2014 Auction Catalog

Auction Catalog
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Spring Valley High
Education Foundation
and the
2014 Auction Committee
Are Proud to Present
to benefit
Valley High
The 28th Annual Auction
of the
Spring Valley
Education Foundation
A Gift to Benefit Academics
at Spring Valley High School by
The Viking 28
Susan & Alan Brill, MD
Cycle Center ~ John & Wyndi Green
Da Vinci Financial Designs ~
Jim & Lindsay Agostini
Harry & Andee Dent
Ardrina Scott-Elliott
Sarat & Madhavi Gorrepati
Scott & Kristen Groseclose
Mona Hardin/Heather Presnal
Jennifer & Steve Harding
James & Greta Harper, MD
Kim & Mike Harris
Donette & Gerald Isreal
Henry Marion, M.D.~
Lexington Family Practice NE
Krista & Chris Mazoue, MD
Deb & Neil McLean
Mike & Janice Metzger
Susan Poole Moore
Ben & Sandy Nesbit
Harold & Melissa Pickrel
Ravi & Patrice Ravindra
Spring Valley Antique Mall ~
David & Karen Fechter
Danny & Diane Stubbs
Kela & Darrin Thomas
Bill Weathersbee~ State Farm Insurance
Marilyn Wilson ~ State Farm Insurance
Debbie & Peter Zvejnieks, MD
…NEXT YEAR: Be a part of the
Viking 29!
Express Check Out
It’s secure, simple and speedy!
Thanks to our new software, checking in and
checking out have never been easier. Simply
register your credit or debit card at the Check
In table. The Greater Giving Auctionpay
software and card processing are secure and
PCI Level 1 compliant so your information is
safe from compromise
You will be given a wristband with your bid
Show your band to purchase extra fun on the
auction floor including Refillable Wine/Beer
glasses ($15 or 2 for $25), “Prada” and “Gucci”
Mystery bags ($10 and $20 but worth so much
more!), Tokens for the 50/50-Trevi Fountain
Coin Toss ($20) and wine from the Wine Rack
($20 donation for a bottle worth at least $25) all
without getting out your wallet. All purchases
as well as live and silent auction winnings will
be charged to your account.
To check out, simply verify the list of your
purchases, sign the receipt and collect your
winnings. We want your money so you can still
make purchases or settle your account with a
check or cash at the end of the evening.
Wow, that was easy!
Special Thanks…………………………………………..1
SVEF 2013-2014 Board of Directors………………….2
Auction Committee Chairs……………………………..3
Auction Sponsors………………………………………..5
The Rules………………………………………………..6
Wine Wall………………………………………………10
Ticket Parties…………………………………………..11
Order of Events………………………………………..13
Live Auction: Chuck Cornwell, Auctioneer
Kevin Snow, Master of Ceremonies…….…….…....16
Silent Auction………………………………………….23
For You and Your Home……………………23
The Boutique………………………………...34
Sports & Celebrity…………………….……...40
Food, Drink, & Hospitality...........................46
Health & Beauty…………….………………51
Entertainment, Dining & Travel…………...57
Viking Zone…………………….…………...65
Viking Originals……………………………..76
Gucci & Prada Mystery Bags……………….79
We’re glad you’re here!
Bid Lively, Loudly,
and Often!
Special Thanks
Dr. Baron Davis, Principal
Jim Childers, Assistant Principal
Dr. Linda Silvernail, Assistant Principal
Rob Herron, Assistant Principal
BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina
Coca-Cola Bottling Company
Chris Walters
Laser Print Plus
Bill Weathersbee
Major Frank Ward & AFJROTC
Girls’ Basketball Team & Coaches
Josh Drews!
Kara Luke
Kim Bouchey
Olisa Ashford
Genny Letts
Sandy Marcotte
Dr. Mike Rodgers, SVHS Pre-Engineering
Doug Guthrie, SVHS Automotive
Mikel Trapp, SVHS Carpentry
Jonathan Mashack, SVHS Graphics
Ellen Jennings
Coach Collin Liggett & the Baseball Team
Dr. Patrick Hawkins & the Viking Singers
Dr. Janine Parnell & the SV Orchestra
Meredith McKenzie, Class of 2014
Sandy Nesbit
Susan Beebe
Debbie Easler & Kathryn Robinson, IT
Steve Wilson
Tim Hunter, SVHS AD
Debra Murphy
Dr Michelle Wyatt & Magnet Students
Jay Billingsley
The Member’s Club:
Charlie Potok, President
Mark Black, General Manager
Jim Hinson, Director of Tennis
By Seawell's Food Caterers
with contributions from
SVHS Culinary Arts, Clare Parker, and
Dolores Sebastian
Crescent Olive
Famously Frozen
SVEF 2013-2014
Board of Directors
Donette Isreal, President
Lindsay Agostini
Cynthia Bennett, Secretary
Paula Birch-Billingsley
Susan Brill, RSD2 Board Rep.
Dr. Baron Davis, Principal
E. Harry Dent, Jr.
Ben Duncan II
Ardrina Scott-Elliott
David Fechter
Kevin Fernald
Sarat Gorrepati
John Green, III
Scott Groseclose, VP Communications
Dr. Debbie Hamm, RSD2 Superintendent
James Harper
Kim Harris
Tania Islam
Deb McLean, VP Development
Mike Metzger
Susan Moore
Dr. Ben Nesbit
Tom Pietras, Treasurer
Kana Rahman
Ravi Ravindra
Mendel Rivers
Dr. Lars Seiler, Faculty Rep.
Danny Stubbs
Kim Maddux Walter, VP Programs
Dr. Michelle Wyatt, Director of Magnet Programs
Jonnie Corning, Executive Director
Fred Kotoske, Henry Marion, MD, and
Carole Pillinger, MD
La DolCE Vita
Committee Members
Auction Planner: Katie McDougall, Dotted I Events
Auction Coordinator: Jonnie Corning,
SVEF Executive Director
Jennifer Harding
Terri Sebastian
Heather Presnal
Mona Hardin
Susan Brill
Wendy McKenzie
Katie McDougall
Jane Whiteside
Ben & Sandy Nesbit
Ardrina Scott-Elliott
Marie Powell
Liz Sakarcan
Lindsay Agostini
Sara Braddock
Lang Kohel
Mike Metzger
Suzann Froelich
Kim Hubbard
Kim Harris
Laura Turnmire
Anne Marsha
Ambience, Catering & Publicity
Katie McDougall, Chair
Suzann Froelich & Kim Hubbard, Co-Chairs
Leigh Timmerman, Chair
Check In
Linda Bartley Bailey, Chair
Check Out
Suzanne Frierson & Lang Kohel, Co-Chairs
Catalog Data Entry & Descriptions
Terri Sebastian
Corporate Sponsors
Ravi Ravindra
Trevi Fountain 50/50
Katie McDougall, Chair
Marie Powell, Chair
Dr. Baron Davis
Live Auction & Champagne Tables
Stevie Johnson, Chair
Patrick Johnson
La Dolce Vita Logo Design
Raymond Keyes, Sun Printing
Prada & Gucci (Mystery) Bags
Wendy McKenzie & Laura Turnmire, Co-Chairs
Poster & Ticket Layout
Susan Wallick
Deputy Bill Weathersbee
Set Up
Kela Thomas, Chair
Silent Auction
Terri Sebastian
Social Media
Paula Birch-Billingsley
Meredith McKenzie, Class of 2014
SVEF Board Liaison
Kim Harris
Tear Down & Clean Up
David Fechter, Chair
Ticket Parties
Jennifer Harding, Chair
Ticket Sales
Mona Hardin & Dawn Moore, Co-Chairs
Magnet Ticket Sales
Sara Braddock, Chair
Wine Wall
Krista Mazoue, Chair
Thank you, generous sponsors,
for supporting academic success!
Lamborghini ~ $5,000
BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina
$1,000 ~ Alfa Romeo
International Engineering/CISCO/EMC
RGS Jostens
VM Ware Inc.
Fiat ~ $500
First Citizens Bank
IBM Global Healthcare Industries
John & Mary Gandolfo ~ JT’s Dodgeland & JT’s Kia
Viking 28 ~ $350
Susan & Alan Brill, MD
Cycle Center ~ John & Wyndi Green
Da Vinci Financial Designs ~ Jim & Lindsay Agostini
Harry & Andee Dent
Ardrina Scott-Elliott
Sarat & Madhavi Gorrepati
Scott & Kristen Groseclose
Mona Hardin/Heather Presnal
Jennifer & Steve Harding
James & Greta Harper, MD
Kim & Mike Harris
Donette & Gerald Isreal
Henry Marion, MD ~ Lexington Family Practice NE
Krista & Chris Mazoue, MD
Deb & Neil McLean
Mike & Janice Metzger
Susan Poole Moore
Dr. Ben & Sandy Nesbit
Michelle Nicholson
Harold & Melissa Pickrel
Ravi & Patrice Ravindra
Spring Valley Antique Mall ~ David & Karen Fechter
Danny & Diane Stubbs
Kela & Darrin Thomas
Marilyn Wilson ~ State Farm Insurance
Debbie & Peter Zvejnieks, MD
Vespas ~ $250
Janice Baldwin
Enviro AgScience ~ Dr. Louis Lynn
Kana Law ~ Kana Rahman
Kim & Chris Walter
Karen & Andrew White
The Rules
You will be given a bid number when you check in and
sign the register. You must have a bid number in order
to place a bid in the silent or live auction.
Spring Valley High School assumes no responsibility
for the authenticity or condition of any item offered.
SVHS makes no warranty or guarantee except
manufacturers’warranty. Values listed are as stated by the
donor. Values indicated for some items are estimates
and are not warranted by SVHS. All sales are final.
Items are sold “as is.” No exchanges or refunds will be
By his or her purchase, the buyer waives any claims
for liability against SVHS or its donors. SVHS is not
responsible for any personal injuries or damages that
may result from the use of property or services sold.
SVHS reserves the right to withdraw any item at any
time before the actual sale. The Auction Coordinator
will act as final authority on any bidding dispute.
All certificates for items and services must be
used before their expiration date. No exceptions.
If no expiration dates are printed, the certificate
must be used or redeemed by December 15, 2014.
Auction items must be removed the evening of the
auction unless other arrangements are made at checkout.
SVHS cannot be held liable for items that are not
taken home the night of the auction. There will be a
$10 fee added to bid total for any items not picked
up and paid for at the event.
Payment by the successful bidder must be made in full
before closing. Cash, checks made payable to SVEF,
Visa and Mastercard will be accepted. Bidders should
pay for their items in the check-out area where they
will receive their paid receipts and be directed to pick
up their items.
1. Silent auction areas will open at 6:00 pm and all
silent bidding will close promptly when time is called.
2. Each item will have its own bidding sheet.
3. Your bid number must be legible. If the spotters
are unable to read your number, the next highest
bid number will be declared the winner.
4. There will be pre-printed minimum bids and a
minimum raise on every item. You will enter your
bidding number on the next available line. Your
bid number will be disqualified unless your bid
meets those requirements.
