teslacon 4 — FRIDAY, November 1st, 2013
Where Has Innovation Gone?
Amy Lionheart (April Shaw) “Lars Christoph” (Chris Shaw)
Rory James Silverstein
How to Train Your Cosplay
Junkology 101
Memento Mori: Remember You Shall Die
Michelle Boice and Stephanie Kramer of the Intrigue Factory
Professor Waldo (Walter LeTendre, Jr.), Juliet Pagel, Christopher Pagel
Dr. Insidious Taphophile
The world needs Steampunk now more than ever. Will you heed the call? This presentation will address the global
innovation crisis, and the increasing demand for certain types of talent that are prevalent within the Steampunk
fandom. The panelists will describe the nature of the crisis and how Steampunk fans can further combat the trend.
How the Victorians viewed the ancient world and the concept of travelling shows involving artifacts.
Figuring out your cosplay is more than making a costume. You are creating a persona that will endure hours of
walking, mingling, dancing, eating, and having fun at various events. We will start from the idea phase and cover
the basics of designing, building, evolving, and maintaining your cosplay.
Join three friends as they discuss the topic of recycled objects in Steampunk art, or, as they lovingly refer it,
“junkology.” On display will be musical instruments by Professor Waldo. Dr. Insidious Taphophile will take you on a journey of the practices of high Victorians before, during and after a
loved one has passed away. Learn the Stages of Mourning Dress, how your dearly departed was prepared for the
afterlife, and what when on during the entire death process.
Vindus Steamworks and Shadows, Episode 4 Premiere
A special showing of the first three episodes of Steamworks and Shadows, plus the world premiere of Episode 4,
bonus footage, and a special Q&A session with the creators.
The Bluebeard show starring Bluebeard himself ! Join him for fun and crazy adventures only Thee Bluebeard can
bring to TeslaCon. A whole new show from Thursday!
Airship Vindus
Thee Bluebeard
Victorian Medicine: Historical and Literary
1:00pm-2:30pm Medical Practices of the 1800’s
Brittney Benjamin
2:30pm-4:00pm Cause of Death
Julianne Hunter, Phil Jurasinski.
Spirit Evocation in Victorian England I
Bustles on a Budget I
Jeffrey S. Kupperman as Sir Seitheach MacGregor
Amy (Lady A. Leather bustle) DesChenes
What do grave robbing, humours, snake oil, and ether all have in common? They’re all part of the tumultuous
history of medicine during the Victorian era. This panel will teach you about warring medical theories, insane
medical inventions (that sometimes worked!), and what the changing face of medicine meant for society in general
during the late 1800’s.
We know something of how the Victorians lived, but how did they die? We’ll examine illness and accident in
1880’s America, with an emphasis on the medical and social issues surrounding contagious disease. This is a
general interest presentation; information will be shared in a frank manner however the use of gruesome language
and images will be avoided. Authors and game designers in particular may find the content worthwhile.
This Theodore Talk discusses the practice of spirit evocation in Victorian England. While focusing on ceremonial
magic and the re-popularized grimoire tradition it will also cover séances, popular with people like Sir Arthur
Conan Doyle, Ouija board and pendulum use.
This panel discusses where to find the perfect fabrics & yardage to make period appropriate bustles, with a brief
history of the garments and examples of the most popular styles of the 1800’s with a handout of the formula for
making custom patterns to use at home.
Boiled Leaves: An Introduction to Tea and Its Culture
People love tea, but if you’re new to tea culture how do you know what is what? This introductory lesson covers all
the basics.
Charm, Swagger and Bravado: A Guide
to Convention Confidence
Do you have trouble talking to people at conventions? Do you feel like an outsider amongst other convention
goers? This panel will provide you with some great hints, tips and tricks to building your self esteem, confidence
and how to play of of your strengths and weaknesses.
Victorian Grooming for Men and Women
In a double-header of grooming demonstration, learn how dapper gents and dainty ladies looked so spiffing and
span as the Imperial Anti-Piracy Squadron demonstrates proper straight razor shaving, hairstyles, and makeup.
