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March 2015 – VOL XVI NO 150
16 - 18 APRIL 2015
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V Mini Repair Bench
Just $15,950 plus GST
5 year warranty on bench & tower Fully equipped:
• Enerpac hydraulics
1 year warranty on hydraulics
• 10 tonne pulling tower
• Remote control hand unit
• Dual safety locking system
• Great 1.6 metre bench height
• Low profile driveover contour (120mm)
• Good car-to-bench clearance
Pre Shopecial
and Sho ge deal
$ plus GST
10 units
• Quality steel and construction
• Huge range of standard accessories
Autoliner Dart
Electronic Measuring System
$19,500 + GST
• Can be adapted to most benches
• Can be used on or off a bench, a
hoist or by itself
• Very versatile
• Very adaptable
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the Pro Spot family.
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*Conditions apply. All finance applications are subject
to approval.
4WD Truck Clamps
i5 Smart Resistance
Spot Welder
i5 SMART Spot Welder
approved by Mercedes Benz
The i5 measures the thickness of the metals automatically
using the latest optical technology. The i5 then senses
the metals to be welded from a pre-delivered current to
determine the type of metal. Based on the thickness and
resistance feedback information the i5 delivers the correct
weld power every time regardless of type of metal or
thickness. All with the press of a single button.
Visit for more info.
The i5’s new graphical user interface delivers the same great features of
the i4 but with an all new high resolution color touch screen and added
Roken Drill Sharpeners
Super High Tension, Boron, AHSS, HSS and TRIP are just some of the very
hard steels found in today’s modern vehicles and drilling out spotwelds in
these metals is impossible without the correct drill bit. Drill bits are available
with three cutting edges for drilling these steels, but they are very expensive
and cannot be resharpened.
$5,950 plus GST
Now you can purchase the SP-802 spotweld drill bit and a Roken Drill Bit
Sharpener. With the SP-802 you can drill out 5000 spotwelds in BMW, Volvo
and Mercedes Benz vehicles and up to 14,000 spotwelds in other high
strength steels, using your Roken Drill Bit Sharpener to keep it sharp.
Two models: S-100 for $1200 plus GST and
S-1000K for $1950 plus GST
Meet our new
As a professional, you only
want to work with the best
products. EMM continuously
looks at its brands ranges with
an eye to innovation so that
you get the most out of your
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carefully to what you want, we
can introduce new working
methods, applications and
materials. Together make one!
The quickest and easiest
check during sanding and
paint preparation!
This new and unique product is used
to check the sanding process on any
flaws and to compare whether the
color of your spray sample is okay.
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Spray can 300 ml
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The BodyGuard® overall offers you:
The Colad BodyGuard® overall
provides optimum protection against
overspray and prevents pollution of
the paint job by fibers, dust and lint.
Especially designed to guarantee
you a full day of working comfort.
 The best protection
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 Durability
 Representativity
 5200##
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Nitrile Gloves Grey
This Powder, Silicon and Latex Free
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glove combines extra protection with
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extra comfort and prevents skin irritation.  EN 374-3 level 6 (N-Heptane 99%,
Sodium Hydroxide 40%)
 Extra strong
 Extra flexible
 Higher tensile strength
 Extra long sleeves
 53800#
 Textured surface for better grip
Box with 50 gloves
EMM International BV Marsweg 59 8013 PE Zwolle (The Netherlands)
T +31(0)38 467 66 00 F +31(0)38 467 66 99 E [email protected]
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The Industry Leader
NEWS .net
March 2015 – VOL XVI NO 150
Collision Repair Expo
16-18 April 2015
Melbourne Exhibition Centre
16 - 18 APRIL 2015
See all the industry leaders
at Australia’s only dedicated
collision repair expo
Spray Booth
3 information
packed days
9 invaluable
free seminars
Free Networking
Happy Hour
1000s new
product releases
& innvovations
from industry
Aftermarket Expo
FREE registration at:
An initiative of
March 2015 – Vol XVI No 150
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AutOMechANIkA ShANghAI 2014
gLOw IN the DArk PAINt
FEATURES: cre 2015/LIFtINg eQuIPMeNt
The network will be promoting its services to all potential work providers and insurance companies with an initial focus on fleet
and those who are self-insured or high excess.
Audi has deployed a robot that works “hand-in-hand” with humans – the first human-robot cooperation at the Volkswagen
Group to be applied in final assembly.
Since its foundation in 1963, BESA – Bernardo Ecenarro, S.A. – has specialised in the production of paints and high
performance coatings for Industrial Vehicles and Car Refinishing.
The MSO Symposium will return to the 2015 show after a one-year break due to strong demand. Extremely popular, the event
will now cater to a broader group of executives to include more of the best operators in the collision repair industry. Be sure to
register via ABN’s unique booking window at where we offer discounts across the board.
Lifts are an important part of any body shop and the usual provisos apply – make sure they’re safe, reliable, good quality and
most of all, do the job you need. ABN Editor Albert Malik takes a look at the latest in lifting equipment.
Held early December 2014 at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre in China, this last show boasted a remarkable
increase in visitors and exhibitors. ABN publisher Michel Malik writes.
The Collision Repair Expo returns to Melbourne with the nation’s most comprehensive exhibition of body finishing materials,
crash repair equipment and tools. BodyShop News previews who will be there and what products are expected to be on show.
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KAREN FIERST: State of the States | March 2015
please join us in Detroit where we’ll go back-to-back
in the Motor City!
Featuring a three-day Expo, expanded demo space and more
where bigger really is better!
Slowly But Surely...
nd so here we are, one month in,
gradually settling down into the
editor’s chair and getting on with
the task of producing this magazine. The
feedback I’ve received from everyone has
been very warm and I’m excited about
what the future holds.
While I try to refrain from previewing the
magazine here (I’m sure you’re going to
skip ahead to the parts that interest you,
at least I would), I was absolutely floored
by the level of support we received for
our preview feature of the Collision Repair
Expo coming up in April. We’re proud to
have coverage of 25 brands exhibiting
at the expo next month, giving you a
very comprehensive idea of what to look
for and find there. Do keep in mind that
Australian BodyShop News will also be
exhibiting so come and say hello if you
want to chat about anything, and come
and pick up a copy of the magazine while
you’re there. We’ll also be darting around
the show looking for new and interesting
things to talk about and photograph, so
you can imagine we’re all looking forward
to the expo with bated breath!
As you’ve probably garnered from my
previous editorials when there was an
Acting in front of my title, I love to keep
an eye on new technology – seeing what
the future brings, what things will change,
what things might not change and so
forth. I follow a few more things than just
cars and vehicles – computing technology
also interests me, especially considering
its continued invasion of and therefore
increased relevance to the car space
in terms of powering the fundamental
controls of cars as well as the accessories
they come equipped with.
In the November issue I went on about
how Toyota released a fuel cell car for actual
sale (i.e. not a lease with an expectation of
getting the car back) and how we might
finally get a true hydrogen industry, etc.
etc. The Toyota Mirai is beginning to pop
up in very limited numbers in both Japan
and the US, although with its fairly high
retail price one can imagine the rollout is
going to be very slow and staggered for
the first few months, possibly even years.
Still, Toyota mentioned that they got far
more pre-orders in Japan than expected
– they had planned for 400 sales a year
but got 1500 orders in the first month
alone; if you were to order one now you’d
get delivery in a staggering three years’
time. Unsurprisingly they’ve announced
production will increase starting next year,
so there’s definitely interest from cashed
up early adopters.
Still, I couldn’t help but wonder, if there’s
that much pent up interest, why will it take
a year just to ramp up production?
And then I got my answer in the form
of some interesting videos Toyota put up
on YouTube. As part of the car’s PR, the
five videos show the Mirai production line,
with Toyota workers actually assembling
and testing a Mirai for the cameras (to
see the videos, do a YouTube search for
“making the mirai”). Sadly we don’t see
how the body or chassis is made – Toyota
only mentions that it gets produced on
an assembly line in their Motomachi
factory in Toyota City – we only see it
arriving afterwards at the LFA Works, the
same place the Lexus LFA supercar was
assembled. You then see the Mirai going
through painstaking assembly work by
a very small group of technicians – they
hand-assemble the trim, drivetrain and
interior furnishing components onto the
stationary car before putting it through a
number of after-assembly tests and then
parking it away, ready for shipping to its
happy new customer.
Aha, now the price begins to make
sense. Now the delay begins to make
sense. There is no dedicated “assembly
line” as we know it – the car is essentially
getting delicate supercar treatment in its
manufacturing process, a no-doubt high
quality, but slow progression towards the
end of the factory parking lot.
I suspect now that Toyota realises it
has pretty significant demand, it’s going
to begin tooling up another factory for
proper mass production of the Mirai which
will potentially see a pretty significant cost
decrease once Toyota begins churning out
the 2000 and then 3000 units a year it’s
promising by 2017.
So with some serious mass production,
costs can be expected to drop and maybe
more will show up. But what about local
interest in Australia? That’s quite possibly
one of the main problems to tackle...
Albert Malik
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BodyShop News | March 2015
Goodbye Paro, Goodbye Mate
s we get older, it seems that we
go more often to funerals than
weddings or 21st birthday parties.
This is simply part of getting older and is
a reminder that we are but mere mortals
on an earthly journey that will eventually
end. No matter which way you look at it,
it is a tough situation to be in, whether it’s
our dear grandmother, a sibling, a close
family member or an old mate. I guess
like everyone else, I’ve had my share of
losses and I don’t normally discuss it in My
Turn, however, the loss of my mate Paro
deserves a little more than a ‘Vale’ in the
news pages.
Geoffrey Mark Paradise, legendary
motoring journalist, senior public relations
manager, publisher, hot rodder, street
machinist and many more titles that we
could think of, passed away last month
after a horrific car accident near his home
on the Central Coast of NSW.
Paro, JP, Geoff – these were some
of the many nicknames he was fondly
called – gave away an apprenticeship as
Michel A. Malik
Email: [email protected]
(02) 9826 7777
Albert Malik
a spray painter to get involved in writing
about cars and Hot Rods. He worked on
the famous Hot Rod Magazine in the USA,
before coming back home and working
on what later became Street Machine. He
fell out with management shortly after,
and founded Performance Street Car and
later Fast Fours & Rotaries, amongst other
titles that included Australian Drag Racer
and Hot 4s. He later published Transport
& Trucking Today and Coach & Bus for 15
years, before recently taking up a senior
public relations role at Daimler Trucks
Blake Gregory
Accounts Enquiries:
Paula Malik
Email: [email protected]
(02) 9826 7777
Marketing Assistant:
Andrew Malik
Email: [email protected]
(02) 9826 7777
Email: [email protected]
Ann McAllister
Email: [email protected]
European Correspondent:
Heather Grant
Email: [email protected]
USA Correspondent:
Karen Fierst
Email: [email protected]
looking after Freightliner, Fuso and the
company’s entire portfolio of truck brands.