The Rules, continued
5. The last bidding number appearing on the bid
sheet with the highest bid amount will be highlighted
or circled and initialed by the volunteer staffing that section
on the night of the auction.
6. Bids placed after the bidding is closed will be disqualified.
7. Check-out will open at 9:00 pm after all bids
have been tallied. No one will be allowed into the
check-out area until 9:00 pm.
1. The Live Auction will begin immediately after the
silent auction closes and will continue until all items are
2. To enter a bid, the bidder must raise his or her
number high enough to attract the attention of the
auctioneer or one of the spotters.
3. All sales are final upon pronouncement by the
Auctioneer of the name of the Bidder, his or her
number or the word “SOLD.” A volunteer
will bring a contract to the successful bidder to be
completed and signed. The completed and signed
contract will then be delivered to Check-Out. Purchaser
must have a paid receipt from the cashier before
redeeming an item.
Under Section 6115 of the Internal Revenue Code, the
SVEF is required to inform the patrons of its auction
as to the portions of your contributions that may be
tax deductible.
If, with respect to any contribution made by you to
the SVEF, you receive goods or services in return,
your contribution is deductible for federal income tax
purposes only to the extent that its value exceeds the
fair market value of goods and services received by
you from the SVEF.
For the purposes of determining the tax deductibility
of your expenditures for the purchase of auction tickets,
and for the purchase of auction items, we advise
that you consult your own tax advisor for advice as
to the tax deductibility of your contributions to the
Help Fund An Item
It’s Fast, Fun & Tax Deductible! This is a unique and
simple way for you to help SVHS. During the Live
Auction, bidding will be open for everyone to
financially contribute to an item or a need highly
sought after by the school. Contributing to a FundAn-Item is a fun and lively way to help ensure Viking
Fund-An-Item #1 In-house SAT Prep Workshops
Free for up to 200 students
(Amount needed to fund: $2,000.00)
Organized by the Guidance Department and presented
by the Math Department including Presidential AwardWinning math teacher, Matt Owens. Fully funding this
item will allow 200 students to attend a free SAT
Saturday math workshop and 200 students to attend a
free SAT Saturday reading workshop.
Fund-An-Item #2 Cannon EOS 5D
Mark III DSLR Camera Kit with lens for Media
(Amount needed to fund: $4,000.00)
Moving images (tv, commercials, youtube, and
Hollywood movies) are the largest industry in America
today. We want to take SVHS's Media Arts, Advanced
Media Arts and Photography classes (hundreds of
students each year and growing) to the next level with a
professional video camera. This will allow students to
learn to shoot and film based on goals identified in the
SC Visual Arts and Media Arts Standards. We will
explore film history and technology, popular culture,
the effect of literature on movies, as well as critical
theories and perspectives. These classes are ready to
best empower students with the creative thinking and
media literacy skills they need to be successful
communicators in the 21st century.
Trevi Fountain
50/50 Coin Toss
Ciao Amici!
Legend says a coin tossed in Trevi Fountain will
guarantee your return to the magical city of Rome.
Toss a coin in the Spring Valley Fountain and you may
win a cash prize. Simply purchase two numbered coins
for $20 from the volunteers circulating on the auction
floor. Make your way over to our “Trevi Fountain”
and give one a toss and keep the other in a safe place.
During the Live Auction, a coin will randomly be
chosen from the fountain. If the number matches
yours, you will win half the total coin proceeds! The
best news-- SVEF wins the other half! The more coins
you purchase, the better your chance of winning!! Buy
early and buy often.
New this year!
Wine Wall
“In vino veritas” means “In wine there is truth,” and the
truth is that this is a wonderful way to try a bottle of
vino fantastico! All bottles, although masked, have a
retail value of $25 or more, with most valued at over
$30. Purchase a bottle for $20 from the attendant,
write your name on the bottle of your choice. Your
selection will be available for pick up at check out. You
are sure to discover a new favorite. “La vita `e troppo
breve per bere vino cattivo,” “Life is too short to drink bad
wine.” Cin-Cin!
What’s Hot and Not To Be Missed?
Ticket Parties!
Get your “ticket” to the best events in Columbia! Some
Spring Valley parents have planned these events for your
enjoyment. Choose the one (or both) that you can't wait to
attend and sign up on the appropriate list at the TICKET
PARTY TABLE! Get some friends to join you or make
some new ones. Come ready to have a great time as your
hosts will take care of everything. Sign up early as spaces are
limited. First come, first served. For both events, tickets are
transferable but not refundable. See you there!
Wine Tasting, Food and Music
This wine tasting is for everyone from the connoisseur wine
enthusiasts to novices. Mix and mingle while you sample a
flight of wines presented by an expert and friendly
sommelier, Mr. David Allison, Spring Valley Director of
Bands. Fabulous hors d’oeuvres, wonderful music and
perhaps a new favorite wine will be discovered. The wines
of the evening will be available for sale at the event. Beer
and soft drinks will also be served. Friday, April 11,
6:30pm at the home Don and Gail Harrison.
18 people -- $40 per person.
Hosted by: Gail Harrison, Jennifer Harding and Katie
One Day Wine Trip to NC Wineries
Sit back and let us take care of the details. Enjoy a one day
wine tour to 3 award-winning North Carolina Wineries. We
will leave Columbia early morning and return early evening
on Saturday, April 5. We will travel by a 14-passenger
luxury coach to Childress Winery for wine tasting and lunch
and then continue to two other boutique wineries for
tastings before returning to Columbia. Light hors d’ oeuvres
will be provided for the trip home. Your favorite wines will
be on sale at each of the wineries. We will learn about the
fast-growing popularity of the NC Wineries and how they
got started. This will be a fun-filled day that you won’t want
to miss!
14 people --$125 per person.
Hosted by: Jennifer Harding
is proud to support
'La Dolce Vita'
28th Annual Auction
The Spring Valley Education
Order of Events
6:00 PM
Heavy hors d’oeuvres
SVHS Orchestra
Silent Auction begins
Prada & Gucci Mystery Bags until sold out
7:30 PM
Silent Auction sections begin closing
8:00 PM
SVHS AFJROTC Presentation of Colors
Viking Singers
SVHS Cheerleaders
8:10 PM
Live Auction begins
9:00 PM
Check out opens
Thank You,
BlueCross BlueShield of SC
for printing our catalog,
and for your years of support!
BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina
Is an independent licensee of the
Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association
Live Auction
1 Fiesta!
Instant fiesta -- just add piñata! Your to-go Moe's fajita
bar will be ready for pick up and includes generous
portions for 20 people. Famously Frozen will pull up
in your yard ready for self serve frozen drinks of your
choosing (you provide the alcohol). Lance Roper will
provide three hours of live entertainment with soothing
but powerful voice and acoustic guitar. Simple sound,
familiar songs, good food, great memories.
Donors: Moe’s - Riggs Partners
Famously Frozen
Cathy Jansen and Lance Roper Music
Value: $685.00
2 Rock Climbing Experience
Join Spring Valley's Ropes Course Manager and
experienced rock climber, Jeff Gregory, on a private
back-country climbing adventure specifically tailored to
the needs, skill level and interests of the bid-winner.
This full-day adventure for a party of 1 to 3 (over 18
years if age) adults will take place on a date agreeable to
you and to Mr. Gregory. North Carolina destination
possibilities are Looking Glass Rock in Brevard; Table
Rock in Linville Gorge; Stone Mountain; or Crowder's
Mountain in Gastonia.
Donor: Jeff Gregory, SVHS Biology Teacher and
Ropes Course Manager
Value: Priceless
3 Tour of Italy Private Wine Tasting
Stimulate your senses with mesmerizing bouquets of
sparkling, white, and red wines. Refresh your taste
buds with Prosecco and crisp whites from the north of
Italy and then dazzle them with bold and captivating
reds from the south. Invite 20 people to this Inspiring
Taste of Italy wine tasting in the private room at Total
Wine & More. A wine expert will be on hand to
present and discuss each of 8 different wines in a class
or walk-around event. You can instead choose the
California Dreaming or Tour de France theme for your
private tasting.
Donor: Total Wine and More
Value: $500.00
4 Savannah Get-Away
Slip away to nearby historic and beautiful Savannah.
Your get-away package include a night’s lodging and 3
course dinner at the historic (and possibly haunted)
17Hundred90 Inn where you will experience the
unhurried luxury and attention to detail of times gone
by. Make an appointment for a private walking tour of
the city and at your leisure, take a carriage ride to relax
and experience the “Hostess City of the South” from a
different perspective.
Restrictions: All experiences expire February 22, 2015.
No Gratuities are included for inn, restaurant, walking,
or carriage tour. Reservations are required for inn,
restaurant, and walking tour.
Donors: 17Hundred90 Inn & Restaurant
Mickey Dodge, Licensed Savannah Tour Guide
Plantation Carriage Company
Value: $700.00
5 Fund-An-Item #1 In-house SAT Prep
Workshops Free for up to 200
This item is organized by the Guidance Department
and presented by Presidential Award- Winning math
teacher, Matt Owens. Fully funding this item will allow
200 students to attend a free SAT Saturday math
workshop and 200 students to attend a free SAT
Saturday reading workshop.
Amount needed to fund: $2,000.00
6 Golf with the Principal
Principal Dr. Baron Davis will round out your
foursome for the 14th annual Viking Golf Tournament
on Wednesday, September 24 at the Members Club at
Donor: Spring Valley Education Foundation Golf
Value: $340.00
7 One Year Full Club Membership at
Cobblestone Park Golf Club
Enjoy unlimited golf, driving range with balls, access to
tennis, pickle ball, fitness center, gym, pool, sports field
and member socials. Your Cobblestone membership is
reciprocal at the Capital City Club and Palmetto Club.
Donor: Cobblestone Park Golf Club
Value: $2,500.00
8 2014 Hardrock Mountain Bike
Hit the trails with this 21-speed mountain bike. The
Specialized Hardrock Mountain Bike is a very durable,
but lightweight model. Tonight's model is 17- inch and
red, but can be fully exchanged at the Cycle Center for
not only any size or color, but for any bike with a $440
trade in value.
Donor: Cycle Center
Value: $520.00
9 Fund-An-Item #2: Professional Video
Camera for Media Arts
Cannon EOS 5D Mark III DSLR Camera Kit
with lens
Moving images (tv, commercials, youtube, and
Hollywood movies) are the largest industry in America
today. We want to take SVHS's Media Arts, Advanced
Media Arts and Photography classes (hundreds of
students each year and growing) to the next level with a
professional video camera. This will allow students to
learn to shoot and film based on goals identified in the
SC Visual Arts and Media Arts Standards. We will
explore film history and technology, popular culture,
the effect of literature on movies, as well as critical
theories and perspectives. These classes are ready to
empower students with the creative thinking and media
literacy skills they need to be successful communicators
in the 21st century.
Amount needed to fund: $4,000
10 Fish Fry With All The Fixin's for
Entertain in style, without ever entering the kitchen!
Invite the whole gang and let Dr. Ben Nesbit and crew
do all the work for a fish fry with all the fixin's for 25.
This fish fry is an annual auction favorite!
Restrictions: Contact Dr. Nesbit to schedule a mutually
agreed-upon date and time.