Steampunk is Everywhere: More
than Guns and Costuming
Tony Ballard-Smoot, The Tea Lady
Tony Ballard-Smoot and Ozzy
Jade Luiz, Jeni Hellum, and Matt Oztalay
Gloria Zender and Sarah Hans
Get a run down on where you can see steampunk in books, comics, movies, TV shows, music, theatre, video games,
table top games, RPG’s and MORE.
History of Hysteria: Women’s Health &
Sexuality in the Victorian Era
Gloria Zender
High Times in the Victorian Era
Sarah Hans
teslacon 4 — FRIDAY, November 1st, 2103
An historical look at the attitudes and ideas about women’s sexuality and health. From the sexualization of the
female form in fashion and advertising to the diagnosis and treatment of hysteria and pregnancy, were Victorian
women really as repressed as history has led us to believe?
The Victorians were not the prudish upright citizens the history books would have us believe! Explore the
forbidden world of Victorian drug use from opium to cannabis. Alas, samples and instructions will NOT be
provided. Restricted to 18+
“From Gas Jets to Stratajets” the Grand Adventures
You Missed in the Mid-Twentieth Century
Nuclear powered cities under ice caps, giant polar rovers, and odd echoes in the Moon Landing speech. Welcome
to the events that fiction forgot; the bridges between the gaslight era and now. Also learn which of these gas-punk
era bridges are still intact and waiting for you.
Steampunk Book Cover Art
Kevin discusses cover art from various Steampunk themed books. A different kind of panel for those more
artistically inclined.
The Literary Steampunk: Where, Why,
What Was and What Now?
Join authors, readers, and bloggers in a round-table, audience-participation discussion about steampunk: the
foundation we love, the tropes we are changing, the concepts we would like to see, and even the ones we would like
to never see again. Come and be heard.
Muse Angioplasty: Breaking Creative Blocks
Whether you are a writer, artist, or tinkerer, everyone encounters creative blocks. Some people have blocks that last
for days or even years! Learn methods to break through creative blocks and give life to your muse once again.
Queer Cogs Caucus I: LGBTQ Issues & Steampunk
Panel discussion with an emphasis on how LGBTQ issues intersect with other identity categories in steampunk
culture, Cosplay, creative objects
Grim Realities: Writing for the Market
Talking Steampunk on the Internet
Kent Nebergall
Kevin Steil
Karina Cooper, Austin Sirkin, Joe Alfano, Kevin Steil
Amy Lionheart (April Shaw)
Lisa Hager
Karina Cooper, Austin Sirkin, Diana Pho
Austin Sirkin, Megan Maude
Gotten into or seen an argument about steampunk online? If not, you just won a free airship! For the rest of us,
we’ll cover how to effectively discuss steampunk online. This will include topics such as how to avoid triggering
defensiveness, whether there’s a point to online discussions, and more.
Fashion Show
Get a bustle on! Or your wool trousers and top hat! Join us as some of the most innovative designs in Steampunk
fashion go on full display.
Forbidden Images III: The Presented
This year we will explore Brothels, Devices, and Bears (oh my!), as well as a selection of the more interesting and
humorous images from previous years.
Karen and William Dezoma and Robert Schug
Is steampunk dead? Join traditionally published authors, an indie author, and a steampunk scholar in a wake-up
panel designed to teach writers the grim truths of writing for market. If you walk out still hungry to write, you’ve
got what it takes to make it.
Country Dance/Reel
Abbie Carr, Katelyn Power
Salo-Me: Beginner Veil Dancing
Abbie Carr, Katelyn Power
Holly Bonser of the Intrigue Factory
Abbie Carr, Katelyn Power
Intoductory class to country dances from the British Isles.
Introduction to the basic Waltz
Beginners Veil is an intro to alternative veil dancing. This is not belly dancing. We cover the basic moves and how
to put them together. Any and all people are welcome, men included.