All the while, Paro remained a passionate
enthusiast, finishing his famous ’57
Chevrolet project and building a blown
Hemi-powered ’32 roadster.
On a personal note, Paro was the man
who launched me into a motoring writer’s
career in the early 80s when he asked me
to take a few rolls of Kodachrome while
on a ‘car trip’ to the USA. I jotted down a
few paragraphs to suit the pics, he gave
me a few dollars and the rest, as they say,
is history.
“The Big Fella” was farewelled by more
than 350 family members, friends as
well as motoring and trucking industry
identities at a funeral service that was
quite moving, yet full of celebration for a
man who had done so much and touched
so many.
Geoffrey is survived by his wife Jacqui,
daughters Amy and Maddy, and son Nick.
Michel Malik
Advertising Sales:
BodyShop News Publications Pty Ltd
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Fax: (02) 9826 7700
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8 | March 2015
PLI 00
complete set
Fastest working times
Fastest curing
Fastest sanding times
Solvent-free, water-based cleaner used to remove dirt, dust, swarf from a variety of surfaces such as
old paint layers, transport primer, other primers, metal, steel, aluminium and galvanized surfaces.
Finixa Plastic Repair
• Environmentally friendly, 100% biodegradable
• Conforms to VOC, according to 2004/42/EG. Exceeds OHS/WHS standards
• Antistatic action on the surface
PLI 01 - 25sec
PLI 02 - 1.5min
• Can be used without wearing a mask or gloves
PLI 03 - 3.5min
• Leaves no traces on substrate
• Eliminates salt and soap rests
• Perfectly suitable to prepare painting with water-based or solvent-based paints
• Affects no rubbers or plastics and new vehicle rubber treatments that are susceptible to damage
• Never damages lacquers
Bodyline Imports Pty Ltd
ABN 55 158 647 002
27 Hallstrom Place
Wetherill Park, NSW, 2761
Phone 02 8036 8210
Mobile 0488 590 059
AARN Publicises Its Collision Repair
Management Solutions
AARN announced the launch of AARN
Collision Repair Management Solutions.
AARN believes that in partnership with
the AHVRA it is perfectly positioned to
offer a unique national solution to repair
cars, light commercials, buses and heavy
haulage. AARN will be promoting its
services to all potential work providers
and insurance companies with an initial
focus on fleet and those who are selfinsured or high excess. AARN has also
partnered with other organisations who
can provide additional services including
claims management and real time data
Commencing immediately AARN will
be promoting our services state by state
through traditional mail, email, electronic
media and active telephone calls. AARN
will also be participating and speaking in
the Australian Fleet Management Expo
in Melbourne in April. The company
believes it can provide a national network
solution through a single point of
contact. With her operational experience,
Business Development Manager Dianne
Rawlings, will be leading this strategy.
While AARN will continue to provide the
Member benefits, AARN Collision Repair
Management Solutions is AARN’s core
AARN repair passenger, light commercial,
buses and heavy haulage vehicles. For
more information please visit the website
at or contact Dianne
Rawlings on (02) 9769 4332.
Honda Jazz Receives Five-Star
ANCAP Safety Rating
ANCAP announced that the thirdgeneration Honda Jazz has received a
five-star safety rating. “The Honda Jazz
received a score of 36.58 out of a possible
37, which is a fantastic result” said Honda
Australia Director, Stephen Collins. “The
Jazz was also the first vehicle to be tested
using data shared with ANCAP’s sister
programme, ASEAN NCAP in Malaysia.”
ANCAP recently began sharing crash test
data with ASEAN NCAP, which it has been
working closely with for the past few years.
The Jazz scored well on all of ANCAP’s
testing requirements. Its safety credentials
are impressive, being the first vehicle in its
segment to feature a reversing camera as
standard across the range. It also features
– as standard – six airbags, VSA (electronic
stability control), Emergency Stop Signal
and Hill Start Assist.
New Staff At Concept Paints
Concept Paints is pleased to announce
the appointment of two new employees
Michael Paag as Chief Financial Officer
and David Parker as Operations Manager.
Paag has 21 years of experience in
business services, taxation, audit and
corporate governance. He was an adviser to
the Federal Government on small business
matters and served on many corporate
and community organisations. “It’s a really
exciting time at Concept Paints, our growth
in recent years has now given rise to a
number of opportunity within our domestic
market, and together with our expanding
international markets I see a bright future
for Concept Paints,” said Paag.
Parker brings 27 years of paint industry
manufacturing experience to Concept
Paints. He is so passionate about the
industry that paint could well runs through
is veins. “I have known Joe from my days at
10 | March 2015
Regal Paints and have admired his passion
and drive,” said Parker, “I’m very pleased
to be part of the Concept Paints team and
look forward to actively participating in
their continued growth.”
Joe Kaltoum founder and Managing
Director of Concept Paints says these
appointments represents “our continual
growth and commitment to further
investment. We are really proud to be
developing world leading technologies
here in Australia and the addition of both
Michael and David is evidence that we will
continue to expand our talent pool.”
Michael Paag left and David Parker.
NRMA Insurance Launches $100,000
Autobody Employment Initiative
NRMA Insurance has committed to a major smash
repair industry employment and retention program
which will target the state’s school leavers and
indigenous communities.
The industry employment initiative, called AutoPath,
will address a critical gap in the effort to attract and
retain new talent in the smash repair industry. It aims
to ensure the quality of skills in the industry matches
the rapid pace of technology and innovation which is
a feature of modern repair shops.
Latest statistics show the number of apprentices and
trainees in the auto industry who are in-training
declined 12.4% from March 2013 when compared to
March 2014. Completions of training by apprentices
and trainees fell 13.7% over the same period.
NSW Fair Trading Minister, the Hon. Matthew Mason-Cox, recently unveiled the program at a launch in Sydney.
AutoPath will see NRMA Insurance partner with Auto Skills Australia, TAFE NSW and progressive smash repairers to
transform the image of the industry and reach out to largely untapped sources of the autobody repairers of the future.
IAG Executive General Manager Claims Services, Michael Jones, said new, fresh incentives and a re-positioning of the
autobody repair trade were required to attract, engage and retain the right people to the industry.
“Technological change in the industry, combined with increasingly complex motor vehicles and repair methods, and
new high-tech repair shops with advanced equipment, demands technicians now and in the future have the right skills
to produce a quality, safe repair,” Mr Jones said.
Auto Skills Australia CEO Geoff Gwilym added: “There have been many initiatives launched over recent years to
increase apprentice attraction rates however to-date they have not produced the results desired. It is patently clear
that new initiatives are required to attract a shrinking available skills pool into the industry.
“Auto Skills Australia is excited to be working with NRMA Insurance and TAFE NSW to explore new ways to promote
careers within the autobody repair industry in NSW.”
AutoPath continues NRMA Insurance’s long history of supporting small business smash repairers and contributing to
a sustainable, viable industry.
Insurance Australia Limited ABN 11 000 016 722 trading as NRMA Insurance.
Human-Robot Cooperation In Audi’s
Production Plant
At its main plant in Ingolstadt, Germany,
Audi has deployed a robot that works
“hand-in-hand” with humans – for the
first time ever – without a safety barrier
and ideally adapted to the employees’
working cycles. It is the first humanrobot cooperation at the Volkswagen
Group to be applied in final assembly.
For Dr. Hubert Waltl, Board of Management
Member for Production at Audi AG, while
human-robot cooperation opens up entirely
new possibilities, he nevertheless doesn’t
see a future of factories without people.
“The factory of the future will feature
increasing interaction between man and
machine. That allows us to automate
routine operations and to optimise
ergonomically unfavourable workplaces.
People will continue to make the decisions
on production processes and our
employees will continue to be essential for
future-oriented, successful production,”
Dr. Waltl said.
Peter Mosch, Chairman of the Group
Works Council of Audi AG, said, “We
see the opportunities presented by the
advancing interaction between man and
machine. The decisive aspect for us is how
this development is guided. We welcome it
when it neither jeopardises jobs nor leads to
people losing independence to machines.”
For the employees of the A4/A5/Q5
assembly lines at Audi’s Ingolstadt plant, the
new, direct cooperation between humans
and robots is an enormous help. Until now,
employees have had to bend over material
*Automechanika Kuala
19 to 21 March 2015
Kuala Lumpur Convention
Centre (KLCC)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
*AMR 2015 Beijing
9 to 12 April 2015
New China International
Exhibition Centre
Beijing, China
* denotes highly recommended
12 | March 2015
boxes to take out the coolant expansion
tanks which may seem like a simple task,
but with frequent repetitions it can lead to
back problems. From now on, the task will
be taken over by a robot, known internally
as “PART4you”. It works hand-in-hand with
the Audi employees and is fitted with a
camera and an integrated suction cup.
This enables it to pick up the components
from the boxes and to pass them to the
assembly workers at the right time and in
an ergonomically optimal position.
“In a production process with increasing
diversity of model versions, PART4you
provides the employees with important
assistance. It selects the correct
component and holds it ready to be taken.
This means that the employees no longer
have to reach over long distances or bend
down repeatedly,” said Johann Hegel, Head
of Assembly Technology Development.
“The robot becomes an assembly
assistant operating at the same speed as
the assembly worker – and not the other
*Collision Repair Expo
16 to 18 April 2015
Melbourne Exhibition Centre
Automechanika Chicago,
24 to 26 April 2015
McCormick Place Exhibition
Chicago, USA
Automechanika Johannesburg
6 to 9 May 2015
Johannesburg Expo Centre
Johannesburg, RSA
way around. Thanks to a soft protective
skin with integrated safety sensors, there
is no danger to the employees.”
Because PART4you fulfils the special
safety precautions for cooperating robots,
the intelligent system has received the
required certificate from the employers’
liability insurance association.
Since 2013, Audi employees in the
A4 body shop in Ingolstadt have been
working with the same type of robot
equipped with an adhesive nozzle instead
of a suction cup – but with fixed timing and
without passing components. In the body
shop, the robots support the employees
by applying adhesive to bonded seams.
Instead of applying the adhesive to the
body parts themselves, the employees
only have to put them in place and start
the automatic procedure.
Audi is planning further applications
of human-robot cooperation, also at its
international production sites.
*Autopromotec Bologna
20 to 24 May 2015
Bologna Fiera
Bologna, Italy
*Automechanika Dubai
2 to 4 June 2015
Dubai International Convention
& Exhibition Centre
Dubai, UAE
*NACE 2015
23 to 25 July 2015
COBO Centre
Detroit, USA
Racing Legend Jeff Gordon Joins
Axalta as Global Business Adviser
Axalta Coating Systems and Jeff Gordon,
one of the most celebrated racing car
drivers in history, have announced a
new multi-year partnership. Gordon will
become Axalta’s global business adviser,
serving as special adviser to Charlie
Shaver, Axalta chairman and CEO,
bringing his winning skills and innovative
thinking to Axalta, its leadership team
and its customers worldwide.