Donor: Dr. Ben Nesbit and Crew
Value: $400.00
11 1999 Eddie Bauer Ford Explorer
Conquer the wilderness or the junior lot in a rugged
Eddie Bauer Ford Explorer. With 260,000 miles and
no a/c, this vehicle is waiting for someone tough
enough to take it on!
Restrictions: Pre-owned; sold as is; no guarantee or
warranty; a/c does not work
Donor: Doug Guthrie, SVHS Automotive
Value: $1,800.00 Minimum Bid $750.00
12 Super Car Driving Experience
When you have a need – a need for SPEED, bid on
this and satisfy it with 3 laps on your own in the super
car of your choice – Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche,
Audi, etc. at the Carolina Motorsports Park in Camden.
Your experience will be captured on video and
included in your prize.
Restrictions: Available dates are March 21, 22, & 23 or
July 31, August 1, 2 or 3
Drivers must be 18 years or older and have a valid
driver’s license.
Ride-along passengers must be 10 years or older
Track insurance must be purchased (starting at $39)
Donor: Xtreme Xperience
Value: Value $335
13 A Week's Lodging in St. Thomas, VI
Choose from one of three resorts for a 7-day, 6-night
stay for two.
Bluebeard's Castle is located downtown and is the place
to be if shopping and sight-seeing are your thing. The
Elysian Beach Resort is a tropical paradise on the
eastern end of the island and is close to St. Johns, BVI.
Or choose the Sapphire Beach Resort with a beach on
the property and lots of water sports.
Restrictions: Contact Alrick Elliott at (340) 998-6696 to
make your reservation at least 60 days in advance.
Your reservation date will be based on availability.
Donor: Ted Rohan
Value: $1,500.00
14 2014-2015 Reserved Parking Space
Bypass the bumper cars (aka junior lot) and slide right
into this coveted, prime reserved parking spot.
Restrictions: Winner of the reserved spot must have a
valid driver's license when the 2014-2015 school year
begins. This spot is allotted for one student/one car
and may not be used for a carpool of drivers. Minimum
bid is $300.
Donor: Dr. Baron Davis, SVHS Principal
15 Orlando Resort Condo Vacation
Enjoy seven nights in a 3-bedroom, 3-bathroom
condominium just 5 minutes away from Walt Disney
World. This resort condo sleeps 8 (with 2 king beds, 2
twin beds and a sleeper sofa) and includes use of pool
and spa. If you need a break from all of that relaxing,
enjoy a day at Disney with the 4 included one-day Park
Hopper Passes. Don't forget to visit Epcot's Italy
Condo offer Expires February 22, 2015.
Disney Hopper Passes expire January 11, 2016.
Donors: Brad & Heather Presnal
Walt Disney World Co.
Value: $2,496.00
16 1992 Mercedes
The vintage 1992 Mercedes 300d has a new cylinder
head thanks to the advanced automotive students
under Mr. Guthrie's tutelage. With a mere 230,000
under its belt and great tires, this car is an auto
collector's dream or an especially cool ride to transport
your teen safely to work and school.
Restrictions: pre-owned; diesel engine; as is; no
guarantee or warranty.
Donor: Doug Guthrie, SVHS Automotive
Value: $3,000.00 Minimum Bid $1,500.00
Silent Auction
With a “Buy It Now” bid, guarantee your win
with a bid of 200% of retail value on most silent
auction items. Once a “Buy It Now” bid is made,
the item is SOLD!
For You and
Your Home
100 "La Dolce Vita" Original Glass
Mosaic artist, Marie Powell, interprets tonight's theme
into an original work of art. This hand-made glass tile
mosaic will remind you to always live "La Vita Dolce."
Donor: Marie Powell
Value: $140.00
101 Necktie by Vineyard Vines
Vineyard Vines wonders "what good is a good life if
you can't share it with others?" That's a whale of
statement and they backed it up by donating one of
their beautiful 100% silk neckties in navy blue
patterned with their iconic pink whale.
Donor: Vineyard Vines
Value: $75.00
102 Fuzzy Dice Car Care Package
Whether it's a Chevette or a Lamborghini, your ride
deserves special treatment to keep it looking good and
running smoothly This package includes an Oreck
Auto Vacuum (with travel case), a Rainbow Wash from
Franks, an oil change & tire rotation from Danny's
Automotive -- and of course, a pair of fuzzy dice.
Restrictions: Oil change and tire rotation offers expire
May 31, 2014.
Donor: All Vacuums
Danny's Automotive, Inc.
Frank's Car Wash
Value: $124.00
103 Pest Control
Webster defines pest as "a person or thing that annoys,
especially by imposing itself when it is not wanted." Summers
All Season Pest Control can only help you with those
pests with four or more legs, and they do a darn good
Restrictions: Expires December 15, 2014.
Donor: Summers All Seasons Pest Control
Value: $75.00
104 South Carolina - State of the Heart
In this anthology of heartfelt recollections of place,
over 30 nationally and regionally recognized writers
share stories and essays on the South Carolina places
that they cherish. Artfully edited by Aida Rogers with a
forward by Pat Conroy, "State of the Heart," is book
you'll savor --essays and illustrations alike. The
included weather-resistant state flag is an outward
display of your own love of the Palmetto State and is
certified to have flown over the South Carolina State
Donor: USC University Press
Senator Joel Lourie
Value: $57.00
105 Granite Cutting Board with Wine
This cutting/serving board is a decorative and
functional item crafted from natural granite. The
included bottle of wine is also a favored item from
nature's bounty.
Donor: Nature's Creations Inc.
Quinby Beverage
Value: $60.00
106 Smathers & Bronson Gamecock
Wallet and Key Fob Set
Tuck in a couple of hundreds and this timelessly-styled
needlepoint and leather Gamecock wallet and key fob
set from Brittons will make a great gift for a dad or
grad. Voted Columbia Metropolitan's "Best Men's
Clothing Store" for 2014, Brittons specializes in
clothing and accessories for men and women.
Donor: Brittons
Value: $135.00
107 Royal Flush Gift Basket
The librarians had to be shushed while they were
planning this fun basket featuring several Uncle John's
Bathroom Readers, Poopouri, the softest toilet tissue
money can buy and several other bathroom essentials.
Donor: Susan Adams & Terri Sebastian,
Media Center, Spring Valley High School
Value: $100.00
108 Preparation of Will
But seriously folks, this isn't something you should
keep putting off. Make an appointment with Mr.
Spillane to have simple wills prepared and filed for you
and your spouse.
Restrictions: Expires December 1, 2014.
Donor: Spillane Law Office
Value: $300.00
109 Furniture Restoration Products
Keep your antiques looking new with these
professional furniture restoration products!
Donor: Spring Valley Antique Mall
Value: $35.00
110 Memory Upgrade & Computer Bag
That's a computer memory upgrade! You can choose to
upgrade your computer or use the value as a credit for
any other computer service at I-David. Transport your
laptop safely to and from the shop in the included
sturdy and functional computer bag.
Donor: I David Computers
Value: $149.00
111 Scout "Mighta Bins"
These stylish folding bins in "Gettin Dot in Here"
pattern by Scout are a perfect place to stash small items
but are much too cute to be relegated to the closet!
Donor: Scout by Bungalow
Value: $40.00
112 Professional Carpet Cleaning
If your carpet looks like your family won a grape
stomping competition and rushed straight home to
show you their trophies, you could probably use this
professional carpet cleaning from ServPro!
Restrictions: Includes up to 3,000 square feet of
residential, installed carpet. No rugs, please.
Donor: ServPro of Richland County
Value: $600.00
113 Office Supply Basket
Do you have to steal items from home to take TO
work? If so, replace those lost items with this basket of
office supplies including a desk set, paper shredder,
office supplies (stapler, pens, pencil, etc.), and more.
Donor: Gerald & Donette Isreal, SVEF Board
Value: $60.00
114 Stationery Basket
The tradition of the handwritten note will never go out
of style and with this assortment of stationery at your
fingertips, it can remain as stylish and simple as ever.
Included are South Carolina mini-pad folio, journals,
notebooks, designer computer paper and Post-It
Donor: Cynthia Bennett, SVEF Board Member
Value: $40.00
115 Sleep Number Sateen Twin Sheet Set
The prime of the Sleep Number line, these Pima
Cotton Sateen Extra Long Twin Sheets, in celery-ish
willow, will get softer with every washing.
Donor: Marty & Lynn Roth
Value: $99.00
117 Smathers and Bronson Gamecocks
For the gentlemen's room, a set of four Smathers &
Bronson Gamecock needlepoint coasters is presented
in a cherry caddy.
Donor: Brittons
Value: $75.00
118 New Puppy Basket
Instant love: Just add puppy. This assortment of
supplies will help you get started with your new best
friend. Included are a sheepskin mat, treats, toy, car
seat cover, water & food bowls with mat.
Donor: Sandy Nesbit
Value: $56.00
119 Pressed Wine Bottle with Wine -- Art
or Evidence?
Think how many of these you could fit into your
recycle bin! Art Teacher Kara Luke thinks "outside the
bin" with this creation.
Donor: Kara Luke, Art Teacher
Spring Valley High School
Quinby Beverage
Value: $30.00
120 Chimney Cleaning and Inspection
A "Best of Columbia" Hall of Fame Award proves
Mary Poppins wrong: A sweep isn't only as lucky as
lucky can be -- it takes great customer service, too.
This certificate is for chimney inspection and cleaning
(which should be performed yearly), but Top Hat
Sweepers also specializes in chimney caps, bird &
animal rescue, relining & restoration and dryer vent
Restrictions: Certificate is good for free service
February 1 through August 31. Service is discounted
50% September 1 through January 31.
Donor: Top Hat Sweepers
Value: $270.00
121 Whimsical Christmas Serving
The best thing about this Christmas items package is
that it is ready to be put away in the included heavy
duty tote. Next year, they'll be ready for service.
Besides the tote, your Whimsical Christmas package
includes "Wake Up, Santa" hand painted chip and dip
server; Fitz & Lloyd "Snack Therapy Santa" Serving
Dish; and a 4-piece beverage serving set.
Donor: Marty & Lynn Roth
Value: $110.00
122 Annual Pet Examination
Fluffy makes you so happy--keep her happy and
healthy, too, with regular care. Gregg Animal Hospital
donated this annual canine or feline exam including
labs and vaccinations.
Donor: Gregg Animal Hospital
Value: $150.00
123 Pet Bed and Treats
Eat, sleep, play. Repeat. Your pampered pooch will
love this new bed-ful of yummy treats and fun toys.
Donor: Mill Creek Pet Food Center
Value: $100.00
124 Cloud 10 Heating and Air
Conditioning Membership
Famously Hot Columbia isn't so cool when your air
conditioning stops working in the heat of summer.
This one-year membership includes equipment
maintenance, inspection, cleaning, and other benefits
and discounts. 2nd Wind Heating and Air Conditioning
generously donates this to us and they thank you, their
customers, for voting them "Best Heating & Air
Service" for nine consecutive years.
Restrictions: For one unit
Donor: 2nd Wind Heating and Air Conditioning,
Value: $208.00
126 Granite Cutting Board with Wine
Meal preparation will be fantastico with a lovely granite
cutting board to work on and a little vino to add some
fun to the task.