Join the fun. No experience needed. Anyone can Polka!
Steampunk as SUPER-Culture: A Symbiosis
Between Various Fandom’s & Subcultures
Veronique Chevalier, Moderator, Cindy McLeod, Co-Chair of
AnachroCon, Kevin Steil, Airship Ambassador,THE Austin Sirkin,
Steampunk Scholar,Karina Cooper, Steampunk Author
Opening Ceremony
Steampunk is showing signs of becoming a multicultural/multidimensional fandom. What’s unique about it is
that it has drawn from a unique array of genres. This diversity has contributed to making Steampunk something
greater than the sum total of its parts. Panelists from various disciplines come together to describe how and why
Steampunk captured their imaginations and drew them in from other sub-cultures.
3rd Annual Midnight Gala
Dance until the dirigibles come to dock!
teslacon 4 — FRIDAY, November 1st, 2013
Under the Umbrella: The Subgenres of Steampunk
Annemarie Windhorst, John R White, Nichole Klatt, Austin
Sirkin, Megan Maude McHugh and LadyJade
The Magic of Zalikir
Michael Milan(Zalikir)
1:00pm-2:30pm Victorian Trade Cards
Juliet Pagel and Christopher Pagel
A round table discussion on the subgenres in Steampunk, covering the genres of Diesel, Rococo, Steamfunk, Post
Apocalyptic and others found in and around the steampunk community. How are each of the genres are different?
How are they the same and how do they mesh with the Steampunk community as a whole? After the discussion,
we will open up the floor for questions and observations.
Come let Zalikir entertain you and your friends during this kid friendly magic show fun for all ages. Is it magic or
is it a trick? Come find out for yourself.
Come learn about Victorian trade cards, produced during that era to advertise stock-in-trade of all varieties,
and which are widely collectible. A number of richly illustrated books on the subject will be available to peruse.
As a souvenir of this incredibly easy workshop, you will take away a genuine reproduction trade card. It will be
laminated for durability and you choose from a number of colorful images and equally “colorful” advertising claims.
Ask a Villain
Have you ever wanted to to ask a villain a question without the possibility of being disintegrated or mind
controlled? Well here is your chance.
Official SWARM Meeting
For those who support evil, dastardly deeds and odd magical cults that use cats, this is for you. This also kicks off
the story for the weekend!
Invisible Man: Dr. Grimm
Anna Dearling Founder of the Society of Deadly Darlings
Dr. Grimm
Nothing else needs to be said...it’s Dr. GRIMM!
SWARM Faction Recruitment
11:00am-11:30am Prussian Rally
Meet The Pirate Crew of the Dead
11:30am-1:00pm Rabbit, Keeping Steampunk Punk
Dead Rabbits
Will you choose to join a faction?
Join the evil ranks of Proctocus’ lead Generals.
Meet the Crew has featured such things as temporal steam-fish, audience-cannibalism, and Nerf-empowered
bounty hunters.
Why Piracy? You Can’t Take The Sky From Me
A round-circle discussion about the themes and motifs suggested by the prevalence of airship pirates within the
Steampunk genre.
Dances Belly On
Exhibition and lesson for the beginning level belly dancer. Basic Egyptian Raqs Sharqi movements will be covered,
as well as the historical perception of Egyptian entertainers through the lens of 19th century Europeans.
Interview with Lord Bobbins
Introduction to Airship Physics
Dead Rabbits
Peri al-Gazala
Kevin Steil
Paul Haynie
Victorians After Dark: Hysteria, Flirting,
Sex, and Other Naughty Things
Jade Luiz, Jeni Hellum, and Matt Oztalay
Kevin Interviews Lord Bobbins in an open forum, join in and ask the questions you have always wanted.
Buoyancy and wind resistance that they didn’t teach you in high school physics. For writers and other storytellers,
with a digression into ornithopters. (Yes, there is math involved.)
Join the Imperial Anti-Piracy Squadron in a discussion of how all the naughty parts of Victorian lifestyle have
affected modern life.