Axalta and Gordon have a long history,
which began through the company’s
sponsorship of the No. 24 Hendrick
Motorsports Chevrolet. Although Gordon
recently announced 2015 will be his final
season as a full-time driver in the NASCAR
Sprint Cup Series, Axalta will continue to
sponsor and be the official paint supplier
of Hendrick Motorsports.
Through the new partnership, Gordon
will offer unique insights to Axalta
global leaders in the automotive refinish,
OEM, commercial vehicle and industrial
businesses. He will have the opportunity
to directly contribute to specific global
strategic initiatives, including goal-setting
and execution and creating a winning
Nissan Glow In The Dark Car Paint
Harnesses Power Of The Sun
Nissan in Europe has become the first
manufacturer to apply glow-in-the-dark
car paint to showcase how its marketleading, all-electric LEAF is helping more
and more people convert to solar energy
at home. The manufacturer worked
with inventor Hamish Scott, creator of
STARPATH, a spray-applied coating that
absorbs UV energy during the day so
that it glows for between eight and 10
hours when the sun goes down.
While glowing car paint is already
available, as are glow-in-the-dark car
wraps, the bespoke, ultraviolet-energized
paint created especially for Nissan is
unique thanks to its secret formula made
up of entirely organic materials. It contains
a very rare natural earth product called
Strontium Aluminate, which is solid,
odourless and chemically and biologically
Various third-party companies have
applied non-organic glow-in-the-dark paint
to vehicles before, but Nissan is the first
car manufacturer to directly apply such
technology. Nissan's unique paint, if made
commercially available, would last for 25
Vale Dale Delmege
The Collision Repair Industry worldwide
lost one of its most ardent leaders and
tireless supporters with the passing of
Dale James Delmege on February 15,
During Delmege’s 30 year involvement
and contribution to our industry, he
brought an unparalleled amount of wit,
wisdom and insight to countless numbers
of people within every segment. As an
inductee into the industry’s US Hall of
Eagles and past US Collision Industry
Conference Chairmen, Delmege worked
passionately to offer an unprecedented
amount of foresight, acumen and
guidance to the industry as a whole. As a
14 | March 2015
revered conversationalist and story-teller,
Delmege’s wit and wisdom was sought
out and treasured by all who knew him.
Having travelled the world, serving in the
United States Navy and experiencing an
astonishing number of true life events,
he had the rare ability to give anyone an
expanded perspective on nearly every
subject matter.
Dale Delmege passed peacefully at
home surrounded by his family and
friends. He is survived by his wife
Mary, his five children Laura, Diana,
Dale Jr., Mark and Caleb; and his eight
Picture credit: John Yoswick.
Go Green Without Breaking The Bank
With This Australian-Made Solution
Australia’s Only
Low VOC Solvent
Basecoat System
Contact Concept Paints about going green on +612 9673 2555
Email: [email protected] •
“Where technology meets performance”
BESA Relocates To Brand New Facilities
Since its foundation in 1963, BESA –
Bernardo Ecenarro, S.A. – has specialised
in the production of paints and high
performance coatings for Industrial
Vehicles and Car Refinishing.
With more than 49 years of experience,
the company has evolved into one of
Europe’s principal paint producers of
industrial paint mixing systems and
paints for Car Refinishing and Industrial
use, thanks to the technical know-how
of the R&D facility and drive of the sales
department both at home and abroad.
Now the company has decided to
go a step further, and has relocated to
brand new facilities equipped with latest
generation machinery, making it one
of the most modern paint factories in
BESA is aware of its commitment to
customers and focuses on the search
for the best solution. More capacity
manufacturing management processes
and storage as well as process automation
with the latest technology available are
the arguments for this change.
The premises cover 110,000 square
metres, 40,000 of which are built-up
areas. Operating activities are centralised
in a fully automated 7200 square metres
warehouse, a 10,000 square metres
manufacturing area, a 2200 square metres
raw material storage room and a 500
square metres training centre featuring
the latest equipment.
larger batches while still producing in
small batches if necessary.
The new premises have many
advantages, for the company and its
• More technology: A new facility
equipped with next-generation technology,
which makes it one of the most modern
paint factories in Europe. Fully automated
processes, from first link in the chain to
storage facility.
• More capacity: Increasing manufacturing
capacity, better process management,
larger storage capacity, and process
automation with the latest technology.
Higher capacity and speed to produce
• Best service: A fully automated 7200
square metres storage facility with two
distinct areas: pallet storage and mini load
storage for small pickings, thus offering
faster delivery service for bulk purchases
and small sales alike.
• More training: A 500 square metre
training centre with modern facilities and
state-of-the-art equipment to offer greater
comfort to those attending courses, as well
as a more welcoming work environment.
• More R&D+I: Laboratories equipped
with the latest technology for product
development and control. Ambitious
R&D+I Department, capable of developing
the latest technology in water- and VOCbased products.
• More security: Stricter safety measures
at the workplace. Cutting-edge safety and
fire-fighting system, with the latest fire
detection and extinguishing devices.
• Less
processes with lower VOC emissions in
compliance with sustainability standards,
resulting in improved safety.
For more information visit their website
16 | March 2015
NACE Returns To Detroit In 2015
Congress and Exposition, is gearing up to
go back to the Motor City for a three day
Expo, expanded demo space and much
The team is finalising management
training and education along with the
show floor demonstrations. Registration
will open mid-March and ABN will have
a unique booking window at www.
discounts across the board.
NACE is currently offering exclusive
hotel discounts for attendees through its
official housing partner, Travel Planners.
Visit for the latest
and greatest details on the conference
and expo.
NACE Announces Return Of
MSO Symposium
NACE announced that the MSO (Multi
Shop Operations) Symposium will return
to the 2015 show after a one-year break.
MSO executives and single-location
collision executives who attended in the
past requested the programme return to
its previous format.
The MSO Symposium has been an
extremely popular event since it premiered
in 2011, drawing attendance from the
largest MSOs in the collision repair
industry. While the symposium makes its
return, the business event will now cater
to a broader group of executives, allowing
it to be more inclusive of some of the best
operators in the collision repair industry.
The content will cover business growth,
mergers and acquisitions, private equity,
insurance and industry trends as well as
other management-focused topics.
The biggest change to the programme
in 2015 is an increase in industry input and
direction relative to the content. There will
now be a chair and advisory board for the
symposium. This year’s chair, who will
act as the symposium moderator, will be
Michael LeVasseur.
conferences throughout the year, but this
is the only event that is exclusive to the
leaders in the collision repair industry,”
said Dan Risley, ASA president and
executive director. “The recent addition of
the advisory board will mirror the changes
we made in 2014 relative to NACE. ASA
may own the event, but it’s a show and
now a symposium that is solely for the
collision industry, about the collision
industry and driven by the collision
industry. We remain the only national show
strictly for repairers. Some businesses are
preparing for expansion through growth
or acquisition while others are preparing
for merger or divestiture. This symposium
will provide information essential in
understanding market conditions and
preparing for the future, regardless of the
size of the business.”
The MSO Symposium will open with
afternoon, July 23, 2015, followed by a
private reception at the COBO Center in
Registration for the MSO Symposium
will open in March at www.NACEexpo.
com, along with all other events taking
Dan Risley.
place during Industry Week in Detroit July
21-25. These include the CIC summer
meeting Tuesday-Wednesday, July 21-22,
the Collision Repair Education Foundation
Golf Fundraiser July 22, CCIF, MERA,
I-CAR classes, training and demos, NABC,
SCRS Board and open meetings, CIECA
and the NACE 2015 Conference and Expo
Wednesday-Saturday, July 22-25. (Expo
will be held Thursday, Friday and Saturday.)
ASA Calls For Presentations For NACE
If you have a presentation you would
like to share with professionals in the
independent automotive service and
collision repair industry, the Automotive
Service Association (ASA) would like to
hear from you.
ASA is accepting proposals for
presentations to be given during the
education conference at NACE 2015 to be
held at the COBO Center in Detroit.
Dan Risley, ASA president and executive
director, said last year’s presentations
at NACE and CARS were well received.
“We hope to build on that success and
have even better presentations this year.
Attendees eagerly look forward to the
variety of sessions offered – content that
they can take back to their shops and
implement right away.”
Selection will be based on a
presentation’s quality of content, need/
demand for the information, and the
expertise of the presenter.
If you would like to propose a
presentation at NACE, you will need to
complete a Call for Presentations form.
Access the form at https://asashop.
Presenters will be listed on the NACE
website, on-site programme materials and
signage. Amongst other benefits: there
will be pre- and post-event promotion
to businesses across the USA and 10
different countries; presentations will be
promoted via emails, social media, event
marketing brochures, ASA’s website and
press releases.
Now in its 33rd year, NACE | CARS 2015
will feature numerous opportunities for
technical training, business education,
technology showcases for stakeholders,
owners, managers, and technicians in the
collision and service repair industries. | March 2015
So much collision repair work takes place around the car body, but what if you
need to work at eye level to clearly see what you’re doing? What if you need to get
under the car? Or perhaps you’re just plain sick of dropping down to the ground.
Lifts are an important part of any body shop and the usual provisos apply – make
sure they’re safe, reliable, good quality and most of all, do the job you need.
ABN Editor Albert Malik takes a look at the latest in lifting equipment.
When Nussbaum released its mid-rise
scissor lift, the Sprinter, the company
couldn’t foresee the popularity in the
market, selling more than four times
the 1st year’s sales estimates. The unit
continues to be a best seller as a simple
yet rugged workhorse.
Initially it was focused as a solution for
tyre shops but the surge in sales came
from its practicality in so many other
applications. The fact it was mobile also
helped – it could turn almost any flat
surface into another workshop bay. The
Body Repair Shop in Salisbury, South
Australia has just taken ownership of
one Sprinter and is looking at purchasing
another four for their quick fix body repair
to boost their productivity.
With the sprinter you’ve got three tonne
capacity, lifting 980mm in 11 seconds on
platforms that easily adjust to almost any
car. The 115mm drive-on height means no
problems for low sports and performance
cars, while free access around the outside
and under the middle section, coupled
with the fact it is also available in 240 volt
means the Sprinter is also very popular
with home mechanics.
Nussbaum has been manufacturing
automotive lifting equipment in Germany
since 1975. The company is one of the
largest global producers of automotive
lifting equipment with its continuing focus
on cost effectiveness through innovation.
The innovation with the sprinter is
simplification through the reduction of the
number of moving components, sensors,
wires etc. With less points of failure the
result is a robust, reliable product.
Molnar Hoists and Nussbaum formed a
partnership in 2012 to bring in Nussbaum
Automotive Lifting Equipment to Australia.
This was to complement the existing
Molnar Hoists range with other high
quality products. There are a great many
parallels between the two companies,
both family owned and run businesses,
while their core businesses revolve around
the manufacture of vehicle hoists in their
home countries – Molnar in Australia and
Nussbaum in Germany.
