish nationalism in the mid1800s brought about a renewed interest in historic interlace art that continues to this day. By
adopting Celtic knot designs into quilting, modern
fabric artists are continuing a long line – or is that
an endless line? - of creating beauty with this
timeless technique.
Profit and Loss Statement
July 1, 2011 thru July 31,2011
Balance Forward
Membership Guest Fee
(Money Collected from LB
Quilt Show)
Opportunity Quilt
Total Income
(Refund of LB Quilt show $$)
Newsletter Expense
Operations Expense
(Storage Unit & check Order
Sunshine Committee
Sales Tax
Total Expense
Net Income
Total Current Balance
$ 26.70
$ 24.00
$ 37.77
$ 14.95
Respectfully Submitted by Jane Ward, Treasurer, VOMQG 2011
[Sources: Steven Walker, Wikipedia]
Your quilt is needed for our quilt show.
No, it doesn’t have to be perfect.
It just has to be done by you.
We have lots of spots to fill; share your quilts
generously please.
Form to bring to Sept. meeting is in last month‘s
newsletter & on our website.
Page 2
$ 15.00
Charm Squares
Just a reminder of the colors for the remainder of the year.
Golden Yellow, inspiration—school buses and sunflowers
Orange & golds, inspiration—lighted jack-o-lanterns
Shades of Autumn, inspiration—leaves, pumpkins &
Karen Butler (951) 325-7657
Monthly Mini
This month you have the opportunity to win a beautiful red,
white and blue mini with 6 paper
pieced sail boats on it.
Stop by the table and
get your raffle tickets,
and you may be the person going home with this
great little quilt.
See you then,
In our life there is a
single color, as on an
artist's palette, which
provides the meaning of
life and art. It is the
color of love.
—Marc Chagall
Why didn’t the quilter
use wool, silk or linen
in her quilts?
She just didn’t cotton
to those fabrics.
Volume 22 Issue 9
Elected GUILD OFFICERS for 2011
Elected Officers – Executive Board
President – Terri Barry – 951-698-2975 cell 951-453-9401
First Vice President – Marlene Oaks
Second Vice President – Cheri Mc Dowell
Ways & Means Chairperson – Dru Farrell
Secretary – Teresa Disney
Treasurer – Jane Ward
Appointed Officers – General Board
Membership Chairperson – Adriane Ridder
Membership Assistants – Sandy Besanson
Philanthropy Chairpersons – Lynn Korito & Sherry Riddle
Website Coordinator – Courtney Pierson
Newsletter Editor – Marlene Oaks
Quilt Show Chairperson – Pauline McCauley
Quilt Show Assistants –Gail Ledbetter and Denise WinslowLawrence
Librarian – Linda Harlander
Advertising Coordinator – Ellen French
Parliamentarian –
Facilities Coordinator – Gloria Bachmann
SCCQG Representatives – Norma Skinner,
Jan Dolan
Workshops Coordinator – Linda Smith
Board Member Positions
Publicity and PR – Judy Sanchez
Hospitality – Clydene Sigle & Barbara Porter
Internal Auditor –
Historian/Photographer – Sandy Besanson
Special Committees
Opportunity Quilt 2011 & 2012 –
Opportunity Quilt Committee -Marcy Boswell, Gloria Bachmann
Merchandise – Rosemary Williams
Travel/Retreats – Norma Skinner, Jan Dolan
Friendship Groups – LaVerne La Boube, Kathy Poletti
Secret Pals – Kathy Poletti
Door Prizes – Bethany Horn
Monthly Mini – Sheryl Eramo, Laura Haskell
Charm Squares – Karen Butler
Block of the Month – Jami Loudenback
Show & Tell – Suzanne Bocherds
Newsletter Team—Deidre McLeod, Kathy Poletti
Cotton Too Expensive?
Milk Fabric Instead
A German biologist recently
developed a way to turn milk into fabric.
Extracted proteins from sour milk are
solidified into threads, and then woven
into a silk-like fabric. Because the process recycles sour milk the resulting
fabric is cheaper than silk – and if cotton prices keep rising, it may someday
be cheaper to quilt with milk, too!