Lutefisk Lounge
Doll’s Tea Party
Anna Dearling Founder of the Society of Deadly Darlings.
Eli August
3:00pm-5:00pm Veronique
IAPS Presents An Evening of Respite & Reflection
Jade Luiz, Jeni Hellum, and Matt Oztalay
All dolls and doll lovers are invited to come and join us for tea. There will be a brief panel on ball jointed dolls, a
show and tell to introduce dolls and the things you have made for them and a large photo set up for picture taking.
You do not need to own a doll to come.
Join him in The Lutefisk Lounge.
Join her in The Lutefisk Lounge, for fun and frolic in the world only Mad Val can create!
As part of their on-going mission to combat piracy, the Imperial Anti-Piracy Squadron will host a delightful soiree
featuring non-alcoholic beverages of Victorian origin, parlor games, naughty readings.
Table Setting & Etiquette With Lord Bobbins
Lord Bobbins
But He Said He Was a Scientist: A Look
at Victorian Pseudo-science
If a scientist discovered it it must be so! Join us and take a look at how the scientific advancements of the Victorian area were co-opted and
corrupted by the purveyors of such popular pseudo-sciences of the era as emitter theory, crypto zoology, thought recording, and of course death
Bustle on a Budget II: Bloomers & Spats
A Panel on where to find the perfect fabrics and yardage to make period appropriate bustles, with a brief history of the garments and examples
of the most popular styles of the 1800’s, with a handout of the formula for making custom patterns to use at home.
Happy Día de los Muertos
Dr. Insidious Taphophile will once again take you on a journey into the realm of mourning and burial practices. We will explore Día de los
Muertos, and delve deeply into that topic: how it was started, and its modern interpretations of Victorian and ancient practices. In addition, we
will also explore other societies’ death practices and how the Victorians go to their more interesting mourning practices.
Barbara Marie of the Intrigue Factory
teslacon 4 — Saturday, November 2nd, 2013
Learn how to set a table properly and compete in the Table Setting Championship.
Amy (Lady A. Leatherbustle) DesChenes
Dr. Insidious
Tea Leavings
Tea has been described as the second most popular drink in the world, yet most people know quite little about it. Where did it originate?
How old is it? How many kinds are there? When and how did it end up a commodity traded around the world? Come find out the answers to
questions you never thought to ask!
Crime and Punishment in Victorian England
Victorians considered their age one of civility, and this extended to their penal code. But while hangings for minor thefts were being eliminated,
a variety of bizarre alternatives developed within a fledgling prison system.
Spirit Evocation: The Ritual
This follows Spirit Evocation in Victorian England I and is a performance of a ritual of the evocation of the Olympic spirit Ophiel, a spirit
of Mercury and communication. This ritual will follow, with much explanation, the general outline of evocation as performed by members of
various Victorian magical orders.
Victorian Slang
Come on down to test your skill in this educational and entertaining event filled with prizes. The wonderfully insidious Lars Christoph and the
talented Captain of the Babble Crew will perform scenes using Victorian slang for everyone to guess the meanings from. So, primp your “baccapipes” and straighten your “bend” as we take a “cool” at the slang used in Victorian Britain. Leave your “chavies” at home and enjoy a fun time!
Mildred Flemyng-Middleton
Catherine Beyer (Lucretia Strange)
Jeffrey S. Kupperman (Sir Seitheach MacGregor)
Amy Lionheart (April Shaw), Lars Christoph (Chris Shaw),
and Captain of the Babble Crew (Angie Olson)
2:30pm-4:00pm Signs, Ciphers and Secret Languages of the Victorian Era
Sarah Faltesek
Mike Zawacki
Director Mike Zawacki
Preservation and Permanence: American Women
5:30pm-7:00pm and Nature Fancywork in the Nineteenth Century
Andrea Michelle Kolasinski Marcinkus, Ph.D.
