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When designing a floor, the first question to ask yourself is
“How do I want to feel when I’m in this room?”
Alive with color? Sleek and modern? Calm and subdued?
The options are truly endless.
Your imagination is the only boundary.
This design guide will help you to explore the possibilities of
Marmoleum. Chances are if you can dream it, our skilled
flooring mechanics can install it. Imagine your home as you preview
the following pages. Remember the colors of your walls…
and the personalities of those who will dwell within them.
Your local dealer and qualified flooring mechanic can help you
create the living environment you’ve always imagined...
one that fits within your walls – and your budget.
Do you love the ocean? Think blues and natural beige tones.
Want to recreate the sunrise? Imagine reds and yellows.
Do you or your child love cars? Recreate your very own race track.
Look for the dollar signs ($-$$$$) at the bottom of each page for the
general price range of the floor installation featured. The cost of the
material will be consistent, but the labor costs can vary greatly based
upon your flooring design. The skill level your installer will need is
indicated by “Basic,” “Associate Mechanic” or
“Master Mechanic”. Also, be sure to read the “footnotes”
for additional design hints.
Marmoleum “colorways” are flooring options offered in 8 different patterns. Appearances can range
from soft to deep marble, to a cubed or splattered effect. Shades that appear soft and muted are
achieved by mixing three or four complimentary colors, while bolder shades combine seven or eight
contrasting colors to achieve a deeper, more heavily marbled visual. The chart below identifies each
color example, it’s color combinations and the colorway number codes.
Colorway Structure
Color Combinations
soft, muted marble
3 or 4 colors
medium marble
3 or 4 colors
29xx, 30xx, 31xx
strong marble
3 or 4 colors 3xx, 4xx, 5xx. 6xx, 7xx, 8xx, 9xx
bold marble
7 or 8 colors
34xx, 57xx
black, white & grey
medium cubed
2 or 4 colors
splatter effect
4 or 5 colors
medium cubed
7 or 8 colors
Single-colored rooms are simple, yet can make a bold statement.
Select warm colors to create an environment that reminds you
of a bright summer day or an evening sunset. Greens will bring
nature’s color indoors. Create a calm and relaxing atmosphere
with neutral colors, while blues will transport you to the ocean
shores with cool breezes. Want to create a room with urban flare?
Greys and blacks emit modern sophistication.
With Marmoleum, no two floors are ever the same. The random
marbling processes ensure your floor is one-of-a-kind.
• The “busier” the structure, the better dirt
concealment you’ll have in high-traffic areas.
• If you want to hide any seams, plan the
seam locations ahead of time.
Marmoleum tiles come in an
abundance of colorways. Start
with two tile colors and begin
your visual experiment. Align the
tiles in a grid format for a relatively simple installation. Change
the alignment 45 degrees and the
tiles take on a diamond shape.
Add a third color to create your
very own “quilted” pattern.
When selecting colors, choose
ear th tones for a soothing
environment, or combine brighter
shades for a definitive contrast.
Want your room to feel balanced
with a subtle charm? Combine
dif ferent
colors with another color of
• For a “diamond” pattern, align tiles on the “bias,”
at 45-degree angles to the walls.
• Because of room dimensions, you can also achieve a
border effect using sheet along the wall perimeters.
equal value.
Every floor begins as an empty space. When we add a visual
element to that space, we create spatial relationships between
the floor, walls and furniture.
Using simple, alternate color borders is an easy way to
enhance a room design. A border will frame your floor and
walls, or suggest a pathway or transition space.
Lighter areas encourage the eye to focus on darker,
high-contrast colors and can also create the illusion of space.
Darker colors are more dramatic and demand the eye’s
attention. Neutral or earth tone colors will make any space
more intimate.
• For better dirt concealment, use a lighter border
with deep or bold colors in the center... or use a
colorway that’s busier than it’s border.
Do you want your floor’s appearance to dance with
spontaneity, or reflect style and sophistication?
Dare to have it all. Combine Marmoleum sheets
and tiles with free-floating accents for a fun,
playful pattern.
• Experiment with borders within tile insets and without.
Want to duplicate a family crest? We can laser-cut
Marmoleum to match any pattern.
Marmoleum Borders can be customized to match
any color scheme and placed anywhere within a
room. Use them as their very own design elements
– create the illusion of the sun’s rays or a carpet
beneath your feet. Marmoleum’s customizable
borders are available in over 100 cool colors and
13 standard patterns.
• Borders don’t have to be parallel to the walls.
Think in terms of angles and accents. Use them
to suggest exits and entry ways.
Marmoleum allows your floors to inspire a
fantasy. With so many design and color options,
recreating a racetrack or the yellow brick road
will be a cinch. Would you like your media room
to mimic the big screen? Try dark colored walls
paired with complimentary colored flooring.
• Before you begin, make sure you have a clear idea of
what you would like to recreate. Although the raw
materials are relatively inexpensive, labor is critical to
creating a flawless flooring design. Be sure to involve a
master mechanic from idea conception.
• When combining different colorways, pay attention to the
interplay of different grains and patterns.
Marmoleum’s welding rod strips can help customize your floor design. Use them to create a
virtually seamless floor by welding the seams together with a matching color rod where pieces
of Marmoleum meet. Or integrate the welding rods as their own design elements in contrasting
colors, even when you don’t need to fill in the seams. See some of our samples below.
Matching Welds
3407 w/ multiweld
Contrasting Welds
3053 & 3131
3053 & 3131
No Weld Used
3405 w/ contrasting weld in pavestone design
3125 & 844
614 Charcoal, 621 Dove Grey,
846 Royal Blue
779 Sandstone, 5716 Amethyst,
3415 Purple Passion
5026 Summertime, 3828 Blue Heaven,
607 White Marble
3126 Kyoto, 3127 Bleecker Street,
3403 Asian Tiger
598 Burgundy, 614 Charcoal
435 Slate Green, 607 White Marble,
562 Apricot, 779 Sandstone
621 Dove Grey, 844 Midnight Blue
795 Butter, 846 Royal Blue
3409 Fairy Blue, 825 Elf Blue
3125 Golden Sunset,
3412 Rembrandt Palette
412 Cool Green, 3134 Azzuro
3160 Italian Pink, 3874 Walnut
With over 100 color options available in sheet and
30 in tile formats, all of Marmoleum’s rich colors are
created using environmentally responsible pigments…
just as nature intended. To view Marmoleum’s complete
color palette’s, pick up the “Stimulate Your Senses”
brochure at your local dealer.
412 Cool Green, 3182 Lapponia,
844 Midnight Blue,
3412 Rembrandt Palette,
3411 Sunny Day, 3874 Walnut
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