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Running in warm weather
However well prepared or experienced you are, it is
absolutely essential to be properly equipped to get
the most out of running in warm weather.
With the Mix&Run, Kiprun and Kiprace outfits, …
armbands, …
and with Eliorun and Kiprun running shoes, …
runners of every profile can fully enjoy their run.
Run n i n g i n wa r m we at h e r • K AL EN JI p re s s re le a s e S p ring - S u m m e r 2014
Kalenji Mix&Run:
a range of products, for men and women, which
can be mixed and matched to your heart’s content.
There are 480 different combinations possible for women with
24 different models in all – 16 tops and 9 bottoms – which can be mixed
and matched until your heart’s content. The products are also designed
to match the Eliorun shoes and developed to run with music.
Kalenji’s Mix&Run brilliantly combines a 100% running style with
specific technical features. “Cotton feel“ = ultra-soft, Equarea
technology = quick drying… the Eliofeel and Elioplay collections
wick away sweat efficiently making your run more comfortable. Added
bonus: the women’s tops contain specific textile fibres that trap the
molecules that generate nasty odours.
Mix&Run collection
fr om 9.95€ - £9.99 to 14.95€ - £12.99
depending on the model
Run n i n g i n wa r m we at h e r • K AL EN JI p re s s re le a s e S p ring - S u m m e r 2014
Kalenji MIX&RUN “distinctively feminine”
The Eliofeel tops are very feminine with “cross-over” v-necks on the T-shirts
and a “puckered” effect on the vests. The opening in the back is both technical
– it helps with ventilation – and feminises – the little detail that makes all the
difference. The same feature is present on the “Comfort” crop top so they overlay
to perfection. The two-tone and even three-tone colour schemes on the tops
make it possible to coordinate a maximum of Elioplay bottoms to create the
perfect Kalenji Mix&Run style.
Up top…
Ideally positioned headphone holes.
Low waist for easy mix and match with cycling shorts or knee tights.
Zipped pocket for keys or energy gels.
Elioplay shorts
Size 36 to 46
4 colours,
14.95€ - £12.99
Elioplay skirt
“Non-slip” waistband
Size 36 to 46
2 colours,
14.95€ - £12.99
Down below…
Cleverly integrated smartphone pocket.
Ultra-comfortable high ergonomic waistband, no drawstring required.
3/4 running
Size 36 to 46
4 colours,
14.95€ - £12.99
knee tights
Eliofeel T-shirts
Eliofeel vests
Size 36 to 48
4 full colours, 9.95€
2 prints, 12.95€ - £12.99
Size 34 to 46
4 models,
12.95€ - £9.99
Size 36 to 46
4 colours,
14.95€ - £12.99
Run n i n g i n wa r m we at h e r • K AL EN JI p re s s re le a s e S p ring - S u m m e r 2014
Comfort crop top
The first running crop top to compliment the bust whilst guaranteeing 28%
more support than a standard bra, Kalenji’s “Comfort” benefits from a
breathable construction with no cup seams, and the Supportiv® guarantees
suitable running support.
ELIORUN women’s shoes
With Eliorun, Kalenji aims to appeal to runners looking for something a little bit different,
in terms of their technical features and their audacious style. Extremely comfortable on
the feet and on the eyes, Elioruns are a perfect combination of flexibility, lightness and
cushioning. A step away from traditional styles of running shoes, they are suitable for
Size XXS to XL - 2 full colours and 3 prints - 24.95€ - £19.99
experienced runners looking for a spare pair or beginners looking for comfort and enjoyment every stride of the way.
Sizes: 36 to 42. 4 colours, 59.95€ - £44.99
Sweat evacuation
Breathable fabrics
and perforations
inside the cups.
Reduced chafing
Two cups built into
a single piece: no
seams inside.
Pre-shaped cups.
The bust is enhanced,
not flattened.
Freedom of
Swim-style back to
free up the shoulders.