What you can't get
out of, get into
—Mignon McLaughlin
Page 3
Philanthropy Sewing September 24th
Our last Saturday of the month sewing circle
for philanthropy meets on September 24th
this month at the Heritage Mobile Home Park
Clubhouse, 31130 S. General Kearny Rd,
Temecula. We will have simple patterns and
lots of fabric from the stash donated to philanthropy. Just bring your machine and the usual sewing supplies and join us in making
some tops for philanthropy quilts. We meet
from 10 to 3 and have access to a kitchen with
refrigerator and microwave. Bring your
lunch and stay for as long as you can. We
exchange ideas and have some fun while
making quilts for those in need. Please join
For any questions, call Lee Hart or Gloria
Please bring your small quilt
donations for the Quilt Show
Small Quilt Auction to the
September Guild meeting....or
call me & I will pick them up....
Cheri McDowell 951-302-7107
Special Request from the Quilt Show
Please save your skirt/pants
hangers that you sometimes get
with clothing purchases from department stores. If you have
any, I will collect them from you at our
upcoming guild meetings. Thank you so
much! Pauline
Page 4
Volume 22 Issue 9
Terri Barry’s President’s
What a great month we've had our
membership has grown, so please
take the time at our September
meeting to get to know some of our
new members, they are all excited
to be a part of our guild, so make
them welcome, invite them to join a
friendship group, learn something
new from or about them!
We quilted like crazy, and finished
up some of those philanthropy
quilts! They are ready to show and
ship. We will hang some of the quilts
at the show and we are shipping out
some quilts to Joplin, Missouri for
the tornado relief. But a huge dent
was made in our philanthropy to do
list! Great job, again you make me
proud to be a member of the Valley
of the Mist Quilt Guild.
Rapidly approaching is our quilt
show, be ready, volunteer, help out
and get those quilts out there to be
viewed. We need volunteers to help
hang philanthropy items. See philanthropy, Pauline or me for more information. If you are still not sure
what you can do to promote and help
the quilt show, contact Pauline.
She'll be glad to hear from you and
give you some direction.
September is the month the guild
celebrates the anniversary of their
birthday! We are going to the kids say! We will have
cake and be taking some pics for our
memory album. Just like a regular
birthday party and wait till you see
the merchandise table..... lots of
great stuff. Joann from the Coop
will be there as a guest speaker.
Don't forget block of the month and
charm squares. Bring a guest let
them see how Quilter‘s kick up their
heels! I can't wait.
Remember your Good, Bad and the
Ugly challenge quilt. This is the
month we‘ll be voting on them! Good
luck to each of you!
We‘d like to make Christmas stockings again this year for some of the
organizations in our community that
support children. I will look for a
stocking pattern or ask around I
know several ladies have a pattern.
So if you have an easy Christmas
stocking pattern bring some copies
to share at our September meeting!
Lets help those less fortunate than
In a few short months will be our
election of officers, your board has
done a job above and beyond the call
of duty this year. They are awesome!
Some will be moving on, some will
changes titles and some will remain.
But there is room for you to join and
help out with the growth and promotion of our guild. We always need
help; some jobs are small and take a
few moments, while others do take a
commitment of time and energy from
you. See the back of the meeting
room for a sign up list and job descriptions and opportunities for you
to participate next year in the guild.
I'll see you in September at the
birthday party; remember your
nametag, a door prize if it's your
birthday month, a friend and a smile.
Happy Sewing.
Quilts 4 London
14,000 athletes will participate in
the 2012 Olympic Games in London
– and each will go home with a special gift from a quilter in the United
Kingdom. Inspired by pennants that
have traditionally been exchanged
at sporting events since Medieval
times, the “Quilts 4 London” project
is enlisting the help of the British
quilting community to make a 12” x
16” mini quilt, or pennant, for every
Olympic and Paralymic participant.
A gallery of finished pennants can
be found at http://
At the beginning of the 19th
century, deteriorating prison
conditions led many people to
pursue reforms. One of the
most popular methods was to
encourage sewing, especially
patchwork quilting, among
women prisoners as a way for
the condemned to learn a
useful trade and make money.
(Source: Claire Smith)
Please get
newsletter articles to
[email protected]
by the 20th of each month for the
next month’s issue.
Thank you!
Marlene Oaks
Come to the Coop with Dru
She’ll help you!
2nd Wednesday of every month at 1:30
pm and the
4th Tuesday of every month at 5pm
There is a very fine
line between 'hobby'
and 'mental illness'.
—Dave Barry
Page 5
Last Chance for Opportunity Quilt Tickets
Last Chance Guild Members,
to get in our Annual Guild
Boutique at the Quilt Show
on Saturday October 1st.
Please sign up at the next
quild meeting, which is September 13th. It is a great
way to make some extra
cash and show off your talents.