Molnar Hoists will have the Sprinter
out for demonstration at stand L14 at the
Australian Auto Aftermarket Expo – sister
show to the Collision Repair Expo – in April
this year. Customers can get a firsthand
experience with the product and see just
how simple and easy it is to use. This will
also be a big event for Molnar Hoists as
it marks the official public launch of their
new M245 ‘Universal’ Australian made 4.5
tonne two post hoist.
If you are interested in a brochure, video
or would like to organise a demonstration,
contact Molnar Hoists on 1300 MOLNAR
or visit the website www.molnarhoists. for more information.
18 | March 2015
Launch Tech is one of the pioneers in the automotive aftermarket with 180
distributors in 60 countries. A vehicle hoist is one of the most used pieces
of equipment and a necessity for the modern workshop. It’s used daily and
constantly, so when purchasing a hoist it must be safe and reliable.
So why a Launch Tech hoist? Launch is South East Asia’s largest vehicle
hoist manufacturer with some of the most technologically advanced
equipment. Automated welding robots are used to reduce welding times
from 15 to seven minutes, as well as increase strength and reliability
through full penetrative welds. Massive 6.2 metre 400 tonne bending
machines are used to bend the columns.
The Launch vehicle hoist factory continues to improve its manufacturing
operations by investing in the latest state of the art capital equipment.
Launch supplies big names overseas like Challenger in the USA, Cascos
in the UK, MechPro in New Zealand and Safety Lift in Canada, as well as
many others.
Launch’s big features include their new patented column carriage
design. Many competitors use guide blocks that can take up to six hours
to replace, but Launch’s patented system can do it in as little as half
an hour. The new Launch hoist also looks great and is much quicker to
install. Installation and repair times have been reduced to keep service
times to a minimal, saving the customer money.
Launch says it only uses the best quality hydraulic power packs which
have a proven record of reliability. Their load arms are reinforced and are
welded in more points which make them stronger and safer than ever
before. There’s now a choice of symmetric or asymmetric with a single
point lock release in the TLT240AT series in the same two post model.
The front arms re three stage giving the customer the flexibility of
choice. They also have a five tonne, two post clear floor hoist
which will fit larger commercial vehicles with an overall height
of 4810mm and a passing width of 3050mm. Launch can supply
you with a safe cost effective, quality hoist which is CE, Work
Cover and third party certified. Contact them on 1300 369 788
for further information.
There’s always room for improved designs
and in the collision repair market the
updated Autoliner V Mini Repair Bench
has proven to be judged a winner.
There are a number of quality
manufacturers of repair benches,
with good names and developed
features, so where does the
Autoliner V Mini Repair Bench fit
in and why the success?
Principally it comes down to a
combination of price and quality.
This bench is priced from only
$15,950 plus GST. Autoliner
proprietor, Terry Dickey, spent two
years ensuring that this China-sourced
equipment has the same quality features
as the European brands and the right level
of manufacturing value. It comes with a
five-year warranty on the bench and one
year on the hydraulics.
The V Mini Repair Bench is packed
with features and standard accessories,
including quality Enerpac hydraulics (10
tonne), pulling tower, remote hand unit,
dual safety locking system, low profile
drive-over contour (120mm), great 1.6
metre bench height, good car-to-bench
clearance and is manufactured using high
quality steel.
“Today’s vehicles are more compact and
accidents smaller,” explained Autoliner’s
David Slater. “The new V Bench can be
used every day as a quick lift. When a pull
is required simply attach the adjustable sill
clamps and pulling tower to complete the
repair. Because of the good car-to-bench
clearance, in some cases, you will be able
to use your existing measuring system.”
Accessories include angle bit, mini
and Dyna-Mo C clamps, Lip Grip bracket,
Handy Link, sill hook, boltless strut tower
puller, two double claw hooks, grab hook
and single claw, nylon sling, S hook with
chain, two chains and bent hooks, safety
sling, wire rope, Jumbo Deep Hook set,
universal chain, four bench lift arms
and pads, mobile tool board, magnetic
trammel measuring system and four
loading stands.
Clamps for Honda, BMW and Mercedes
vehicles are available as optional extras.
For more information call Autoliner
today on (02) 9603 8100 or email [email protected] | March 2015
All New Hyundai Sonata
Sonata has arrived in Australia,
performance, driveability and packaging.
Although classified as a medium-size car,
the Sonata delivers large-car interior space
and comfort with extra technology, features
and equipment, much of which has been
borrowed from the Genesis luxury car.
Available in three equipment levels –
Active, Elite and Premium – the Sonata is
powered by Hyundai’s naturally aspirated
2.4-litre (Active variant) and turbocharged
2.0-litre GDi Theta II petrol engines (Elite
and Premium models). Both engines
are matched to Hyundai’s six-speed
automatic with lock-up torque converter
and sequential manual shift mode.
Major chassis development work –
including increased use of advanced highstrength steel – has yielded significant
benefits in terms of both active and passive
safety as well as vehicle dynamics and
NVH. An extensive program by Hyundai
Australia’s suspension tuning engineers
has seen adjustments to better meet the
demands of Australian roads and drivers.
The all-new Sonata uses advanced
high-strength steel for more than 50
20 | March 2015
per cent of total platform construction,
resulting in 41 per cent stiffer torsional
rigidity and 35 per cent greater bending
strength than its predecessor. Advanced
high-strength steel is twice as rigid as
traditional steel while weighing 10 per
cent less. A greater number of high
components were used in the passenger
cell as well, especially in and around
the B-pillars. Reinforced side and
cross members strengthen sub-frame
mounting points and thereby improve
suspension performance.
The all-new Sonata’s lighter, more rigid
chassis and body structure uses strut-type
front suspension and a newly redesigned
multi-link rear end, now with dual lower
The new multi-link rear suspension
design reduces impact harshness while
enhancing responsiveness, handling and
The dual lower suspension arms
distribute lateral forces more effectively to
improve ride quality without compromising
handling. The new rear geometry also
helps keep Sonata more stable under
heavy braking while shortening stopping
Initial durability testing was performed on
Australian outback roads in the summer of
2012. Six test mules covered more than
50,000km in three months on roads that
in some cases were little more than rutted
tracks. Two years later, final durability signoff took place in outback Australia, where
a Sonata test car covered over 100,000km
in four months, leading to modification of
underbody components, engine air intake
and vehicle sensors. The car subsequently
underwent Hyundai’s comprehensive
local suspension tuning program.
Hyundai engineers tested 30 separate
suspension component combinations
– computer simulation and real-world
driving – to optimise all-new Sonata’s
spring rates, sway bars and dampers.
Evaluation cars were tested on urban
roads, dirt roads, country highways, and
freeways, often with four passengers and
200kg of ballast on-board. For the 2.0 litre
Turbo-engined Elite and Premium variants,
HMCA’s engineers specified a stiffer rear
sway bar, eight per cent stiffer front spring
rates and unique front dampers compared
with the Active model.
The result is a ride and handling package
that’s ideally suited to all Australian driving
All New Volvo XC90
he all-new Volvo XC90 features a
completely new chassis design
that makes the luxury SUV smooth
and nimble in the city, fun to drive on
challenging country roads and refreshingly
comfortable on the motorway.
With the option of Four Corner Active
Air Suspension, the All-New XC90 is even
more versatile. Drivers can select different
drive modes that cater for individual driving
styles and increase the car’s versatility in
all road and weather conditions.
It marks the beginning of a new chapter
in Volvo Cars’ history, capturing future
design direction and incorporating the
company’s broad range of technological
innovation and utilising the new Scalable
Product Architecture (SPA).
The All-New XC90 has a completely new
chassis, front and rear. The front features
which uses two transverse links to
attach the wheel to the car. The solution
contributes to balanced cornering
tendencies to roll, understeer and torque
A new integral link rear axle accompanies
the double wishbone front suspension.
The rear axle also features a new
transverse leaf spring made of lightweight
material, which replaces the traditional
coil springs.
To give relaxed confidence, the All-New
XC90 customer can add Four Corner Active
Air Suspension. This is an air suspension
system that replaces the springs and an
electronically controlled damping system
called Four-C that replaces the traditional
shock absorbers.
suspension system has a choice of
five driving modes to suit the driver’s
preference and the road or weather
conditions. On top of the Comfort, Eco,
Dynamic and Off-road modes, there is
also the Individual mode, which can be
tuned to your personal driving style.
Automatic levelling and high-speed
height adjustment, which automatically
lowers the ride-height by 10 mm above 100120 km/h, are included to add stability and
comfort. The easy ingress/egress mode
lowers the car by 40 mm when the engine
is turned off. When the driver returns to
the car, it remains in the low position until
the engine is started. To facilitate loading
and unloading, the rear end of the All-New
XC90 can be lowered by 50mm by pushing
a button inside the load compartment.
The rack and pinion steering system is
powered by an electric motor instead of
a traditional hydraulic pump. The electric
motor is connected to the steering via a
ball screw, an exclusive technical solution
that delivers both high precision and low
friction. Speed-dependent power steering
is standard while a choice of three levels
of overall power assistance is optional.
The power steering is still progressive but,
depending on the setting, the assistance
is stronger or weaker right through the
speed range.
The efficient braking system has welldimensioned ventilated discs front and
rear. It features a number of solutions that
assist the driver in certain situations:
• Brake Support prepares for instant,
efficient hard braking by moving the
pads very close to the discs when the
accelerator is released very quickly.
• The Emergency Brake Assist function
‘fills up’ with more braking power if the
driver does not press the pedal sufficiently
to obtain maximum power.
• Hill Start Assist keeps the brakes applied
for a short period after the brake pedal has
been released and until the accelerator is
depressed, when starting uphill or downhill.
• Hill Descent Control automatically keeps
the car at a maximum speed of 10 km/h
forwards or 7 km/h backwards when
driving down a hill. | March 2015
Automechanika Shanghai – the world’s second largest Automechanika brand
show – has yet again broken records for exhibitor and visitor attendance,
making it the largest ever. Held early December 2014 at the Shanghai New
International Expo Centre in China, this last show boasted a remarkable
increase in visitors and exhibitors. ABN publisher Michel Malik writes.
here were 4,906 exhibitors from
39 countries and regions attended
representing a six per cent increase
on 2013. More than 89,000 visitors from
143 countries and regions on show
representing a nine per cent increase
on 2013. The top 10 overseas visiting
countries and regions were Taiwan,
Korea, Russia, Malaysia, Turkey, Iran,
the USA, India, Japan and Thailand. The
show required 220,000 square metres of
exhibition space covering all of the venue’s
entire 17 halls plus 10 temporary halls.