Wide anti-chafing
Kalenji MIX&RUN “for men”
Sleek lines, lightweight and breathable components, soft feel... Eliofeel
and Elioplay clothing is a combination of technology and style. With
the subtle contrast of the stitching, a play on different fabrics and
different proportions, the 16 tops and 9 bottoms can be endlessly
mixed and matched to create a “Mix&Run” effect from head to toe.
Extremely lightweight and breathable thanks to the Equarealabelled fabric, the Elioplay bottoms are equipped with a
zipped smartphone pocket with headphone holes.
running tights
Size S to XXL
3 colours,
14.95€ - £12.99
Baggy Shorts
Size S to XXL
6 colours,
14.95€ - £12.99
Eliofeel T-shirt
Size S to XXL
8 colours, 9.95€ - £9.99
Eliofeel Tank Top
2 colours, 9.95€ - £9.99
Printed version
14.95€ - £12.99
Printed version
5 colours, 14.95€ - £12.99
Run n i n g i n wa r m we at h e r • K AL EN JI p re s s re le a s e S p ring - S u m m e r 2014
K-Ring cushioning built into the heel
ELIORUN men’s running shoes:
Mix&Run to the tips of your toes!
A real invitation to go running, the Elioruns stand out by the freedom they give you.
Ultra comfortable with an ergonomic insole, they are extremely light weighing a mere
295g in size 43. On the cushioning front, they are equipped with the exclusive K-Ring
cushioning concept consisting of a specific EVA foam part under the heel shaped like
a doughnut. You’ve guessed it – the K stands for Kalenji and the Ring for the shape.
Sizes: 39 to 47. 4 colours, 59.95€ - £44.99
Exclusive rear
Anti-chafing clothing
for maximum comfort and performance
For him:
The KIPRUN and KIPRACE T-shirts and vests benefit from “Equarea
Protect” technology. This protects the body from chafing whilst running,
such as irritation caused to the nipples.
This exclusive and patented component is the result of a mixed weave
combining polyester for sweat evacuation and polyamide for softness.
For her:
The whole KIPRACE women’s range uses seamless technology, notably
in the areas prone to chafing.
EQUAREA-labelled fabrics, extremely lightweight and soft, not to
mention specific assembly methods such as thermo welding and the
seamless concept, ensure maximum comfort whilst running.
The Kiprun and Kiprace clothing is designed and developed in
conjunction with the Kiprun performance shoes range creating the
perfect performance outfit.
KIPRUN & KIPRACE collections
fr om 9.95€ - £9.99 to 29.95€ - £24.99
depending on the model
Run n i n g i n wa r m we at h e r • K AL EN JI p re s s re le a s e S p ring - S u m m e r 2014
Breathable, lightweight and practical
• Athletic cut
• Equarea fabric and lateral
• Equarea fabric
ventilation zones
The winning comfort and performance trio:
• Zipped pocket in the back
• Zipped pocket in the back
• Equarea Protect anti-chafing technology
2 colours, 19.95€ - £16.99
2 colours, 24.95€ - £19.99
• no seams under the armpits
• ultra-soft and breathable mesh component
3 colours - T-shirt: 19.95€ - £16.99
3 colours - Vest: 9.95€ - £9.99
The zip version for optimum
ventilation, is equipped
• Equarea Protect anti-
The KANERGY running tights are SUPPORTIV-approved.
Compression applied to different parts of the thighs
(bottom, middle and top) enhances blood circulation
and reduces muscle fatigue. This results in optimum
comfort and reduced muscle pain thanks to a reduction
in muscle vibration whilst running.
chafing technology
Lightweight is its “Lightmotiv”. The T-shirt weighs
• no seams under the
Further clever features:
only 110g and the vest 80g in size L.
• Zipped pocket in the back
… in conjunction with comfort:
• big ventilation zones in
• Reflective elements built in to the seams
• Equarea Protect anti-chafing technology
the back and under the
arms to allow fresh air to
• Flat elastic waistband
• no seams under the armpits and big ventilation
zones in the back and under the arms.