Any questions please email:
Norma Skinner
[email protected]
The Good, The Bad and The
Ugly Challenge
It is finally time to reveal the creativity that flows from our Guild members. I believe there are lots of creative juices flowing. In April of 2011,
participants picked up a brown bag of
unknown or ―ugly‖ fabric and took it
home with a set of easy rules. I have
spoken with several members that are
really excited with this challenge.
They can‘t wait to show what they
have made. At this month‘s meeting
the challenge participants will finally
get to show their Good, Bad and Ugly
quilts. We ask you to vote for your
favorite. I know it will be difficult as
they will all be spectacular! But we
have to decide which quilts win prizes.
Circles of Life, the opportunity quilt for 2011, will be awarded to a
lucky winner on October 1st after the large quilt auction at the quilt
show. September is your last chance to get the money and ticket
stubs in to me. See me at the guild meeting on September 13th or
mail them to me if you will not be able to attend the meeting.
Gloria Bachman
Quilt Show News
September 13, 2011
Tuesday, all auction quilt along with their forms due at
guild meeting; all small quilts for silent auction due along with their forms.
September 14, 2011
Wednesday, 1:00 p.m., Quilt Show Committee meeting at
Temecula Civic Center
September 17, 2011
Saturday, Quilt Walk in designated shops begins in Old
October 1, 2011
Saturday, Quilt Show Day! 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Hello fellow guild members! Our quilt show is right around the corner! I am so
looking forward to seeing all the beautiful quilts hanging in Old Town for everyone to enjoy! I look forward to seeing you, my fellow guild members, old friends
and I also look forward to making new friends and perhaps getting them interested in starting to quilt. It always is a great day!
Thank you to those of you who have been busy getting your auction and display
quilts and registration forms ready. We still need more display quilts. Please do
help out by displaying your quilts. I know that many of you were not present at
the July meeting. If you have your forms ready, we will accept them from you
at our September meeting along with your small and large auction quilts and
forms. Gail Ledbetter will have the information cards for you to fill out for each
of your quilts.
Thank you to our members who have prepared their artists‘ statements for the
Quilt Walk. It should be fabulous! The Walk starts on Saturday, September 17.
I hope you can take some time and leisurely look at the quilts that our fellow
guild members have produced in the shops in Old Town.
We still have areas that need coverage. Shelley Wilson will be passing around
the clipboard for sign-ups again at our September meeting. We will be collecting
skirt/pants hangers if you still have some to spare. Thank you one and all for
your participation and help.
Pauline McCauley
I have no doubts that they will all be
winners! — Jan Dolan
Page 6
Volume 22 Issue 9
Thanks to everyone that came to the August Sew-In!! Once again you guys
really pulled through and completed so many pillow cases and quilts, you
are all amazing. We are shipping both items to Joplin, Missouri this
week. There are many people who lost everything in the tornado and this
is just one way to help them to begin to rebuild.
I think we did even better this year than last year. But none of this would
be possible without each one of you and all the time and help you put into
the guild and helping others. You are truly a great group and you should be
very proud of yourselves.
Lynn Korito, Sherry Riddle, Mark
Hi Quilters, Your library will be back at the September meeting. The kids are back in school, the
house has quieted down, it’s time to relax and read
a new book or learn a new skill. Enjoy the work of
Earlene Fowler, as she uses her descriptive talents
to entertain you. Her main character Benni Harper,
a quilter and amateur sleuth will keep your interest
from beginning to end.
Learn how to capture the grace of motion in your
quilts with the use of mosaic appliqué in the book
Quilting Curves by Vikki Pignatelli. Her simple
technique to create curves will bring your quilts to
life. Her technique which includes surface piecing,
and appliqué layering is well described with multiple photos to provide clarity. Pignatelli provides complete patterns and templates along
with the inspiration to create.
Linda Harlander
Page 7
Block of the Month —— by Jami Loudenback
School Days…
September Block of the Month
Sky - Blue :
3 - 2 1/2 x 2 1/2
1 - 2 1/2 x 4 1/2
1 - 3x3
2 - 1 1/2 x 2 1/2
1 - 2 1/2 x 2 1/2
1 - 2 1/2 x 4 1/2
1 - 3x3
School front: 1 - 2 1/2 x 4 1/2
Dark Red
1 - 1 x 4 1/2
2 - 1 1/2 x 6 1/2
1 - 2 x 2 1/2
~On the wrong side of one of the sky 2
1/2 sq draw a diagonal line. Place
marked square on front rectangle of
school front, right sides together. Sew
on marked line. Repeat on opposite end
of rectangle with roof 2 1/2 sq to make
pieced rectangle.