Donor: Real Value Granite & Marble, Inc.
Quinby Beverage
Value: $70.00
127 Digital Photography Class
Just because your little subjects are now teenagers
doesn't mean that they won't be doing something cute
now and then. Be ready to capture the moment with
the first shot because they won't be posing for you to
fumble around with your camera. Go to
snapclasses.com to schedule your digital photography
Donor: Michael Koska Photography
Value: $50.00
128 Digital Photography Class
Join the paparazzi, and learn to take la bella foto every
time, with a digital photography class from Michael
Koska Photography. Go to snapclasses.com to
schedule your class.
Donor: Michael Koska Photography
Value: $50.00
129 35mm Preowned Minolta Camera
Go old school with this gently used 35mm Minolta
Maxxum 50 camera with 2 lenses and carrying case.
Since this is donated from the sheriff's department's
confiscation collection, it might be worth the price just
to see what is on the film inside!
Restrictions: This camera is sold as is.
Donor: Richland County Sheriff's Department
Value: $50.00
130 Furniture Restoration Products
The Fechters at Spring Valley Antique Mall know the
best products to use to restore and care for your
Donor: Spring Valley Antique Mall
Value: $35.00
131 Complete Canine or Feline Yearly
Exam with Vaccinations
Give your cat or dog a complete yearly exam and
vaccinations at Companion Animal Hospital.
Donor: Companion Animal Hospital
Value: $250.00
132 Potted Plant and Garden Accessories
It won't be long before you can use these garden
accessories outside. For now, enjoy this lovely, healthy
potted plant.
Donor: Michele Nicholson
Value: $50.00
133 Nest Thermostat
Meet the Nest Learning Thermostat -- the next
generation in thermostats. Nest learns your schedule,
programs itself and can be controlled with your phone.
Teach it well and Nest can lower your heating and
cooling bills up to 20%.
Donor: Carrier Enterprises
Value: $249.00
134 General Pest Control
Termites and spiders and ants, oh my! Keep the pests
outside where they belong, with a one time pest control
from Hillcrest Exterminators. Service includes
spraying inside, outside and under your residence.
Restrictions: Call for an appointment. Certificate
expires February 11, 2015.
Donor: Hillcrest Exterminating
Value: $115.00
135 Bose Wave Music System III
Wake up to crystal-clear music and listen to Rossini,
Bellini, Donizetti, and Puccini all day long with the
fabulous Bose Wave Music System III. This is the allin-one system for all your music -- now with even more
convenience, more precise radio reception and more
onscreen text information.
Donor: Bose Corporation
Value: $500
136 Gentlemen's Closet Gift Certificate
That bel signore the ladies are eyeing acquired his style at
Gentlemen's Closet. Power up your personal style with
this gift certificate to one of the only gentlemen's
upscale consignment shops in the area.
Donor: Gentlemen's Closet
Value: $50.00
138 Annual Feline or Canine Checkup
Take care of your fur-baby with this annual check-up
for one canine or feline pet. It includes vaccinations,
fecal exam and canine heart worm test.
Donor: Spring Valley Animal Hospital
Value: $172.00
139 Artisan Platter
This beautiful 14" platter is hand-crafted by local
award-winning contemporary artist, Lee Sipe. It is
oven- and food-safe and will hold lots of meatballs!
Donor: Lee Sipe Art
Value: $160.00
140 Executive Swivel Office Chair
The Godfather, himself, could sit comfortably in this
beautiful executive swivel chair in fine camel-colored
leather by Office Source.
Donor: Lorick Office Products
Value: $475.00
141 "Brown Pelican," Framed Art
This limited edition, signed by artist Anne Worsham, is
36 x 28 inches, matted, and framed in gold. The softly
neutral earth and beach tones make this beautiful
painting of pelicans by the shore a perfect accent to
home or office.
Donor: Mouse House
Value: $125.00
142 Wrought Iron Table with Wine
There are so many possibilities with this charming little
wrought iron table -- a plant stand, a catch-all for keys
& phone, or a place to set your glass of wine.
Donor: Cottage and Vine
Quinby Beverage
Value: $80.00
143 Cast Iron Mailbox
You've got mail! And it's not a nasty-gram from the
homeowners' association! This elegant cast iron
mailbox with pineapple finial will work in any
neighborhood and it is WildeWood-approved! The
mailbox can be installed by the donor if it is purchased
by a WildeWood I - IV resident.
Donor: Southern Community Services
Value: $250.00
144 Mahogany Console Table
Once you see it, you'll begin to mentally rearrange your
furniture to make a place for this gorgeous painted
console table with carved shell design
Donor: Carolina Imports
Value: $247.00
145 Granite Coffee Table
Using a base salvaged from the Roth's curbside
recycling and a generous donation of granite from
Nature's Creations, we offer this beautifully crafted
coffee table to add a touch of class to any room in your
Donor: Nature's Creations Inc.
Value: $400.00
146 Aluminum Beverage Bucket With Iron
Just chill. Here's a large capacity oval aluminum
refreshment bucket with an iron stand to help you do
just that.
Donor: Casual Living
Value: $60.00
147 Area Rug by Shaw
This rug can't be described with words. You will need
to actually slip your shoes off to experience the
comfort and beauty of this 5 x 8 area rug by Shaw.
Donor: Door to Door Floors
Value: $399.00
148 American Pride
Your new American flag had its inaugural flight over
the South Carolina Statehouse and comes with a
certificate indicating such. Included in your pride
package is The Little Big Book of America, a charming
reference book chock full of Americana -- words to
songs, poems, essays and speeches; mouthwatering
American classic recipes; and fun & interesting facts.
Donor: Senator Joel Lourie
Terri Sebastian
Value: $37.00
149 Little Tree Car Care Package
Even if you don't win tonight's live auction Mercedes,
you will still need to take care of your wheels. Bid on
this oil change with tire rotation at Danny's Car Care, a
Rainbow Carwash at Frank’s, an Oreck car vac from
All Vacuums, and, of course, a Little Tree Air
Restrictions: Danny's offers expire May 31, 2014.
Donor: All Vacuums
Danny's Automotive, Inc.
Frank's Car Wash
Value: $124.00
The Boutique
200 Beige and Black Etcetera Dress
Black and beige are the new black. Expect the
unexpected in this modern twist on a classic style.
With mock turtleneck, cuffed short sleeves and
traditional window pane print, this size 12 dress makes
a statement.
Restrictions: No exchange.
Donor: Lindsay Agostini, SVEF Board Member
Value: $250.00
201 PerSe Luminous Blouse from Etcetera
Luminous and luxurious, this size 4 top with detachable
tie makes the lady the light and life of the party.
Donor: Heather Presnal
Value: $355.00
202 Festivity Boutique Spree
Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize! Enjoy a spree to
Festivity Boutique to accessorize your life!
Donor: Festivity Boutique
Value: $100.00
203 Elegant Rhodium and Cubic
Zirconium Earrings
You'll shine bright like a diamond in these elegant
pierced earrings. The delicate hoops with CZ-studded
drops are composed of rhodium -- a natural metal from
the platinum family which is not only nickel-free but
also has the appearance and hardiness of platinum.
Donor: Brittons
Value: $75.00
204 South Carolina Scarf, Necklace, &
Bracelet Set
Here’s a set that can do double or even triple duty. Use
each piece alone or combine items for a put together
look that isn’t “matchy matchy.”
Donor: Michelle Nicholson
Value: $30.00
205 Summer Dress by Etcetera
This little summer dress is styled with brown on brown
trim accented with gold grommets and zipper. With 97
percent natural cotton and fully lined, this size 4
number will keep you feeling cool and looking fresh in
Famously Hot Columbia.
Donor: Lindsay Agostini, SVEF Board Member
Value: $225.00
206 Emerald Green Necklace and
Earrings Set
Everyone will be green with envy and mesmerized by
the way the light plays off of these beautiful multifaceted beads!
Donor: Catherine Adams
Value: $25.00
207 Funky Long Striped Gloves with
Matching Hat
Even on a casual outing, you still look put together and
stylish in these funky long striped gloves with matching
hat from Cho on Main.
Donor: Cho on Main
Value: $62.00
208 Infinity Scarf and Earrings
This infinity scarf and dangled earrings set is "Just the
Thing" -- trendy, functional and Viking green!
Donor: Just the Thing
Value: $30.00
209 Victorian Blouse by Etcetera
"Victorian" is the last adjective one would use to
describe this stunning size 2 blouse! The tailored,
tuxedo-inspired blouse has a feminine twist with
romantic cuffs and lots of lace.
Restrictions: No exchanges or returns.
Donor: Heather Presnal
Value: $225.00
210 Ladies' Premier Designs Watch
Wearing white year round is cool as long as it's this
"White Hot" watch from Premier Designs. Take a
second to check it out!
Donor: Bobbi Coleman
Value: $89.00
211 Beautiful Marbled Celluloid, Rose
Gold and Copper Earrings
Perfect for la bella donna! You'll look stunning in these
earrings by Rebecca -- marbled celluloid with rose gold
plating over copper.
Donor: Carolina Fine Jewelry
Value: $320.00
212 Devine Shopping Spree with Lunch
Pick out a little something for yourself from Belladea
and Kicks, both on Devine Street! For lunch,
experience a hip, casual burst of flavor and color at
Columbia Metropolitan's "Best Outdoor Dining"
restaurant for 2014. Café Caturra's indoor dining is a
great experience, too!
Expires June 30, 2014.
Donor: Kicks Exceptional Ladies Shoes
Café Caturra
Value: $130.00
213 Bracelet and Scarf Set
The accessorios that make your outfit complete and todie-for, together at last. This lovely scarf and bracelet
are donated by M Boutique.
Donor: M Boutique
Value: $60.00
214 Vera Bradley Bag and iPhone Case
Take a walk on the wild side with this Vera Bradley
"Go Wild" patterned Caroline-style bag and matching
phone case
Donor: La Bag Lady
Value: $113.00
215 Handbag from Gwen Rawls Italian
Magnifico! This roomy, mossy green leather hobo
shoulder bag, demonstrates Italian craftsmanship and
elegance in design. Gwen Rawls Italian Shoe Boutique
specializing in shoes, boots, and handbags thanks you
for voting them Columbia Metropolitan's "Best
Women's Shoe Store."
Donor: Gwen Rawls Italian Shoes
Value: $550.00
216 Lilly Pulitzer Spring Event Package
With this Lilly Pulitzer package, you'll be ready for
holiday on the Isle of Capri. This size 6 Shilo dress in
"Splish Splash" pattern has hand-drawn lace infused
with the signature print. Stow a change of clothes,
some sunscreen and your passport in the coordinating
frosted jelly Shoreline Tote in Yummy Melon. The
cute little wristlet purse, bracelet and hat elevate this
from "outfit" to "ensemble."
Donor: Susan Poole Moore
Value: $500.00
217 Custom-Made Monogram Necklace
The winning bidder doesn't have to have the initials on
the display piece! Design your own custom-made
monogram necklace choosing 14k white or yellow gold
with 1 to 3 letters.