Automechanika Shanghai for the first
time was Peter Feldmann, Lord Mayor
of the City of Frankfurt and Chairman
of the Supervisory Board of Messe
Frankfurt, who was impressed by the
strong development of the show and
the high level of exhibitor satisfaction:
“Automechanika Shanghai is a professional
platform for local and international
companies wanting to make the most of
22 | March 2015
the buoyant Chinese market and to expand
their business internationally,” he said.
“Three main elements have consistently
been a cornerstone to its success: the
region’s ever growing automotive industry,
Messe Frankfurt’s global network and
professionalism, and the enormous
resources provided by our partner and
supporting organisations,” he continued.
Automechanika Shanghai has built up its
international reputation as a major industry
platform. The show serves three major
industry sectors: Parts & Components,
Repair & Maintenance as well as
Accessories & Tuning in terms of cultivating
business relationships, marketing, brand
building, networking, industry information
exchange and education purposes.
As a result, the show draws a strong
presence from prestigious industry
associations and a number of brand names
who want to benefit from this effective
platform. This year, figures show that
Automechanika Shanghai has once again | March 2015
Automechanika Shanghai is also
reputable for its fringe programme,
providing valuable educational and
information exchange opportunities. This
year’s show offered a wide range of 38
innovative and practical fringe events for
different levels of industry players. Events
covered the three major automotive
sectors as well as hot topics such as
e-commerce development and electric
vehicles and related products.
To meet the industry trend of the new
energy sector, a high profile conference
entitled “NextGen Auto International
Summit China” brought 14 influential
speakers and around 400 delegates
including car manufacturers, senior
Chinese government representatives and
industry experts to cover topics based on
the development of the future trend of new
gained significant growth in the number
of overseas exhibitors and exhibiting
countries. The show welcomed 17
overseas pavilions – including debutantes
Argentina and Pakistan – with the support
of various associations and organisations,
highlighting the strong international
presence at Automechanika Shanghai.
Automechanika Shanghai is highly
regarded among exhibitors and visitors
alike as being one of the key and influential
platforms for both Chinese and global
business deals in the automotive sector,
as well as for its abilities to aid companies
and visitors with networking, knowledge
and market intelligence acquirement.
This year’s show strengthened its effort
in inviting local and overseas buyers and
professional visitor groups from different
potential markets. Aiming to provide buyers
an enjoyable sourcing experience, the
show has also introduced the brand new
Premium Buyers Club which is an exclusive
programme for high quality buyers at senior
management level, or those who hold full
purchasing authority within the industry.
energy vehicles. One of them was Tesla,
the famous electric car manufacturer,
which usually exhibits at car shows
instead of automotive industry trade fairs
like Automechanika Shanghai. This year,
they participated and displayed their EV
cars at the show as well as speaking at
the conference as they recognised the
show’s strong influence as a networking
and marketing platform.
The 2015 edition of the show will be
held from 2 to 5 December 2015 at a
larger venue to accommodate for the
year-on-year growth of the show. The new
venue will be the National Exhibition and
Convention Center in Hongqiao, Puxi.
Automechanika Shanghai, please visit and
24 | March 2015
The Honda Genuine Plus Trade Loyalty promotion has been drawn.
We would like to offer our congratulations to our 3 Major Prize winners
We would also like to thank all registered HGP members and our dealer
network for their continued support of the Honda Genuine Parts business.
Stay tuned for the next Honda Genuine Plus promotion,
and make sure you enter to share in the great prizes on offer.
To check out the winners or get a chance to be a winner next time please visit
The Collision Repair Expo returns to Melbourne with the nation’s most
comprehensive exhibition of body finishing materials, crash repair
equipment and tools. BodyShop News previews who will be there and
what products are expected to be on show.
osted every two years by the
Australian Automotive Aftermarket
Association (AAAA), the 2015 Expo
will be held at the Melbourne Exhibition
Centre from 16-18 April. Directed by a
committee of collision repair executives
representing key brands exhibiting, the
Expo is a trade-only show run by the industry
for the industry. Up to 55 top Australian and
international brands will be present, with
equipment demonstrations expected to
be a highlight. The show will be co-located
ACM Parts will be a first-time exhibitor at the expo, with CEO Mike
Kirkman saying the team was looking forward to introducing its
services and product range to repairers and the wider industry.
with the Auto Aftermarket Expo. Entry is
free and visitors will be able to check out a
combined total of around 400 exhibits over
nearly five acres of display space. Here’s
a preview of who will be at the Expo and
what they will be exhibiting.
“ACM Parts is committed to offering repairers an easy, affordable
alternative for sourcing parts,” Mr Kirkman said. “The expo is a
chance for us to talk face-to-face to industry about the wide range
of high-quality parts we have on offer, including NSF Internationalcertified parts and quality-checked recycled parts.”
Mr Kirkman said expo visitors could expect to see some of the
first parts to be certified for OE equivalence for fit, form and function
by NSF International. The parts are tested locally on Australian cars.
“The NSF Certified parts are new to the market and generating a
lot of interest. This is a chance for us to explain the certification
process and encourage repairers to give these parts a try. We’ll also
have a strong focus on recycled parts. Australians retire 600,000
vehicles a year and only a tiny fraction of the parts in those cars are
being re-used. Of the thousands of individual parts on a modern
motor vehicle, only 15-20 parts are commonly recycled. That’s a
huge waste of OE parts that, with appropriate quality controls, can
be redirected back into the market as affordable, environmentallyfriendly parts options.”
ACM Parts aims to deliver efficiencies in Australia’s automotive
parts supply chain and raise industry standards regarding
the safety, quality and affordability of parts for repairers and
consumers. Its goal is to address parts supply issues in Australia
that account for regular delays in returning cars to the road. “We
are committed to working with the Australian parts supplier
network to drive a better and more efficient outcome for repairers
and consumers,” Mr Kirkman said.
ACM Parts was established in 2013 and operates in Victoria,
New South Wales and Queensland. See them at stand AF24.
Anest Iwata is proud to continue its support of the collision repair
industry by once again exhibiting at the upcoming Collision Repair
Expo. With the show regaining both the popularity and credibility
from within the collision repair industry of years gone by, the time
is right for Anest Iwata to introduce a range of new products and
display others that have become a major part of the automotive
refinish industry.
only a small part of what you can see, feel
and touch at the show.
In the world of custom car painting
and airbrushing, the name Iwata reigns
supreme. Anest Iwata will have on display
a wide range of airbrushes, templates,
training DVD’s / videos, pinstriping brushes
and vast array of support products. An
active demonstration area will be available
for you to try your hand at airbrushing and
display your own creative style.
New products on display will be the
2SPRAY range of paint application and
preparation support products, a range of
professional body shop paint evaluation
tools such as electronic thickness gauges,
infrared thermometers and hygrometers.
In addition to the already well accepted
and well known staples such as the W400
Bell Aria and the WS400 SuperNova
guns, Anest Iwata will be displaying a
complete range of equipment for those
dealers and shop owners looking to
develop their business into areas such
as commercial vehicle painting, marine
coating applications and the general
light industrial market. Pressure pots,
diaphragm pumps, airless units will be
Whatever your interest in the art of
refinishing motor vehicles may be, make
sure you visit their stand – number
AB38 – for all the latest in spray painting
Audatex provides accurate OEM safe
methods and times powered estimating
platforms, underpinned by “the most
accurate and complete data on Australian
car parc vehicles” with coverage of 95
per cent. AudaNet is the company’s
next generation estimating platform that
“further improves productivity and reduces
cycle times through faster and more
accurate estimating”. It includes access
to OEM times based on safe and efficient
methods of repair, access to part numbers
and pricing at the time of estimate, and
quick, easy VIN identification for selected
manufacturers, saving time and increasing
accuracy. The AudaNet platform includes
significant additional functionality including
3D vehicle graphics that can speed up
the estimating process and increase
accuracy. It’s cloud-based and locally
hosted in Australia, meaning improved
response times. Audatex have also grown
its local support capability, both on the
technology infrastructure and user-support
areas. The company is in the process of
integrating AudaNet with a number of
body shop management systems, with the
objective of enabling clients to experience
a seamless process in vehicle repair, from
initial estimation and quotation to approval,
completion and invoicing. Audatex is
exhibiting at stand AE34.
As always Australian BodyShop News will
be on hand to fly the magazine flag to the
industry. Drop by and say “Hi”, pick up the
latest issue of the magazine, talk collision
repair and check out the special edition of
Australian BodyShop News.
Berlex is the Australian distributor for
paintTrotter mobile spray booths. The
Discover our complete range in our web:
products and colours.
The company is exhibiting on stand
AE18; for more information contact José
at [email protected] or +34 609 42 71 56.
Berlex Industrial.
company says the paintTrotter, designed
and manufactured in Spain, is a first for
Australia and “the solution to all small panel
repairs”. The company says statistics show
80 per cent of automotive body repairs are
small areas of damage below the belt line
of the vehicle. Usually these small repairs
are managed along with large ones, which
creates issues with logistics, repair times,
workshop space and energy consumption.
Bernardo Ecenarro S.A. (BESA) is
specialized in the production of high
performance coatings for industry,
industrial vehicle and car refinishing
sectors. With more than 50 years of
growth, the company has evolved into
one of Europe’s principal paint producers
of industrial paint mixing systems and
The paintTrotter is the solution – simply roll
it up to the vehicle, mask up and paint right
where it is.
Berlex Industrial also supplies custom
PVC workshop curtains to control dust and
moisture – typically used for pre-delivery,
tint bays, wash bays and prep bays – as
well as the soon to be released mobile
infrared LED dryers for paint curing.
Visit them at stand AE17 to find out
paints for both car refinishing and industry.
BESA products are being commercialized
in more than 40 countries worldwide;
in Europe the brand is present in most
markets. The company has five product
lines covering a variety of products
including primers, paints, tinting systems,
fillers, glazing compounds, varnishes and
much more. Of particular note to body
shops is the URKI-MIX car tinting system,
as well as the URKI-SYSTEM universal
tintometric system with a wide range of
BTB Tools.
A feature product at the Collision Show
this year for BTB on stand AB42 is the
Equalizer® Viper™, a ratcheting wire
removal system specially designed for
removing complex bonded quarter and
back glasses. BTB will be supported
on their stand by Equalizer, the USA
manufacturer of the Viper. BTB and
Equalizer will be demonstrating quarter
glass removals using the Viper at the
show. They are excited by this compact,
simple to use, robust wire tool and
believe it is the best wire system on the
market at the moment. More and more
professional collision repair shops, looking
for convenience and better control of their
workflow, are choosing to remove their
own quarter glasses. The Viper provides a
simple and effective solution with a small
outlay and rapid return on investment.