T-shirt: 29.95€ - £24.99 / Vest: 24.95€ - £19.99
24.95€ - £19.99
RRP: 29.95€ - £24.99
Run n i n g i n wa r m we at h e r • K AL EN JI p re s s re le a s e S p ring - S u m m e r 2014
Inspired by underwear design,
for maximum freedom of movement
KIPRACE 3/4 Tights
• Very soft breathable Equarea fabric
• Wide elasticated wasteband
• Waistband assembled using seamless
thermo welding process.
• Zipped pocket
RRP: 29.95€ - £24.99
• Very soft breathable Equarea fabric
• Waistband assembled using seamless process
• Zipped pocket
RRP: 24.95€ - £19.99
DNA – Freedom of movement and comfort:
• Specific sleeve construction for the T-shirt and swim-style back
on the vest
• Ultra-light EQUAREA fabric, ultra-soft and ultra-breathable
• Very soft breathable Equarea fabric
•“Seamless” technology
• Zipped pocket sits flush on the side
RRP: 19.95€ - £16.99
• Quick-drying, doesn’t “stick” to the skin
• Thermo welded seam construction
2 colours. T-Shirt: 29.95€ - £24.99 / Vest: 24.95€ - £19.99
Run n i n g i n wa r m we at h e r • K AL EN JI p re s s re le a s e S p ring - S u m m e r 2014
your run in
Protect your head and take on lots of water! These are the absolute
basics: wear a cap to run in the sun and drink before and during your
run. Protecting your head prevents excessive heat absorption and
protects you from UV-rays. Adequate hydration remains, of course,
essential to getting the most out of your run.
Caps, visors, headbands, handheld bottles, hydration belts… not
to mention the Kalenji smartphone armbands and belts, will be
important allies during your summer outings.
fr om 5.95€ - £4.99 to 9.95€ - £9.99
depending on the model
Run n i n g i n wa r m we at h e r • K AL EN JI p re s s re le a s e S p ring - S u m m e r 2014
Sun protection
Wide headband to keep hair
in place and protect you from
Handheld bottle
the sun whilst preventing sweat
Extremely practical when it comes to
from running into your eyes.
drinking whilst running, the carry strap
2 colours, 5.95€ - £4.99
can be adjusted to all hand sizes.
Even small bottles of water will fit.
• Bottle volume: 600ml
• Weight when empty: 150g
• 1 zipped pocket
RRP: 9,95€ - £8.99
Protects you from the sun whilst
running and provides excellent
ventilation at the same time.
4 colours, 5.95€ - £4.99
Water Bottle Belt 600 ml
Fast and easy replenishment
whilst running with rigid, inclined
carrying system.
RRP: 9,95€ - £9.99
Made with breathable mesh for
maximum ventilation, this cap can
be adjusted behind the head using
the velcro strap.
2 colours, 8.95€ - £6.99
Run n i n g i n wa r m we at h e r • K AL EN JI p re s s re le a s e S p ring - S u m m e r 2014
Running to music
Highly practical with elastic
and velcro fastening system.
Easy access to your smartphone
via the transparent touchscreenfriendly window. No need to
remove it to use it whilst running!
RRP: 9.95€ - £9.99
Lightweight and discrete
elastic belt with a pocket
that sits flush to the stomach
to hold your smartphone in
place whilst running.
RRP: 7.95€ - £6.99
Run n i n g i n wa r m we at h e r • K AL EN JI p re s s re le a s e S p ring - S u m m e r 2014
PORTFOLIO • Images available on demand • Photo Credits © Kalenji 2014
Run n i n g i n wa r m we at h e r • K AL EN JI p re s s re le a s e S p ring - S u m m e r 2014
PORTFOLIO • Images available on demand • Photo Credits © Kalenji 2014
Run n i n g i n wa r m we at h e r • K AL EN JI p re s s re le a s e S p ring - S u m m e r 2014
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