Donor: Howle and Howle Jewelers
Value: $500.00
218 Denim, Leather & Silver Wrap
When you need to express your Urban Cowgirl style,
put on this lovely denim, leather & silver wrap bracelet,
and go out and wrangle some cows! Or just take your
Mustang to the mall, either one.
Donor: Laura Jane Louise Designs
Value: $35.00
Sports & celebrity
300 Signed Viking Helmet
Own a piece of history! This authentic Spring Valley
Viking helmet has been signed by South Carolina High
School Football Coach of the Year, Miles Aldridge,
along with his 11-0 Regional Championship Varsity
players. What a great memento for a graduate or
member of the team.
Donor: Coach Miles Aldridge,Varsity Football
Spring Valley High School
Value: Priceless
301 One Month Membership at
Woodlands Country Club
Woodlands Golf and Country Club full membership is
their most comprehensive membership offering full
privileges of the clubhouse golf course, golf practice
facilities, tennis center and swim center. This one
month membership includes all greens fees (carts may
be rented separately). The owner of this certificate may
invite a guest at any time, however standard guest fees
will apply. Woodlands Golf and Country Club is the
home of Spring Valley's Swim Team and both Girls'
and Boys' Golf Teams.
Donor: Woodlands Country Club
Value: $220.00
302 Men's Adidas Tennis Basket
A former tennis professional knows what works best
on the court. This men's tennis basket is stocked with
Adidas branded essentials -- tennis shoes (size 13); XL
cotton tennis shirt; 2 XL cotton Equipment tees; 2
pairs of athletic socks; and a Camelbak water bottle
Donor: Keith Brill
Bed, Bath & Beyond
Value: $198.00
303 Tony Stewart Autographed Photo
Own a framed, autographed photo of one of
NASCAR's bad boys, Tony Stewart.
Donor: Midland Estate Sales
Value: $130.00
304 Hermitage Farms Round of Sporting
Clays #1
Hermitage Farms Sporting Clays courses consist of
natural stands with a mixture of manual and automatic
traps uniquely placed along the choicest ridge of the
1500 acre tract. It offers the sportsman a variety of
challenging hillside and high flying shots amid a blaze
of wild azaleas and dogwood trees in the spring and
brilliant hickory and oaks in the fall. The trail from
stand to stand is an inviting walk or golf cart accessible.
Enjoy an outing at Hermitage Farms with this
certificate for a round of 100 sporting clays.
Restrictions: Expires July 21, 2014.
Donor: Hermitage Farms
Value: $44.00
305 Hermitage Farms Round of Sporting
Clays #2
Restrictions: Expires July 21, 2014.
Donor: Hermitage Farms
Value: $44.00
306 Hermitage Farms Round of Sporting
Clays #3
Restrictions: Expires July 21, 2014.
Donor: Hermitage Farms
Value: $44.00
308 Cycling Basket
One of the great things about cycling – whether you are
a week-end peddler or in training for the Tour de
FrancE, you can always find something to accessorize
your hobby and enhance your ride. This basket was
put together by a professional with his best picks.
Donor: Cycle Center
Value: $280.00
309 Print of Jadeveon Clowney, "The Hit"
Take home this amazing 16 x 20 freeze frame moment
in South Carolina sports history by photographer
Gregg Martin, 2011 South Carolina Photographer of
the Year.
Donor: Gregg Martin Photographic Design
Value: $400.00
310 Round of Golf for Four at Spring
Valley Country Club
Enjoy a round of golf at one of the area's loveliest
courses. With 150 acres of the most beautiful terrain,
elevation, lakes, ponds, natural trees, flowers and
wildlife in the Midlands you'll enjoy your outing
regardless of your score.
This certificate is for greens fees only; cart fee per
player is required.
Restrictions: Offer expires December 28, 2014.
Donor: Spring Valley Country Club
Value: $315.00
311 Golf for Four at Hickory Knob or
Cheraw State Park
Both the Cheraw and Hickory Knob golf courses are
part of South Carolina's beautiful State Parks.
Designed by Tom Jackson, these championship courses
will challenge golfers of every skill level. Your winning
bid includes golf for four with golf cart.
Donor: South Carolina PRT
Ben Duncan
Value: $280.00
312 Golf Lesson - Video Session
This one-hour video session includes a take-home CD
of your lesson with Mr. Castelluzzi's professional
critique and recommendations. Mike instructs many of
the top juniors in the state, some of whom are
nationally ranked. Collegiate golfers, corporate
executives, and seniors have used his innovative
methods to improve their technique. If you're
interested in a simple swing analysis, quick tune up,
reinventing your swing, or anything in between, phone
Mike to set up an appointment.
Restrictions: Expires August 31, 2014
Donor: Mike Castelluzzi
Value: $100.00
313 RBC Heritage Golf-Logo Items
If you have an aversion to plaid, but an affinity for the
RBC Heritage Golf Classic logo, this is the package for
you. Included are an adjustable Ahead CoolMax golf
cap; XL Antigua Desert Dry/Xtra Lite golf shirt;
ZeroRestriction Tech Layered Air Flow golf jacket;
Slazenger sling pack; and stylish logo burlap tote. Also
included is an autographed copy of "It's All About
Impact" by Andrew Rice.
Donor: Heritage Classic Foundation
Value: $192.00
314 Professional Golf Lessons
You ain't got a thing if you ain't got that swing! Power
up your game with this series of three 45-minute
lessons, from the Member's Club at WildeWood and
Restrictions: Expires December 6, 2014.
Donor: Blake Cathey, Director of Instruction
Members Club at WildeWood and Woodcreek
Value: $300.00
315 Weekend Canoe or Kayak Rental
With a weekend rental of a canoe or kayak from River
Runner, you can enjoy the beautiful sites of South
Carolina from a different point of view.
Donor: River Runner Outdoor Center
Value: $60.00
316 Fisherman's Catch
The catch of the day includes 2 pairs of rubber waders,
reel, coolers, tackle boxes, lure and more.
Donor: Pure Fishing, Inc.
Value: $250.00
317 Athletic Wear Assortment
Included in this assortment are a New Balance blanket,
Endurance Tech tees, Russell Athletic crew neck
sweatshirt and a drawstring back pack.
Donor: Todd and Moore
Value: $95.00
318 Utah Jazz Trey Burke Autographed
Shoes and Picture
Utah Jazz point guard, Trey Burke autographs a pair of
size 12 Nike Kobe Zoom basketball shoes along with
an autographed photo for us. These shoes have a low
cut profile and are among the favored kicks for
professional basketball players.
Donor: Coach Ty Corbin, Utah Jazz
Value: $200.00
319 Gordon Hayward Autographed Shoes
and Photograph
Gordon Hayward, shooting guard for Utah Jazz
Basketball, sends us a pair of autographed Nike
Hyperdunk Lunarlon basketball shoes and an
autographed photo. These shoes, favored by many
professional basketball players, are engineered to "fly
high and land softly" and are size 15. If you are
interested in the shoes only, Mr. Clean Magic Erase and
a little elbow grease should remove the autograph.
Donor: Coach Ty Corbin, Utah Jazz
Value: $250.00
320 Vintage Racing Class Sailboat with
Imagine yourself sailing around the Isle of Capri or
Lake of Murray in this vintage racing-class sailboat.
With a little TLC, it'll be "ships ahoy" in no time. The
trailer is in excellent condition!
Restrictions: Pre-owned; sold as is; no guarantee or
Donor: Doug Guthrie, SVHS Automotive
Value: $2,000.00
Food, Drink, &
400 Pressed Wine Bottle with Wine
Secondary Art Educator of the Year for 2013, Kara
Luke, offers her creativity in the form of "pressed"
wine bottles. These funky, functional bottles can be
used as appetizer boards, wall hangings, or spoon rests.
With the included bottle of wine, this would be a great
presentation for an antipasto de formaggio e
Donor: Kara Luke, Spring Valley High School Art
Quinby Beverage
Value: $30.00
401 First Lady of USC Cookbook, Cuttng
Board and Wine
Autographed by the author! Patricia Moore-Pastides,
author of Greek Revivial: Cooking for Life, heads to
the garden in her newest cookbook that makes a do-ityourself healthful lifestyle possible, offering guidance
on how to pursue healthy eating, starting from the
ground up with a section on organic gardening. The
included granite cutting board adds more natural
authenticity to your inspired dishes from the garden.
Sip a glass of wine as you contemplate the benefits of
the time-tested Mediterranean diet.
Donor: Nature's Creations Inc.
Quinby Beverage
USC University Press
Value: $88.00
403 The Crescent Olive Gourmet Gift
Savor the fruits of Italy with this gift of gourmet olive
oil, balsamic vinegar and decanting bottle. Be sure to
visit Crescent Olive's tasting table!
Donor: The Crescent Olive
Value: $40.00
404 Tastefully Simple Basket
From main dishes to desserts, Tastefully Simple offers
a wide variety of easy-to-prepare foods and gifts for
every day or every occasion. Take home this sampler
of products and schedule a tasting party with Susan
Sanchez at 543-6534.
Donor: Susan Kay Sanchez
Value: $100.00
405 Private Room at Capital City Club
With décor in rich colors and textures, gleaming wood
accents, plush rugs, crystal chandeliers and a panoramic
view of the city, the Capital City Club can be your next
venue choice. This gift can be used or applied to a
ballroom, small event or meeting room.
Restrictions: Expires December 31, 2014.
Donor: Capital City Club
Value: $1,000.00
406 Nuts Assortment Basket
Spring Valley Rotary is NUTS about Spring Valley
Donor: Spring Valley Rotary Club
Value: $75.00
407 Beers From Around the World
Drink your way around il mondo, with this fabulous
collection of beers from around the world, assembled
by the Social Studies Department. Remember to hand
the keys of your Alfa Romeo to your designated driver!
Donor: Spring Valley High School Social Studies
Value: $260.00
408 Venison
This cooler of venison is packed, wrapped and ready
to prepare or freeze. Did you know that venison is
lower in fat, higher in protein and stacked with more
vitamins and iron than beef? It makes a tasty meatball,
Restrictions: Call Susan Brill for delivery 788-8516.
Donor: Dr. Alan Brill
Value: $80.00
409 Set of German Crystal Decanters with
Crown Royal
Showcase your impeccable taste by serving Crown
Royal in one of these beautiful German crystal
Donor: Jeff & Marie Powell
Value: $200.00
410 Dessert Basket
How about a little C6 H12 O6 from the Science
Department at SVHS? This assortment of gift cards
will satisfy any sweet tooth!
Donor: Spring Valley High School Science
Value: $80.00
411 Viking Singers Engagement
Under the direction of Dr. Patrick Hawkins, the elite
Viking Singers will bring a touch of youthful class to
your holiday party.
Restrictions: Be sure to book your engagement with
Dr. Hawkins for an agreeable date.
Donor: Dr. Patrick Hawkins, Choral Director,
Spring Valley High School
Value: $100.00
412 Italiana Dinner Basket With Wine
From appetizer to dessert and coffee, this Italian
dinner basket contains all that you need to whip up a
gourmet Italian dinner.