The auto glass in today’s late model
vehicles has tighter tolerances between
the glass and the body – the VW Golf and
Jetta are well known for this. It is becoming
quite impossible on some vehicles not to
damage the paintwork when removing the
glass. Many modern glasses have either
no mouldings or use slimline under glass
mouldings which make the exposed edge
of the vehicle paintwork more likely to
show up damage. The Viper system saves
valuable time by avoiding scratches to the
paintwork which can result in expensive
repairs or the formation of rust. The Viper
has a quality anodised aluminium finish
making it robust enough for use with
cutting wire (square, round or braided) or
BTB will also be demonstrating
Equalizer RipCord™ cord/fibre line on the
Viper tool. RipCord has been engineered
and developed to provide durability,
strength, performance and safety to
enhance cutting results. Unlike wire, cord
may be reused and it won’t puncture or
scratch surfaces or damage windscreen
mouldings. If it breaks it won’t retract, spin
or coil. It can be used on quarter glasses
that will accept the 120mm diameter cup.
It has proven equally capable of removing
larger windscreens and back glasses
including sliders.
The Viper is simple and safe to learn
and use. Its small size and light weight
make it easy to manoeuvre. The omnidirectional ratchet included with the
Viper allows manoeuvring in any direction
when working in confined and awkward
positions inside a vehicle. See a quarter
28 | March 2015
Compass Claims provides accident
replacement vehicles across Australia with
over 10 years’ experience in the credit hire
industry. The company says it’s grown to
become the preferred choice for repairers,
dealers, manufacturers and the occasional
insurance company. With the recent
entry into the South Australian market,
Compass’ fleet size and national coverage
means that whenever a replacement
vehicle is needed, the company can help
immediately. Compass will be exhibiting
at the upcoming Collision Repair Expo to
support the industry in a time where some
are finding it difficult to deal with insurance
company requirements for where and how
cars should be repaired.
DNA Custom Paints.
glass and windscreen cut out using the
Viper at the show or visit
BTB will also have their specialised
range of body shop and auto glass tools
on show at the expo. Contact them for
more information on 03 5443 1755, or
email: [email protected]
“The collision repair expo is a fantastic
opportunity for us as a national business
to increase awareness of how we can
aid our bodyshop partners in retaining
customers and adding value to their
businesses,” says Managing Director
James Frape. “We pride ourselves on
helping the independent body shops
create a proposition for their customers
that ensures they never have to go
anywhere else after an accident. With our
unique pick-up and delivery service of the
rental car together with a diverse offering
Innovation in
waterborne technology
Featuring the very latest waterborne coatings technology, including a totally
unique PPG developed latex binder, ENVIROBASE® High Performance waterborne
basecoat system is like no other refinish paint system. Building on ten-years of
proven PPG waterborne experience, it represents a quantum leap forward.
As well as an eco-friendly choice, this innovative formulation comes with
an unmatched combination of extraordinary speed, efficiency and versatility.
The unrivalled ease of use is highlighted by superb colour accuracy and
effortless blending and mottle control.
Envirobase High Performance waterborne basecoat system is the
ideal way to put your collision centre at the leading edge of the ‘green’
revolution, while ensuring you have all the attributes to maximise
paint shop productivity and profitability.
Contact your PPG representative or the customer service hotline
13 24 24 (Aust) or 0800 320 320 (NZ) for more information. | March 2015
Finishing Brands.
EMM International.
of replacement vehicles we are proud to
be able to offer a solution to everyone.”
The company recently conducted a
smash repairer survey outlining that 68
per cent of smash repairers believe using
Compass Claims adds value to their
business whilst 54 per cent offering the
service said it created return business to
their company. The Compass team are
exhibiting at stand AA17, but if you can’t
make it to the expo call them on 1300
135 485 to see how they can assist your
DNA will have its new Colour Book at its
stand this year. The new Colour Book will
be at the Collision Repair Expo 2015 for all
to see and touch with copies also available
for purchase for the duration of the show.
It’s been years in the making and includes
a comprehensive range of DNA Custom
paints including Candy ColorZ, Candy
Basecoats, HeliX BaZecoat, Metallic
BaZecoat, TranZitionZ colour change
paint, Profile solid BaZecoat, Mutant
CrystalZ, Virtual Chrome, Black Chrome,
HolaSpeX, HolaGrafiX, Flat Black, Flat
Clear, PlaZma PearlZ, Micro PearlZ, FlakeZ
and much more. Several colour options
are available as well as useful information
on everything from DNA Training through
to its range of primers and other ancillary
products. DNA Colour Books are available
from all DNA Custom Paints distributors.
For more information you can see DNA
Custom Paints at the show on stand AA31,
contact them on 03 9764-2088, or visit
their website at
Dustless Blasting will be exhibiting at stand
AE48. Dustless Blasting is an Australian
owned company based in Brisbane, QLD.
The company has been selling blasting
equipment for over 10 years and has
warehouses in QLD, NSW, SA, and VIC.
The Dustless Blaster can remove virtually
any type of coating from any material
very quickly and without creating heat or
dust plumes. It keeps 90 per cent of dust
and all heat out of paint, filler and rust
removal for automotive restoration, and
is able to use virtually any blast media
to achieve the best profile required for
the job. It uses crushed glass mixed with
Holdtight 102 (rust inhibitor) and water to
Henkel Australia.
leave a bright, shiny, re-profiled surface.
Using water eliminates the heat warping
and work hardening typically associated
with dry blasting, while keeping the blast
surface cool also speeds up the removal
of body filler and two pack paints. The
use of rust inhibitor in the blast pot and
in the wash down leaves the steel free of
salts/chlorides and passivated for up to 72
hours if left indoors.
The Dustless Blasting range starts
from small workshop units up to three
ton complete mobile blasting trailers.
Their smallest machine can run on a
75cfm compressor whilst larger units can
be specified up to 400cfm and above.
Visit them at their stand or at www., or give them a
call on 1300 304 415.
EMM will have its new Colad BodyGuard
at its stand. The Colad BodyGuard overall
provides optimum protection against
overspray and prevents fibre, dust and
lint pollution during paint jobs. Especially
designed to guarantee a full day of working
comfort, the overall seals tightly, is made
of breathable material and comes with an
anti-static coating. The grey colour and
opaque material allows the BodyGuard
to last up to three months. EMM says
the Colad BodyGuard offers the best
protection, high performance, durability
and representativity.
EMM is a worldwide player in nonpaint-related industries. The development,
manufacture and distribution of goods and
disposables, for all sectors using paints
on a large scale is the company’s central
aim. EMM brands include Colad, Hamach,
Ronin Tools, GO! and Tander. The Dutch
National Success Award recently declared
EMM winner in the “Suppliers of Painting
Equipment and Accessories to Trade and
Industry” category. Over the last two
years EMM has introduced over 20 new
30 | March 2015
MN Spraybooths.
and innovative products, with the most
recent being Colad Easy2Check – one of
the most efficient and effective solutions
for checking spray samples as well as
panel checks during sanding. Visit EMM at
stand AE38, or contact Wayne Grech for
more information at [email protected]
celebrating more than 125 years producing
spray painting equipment. The company
will not only be showcasing its range of
existing spray guns such as the Gti Pro and
Pro Lite but also introducing the DeVilbiss
range of CLEAN products. The CLEAN
product range contains a variety of new
products including Re-usable Coveralls,
Disposable Coveralls, Paint Prep Wipes,
De Wipes and Booth Floor Coat.
Reusable Coveralls come with a
lightweight durable nylon front and
breathable cotton back, full pullover hood,
elastic wrist, zipper front and elastic waist
with the DeVilbiss Skull logo printed on
the back. Disposable Coveralls come
with all the features of the re-usable
coveralls but are made out of a new splash
resistant material. Paint Prep Wipes are a
waterborne compatible absorbent wipe
designed to easily remove grease, dirt,
wax, sanding dust and other contaminants
to leave a clean final prep ready surface.
DeWipes are a pre-saturated prep wipe
great for plastic parts and bumpers,
and has a “ Static Killer” formula which
reduces static charge and static related
dirt. Lint free wipes remove residue and
fibres left by tacking. Booth Floor Coat is
designed to be used on concrete floors,
reducing airborne particles in a spray
booth by trapping them to the booth
floor. It significantly reduces buffing time
caused by dirt in paint jobs and is ideal for
shops painting waterborne. Visit Finishing
Brands at stand AE07.
Henkel Australia will exhibit at stand AE14
and showcase a range of TEROSON
and LOCTITE products. The company
will launch LOCTITE 7855, a new heavyduty hand cleaner specially formulated
for the most difficult to remove soils
ANEST IWATA Australia Pty Ltd
Unit 33, 71 Kurrajong Ave, Mt Druitt NSW 2770
Phone: 1300 277 729, Fax: 02 9853 2090 |
like polyurethane, paints, primers and
adhesives. Their Vehicle Repair and
Maintenance team will conduct onsite
maintenance and repair needs, including
mechanical repair, body repair, panel
bonding, seam sealing, direct glazing and
corrosion protection. These are the same
products used by the major automotive
manufacturers and on race cars all around
the world.
Henkel has been invited by iCAR
Australia to conduct demonstrations on
their stand. Their VRM team is delighted to
be given the opportunity to show industry
benchmarks to all collision repairers.
The Henkel team will run demonstrations
using the TEROSON Powerline II Gun with
TEROSON 9320 Seam Sealer. TEROSON
9320 Seam Sealer is available in four
colours and with Henkel’s new nozzle
system making it possible to replicate the
appearance of structural seams applied
by robots in OEM flat stream and wide
stream applications. Application with the
TEROSON Powerline II Gun is unique,
being “the only product capable of
replicating this OEM finish.”
Demonstrations will also be conducted
for TEROSON range OEM Approved
Plastic Repair Adhesive. TEROSON 9225,
9225 SF and 9225 UF enables just about
any plastic on the vehicle to be repaired
in-house without the need to send parts
away. It comes with three different speeds
on offer – ultra fast, super fast or standard
cure depending on the size of repair,
suitable for repairing just about any plastic
including SMC.
Henkel’s range of TEROSON and
LOCTITE products are backed by Henkel’s
laboratory and demonstrations are
available right around the country.
The company’s on stand contact is
Steven Dew, Business Development
Manager – mobile: 0418 288 867 and
email: [email protected] For more
information, contact Henkel Technical
Services on 1300 885 556 or visit www.,
32 | March 2015
Indasa will display a variety of products at
its stand. A Portugese company, Indasa
says it’s dedicated to supplying high quality
coated abrasive and ancillary solutions to
the art industry. ‘Whiteline’, ‘Plusline’,
‘Redline’, ‘Filmline’ and the newly released
‘HT line’ and Rhynocell discs are all
examples of the range of products Indasa
manufactures. There’s also interface and
backup pads, web products and top-of-the
range polishes in the company’s vast lineup of products available. On display will be
a full set of products: sheets, rolls, discs,
sponge pads, web pads and polishes,
with many available in sample packs ready
to take home. The company says: “The
saying that ‘you only get what you pay for’
is never more true than in the abrasive field
which is littered with cheap Asian imports.
So when performance counts think Indasa
and visit us at stand #AA19 where we’ll
be happy to show you why. Don’t forget
to leave your name to win a great prize.”