Cut 1/4” from
line. Press.
Cut 1/4” from
line. Press.
~ Put the roof and sky 3” squares right
sides together. Draw a diagonal line,
sew 1/4 from this line. Cut on diagonal
Page 8
School Side: 2 - 1 1/2 x 4 1/2
Finished Block: 10 x 10 1/2
If you have photos from
our meetings, classes,
show & tell, etc.,
please email them so I
can start putting
some in our
Thanks, Marlene
[email protected]
Show & Tell
Bring your latest creations
to share at our meeting!
The Double Wedding Ring
and Other Popular Wedding
Quilt Patterns
Perhaps the most well know design for a
bridal quilt is the Double Wedding Ring.
Although it’s often said that the interlocking ring design was created by the grandmother of a young bride whose Civil War
soldier groom could not afford rings, the
earliest known example dates actually
from the 1920s. It was especially popular
during the 30s and 40s when the rings
were pieced from scraps and appliquéd
on to a solid background (completely pieced versions didn’t appear until midcentury). Novice quilters rarely attempted this difficult design, so a young
woman who did complete a Double Wedding Ring as part of her dowry would
surely be a skilled housewife.
Other popular wedding quilt patterns include:
White Work :: Especially popular with brides-to-be who want to show off their
embroidery skill with elaborate designs and complex stitches
Rose of Sharon :: An intricate floral appliqué named after a verse in the Song
of Solomon associated with love, passion and the sacrament of marriage
To show a quilt in our
quilt show
Heart Blocks :: In some areas of the country, blocks with pieced or appliquéd
hearts were reserved only for wedding quilts
[Sources: Rebekah Martin; Judy Anne Breneman]
Page 9
To advertise
Please contact
Ellen French
[email protected]
Electronic Locks ~ Safes ~ Locks ~ Keys ~ Doors & Frames
2 Free Keys
Up to $6.00 value
26019 Jefferson Avenue, Suite F
Murrieta, CA 92562
2 miles north of Winchester ~ 1 mile south of Mur Hot Springs
951-600-8900 or 855-MY-SS-LOCK
For sale Bernina 180 with Embroidery module $750. This machine is
11 years old and in great condition.
To use the embroidery part you will
need windows 98 or older. I can help
you with setup of this software. If
you’d like to see the machine and
test drive, please call Terri Barry
for an appointment. 951-698-2975
Page 10
New Location
In this
Support Our Advertisers
Call Robin Rangel at
Recommended by Ellen French
and others!
Carpool to S.D. Show
"Going to the San Diego Quilt Show (September
8-10)? If you don't want to drive all the way, deal
with parking, etc. – I'm available to car pool. I
live about half way between Temecula and the
Convention Center. Contact
[email protected] if you are interested
and we'll work out dates/times."
In Vons Shopping Center
27388 Sun City Blvd., Sun City, CA
Volume 22 Issue 9
Page 11
Valley of the Mist
Please deliver promptly to:
PMB 435
27475 Ynez Road
Temecula, CA 92591
Mission Statement
Our Guild was formed in 1990 and is a non-profit organization.
The purpose of our Guild is to promote cooperation and the
Our Meeting Location
exchange of ideas among those persons interested in or
engaged in quilting and to further the education and
Recreation Center
skill levels of our members.
at 30875 Rancho Vista
Rd. Temecula
Exit the 15 Freeway at
Rancho California Road
and go east. Go to Ynez
Road and turn right. Go to
Rancho Vista Road and
turn left. It is
approximately 1 ½ miles &
on the right-hand side.
Meetings are the second
Tuesday at 7 p.m.
Social Time 6:30 PM
All sewers welcome
2012 for our next reThink about joining a
treat– plan ahead
Friendship Group if
Meeting the
you’re not in one.
 Invite friends—they
13th would love it!
 Looking ahead to
Challenge quilts, Jonext month: Oct.
ann from the Coop,
11th—African embroiMANY QUILTS AS
auction quilts turned
dery with Leora Raikin
in, birthday party
 Get your articles in by
Bring door prize &
the 20th
refreshments, if your
Get your quilt forms
birthday month is
in for the Quilt show
& reserve Oct. 1st
Bring forms to Sept.
Check out Board Opfor our Big Show!
portunities for 2012.
meeting or mail to
 Mark on your calendar
Participation is fun!
Pauline—Thank You!
April 20th week-end