Donor: Deno & Terri Sebastian
Value: $50.00
413 Stock the Bar Basket
Enjoy spending some quality time with your good
friends Johnny, Jim and the gang. Instant party -- just
add ice.
Donor: Mike & Janice Metzger, SVEF Board
Value: $300.00
414 CiCi's VIP Card
Enjoy a monthly treat of all-you-can-eat salad, pizza,
pasta & dessert with beverage at Ci Ci's!
Donor: CiCi's Pizza
Value: $100.00
415 Good Morning Breakfast Basket
Wake up to the finest breakfast around with this Good
Morning breakfast basket. It includes pancake mix,
teas, coffees, preserves, teapot, coffee mugs and more.
Donor: Kim Maddux Walter Household
Value: $75.00
416 Starbucks Coffee for a Year
Espresso, caffe normale, cappuccino, joe, java, -whatever you call it, it will come. With 24 pounds of
assorted Starbucks coffees, you'll be set for the year.
Donor: Starbucks Roasting Plant
Value: $350.00
417 Slumped Bottle and Wine
Here's a pretty cool way to recycle a wine bottle -- turn
it into a functional work of art. Starter wine bottle is
Donor: Kara Luke, Spring Valley High School Art
Quinby Beverage
Value: $30.00
418 Party for 40 at Jillian's Gamecock Alley
Gamecock Alley is all yours to host a corporate, after
work, kids, teens or private party for up to 40 people.
With billiards, ping pong, shuffleboard, Wii Sports on a
65-inch screen television, leather sofas and starter
appetizer bar this is not your parents' basement!
Restrictions: Starter appetizer trays serve 25 people
Donor: Jillian's
Value: $300.00
419 Movie Night Basket
Text all you want! With these six popular movies,
popcorn, and theater candy, it will be your house, your
rules. Relax and enjoy!
Donor: Stephen Harding
Value: $50.00
420 Gourmet Snack Basket With Wine
This basket of goodies, bottle of wine and cocktail
napkins will be perfect to eat on the way home tonight
or to save for a last minute party or card game.
Donor: Deno & Terri Sebastian
Value: $50.00
421 Bacon Wrapped Sirloins with Grilling
We're not telling you how to cook your steaks, but
we've included a set of grill utensils to give you an idea
of how we'd do it!
Donor: Ole Timey Meat Market
A Friend of the Auction
Value: $55.00
430 Cuban Cigars
The original Romeo and Juliet may have been Italian,
but this set of three Romeo & Juliet sigaros are pure
Cuban. Savor the flavor of the cigar that made Cuba
Donor: Another Friend of the Auction
Value: $50.00
Health & beauty
500 Scout Cosmetic Tote and Mani-Pedi
Three -Way Toiletries Bag in "Social Tweedia" pattern
features three cleverly placed compartments. You’ll
want to keep your mani-pedi looking fresh, so tuck a
bottle or two of polish into one of the pockets.
Donor: Scout by Bungalow
Value: $28.00
501 Gyrotonic and Gyrokenesis Package
Gyrotonics and gyrokinesis exercises are perfect for
stretching, toning and gently working joints and
muscles. With this package, you will get a 90-minute
introduction and assessment, plus five gyrotonic group
Donor: Master Trainer Claudia Tudose, Gyrotonic
Value: $285.00
502 Sonicare Toothbrush
Sonicare Technology delivers exceptional plaque
removal, healthy gums and sparkling white teeth with
this rechargeable electric toothbrush.
Donor: Vista Smiles
Value: $150.00
503 Teeth Whitening Procedure
Cheese! Be ready for the paparazzi after your teeth
whitening session with Dr. Smith.
Certificate expires February 22, 2015.
Donor: J. Bradford Smith, DDS
Value: $250.00
504 Health and Fitness Basket
Live la vita sana -- the healthy life -- with this health and
fitness basket from Spring Valley's Guidance
Donor: Spring Valley High School Guidance
Value: $100.00
505 Shampoo, Cut and Style by Chris
Mirror, mirror on the wall. Chris is the stylist you
should call.
Expires January 1, 2015
Donor: Luxe Hair Studio
Value: $65.00
506 Make-Over & Pampering Essentials
from Coplon's
Treat yourself to this gift set of Darphin pampering
essentials and make an appointment for a
complimentary Trish McEvoy make-over at Coplon's.
After your makeover, browse Coplon's beautiful things
to see why they were voted Columbia Metropolitan's
2014 "Best Women's Evening Wear Store."
Restrictions: Call to make appointment with make-up
artist, Ursula Sanders. 790-0015
Donor: Coplon's
Value: $100.00
507 OCCO Luxury Spa Gift Certificate
Although under new ownership, OCCO Spa promises
the same luxury, plus new services. Voted
"Columbia's Best Facial," for 2014, OCCO' is
"rejuvenation redefined" for nails, skin and massage.
Donor: OCCO Skin Studio
Value: $100.00
509 Fifty Shades of Pink
The Math department added up a basket of fun items
with one constant -- pink! Your prime pink surprises
include items for the bath, body, "spirits," and more.
Donor: Spring Valley High School Math
Value: $200.00
510 One Year Membership to JCC
The mission of the Jewish Community Center’s fitness
center is to support a healthy lifestyle and improve the
quality of life for its members. With its state of the art
fitness equipment, heated indoor pool, classes, and
events for all ages, “You Belong Here.” This one year
single membership can be upgraded to a family membership.
Donor: Katie & Irwin Kahn Jewish Community
Value: $708.00
511 Physical Therapy Initial Evaluation
If that rock doesn't roll the way it used to, visit Carolina
Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine to find out
what's wrong and how to fix it.
Donor: Carolina Physical Therapy and Sports
Medicine, Inc.
Value: $200.00
512 Professional Skin Care Products
Dr. Carson at Northeast Dermatology offers a variety
of services in her office and stocks some of the very
best take-home products on the market and has
selected this set of professional products for us.
Donor: Northeast Dermatology
Value: $200.00
513 Professional Microdermabrasion
Microdermabrasion is a non-surgical way to rejuvenate
your skin. Enjoy the compliments after your
professional session with esthetician at NE
Donor: Northeast Dermatology
Value: $65.00
514 Botox Treatment
For a new and prettier you--Botox treatment is
administered by a Board Certified Facial Plastic and
Reconstructive surgeon.
Donor: Dr. Alan Brill
Value: $350.00
515 Professional Take-Home Teeth
Whitening System
With this take-home tooth whitening system, you won't
have to sit in the dentist's office and listen to the
annoying drilling and groaning sounds coming from the
next room. Call Wildewood Aesthetic Dentistry and let
them know you're ready to pick up your prize.
Restrictions: Expires June 30, 2014.
Donor: WildeWood Aesthetic Dentistry
Value: $195.00
516 Three Months 24/7 Gym Membership
A steady diet of pasta, wine and cannoli isn't necessarily
a bad thing if you take the time -- any time to work out
at Health Advantage Fitness Club. Here is a certificate
for your first three month's membership to this 24/7
gym in Elgin.
Donor: Health Advantage, LLC
Value: $125.00
517 Professional Hydrafacial
The Hydrafacial technique is unique from all other
facial resurfacing treatments because it moisturizes the
skin while it removes dead skin cells, extracts
impurities, and bathes the skin in hydrating,
moisturizing serums. Hydrafacial combines the
benefits of dermabrasion with chemical peels and
natural, hydrating serums to restore the skin to its more
youthful and refreshed state.
Restrictions: Expires April 1, 2014.
Donor: Southeastern ENT Allergies & Sleep
Disorders Clinic
Value: $130.00
518 Registration, One Month Membership
at Curves & Camelbak Bottle
It's not too late to salvage your new year's resolution
with this certificate for registration and your first
month's membership fee at Curves. Stay hydrated
during your work out and cool down afterward with a
sip from your stylish Camelbak water bottle.
Restrictions: Expires February 22, 2015.
Donor: Curves Northeast and Bed, Bath &
Value: $103.00
Dining, & Travel
600 Charleston Cooks Gift Card, Gadgets
and Greek
Use your gift in the retail store to purchase gourmet
cooking equipment or apply it toward a cooking class
to figure out what to do with these included gadgets!
After class, head across the parking lot to Taziki's
Mediterranean Cafe. Taziki's recipe for creating the
deliciously unexpected is simple -- wholesome
ingredients with a dash of inspiration.
Donor: Charleston Cooks and Taziki's Cafe
Value: $75.00
601 Zoo and 'Za
Go wild at the Riverbanks Zoo and set your own
feeding time afterward at Cici's with this package which
includes zoo admission and pizza & beverage buffets
for four.
Restrictions: Not valid for Boo at the Zoo. Zoo tickets
must be used by October 14th, 2014.
Donor: CiCi's Pizza and Riverbanks Zoo
Value: $79.00
602 CiCi's VIP Buffet Pass
We're pretty sure that this all-you-can eat buffet of
pizza, pasta, salad, dessert and beverage isn't exactly
how they do it in Italy, but it is a family favorite!
Donor: CiCi's Pizza
Value: $100.00
603 Travinia's Italian Kitchen Dining
One of our neighborhood favorites gives back!
Travinia Italian Kitchen, specializing in Contemporary
American Italian Fare donates this gift card to thank
the community for their support. Mangia!
Donor: Travinia Italian Kitchen
Value: $100.00
604 Miyo's Gift Card
Experience the freshest and finest in Asian dining.
Miyo's menu reflects a melting pot of northern &
southern Chinese cuisine, Korean-style barbecue,
Vietnamese and Thai- inspired dishes as well as
Japanese sushi.
Donor: Jim & Lindsay Agostini
Value: $50.00
605 Myrtle Beach Days
After you've had your "fun in the waves," you'll want to
get cleaned up, visit a museum or two, have dinner and
see a show. With two tickets to WonderWorks
(exhibits and ropes course) two tickets to "One," at
Alabama Theatre and another four tickets to any house
show at the Palace Theatre, you can get out of the sun
and still have some fun.
Restrictions: Palace Theatre offer expires on December
20, 2014. Alabama Theater offer expires October 15,
Donor: Alabama Theatre, The Palace Theatre,
and WonderWorks Myrtle Beach
Value: $294.00
606 Fun Things To Do
The science department knows the formula for family
Donor: Spring Valley High School Science
Value: $80.00
607 Mr. Friendly's or Cellar on Greene
Warm seats and cold bottles have earned Mr.
Friendly's, Cellar on Greene, and Solstice Kitchen &
Wine Bar a spot in Columbia Metropolitan's Hall of
Restrictions: Valid for dine-in only; not valid with other
promotions and/or discounts; and is not replaceable if
lost or stolen. This card may be used at Mr. Friendly's,
Cellar on Greene or Solstice Kitchen & Wine Bar.
Donor: Solstice Kitchen
Value: $40.00
608 Fox News Channel Tour
Former Viking and current Fox Friends First coanchor, Ainsley Earhardt will arrange a tour of the Fox
News Studio in Manhattan. It's true -- Vikings
Restrictions: Call Ainsley to arrange a time suitable for
all parties.