MN Spraybooths is an Australian owned
and operated manufacturer delivering
turnkey custom design solutions for a
wide range of combination spray / baking
booths and body shop systems. On
display at the show will be its very own
custom designed MN ONE Automotive
Spray Booth, MN Paint Mix Room, MN
New Generation SS Paint Mix Bench,
MN Service Station and MN Down Draft
Exhaust System.
With advanced machine design and
configuration, the MN ONE has been
engineered to precise design specifications
providing a clever modular system that
can be customised to any configuration
to meet customer requirements and
available floor space. With many features
previously considered as extras, the MN
ONE Automotive Spray Booth has been
designed with the following features as
standard inclusions:
– Premium steel framed doors & fascia
– Space saving roof mounted machinery
(side and rear options available)
– Energy saving Variable Speed Drives
and high efficiency Alloy Motors
– Premium Panel (EPS) construction,
colour coded uniform finish
– True Down Draft design
– Premium 5-tube tri-phosphorous colour
correct rear access light banks
– SMC Air supply regulators
– Fully compliant to
Australian standards
MN Spraybooths say it’s dedicated
to providing the most energy-efficient
and environmentally friendly systems
to the market. The company’s latest
advancement is the unique multi-layer
Exhaust Floor Filtration system which
maximises 100 per cent usage of the
exhaust filters unlike current standard
systems in the market today. The multilayer Exhaust Floor Filtration system
minimising drag on machinery, further reducing the frequency
of filter replacement and maintenance otherwise required. MN
Spraybooths it will have special promotional discounts on offer at
its stand (AD14) over the weekend.
Next Generation Crash Supply was established in July 2014 by
Carlo Tartaglia. Carlo was a panel beater for 20 years before moving
into the paint and tool supply industry in 1992. Next Generation
Crash Supply brings together Carlo’s panel beating qualifications
together with his experience importing and selling paints and
tools to panel shops in Australia for the past 20 years. At the
2015 Collision Repair Expo, Next Generation Crash Supply will be
exhibiting high tech tools for panel shops including Spray Booth
Emergency Heaters, Inverter Spot Welders with USB ports, Dent
Pullers (two in one for aluminium and steel), Auto MIG Welders
(three in one), Double Spray-Gun Cleaner with water and solvent
cleaning and high technology Infra-Red lights. Carlo has been
specially trained in these tools and will be available to answer
any questions you may have. The team at Next Generation Crash
Supply can be contacted on 0499 999 149.
PPG’s large 80m² floor space features a walk-through layout
packed with best-practice processes, interactive displays and
advanced product solutions which will take visitors on a journey
through each step of the ideal repair path. It shows how to use
the right combination of products, processes, tools, systems
and services to achieve a smooth, uninterrupted workflow which
enhances collision centre productivity and profitability.
All the crucial steps are covered – scheduling and estimating,
parts procurement and X-Ray Repair Planning, colour identification,
high performance paint products (including PPG’s next generation
ENVIROBASE High Performance paint system), reassembly and
surface finishing. Each one has been fine-tuned to minimise
waste in the repair process in order to maximise efficiency, while
also being environmentally conscious. Interactive steps along the
way give visitors the opportunity to see technologies in action.
These include demonstrations of PPG’s all new and highly intuitive
‘EQ’ collision centre management software, the PaintManager
program software for mixing and managing the paint operation
and the RapidMatch™ paint colour matching system, along with
the latest SATA spray equipment and MIRKA surface finishing
technologies. Convenient fact sheets will also be available to take
away. There is even the ability to design your ideal shop layout
solution using a selection of interchangeable floorplan layouts.
Guiding visitors along the path will be plenty of expert PPG
staff, including Training Managers, MVP Consultants, Colour
Specialists, Customer Service Staff and Product Specialists. Visit
them at stand AD28.
The all-new AquaMax Extra waterborne basecoat system will
be on show at Protec’s stand. AquaMax Extra is part of the
MAXMEYER brand and distributed by Protec. The company says
utilizing advanced formulations, AquaMax Extra delivers the best
of both worlds – a simplified waterborne refinish process along
with maximised paint shop productivity. It’s also a complete
low-VOC solution – including high performance primers and
clearcoats – which makes it ideal for body shops looking to
comply with market pressures to use a low-VOC refinish option.
Designed with painters in mind, it’s logical and straightforward
to use so technicians find it easy to learn and quickly begin
achieving great results. Highlights include excellent opacity to
minimise application time and material usage, simple blending,
fast flash-off, excellent colour match accuracy, excellent shelf
abrasives, masking tapes, masking film,
spray guns, spray overalls, body fillers,
polish and more. The company says to
simply do the sums and find out how
Startline products can positively impact
your workshop processes and business’
bottom line, offering to take away samples
to try for yourself.
Startline says every product in their range
of consumables comes complete with a
promise of excellent performance and value
for money. The company points out that
despite being launched just over 12 months
ago, it has already become the first choice
of many customers across the region Visit
them at stand AD28 or for more information,
life and backing by the Protec Autoguard
Warranty Program.
– More information about
products in the market
During the Expo, specialist Protec staff
will be on hand to explain how easy it is
to begin taking advantage of this global
refinish solution in your body shop. Protec
has also chosen to support AquaMax Extra
with the industry leading PaintManager and
RAPIDMATCH X-5 paint colour matching
system. Regular demonstrations will show
how it can be used to dramatically reduce
colour matching time and boost paint
shop productivity. Visit the Protec stand at
booth AD28.
Sagola will be showcasing the new
generation 4500 Xtreme spray gun, saying
it’s at the forefront in design, ergonomics,
balance and comfort when painting.
Its new aircap LXT CLEAR together
with the innovative nozzle 1.30 XL are a
milestone for the simplicity and speed in
the application of the new HS varnishes.
The new aircaps LXT AQUA and LXT HVLP
meet and improve all application needs for
waterborne. Visit Sagola at stand AF18.
Sagola is a global manufacturer of spray
guns and other associated components.
The company says it’s built its reputation
on maintaining the highest quality
standards in the manufacture of products,
contributing to their becoming a very
important competitor in the refinish
and industrial sectors. At the Collision
Repair Expo Sagola will be exhibiting a
select range of spray guns, nozzles and
other products that will become more
readily available in Australia through a
new partnership. From April onwards,
Axalta Coating Systems will become the
exclusive importer of the SAGOLA Refinish
and Industrial product range for Australia.
Axalta expects the new arrangement to
strengthen the SAGOLA brand in Australia
with a noticeable improvement in several
– “Exceptional”
– Commercial support and marketing
activities, including regular product
– Easy access to product stock
34 | March 2015
At the Startline stand you’ll find highlights
of the brand’s high productivity solutions
aimed at everyday applications, such as
Stork AWD will be exhibiting at this year’s
Collision Repair Expo and will showcase
many of its main products including
Farecla Cutting Compounds, LORD Fusor
Adhesives, Trade Haus Masking Tapes,
and PACO Abrasives.
Farecla will be launching the new G3
Ultra Cutting Compound, what it says is
the fastest ever cutting compound! Live
demonstrations and technical training
will be provided. Farecla’s key personnel
from the UK will be in attendance at the
show to provide further support to local
Stork AWD staff. LORD Fusor will be
showing its range of HD sealers. These
unique sealers are sprayable, beadable,
brushable and weldable. There will also
be live demonstrations of the whole
range including metal bonding, bumper
repair, and foams. Stork AWD will also
be showcasing the very popular Trade
Haus range of masking tapes including
the Waterproof Green Tape and the new
Woodsman Funding.
• Diagnosesandfindsdamage
• Diagnosesmanythingsnotjustbody
• Hasmultiplerolls
• Allowsyoutomeasureavehicleany
• Isaproblemsolver
• Allowsyoutotakequick
• Isuserfriendly
AvAilAble exclusively From
• Isinnovative
• Givesyouablueprintwithonlyone
• Uses‘Cloud’tocommunicate
• Isusedpriortorepairsbeing
• Isusedduringtherepairprocess
• Isusedaftertherepairshavebeen
Head Office: 6 Milne Street
Thomastown, VIC 3074
Tel: 03 9482 9222
Email: [email protected]
New China International Exhibition Center (NCIEC)
April 9-12, 2015 BEIJING(PEKING)·CHINA
E-Mail:[email protected] / [email protected] / [email protected]
economy Beige Tape. Finally, the company will also be introducing the
PACO range of abrasives into the Australian market, emphasising their
exceptionally high quality and very economic price. For inquiries call
Jim Dimopoulos on 03 9560 6060 or email [email protected]
U-POL is a global company dedicated for over 65 years to manufacturing
and selling automotive refinish products, including body fillers, coatings,
aerosols, adhesives and consumables of the highest quality. The
company exports its products to more than 110 countries worldwide.
Sales Director Damian Cappelluti and his team will be at the show and
displaying time-and-money saving products from the company’s filler,
coatings, aerosols and ancillaries ranges, with numerous new products
on display. U-POL says it looks forward to meeting new and existing
users of our products and demonstrating how U-POL can help your
bottom line. Visit them at stand AC53, their website, or
contact them on (02) 4731 2655 or at [email protected]
The World’s Leading Trade Fair Brand
for the Automotive Industry
Buenos Aires | Dubai | Frankfurt | Istanbul
Johannesburg | Kiev | Kuala Lumpur | Madrid
Mexico City | Moscow | New Delhi | Shanghai
St. Petersburg
Valspar Automotive is a division of the Valspar Corporation, one of
the largest coatings manufacturers in the world. This year at Collision
Repair Expo 2015, Valspar will be showcasing its diverse history
dating back over 200 years. A key element of the Valspar exhibit is a
timeline featuring Valspar’s extensive product portfolio integrating key
advancements in the automotive market segment.
Valspar Automotive will be promoting its dynamic product range
including DeBeer Refinish, Valspar Refinish and Valspar Industrial Mix
(VIM). Valspar’s technical experts will be available throughout the show
to answer all of your questions relating to car refinish techniques.
Valspar will conduct six demonstrations in the Lowbake spraybooth
during the expo. The demonstrations will be conducted by Valspar’s
industry experts and will focus on products designed to improve body
shop productivity resulting in increased throughput and profitability.
WebTRIM provides software to manage accident repair facilities, with new
processes now available to automate what previously was not achievable.
The company says new intelligence to software changes the way shop
floor management takes place. No longer is software just mimicking
previously manual ways of doing things. Live analysis that predicts
expected outcomes allows for better decisions and results in improved
customer service and increased profitability. This year sees new, speedier
smart phone applications that link to central databases. Staff can clock onto
jobs and management can stay in touch when absent from the business.
WebTRIM will be exhibiting at stand AA45 to provide you with more
information on its software, technology and processes.
