Most classes require you to bring materials with you. Some or all of these materials might not be available for
purchase at Stitch Lab, though we try to stock all materials for our classes to make it convenient for you! Some
classes also require you to bring a materials fee to pay directly to the instructor in class, for some or all of the
Hours are Monday - Saturday, 11am - 6pm, and from 1pm - 6pm on Sundays. If your class is scheduled early
in the morning the store will be closed for shopping, so you’ll need to purchase materials another day, before
your class date. If your class is starting during retail hours, please arrive at least 45 minutes before your class start
time to make your selections and be ready to start your class on time. Are you super indecisive? Arrive 2 hours
early! Remember there can be up to 10 other students trying to shop and check out at the same time right
before class, so that’s why you need to come super early or better yet, on another day before your class date.
Our shop gals are awesome at helping you in your materials selection process. You can check out the fabrics
available at the Stitch Lab here:
{NOTE} As a courtesy to your fellow students, please be on time. Class can not begin until all students are present.
Class 1 (fabric store) Please note the special class time for this first class only! Class meets at the fabric store
pattern catalogue tables. A list of approved pattern options is below (this is also included in the handout you’ll
receive in Class 1). We’ll look through pattern books to select an ideal pattern in your size and learn how to
use the information on the pattern envelope to pick out the ideal fabrics and notions needed for your pattern.
We’ll take a short tour of the store to learn about fabric types, notions and tools. Students may purchase their
materials at the end of the class if desired (occasionally one store may not have all the items you need which
may necessitate additional shopping outside of class time).
Stitch Lab does not carry many sewing patterns, and may not have any that are approved for this particular
class. If you’d like to purchase materials (fabric, thread, notions, etc) here at the Stitch Lab, please purchase
your fabric with enough time to wash, dry & iron it before your class! If you must purchase materials right before
your class, please arrive at least 45 minutes early to give yourself plenty of time to shop and check out. You can
check out the fabrics available at the Stitch Lab here:
Simplicity 1609 Jiffy 1960’s shift dress (size 6-22)
Simplicity 3833 Mod/Retro 1960’s A-Line dress (size 6-22)
Simplicity 1666 Lisette princess seam dress with full skirt (size 6-24)
Simplicity 2660 Misses/Plus Size V-neck dress with inverted pleats detail (size 10-28)
Vogue 8894 Hanky/Hi/Low Hem Dress (size XS-2X)
Vogue 8723 Square neck sundress with gathered skirt and size pocket option (size 8-22)
New Look 6020 Princess seam bodice and full skirt (size 8-18)
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New Look 6049 Project Runway mini-dress (without sleeves) (size 8-18)
New Look 6262 Dress with boat or V neck, gathered skirt (without sleeves) (size 10-22)
New Look 6125 A-line Shift with neckline and pocket variations (size 10-22)
New Look 6145 Shift dress with sleeve/sleeveless options (size 8-18)
New Look 6263 A-Line dress with neckline variations (size 8-18)
New Look 6643 V or Boat neck fitted sheath dress (size 10-22)
New Look 6886 Strappy or Cap sleeve sundress (size 8-18)
Simplicity 1559 Cigarette pants or capris (size 8-22)
McCall’s 6514 Pleated pants with flat front waist and elastic back waist (size 6-22)
McCall’s 6515 Bootcut, Straight, or Wide Leg pants options (size 6-22)
Butterick 5859 High waisted, straight legged pants (size 6-22)
New Look 6055 Elastic waist pants/shorts with pocket options (size 6-16)
Options for Men
McCall’s 2149 Men’s shirt, short sleeve versions only (size S-3X)
Simplicity 4760 Men’s shirt, View B or View A with short sleeves only (size S-XL)
Butterick 5537 Men’s pajama shirt short or long sleeve (size S-3X)
Kwik Sew 3792 Men’s shirt with contrast options (size S-2X)
New Look 6839 Women’s or men’s vest options (size XS-XL)
New Look 6036 Women’s or men’s vest options (size XS-XL)
Advanced Options
Simplicity 2648 Amazing Fit Darted Sheath Dress (size 6-24)
Vogue V8379 Wrap Dress with or without collar (size 8-22)
McCall’s M6554 Fashion Star Square neck dress with full inverted pleat skirt (size 8-24)
New Look 6049 (with sleeves) Project Runway mini-dress (size 8-18)
New Look 6567 Princess seams dress with sleeves and neckline variations (size 6-16)
New Look 6262 (with sleeves) dress with boat or V neck, gathered skirt (size 10-22)
Class 2 (in studio for remaining classes) Students bring their commercial pattern, pre-washed/dried fabric, sharp
scissors and the measurements we took in the fabric store to class. Students cut out pattern pieces and learn to
alter/customize their pattern to fit. We then pin the pattern to fabric according to pattern layout directions, cut
and mark all the pieces. You will not need your machine for this class.
Class 3 Students bring supplies listed below, we practice and review common pattern sewing terms and techniques and we begin stitching.
spool of matching thread
notions according to pattern info (i.e. interfacing, snaps, zips)
sharp scissors! My favorite is Fiskars Soft Touch Multi-Purpose or Razor Edged 8” scissors (inexpensive, but
superb). JoAnn, Wal-mart, Hobby Lobby and Michaels stock them regularly.
zipper foot if your pattern requires a zipper and you’re using your own machine
an empty bobbin if you’re using your own machine
ALSO, bring a Basic Sewing Kit consisting of:
• Scissors (we recommend Fiskars Soft-Touch Spring Action 8” Shears — they are affordable and easy to cut with)
• Thread snips
• Seam Ripper
• Assorted Machine Needles (most common sizes are 80/12, 90/14)
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Hem Gauge
Water and/or Air Erase marker (will last longer if you keep it in an air-tight ziploc bag)
Chalk pencil, or even better—a chalk cartridge set
Pin Cushion (We recommend a magnetic pin cushion over the classic tomato because it much faster to use.
You can make your own by putting a strong magnet inside of an Altoids tin.)
• Straight Pins (We use pearl-head pins because they are easy to grab and inexpensive, but also love glasshead pins and flat flower-head pins)
• Several empty bobbins if you’re using your own machine.
Not sure what the heck any of this stuff is? We’re SEW happy to help you at Stitch Lab, plus you get a 10%
discount on supplies for class. Here is a visual for some of the items—you may already have some of them!
Classes 4 and 5 Students continue and finish sewing their garment sewing project. For fitting purposes, wear
something like a fitted knit cami or tank, leggings, leotard or bathing suit under your clothes. Bra and underwear
is fine, too, if modesty is not a problem for you!
Students enrolled in a current or future class may take 10% off their class materials purchased at Stitch Lab (excluding books & patterns).
Again, if you’d like to purchase materials (fabric, thread, notions, etc) here at the Stitch Lab, please arrive at
least 45 minutes early to give yourself plenty of time to shop and check out! You can check out the fabrics
available at the Stitch Lab here:
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