Donor: Ainsley Earhardt
Value: $350.00
609 Carolina Cup Race Tickets
Treat your family or have your friends join you with
these four general admission tickets to the Carolina
Cup Race on Saturday, March 29, 2014. The annual
'rite of spring' draws over 65,000 fans from throughout
the southeast, to enjoy the thrilling sport of
steeplechase horse racing amid a flurry of spring
fashions and tailgate parties.
Donor: Springdale Race Track
Value: $180.00
610 Four Tickets to Sleeping Beauty Ballet
Not in death, but just in sleep, the fateful prophecy you'll keep.
And from this slumber you shall wake, when true love's kiss, the
spell shall break and you shall live happily ever after with
four tickets to the February 28th performance of the
Sleeping Beauty Ballet at Koger Center.
Restrictions: February 28th 7:30 performance only.
Donor: Columbia Classical Ballet
Value: $100.00
611 Ballroom Dance Lessons
Learn some fun moves and you'll be dancing with the
stars in no time. Four half-hour dance lessons for
individual or couple in dance(s) of your choice at
Capital Ballroom Dance Studio. Tarantella, anyone?
Certificate expires October 10, 2014.
Donor: Capital Ballroom Dance Studio
Value: $120.00
612 Evening of Ballet & Dining
Experience Columbia City Ballet's March 22nd
presentation of Alice in Wonderland from the front
row at the Koger Center. Before the show, enjoy
dinner at Mr. Friendly's or Cellar on Green.
Restrictions: Card may be redeemed at Mr. Friendly's,
Cellar on Greene or Solstice Kitchen & Wine Bar.
Tickets are valid only for the March 22nd 7:30
Donor: Tom & Barbara Pietras
Mr. Friendly’s
Value: $225.00
614 Philharmonic and Dessert
With Masterworks performances like "Beethoven and
Blue Jeans," "Russian Soul," "Gershwin, Gatsby and
All that Jazz," and more, these two tickets to any
Masterworks performance is an indulgent treat for any
music lover. Enjoy drinks before the show or dessert
afterward with a gift card from California Dreaming.
Congratulations to South Carolina Philharmonic on its
50th season!
Donor: California Dreaming and South Carolina
Value: $103.00
615 CiCi's VIP Buffet Pass
Welcome to CiCi's! Twelve months of pizza, salad,
pasta, dessert and beverage just for you.
Donor: CiCi's Pizza
Value: $100.00
616 Historic Columbia Foundation
Staycation at the Inn at USC
Columbia has the richest history of many of our
southern sister cities. Learn more about your home or
adopted hometown with a one year family membership
in Historic Columbia Foundation. With many diverse
festivals, events, tours, and programs, the Foundation
has something for everyone in your family to enjoy.
Make one of the events -- perhaps the Christmas
Candlelight Tour or Bluegrass Bidding and Barbecue -extra special with a stay at the award-winning Inn at
USC in a king-size suite with made to order breakfast.
Restrictions: Must redeem certificate by April 1, 2014.
Expires February 22, 2015. This offer is not valid
during "special" university events such as parents'
weekend, graduation, or home football games.
Donor: Historic Columbia Foundation and The
Inn at USC
Value: $229.00
617 Airfare
See the Grand Canyon, vacation on the Rio Grande or
visit the Grandkids with this round-trip airline ticket
good anywhere in the continental United States. The
included large and small insulated travel bags, large
insulated Thermos-type bottle and beach towel will fit
nicely in the overhead bin. Forest Lake Travel makes a
world of difference in the way you experience travel.
Restrictions: Expires March 13, 2015.
Donor: Forest Lake Travel
Value: $500.00
618 Hilton Head 3-Night Escape
Enjoy the beauty of Hilton Head Island with a threenight stay in a Springwood Villas condo (South Forest
Beach area). This fully furnished condo sleeps seven
with two bedrooms (1 king, 1 queen, 1 twin & 1 queen
sofa) and 2 baths. Includes use of Players Club fitness
center and VanDerMeer tennis center. It's only a short
walk to the beach and close to shopping.
Restrictions: For use in spring or fall and based upon
Donor: Mark & Karen Goldenfield
Value: $400.00
619 Private Wine Tasting
Treat your friends, family and fellow wine enthusiasts
to a private wine tasting in the private room at Total
Wine & More. Choose from one of 3 popular themes - California Dreaming, An Inspiring Taste of Italy or
Tour de France. Your two hour event can be arranged
as a seated class-style session (yeah, right) or a casual
walk-around event. A wine expert will be on hand to
present and discuss each of the eight wines.
Donor: Total Wine and More
Value: $500.00
620 Basil Thai Restaurant Dining for Six
Try new-to-Columbia Basil Thai Restaurant, offering
refined Thai cuisine and an invigorating dining
experience for your group of six. Basil's infectious
atmosphere centers around a prominent glass kitchen
as the sound of heat to metal, blade to board and liquid
to flame resonate throughout the restaurant. Dine with
us and celebrate quality cuisine made with the finest,
freshest ingredients.
Donor: Basil Thai Restaurant
Value: $650.00
621 A Night in the Northeast
Enjoy a an evening in the neighborhood with $75 to
Solstice Kitchen and Wine Bar, a $25 movie gift card,
two bottles of wine and more!
Donor: English Department, Spring Valley High
Value: $200.00
702 Cross Hill Rd #300, Columbia, SC 29205
(803) 782-0716
Viking zone
700 Acoustic Guitar and Lessons
Teacher and accomplished guitar player, Jeff Gregory,
will give the beginning or intermediate
guitarist/recipient two 30-minute guitar lessons.
Pre-owned, lovingly cared for Alvarez acoustic guitar
comeswith strap and case.
Donor: Tom & Julie Kowick
Jeff Gregory, Science Teacher
Spring Valley High School
Value: $350.00
701 Starving Student Supplies
Feeding a teenager isn’t cheap! With this assortment of
gift cards, he can treat himself and maybe a friend or
Donor: CiCi's Pizza, Five Guys, McDonald's
Clemson Road, Southern Deli LLC, and Yogen
Value: $165.00
702 Scout Insulated Lunch Tote and
Stylishly pack your pbj and cookies in this Scout
Double Decker Insulated Lunch Tote in "Gettin Dot
in Here" pattern already filled with snacks.
Donor: Scout by Bungalow
Value: $30.00
703 College Planning Consultation
Does your family have questions about college
selection or application process? This College Planning
Consultation Package is essentially a college admissions
expert and personal college adviser on call. You will
get professional answers to questions about finding the
right college fit for your child; help with college
applications; coaching for admissions and scholarship
applications, essays and interviews; preparing for
college visits; navigating financial aid applications;
evaluating college financial aid awards and more. Let
Dr. Jim Overton and College Consultants of South
Carolina help guide you through this next important
step in your child's life.
Restrictions: For rising 11th and 12th grade students
only. Winning bidder must contact donor by March
31, 2014
Donor: College Consultants of South Carolina
Value: $975.00
704 Fairy Fantasy Basket
Adorn a special little girl's room with a Viking Original
watercolor of a fairy and custom handmade pillow
cases. She'll dance and twirl with delight in her fairy
wings and tutu as she discovers the treasures inside this
package -- art kits, books, jewelry and more.
Donor: Terri Sebastian
Value: $100.00
705 Private Swim or Stroke Instruction
Expect the very best in personal instruction from
Viking mom and Certified Instructor, Lindsay Agostini.
These four 30-minute sessions may be used for lessons
or stroke instruction.
Restrictions: Age 3 and up.
Donor: Agostini & Associates
Value: $120.00
706 Six Hour Detention Credit
Sooner or later, there is going to be a dress code
violation or an ID will be left in the car. When it
happens, your student will be ready with this "Get Out
Of Jail Free" card.
Restrictions: Expires May, 2014.
Donor: Stephen Jackson, Discipline Coordinator
Spring Valley High School
Value: Priceless
707 Karate Classes with Uniform
Fostering self-discipline, increasing self esteem,
boosting social skills, instilling a sense of respect, and
encouraging non-violent conflict resolution are just a
few of the benefits of martial arts. One other reason is
that Viking family-owned Genova Family Karate is a
long-time Northeast favorite. Mike and his staff offer
instruction to children, youth and adults in the
discipline of martial arts. This certificate is for three
months of martial arts tuition and uniform.
Restrictions: Expires January 1, 2015.
Donor: Genova Family Karate
Value: $349.00
708 Lava-Inspired Lamp
This funky night lamp will have you wondering where
your mood rings and pet rocks ended up.
Restrictions: This lamp includes sodium nitrate which
is harmful if swallowed. Not suitable for bambini.
Donor: A Friend of the Auction
Value: $25.00
709 Viking Towel Set
Show your Viking pride in every room of the house
including the bathroom with this set of white towels
machine-embroidered with "Spring Valley Vikings" and
Donor: Laura Turnmire
Value: $60.00
710 Pair of 2014-15 Viking All-Sports
Don't worry and wonder where your kids are at night.
With this pair of 2014-15 Viking All-Sports passes, they
can be at any regular-season home sporting event.
Donor: Coach Tim Hunter, Athletic Director
Spring Valley High School
Value: $170.00
711 Spring Valley Sports Academy Soccer
Camp Registration
Whether your child is looking for something fun for
the summer or is serious about the game, Spring Valley
Sports Academy Camps fit the bill. Fun and
instructional activities help make this youth soccer
camp one of the best around.
Restrictions: Good for Summer, 2014 camps.
Donor: Steven Lea, Soccer Coach
Spring Valley High School
Value: $75.00
712 Spring Valley Sports Academy Camp
of Choice
Spring Valley Sports Academy offers camps all summer
long. Choose from football, basketball, baseball,
soccer, cheerleading and more!
Restrictions: Visit the SVHS website for complete
camp selection.
For summer, 2014 camps.
Donor: Jamie Brindel, Director of Camps
Spring Valley High School
Value: $75.00
713 Spring Valley Sports Academy
Summer 2014 Football Registration
With the 2013 Viking varsity football team's 11-0
regular season, our popular summer youth football
camp will be filling up fast. Secure your future Viking's
spot with this camp registration certificate. Campers
will also receive a souvenir camp t-shirt.
Donor: Coach Miles Aldridge, Varsity Football
Spring Valley High School
Value: $75.00
714 Spring Valley Sports Academy Camp
of Choice
Future Vikings love to come to Spring Valley's Summer
Academy Camps because they know they'll have loads
of fun with the team members and coaches. Parents
love our camps because they are affordable and wellsupervised. Sign up for the camp of your choice with
this prize.
Restrictions: Visit the SVHS website for complete
camp selection.
For summer, 2014 camps.
Donor: Jamie Brindel, Director of Camps
Spring Valley High School
Value: $75.00
715 College Gift Basket
Check a few items off your college supply list: Trash
can, shower caddy, desk lamp, XL twin jersey sheet set,
mesh laundry bag, bath towel, hand towel and wash
Donor: Cynthia Bennett, SVEF Board Member
Value: $50.00
716 Series of Children's Group Swim
Last one in is a rotten egg! Register your child, age 3 12 years, for Group Swim Lessons at the JCC.
Lifelong skills, water bottle and tote bag are included.
Restrictions: Expires August 31, 2014.
For ages 3 to 12.