Woodsman Funding will be available to talk about their factoring service. Most
smash repair businesses get short of cash sometimes, however business
finance through factoring outstanding invoices can give crash repairers the
freedom to operate with confidence. Unlike a business loan, factoring makes
use of the money owed to your business. Debt Factoring, Debtor Finance,
Invoice Discounting, Cash Flow Financing are all descriptions of the same
type of business financial service. The essential element is that you sell
your accounts receivable (i.e. your invoices) to a financier at a discount. The
financier pays you now and collects the money directly from the person or
company that owes it to you in full at a later time. Factoring companies will
usually advance between 80 and 100 per cent of the invoiced amount less
the discount amount. If the advance is less than 100 per cent, the financier
provides the remainder of the amount to you upon receipt from the person
or company that pays the invoice. Woodsman Funding will be exhibiting at
the Collision Repair Expo – 16-18 April at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre.
Their team will be able to talk at length with repairers about the benefits of
factoring. Visit them at stand AA37.
Many markets – one trade fair concept.
Automechanika is present in 12 different
countries with a network of 13 events.
As the world’s leading trade fair for original
equipment manufacturers and the entire
aftermarket, it develops emerging international
growth markets and promotes the transfer
of commercial and technical know-how.
Make the most of this industry platform to
forge valuable contacts and cultivate business
relationships. Welcome to Automechanika.
Family Trusts Still Offer Major Wealth
Management Benefits
By Michael Hutton*
simpler to operate.
Other benefits of family trusts include:
• Asset protection options;
• Intergenerational wealth transfer;
• No limit to contributions to the trust,
and the ability to increase capital;
• Income splitting to all family members,
giving substantial tax benefits particularly
where there are low, or no, income earners
in the family;
• No age limits to access funds;
• Ability to hold personal use assets, such
as a holiday home;
here is a tendency currently for
family trusts to be overlooked
in favour of self- managed
superannuation funds (SMSFs) as a way
of managing wealth.
• Ability to run a business through the
trust; and
• Estate planning benefits.
Yet family trusts have a number of
advantages over SMSFs that shouldn’t be
ignored, and can be used in conjunction
with SMSFs to great effect.
The reasons people tend to ignore
family trusts as a wealth management tool
is because they believe their benefits have
been largely eroded and they are seen as
overly complex and expensive. In reality,
they are often simpler and cheaper to
operate than an SMSF.
Family trusts have far fewer restrictions
and rules than SMSFs and are therefore
The big attractions of SMSFs are in the
tax benefits that superannuation offers as
well as the flexibility they give in managing
retirement savings, but the benefits of
family trusts are also very significant.
Through a family trust ownership of
assets such as a share portfolio or holiday
house can continue on uninterrupted even
if a family member dies. This is because
the family member doesn’t own the asset,
the trust does. Consequently, the assets
don’t form part of the individual’s estate.
Basically this makes family trusts an
ideal tool for multi-generational wealth
transfer while SMSFs, on the other hand,
must be wound up on the death of the last
member, which can also raise tax issues.
It also means assets held by an SMSF
must be sold, and if the family wishes to
keep an asset, such as property, they will
be liable for stamp duty and conveyancing
Those wanting to invest a substantial
amount, say more than $300,000, who
have either maxed out their contributions
to super, or want more accessibility than
super provides, may find a family trust
Get Ready For SuperStream
paying superannuation on behalf of
their employees to provide contribution
details in a standard format and to pay
contributions electronically.
In most cases, this will require
employers to select a commercially
available SuperStream solution, which
may be available through their payroll
provider or a financial institution.
Businesses with less than 20 employees
By Janelle Manders
have until 1 July 2016 to be compliant with
the SuperStream rules. However, the rules
come into effect on 1 July 2015 and small
businesses must be able to show they
have started implementing SuperStream
from that date.
For businesses with more than 20
employees, the SuperStream rules started
on 3 November 2014, with a grace period
until 1 July 2015.
*HLB Mann Judd Disclaimer
mall businesses needs to start
getting ready for SuperStream, a
government initiative to improve the
efficiency of superannuation payments.
employers | March 2015
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Turning Up The Heat On The Repairer – Insurer Tug Of War
n February 11, 2015 an 11-minute
TV news segment emphasizing
between collision repairers and insurers
aired on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360
weeknight cable news show. According to
TV rating website,
fewer than half a million of the over 320
million US population – less than one per
cent – watched the show. However the
ramifications will reside in the collective
memories of everyone involved in the US
collision repair industry, especially insurers
and repairers, for a very long time. The
segment draws national attention to the
behaviour and policies many repairers
harbour against insurance companies. It
could be one more strategic step adopted
by approximately 500 repairers from
36 states which filed antitrust law suits
against a long list of insurers.
The CNN segment focuses on the
allegations of numerous body shops
that insurance companies routinely force
poor quality alternative parts on repairers,
refuse to pay for appropriate repairs, steer
work to substandard collision repair shops
in their own networks and more.
The attorney representing shops in the
above mentioned antitrust cases, two
State Attorneys General, a U.S. Senator, an
Auto Repair Expert and others appeared.
The segment entitled “Are cheap repairs
part of an insurance scheme?” has drawn
comment in the collision repair trade press
from repair shops, a national insurance
company trade association, aftermarket
part certification entities, repair association
executives, and the association of
recyclers. Insurance companies per se
are hesitant to respond directly, partially
because of the antitrust law suit filed on
their behalf by accomplished class action
attorney John Arthur Eaves Jr. of Jackson,
Mississippi. However, as reported by
CollisionWeek State Farm, the largest
property casualty insurer by market share,
weighed in with the following statement:
“We are disappointed that CNN did not
choose to report what you have already
reported, that all of the counts in the multi-
40 | March 2015
district litigation in Florida that are specific
to the state of Florida have been dismissed
twice, although the court has permitted the
Florida plaintiffs a third chance to plead again.
Moreover, a Magistrate Judge has recently
recommended to the District Judge that the
Mississippi complaint also be dismissed.
We did make CNN aware of those rulings.”
Interestingly, the CNN segment aired
the day after the Florida Judge dismissed
the antitrust case.
relationships and undesirable behaviour, the
Executives of the Society of Collision Repair
Specialists (SCRS), Aaron Schulenburg
and Dan Risley of the Automotive Service
Association (ASA) both mentioned that
there is wrong doing on both sides. The
behaviour of many unscrupulous collision
repairers was not shown. The CNN
segment was not a balanced report.
However, the significance of a credible
news organization like CNN investigating
and airing such a segment is huge. The
video can be shown repeatedly. The fact
that the State Attorney Generals of Louisiana
and Mississippi and former Connecticut
Attorney General, currently US Senator for
that state, appeared lends credence to the
story. It is worth noting that in 2009 while
serving as Connecticut Attorney General, US
Senator Blumenthal sought to bring these
issues to the US Department of Justice. As
a member of the US Senate, Blumenthal
wields more influence than he did as a
State Attorney General and it is clear that
unethical insurance company collision repair
policies are on his radar. In fact, a week after
the CNN segment aired, the Senator once
again sent a letter to US Attorney General
Eric Holder requesting that the Department
of Justice investigate the issues raised in
the CNN segment and more.
Much of the segment focused on poor
quality alternative parts and insurance
company coercive policies, requiring the use
of these “substandard parts” and the lack of
concern to policy holders’ safety. The rebuttal
to this is that there are two aftermarket
part certification bodies, each with strict
compliance requirements in the US and that
certified crash parts are available. Ultimately,
the repairer chooses all parts used in a repair.
Those interviewed for the segment,
which also included a couple of repairers
and an Automotive Repair Expert, allege
that steering and use of alternative parts
is an insurance scheme to enhance their
profitability – at the expense of policy
holder safety.
In response to media requests asking
for comments about the CNN coverage, a
representative of the Insurance Information
Institute ( said:
“Insurers have a very high interest
in putting a repaired vehicle in a safe
condition. It’s the right thing to do and after
all they continue to insure those vehicles
and the people inside is important
to note that at all times consumers can
choose what centre to repair their vehicle.
Regulations covering insurance company
referrals, and what can or cannot be said,
vary from state to state.”
It is no longer an internal, industry debate
brought to the attention of local legislators
and insurance commissioners possibly
resulting in action taken on a state by state
basis. The CNN segment together with
the antitrust law and Blumenthal’s recent
letter suits have shifted the debate onto
the national stage. Is this a case of the “15
minutes of fame” often attributed to people
and issues brought to public attention, or
could this CNN segment open the door
for more external government scrutiny
of the collision repair industry? While the
events and process differ, collision repairer
allegations against insurers may shake
the US government awake, similar to the
situation a few years ago in Australia.
Karen Fierst is principal of KerenOr
Consultants which provides a variety
of services to all segments of the
collision repair industry. Fierst is a wellknown industry speaker and recipient of
numerous awards. She serves on the
Board of Directors of the National Auto
Body Council (NABC), is active in the
Collision Industry Conference (CIC) and
a number of other industry associations.
Roken Drill Sharpeners
Super High Tension, Boron, AHSS, HSS and TRIP are just some
of the very hard steels found in today’s modern vehicles and
drilling out spot welds in these metals is impossible without
the correct drill bit. Drill bits are available with three cutting
edges for drilling these steels, but they are very expensive and
cannot be resharpened.
Now you can purchase the SP-802 spot weld drill bit and a
Roken Drill Bit Sharpener. With the SP-802 you can drill out 5000
spot welds in BMW, Volvo and Mercedes-Benz vehicles and up to
14,000 spot welds in other high-strength steels, using your Roken
Drill Bit Sharpener to keep it sharp.
Two Models: S-100 for $1200 and S-1000K for $1950 (plus GST)
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Plastic Repair
Still The Fastest
Finixa innovative plastic repair system will have you repairing
all manner of plastics components in a simple and easy way
with super-fast repair times.
The system comes in three speeds – a fast 90 seconds, a medium
three minutes and a slow – under 30 minute – set of total repair
times! The handy kit comes with all you will need to repair like a pro.
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Finixa Tyre
And Plastic Gel
Silicone Free
Finixa black tyre gel can be applied
with the POL 33 foam pad to make
tyres deep black and leaving them
shining for a very long time. Also
suitable for refurbish non-painted
plastic black parts.
It covers up polish residual and
faded plastic trims, and leaves
plastic parts looking great for long
Contact Bodyline on 0488 590 059.
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BodyShop News | March 2015
South-west Sydney area
CMC booth with all extras –
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Smash Repair Business in Rural/Regional QLD
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business. Established over 25 years in
Melbourne’s eastern suburbs.
We work with all major insurers.
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Sales, Repairs, Service
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Lic for panel beating/spray painting and
mechanical repairs
Two storey building, well established.
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150sqm 1st floor office space,
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redeveloping area.
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Get regular updates on the
collision repair industry at
42 | March 2015
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Process, Planning, Productivity, Profit
• Full downdraught with metal
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commissioned (Excluding
Civils & Ducting)
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• Latest gas fired infra-red
• Excellent ‘Italian’ build quality
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