Before girls could secret-text each other at parties, there was fan language. Just how did telegraph operators keep themselves entertained during
their down-time? What cipher machines were in common use? Your best friend’s elder brother just sent you a birthday bouquet-WHAT DOES
IT MEAN?! This panel is intended as an overview of some of the coded communication methods of the late 1800s, including fan and flower
language, telegraph codes, and cryptography.
The Wars of Other Men: a Steampunk film.
Nature fancywork was crafted with elements found in nature. The process of making nature fancywork required the maker to accurately observe
the natural world, often using science texts and field guides as additional resources. The feminine focus on these leisure activities tended to
emphasize the process of making rather than the final product. This panel will explore these objects as art and as a way to establish permanence
of memory.
No Sewing Needed
Brittney Benjamin, Laura Wheaton
Props & Costume Alchemy: Making
One Thing Look Like Another
Sally Van Eycke, Aaron Ijams, and Terry Grinner
Steam Lolita
Sally Van Eycke and Sarah Hans
Put Your Glamour On
From Disaster to Dashing: Dressing for Men
Sally Van Eycke
Tony Ballard-Smoot and Aaron Ijams
You’ve planned the perfect steampunk ensemble, but with just one problem – you can’t sew! Never fear, this panel will show all of the amazing
costumes you can make without ever stepping near a sewing machine. After teaching you how to find the best raw materials, we’ll demonstrate
how to rip, glue, grommet, tape, staple, shred, heat press, knot, and bind readily found thrift store items into the steampunk outfit of your
dreams. There will be live demonstrations and before-and-after photos as we turn thrift store rejects into one-of-a-kind costumes.
The methods of distressing fabric, metal & plastic. Learn dying, painting, gluing, a dash of sewing & how to open your mind to using weird
thrift store finds to make fantastic costumes and props
Review the essentials of the Japanese fashion and how it can be incorporated into your steampunk look. A fun, fresh look for ladies who don’t
always want to wear floor length gowns.
A skincare & makeup panel for woman and men who are just starting out or who want to know trade secrets on looking “HOT”.
We will discuss clothing and accessory options for the overlooked male gender, as well as discovering your personal style and places to look for
inspiration and pieces.
Attractive Victorian Men
Groups, Gatherings & Galas: Social Steampunk
Jade Luiz and Jeni Hellum
Airship Archon, Gloria Zender, Tony Ballard-Smoot, and Sally Van Eycke
The ladies of the Imperial Anti-Piracy Squadron open the floor for the appreciation of attractive men of the Victorian era. Photographs abound.
All dressed up and no place to go? Discuss how to find groups and gatherings in your area or how to create your own.
teslacon 4 — Saturday, November 2nd, 2013
Writing About Steampunk
Austin Sirkin, Lisa Hager
We love to write about steampunk, either informally online or formally for academic articles. We’ll discuss how to do both, including topics
such as how to explain steampunk to a non-steampunk audience, what topics have already been covered and where, how to cite your fellow
steampunk’s work, etc.
Queer Cogs Caucus: LGBTQ Steampunk Literature
Lisa Hager
Journalism in Steampunk
Moderator Emilie Bush
World Building in a Steampunk Setting
Lost? Navigation charts leading you astray? Not to worry! Join steampunk authors in a discussion about effective world-building in a steampunk
setting. Come with questions or eavesdrop to your heart’s content; leave inspired and prepared to work.
The Airship Ambassador Presents Author Interviews
Join the distinguished Airship Ambassador as he collects authors from across the steampunk world and graciously sits down to an informal
interview. Audience Q&A welcome, with our host’s most cordial moderation.
Write to Win: Getting Through the Slush Pile
With steampunk falling through the industry’s cracks, it’s more important than ever to pitch your best work. In this panel you’ll learn how to
polish your manuscript so brightly, it’ll stand out from the rest in the slush pile.
Found in Translation: International Steampunk Literature
Where has steampunk literature been and where is it going? We’ll discuss steampunk writers worldwide and whether themes in these books
translate between different languages and cultures of their readers. There will also be a sneak-peek of the upcoming Steampunk World Anthology.
