“Teal Lace Shaping Dress”

“Teal Lace Shaping Dress”
What little girl wouldn’t look adorable in this dress? With the use of
CustomWorks and SizeWorks from Designer’s Gallery you too can create this
stunning dress. The design was taken from the Ellisimo sewing and embroidery
Skill Level: Advanced
Created by: Missy Billingsley, Baby Lock Education Consultant
{Designer’s Gallery}Teal Lace Shaping Dress
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Baby Lock® Ellisimo sewing and embroidery machine
4″ x 4″ embroidery hoop
Designer’s Gallery® CustomWorks
Designer’s Gallery® SizeWorks
Pascal dress pattern from Sew Beautiful Magazine, issue #114 or dress
pattern of choice
5/8″ insertion lace for lace shaping
Baby Lock Tear-Away stabilizer
Madeira sewing and embroidery thread of choice
General sewing and embroidery supplies
Getting Started:
1. Save the chosen flower design from the Ellisimo to your computer. The
design is located in Embroidery/Embroidery Edit in the Exclusives
category under Flowers. See the design below in the illustration for the
design used.
2. Open CustomWorks by clicking the CW
icon on your computer
3. Select File>Open File and select the floral design to open in to
{Designer’s Gallery}Teal Lace Shaping Dress
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4. Once the design is on the screen, select all items
Sequence View and choose a color from the color palette. This will change
the design to a single color. Save the design as single color floral, this will
be used along the bottom edge of the dress.
5. While the design is selected, in the Transform window, using inches as
the measurement, change the height to 2.50 and make sure that Maintain
aspect ratio box has a check mark in it. Save this design as small floral and
it will be used in the bodice of the dress.
6. Your designs are ready to be stitched. Print
determine the layout for the lace shaping.
several templates to
Creating the Lace Shaping Design:
1. Use tracing paper to determine the shape of your lace design and how far
apart your designs need to be stitched. To start, cut off a piece of tracing
paper about 24 inches. Mark the center of the paper vertical and horizontal
by folding the paper.
2. Cut out the template of the designs just around the outside edges of the
design. Place the single color floral template at the center of the tracing
paper and tape in place.
{Designer’s Gallery}Teal Lace Shaping Dress
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3. Using a long or square ruler, draw a square around the floral design with
the design centered in the square.
4. Draw a line along the edge of the square and a second line 5/8″ away
from this line depending on the width of your lace insertion. That will give
you the start of your lace shaping design. The lines need to extend past the
points of the squares for the lace to be mitered.
5. Place the second design and draw a square around it, using and
connecting to the lines from the previous square.
6. Continue drawing lines along the edges of the squares with the designs
to find the overall lace shaped design that will go along the bottom of the
dress. It will look similar to this picture:
The green lines represent the overall center of the entire design. The pink
lines represent the centers of the next designs in the stitching sequence. The
black lines represent the lace shaping pattern to be followed. The designs
and lace shaped squared are continued all around the bottom hem of the
7. Using this same technique, use the bodice pattern of the dress and create
a lace shaped design that will fit with the smaller floral designs.
8. You are now ready to stitch your designs and shape your lace. Be sure to
mark the hem before you start the lace shaping along the bottom hem of the
dress so it is not longer than you like. Trace the bodice pattern on to the
fabric and cut out after stitching.
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{Designer’s Gallery}Teal Lace Shaping Dress
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