Donor: Lindsay Agostini, Director of Aquatics
Katie & Irwin Kahn Jewish Community Center
Value: $120.00
718 A Night on the Viking Sidelines
Your Viking fan or future Viking will have the best seat
in the house to cheer on the varsity football team from
the sidelines. This lucky recipient will also receive a
special souvenir.
Restrictions: This experience is good for a home game
during the 2014 regular season. Call Coach Aldridge in
advance for scheduling.
Donor: Coach Miles Aldridge, Varsity Football
Spring Valley High School
Value: Priceless
719 Soccer Advanced Summer Day Camp
SCUFC Advanced Player Soccer camps are designed
for the more skilled recreational, academy and classic
players. The focus is on sharpening and challenging
players' skills in an intense program. Each player will
receive a camp t-shirt, water bottle, bag and soccer ball.
Daily 4 x 4 training, afternoon games and goalkeeping
instruction are part of this camp's curriculum. Written
evaluation is given at the conclusion of camp.
Restrictions: Limited to Summer 2014 Sessions.
Donor: South Carolina United Football Club
Value: $150.00
720 Soccer Recreational Summer Day
Recreational SCUFC soccer camp is designed to
provide recreational, academy and classic soccer players
with high-quality instruction to develop their individual
soccer skills. Daily technical skill sessions and smallsided games are part of the daily fun. Campers receive
camp t-shirt, soccer ball, sackpack and water bottle.
Restrictions: Limited to available Summer 2014
Donor: South Carolina United Football Club
Value: $85.00
722 Series of Four Swim Lessons
Future Viking swimmers are in good hands with Viking
Swim Coach and Catawba Trail Elementary School
fifth grade teacher, Mike Loser.
Restrictions: Call in advance (803-397-2826). Lessons
will be held at Coach Loser's pool of employment on 4
consecutive days during the summer of 2014 between
12:00 and 4:00 pm.
Donor: Mike Loser, Swim Coach
Spring Valley High School
Value: $125.00
723 North Face Backpack
Both Gamecocks and Tigers will walk the school halls
with stylish pride with this blaze orange and magenta
North Face Hot Shot-style backpack. Examine this
backpack to see how the quality and comfort features
make this a long-lasting and comfortable choice for
your student.
Donor: Clothing World
Value: $99.00
724 Continuing Education Certificate
Your education doesn't end when you walk out the
doors of Spring Valley. Explore a new career, or learn
something new just for the heck of it, with this $200
certificate toward any corporate or continuing
education class at Midlands Technical College.
Restrictions: Expires February 22, 2015
Donor: Midlands Technical College
Value: $200.00
725 SAT/ACT Diagnostic Assessment
By assessing which of the two tests (SAT or ACT) fits
your child's test-taking style, you eliminate the need to
prepare for two completely different admissions tests;
help your child feel more confident about either test;
and save time and money through the admissions
process. The lucky winner of this package will benefit
by knowing which assessment test plays to their child's
strengths as well as which specific areas should be
studied before each testing opportunity. The
SAT/ACT Diagnostic Assessment is completed in little
more than 3 hours in a professional office setting A
detailed report is available within 48 to 72 hours and
results are discussed in a one-hour follow-up session.
Restrictions: Open to rising 11th and 12th grade
students only. Winning bidder must contact donor by
March 31, 2013.
Donor: College Consultants of South Carolina
Value: $200.00
726 SAT Prep Course
This open-ended SAT prep course provides 10 hours
of instruction per SAT. The average score
improvement per student in this course is between 100
and 130 points. The course is entertaining, effective
and kids enjoy it (really!). Under "Unlimited Free
Course Retake Provision" students may retake the
course until they achieve a perfect score or graduate
from high school without paying additional fees -regardless of how many retakes are necessary.
Comprehensive information about all of Carolina
College Prep's college-bound services are available on
the web at www.carolnacollegeprep.com
Restrictions: Winning bid should contact Carolina
College Prep within a week of winning the item.
Donor: Carolina College Prep
Value: $395.00
727 Viking All-Sports Passes for Two
Be an athletic supporter in 2014-2015. With this pair
of All-Sports passes, you can be at any regular-season
home sporting event and you won't have to stand in
line for tickets.
Donor: Coach Tim Hunter, Athletic Director
Spring Valley High School
Value: $170.00
728 Six Hour Detention Credit
NeoMaxiZoomDweebie. Breakfast Club. Enough said.
Restrictions: Expires May, 2014.
Donor: Stephen Jackson, Discipline Coordinator
Spring Valley High School
Value: Priceless
729 X-Box Games
Lot of 15 gently used X-Box games, ranging from Star
Wars & Lord of the Rings to Need for Speed with
everything in between (NHL, NBA, Madden, WF, and
Tiger Woods Golf and more). Also included is the
Official Halo 2 Guidebook Rated E and T for
everyone and teens!
Donor: Tom & Julie Kowick
Value: $75.00
730 Vintage Viking Varsity Jacket
Glory days..... ! This vintage jacket is listed in the
Viking Zone, but do NOT buy this for your student.
That would NOT be cool. This would be perfect to
show your Viking pride and keep warm at fall football
Donor: A Friend of the Auction
Value: $75.00
Viking Originals
One of a Kind, Spring Valley Treasures
These unique items have caused many a bidding war! A
complete listing will be found in the Catalog
Addendum, available at Check-In.
These beautiful wooden items were handcrafted by
Mikel Trapp’s Advanced Carpentry Students.
900 Viking Original Birdhouse #1
Go Cocks! Decorated by Tiffany Broome's class.
902 Viking Original Birdhouse #2
Decorated by Cindy Lindsay's class.
903 Viking Original Birdhouse #3
Decorated by Stephanie Finnell, Guidance Department.
904 Viking Original Birdhouse #4
Decorated by Amy Bigham, friend of SVHS.
905 Viking Original Birdhouse #5
Decorated with a flourish by drama students.
906 Viking Original Birdhouse #6
Decorated with a Clemson theme by a friend of SVHS.
907 Viking Original Birdhouse #7
Decorated by Tudie Clark, Friend of SVHS
908 Viking Original Bench #1
Decorated by JROTC under Major Frank Ward.
909 Viking Original Bench #2
Decorated by Tudie Clark, Friend of SVHS
910 Viking Original Bench #3
Decorated by Tiffany Broome's class.
911 Viking Original Bench #4
Decorated by Cindy Lindsay's class.
Advanced Carpentry Originals, continued
920 Viking Original Spring Valley-themed
Decorated by Diana Rakes' students with bags
embroidered by Laura Turnmire.
921 Viking Original USC Cornhole
Decoration and bags by Laura Turnmire.
922 Viking Original Clemson Cornhole
Decorated by Stevie Johnson with bags embroidered by
Laura Turnmire.
923 Viking Original "It's a Party!"
Decorated by Jane Massey's students with bags
embroidered by Laura Turnmire.
924 Viking Original Adirondack
Chair #1
925 Viking Original Adirondack
Chair #2
926 Viking Original Doghouse
Viking Originals
Steel Palmetto Trees
Dr. Michael Rodgers in Pre-Engineering used a
Plasma Cam Robotic cutting tool funded by the SV
Education Foundation to cut out these wildly
popular trees from metal donated by a friend of the
912 Viking Original Palmetto
Tree #1
Violence Intervention Prevention Club
913 Viking Original Palmetto
Tree #2
Josh Drews!
914 Viking Original Palmetto
Tree #3
National Art Honor Society
915 Viking Original Palmetto
Tree #4
Spring Valley Art Department
916 Viking Original Palmetto
Tree #5
"Bright Lights, Bright Future" Senior Celebration
917 Viking Original Palmetto
Tree #6
Clemson Tigers, Friends of SVHS
918 Viking Original Palmetto
Tree #7
USC Rocks, Friends of SVHS
919 Viking Original Palmetto
Tree #8
See addendum
Mystery Bags
Gucci & Prada?
Well, they may not be designer bags, but
with your purchase of $10 or $20, you are
assured of items of at least 120% in
value—some are worth MUCH more!
Don’t miss out on these deals!
Mystery Bag Donors
Hair Doodles
Discount Tire
State Street Snacks
Donna Nails
Dickey's Barbecue Pit
Yogen Fruz
Danny's Automotive, Inc.
Hola! Mexico
Southern Deli LLC
Pontiac House of Pizza
CiCi's Pizza
Thirsty Fellow
Salsarita's Fresh Cantina
McDonald's Clemson Road
Jason's Deli
Julep’s Bistro
Taco Bell of Columbia
Pure Fishing, Etc
Jack Olivers
Lynn Roth
Tiffany’s Bakery and Eatery
…and more (see addendum for complete list!)
When the Light Goes On
You know how sometimes you just don’t get it? And
then — all at once — there is that exhilarating sense of
comprehension that washes over you. As if someone just
flipped a switch. What a feeling! Now you know why we
support education.
Because it matters how you’re treated.
Partial & Tentative List for Addendum
About 60 items with value of approximate value of $19,000
Live Auction
1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee
Members Club Initiation Fee ($7500 value – winner pays monthly dues)
You and Your Home
Signed Amos Lee CD & Vinyl
Bird Feeder & Bluebird House
Jos. A Banks Silk Tie
Jos. A. Banks Silk tie
2-Tier Marble Fountain
Decorative Pillows 22-inch square
Fabric 101 Certificate
Powder Room Pictures
Forest Lake Fabric Certificate
Framed Magnolia Print
Terminix Certificate
Ernest Lee Custom SV Chicken Painting
Mesh Ribbon Spring Wreath
King Comforter & Dust Ruffle
Murrels Inlet Sunset on Canvas
Hallmark Surprise
SV Monogrammed Chevron Scarf
Jonathan Adler Bag
Coach Handbag
Monogrammed Tote
Maui Jim Sunglasses
Wisteria Bag with Belk & Macy’s certificates
Carolina Couture Surprise
Sports and Celebrity
Pair of 7 Day Grounds Passes to RBC Heritage
Pair of 7-Day Grounds Passes to RBC Heritage
Lithograph Signed Carolina Panthers Football
Mesh Ribbon Clemson Wreath
Mesh Ribbon USC Wreath
Yeti Cooler
Food, Drink and Hospitality
Trader Joe’s Basket
Whole Foods Basket
Caio Mexico Patron Basket
Viva Italia Food Basket
Party Starter Basket
Barbecue Ribs & Chicken
Wine and Cheese Basket
Health and Beauty
Nail Studio Mani-Pedi
International Beauty Mani-Pedi
Clinique Basket
Zeal Wellness 30-Day Program
Dr. Smythe Rich
Merle Norman Pampering Party
Dining, Entertainment and Travel
Julep & Basil Dining Cards (2 of each)
Julep Bruch for 4
Night in the Northeast (movies, Solstice & more)
Disney on Ice (4 tickets opening night)
Hooter (50 wing dinners -2)
Starbucks Basket
Big T Backyard BBQ
After-work Congaree Canoe Trip
Trustus Flex Card
Viking Zone
Baby Boy Basket
Classic Baby Basket w/Carousel Gift Card
18 inch vintage mink Teddy Bear
Playmobil Tour Bus