Kevin Steil, Karina Cooper, Emilie Bush, Diana Pho
Kevin Steil, Karina Cooper, Emilie Bush
Sarah Hans, Diana Pho
Diana Pho, Sarah Hans, Lisa Hager
Steerage Dance
Abbie Carr and Katelyn Power
Vindus Gentlemen & Ladies Dueling
Airship Vindus
Bellydance in the Steampunk World
Country Dance/Reel
Abbie Carr and Katelyn Power
Ayperi Bellydancer
Abbie Carr and Katelyn Power
Did you miss Friday’s class or would you like a refresher. Come on in.
We will take you through a historical perspective of duels, and then open the floor to challenges for Ladies and Gentlemen to settle their
differences in a civilized contest.
Your second chance at joining in the polka fun.
The worlds of steampunk and bellydance collide when professional belly dancer Ayperi shares her vision and stokes participants’ creativity for
the ways that bellydance can be incorporated into a steampunk character. The panel will include a structured discussion, bellydance lesson, and a
dance performance by Ayperi.
Don’t miss your last chance to join us in the dance room.
State of Steampunk
Kevin Steil
Tea Dueling
Hosted by Gretchen Jacobsen
Defining Steampunk
Airship Meet Up
Join a discussion of where steampunk has been and where it’s going.
Lord Hastings Robert Bobbins
Lord Hastings Robert Bobbins
Grand Ball & Bands
Lord Hastings Robert Bobbins
Lord Bobbins invites all to this very open and encouraging speech and discussion. This is the highlight of this years theme.
Meet the other ships and start the communicating on all frequencies.
A TeslaCon evening of dancing and fun!
teslacon 4 — Saturday, November 2nd, 2013
Congress of Games
Victorian Gaming Alliance
An event of open gaming, where multiple types of games are available to all participants. participants are welcome to join us anytime throughout
our presentation. Participants will have a wide variety of board games to choose from, all designed for small groups of 2-6 players. Come one,
come all... FUN and EXCITEMENT are the order of the day.
The Trial & Execution of Seamus O’Heaney
Cons, Swindles and Bokum of the 19th Century
We will be exposing the secrets of cheaters, con-people, carnies and other hucksters of the 19th century. We do this with hands-on
demonstrations of various cheats, gaffs, short cons, and swindles, and explore the history of these forgotten “arts”. Come and learn to swindle
your friends and loved ones.
Saberage: The Real Reason Steampunks Need Goggles
When the champagne comes out, you know it is a celebration. But with a little practice, a simple tool and a measure of courage, you can turn
popping a cork into an historic, dazzling event.
Dead Rabbit
professor Calamity and Screaming Mathilda of Combustion Books
Peter B. Slayer
Steampunk Papercraft Workshop
Join us as we explore the world of Victorian paper craft with a steampunk twist! Artists Laurie Rossbach and Mary Prince will lead workshop
participants in creating their own steampunk paper craft ornaments using “scrap” and decorations such as sequins, glitter and fabrics. Basic
supplies will be provided. Bring your own additional craft items to use or share.
Steampunk Gaming and Character Creation
Role-playing and creating a character is a big part of Steampunk. Learn more about various role-playing games featuring Steampunk themes,
and the skills one can learn from playing; from creating your own character/persona, to generating background stories, to creating your own
Victorian history.
Mad Science Tailoring
A crash course in using unusual materials to make amazing costuming. We will cover wearable stained glass, the art of dyeing synthetic fabric,
from plastic packaging to flexible metal substitute, the wonders of Sharpies, and articulated wings from an umbrella.
The Newcastle Sisters Murder Panel
The Science of TeslaCon
It Gets Better
A discussion of how not to let the bullies win, this panel covers LGBT issues in and around our community. People can share stories and
experiences in an open and honest way as well as really start getting to know one another.
Storytime With Lovelock
Join Captain Lovelock for this end-of-the-night collection of stories and adventures, ranging from those written by the Rabbits themselves to
the works of such authors as Poe and Lovecraft. These dramatic readings are sure to ensure nothing but dreams of madness and the wyrd all
night long!
Finding & Caring For Your Steampunk Wardrobe
Tailored for those who don’t sew and using visual examples, the panelists help you make informed choices when selecting the elements for your
Live Tea with Madeline Foxtrot
The most knowledgeable Steampunk Scholar and YouTube sensation Madeline Foxtrot shares with you what is and isn’t Steampunk, and tells
you why, if Steampunk is supposed to be apolitical, you never should have come to Teslacon this year. She will also be interviewing two Steam
personalities on stage.
The Art of Rope: Marlinspike, Rope
Clothing, and Armor – A Workshop
Marlinspike is the mariner’s and explorers’ art and craft of making useful and pretty things out of the one thing they had in abundance, rope.
This will be a hands on workshop appropriate for all ages. The attendee will even be shown how to make arm bracers and shin guards. Those
who bring their own rope will be able to do a take away.
Laurie Rossbach and Mary Prince
Nick Seidler, Greg Gosdeck, Sandy Kay, Paul Buss
Anna Dearling Founder of the Society of Deadly Darlings
The Newcastle Sisters
Dr. Klaus Diesalot, Commodore James McKaffery
Jason Bush (Alias H.M. of The Gin Rebellion)
Capt. Lovelock
The story progresses as the Newcastle Sisters continue their update!
Learn more about the story and the science behind the adventure!
Nora Mai, Bruce Mai
Madeline Foxtrot
David W. Crawford (Dayton Stormhawk)
Steampunk Museum
A Mostly Untrue History
Kevin Steil
Jeffery S. Kupperman and Catherine Beyer (Sir MacGregor and the Lady Lucretia Strange)
Airship Ambassador presents the Steampunk Museum and what it has in store for you!
Sir MacGregor and the Lady Lucretia Strange recount the exploits of the Ordo Rubeus Crux Ansata and the Promethean Society throughout
history in a verbal duel of one-upsmanship.
Lutefisk Lounge
Gin Rebellion
1:00pm-2:30pm Eli August
2:30pm-4:00pm Sons of Temperance
5:00pm-7:00pm Bobbins’ and Villain’s Dinner
Veronique Chevalier Evening Show
Sit, eat, and watch the story become even more serious over dinner!
teslacon 4 — Sunday, November 3rd, 2013
Worship Service
Rev. Jim Best
Finding Inspiration From Historical References
Brittney Benjamin, Laura Wheaton
Hack Your Makeup Bag
Stephanie Kramer of the Intrigue Factory
A worship service and discussion using materials from the period. While most influences will be drawn from the Methodist church,
all worshipers of any denomination and religion are welcome and encouraged to attend. While the rest of the service will be drawn
from vintage resources, the message will be one tailored for the modern steampunk community.
Have you ever wanted to dig a little deeper for some cool new ideas? This panel will discuss the different ways to find historical
reference and how to incorporate those elements into your character and costume.
Achieve unique character makeup looks with items you already own. Audience members are encouraged to bring their own makeup
and mirrors. After the demonstration, there will be a workshop portion in which participants can practice new techniques and
receive assistance from our experts.
Dropped Once Never Fired
According to the unforgiving mathematics of combat, not a single man of Pickett’s Division should have survived the march across
the field at Gettysburg. And yet, they closed to melee with sabers, bayonets and fists. How is this even possible?
Zero Budget Filmmaking
Brass Engine Productions, the crew behind the web series, Steamworks and Shadows, will show you how they create entertaining
shows and films without spending money.
Zebulon Vitruvius Pike
Airship Vindus
Adventures in the Arctic With Gustaf Danielsson
Brett King
World-renowned arctic explorer and troll hunter Gustaf Danielsson takes you on a journey through his adventures in Scandinavia
and the Arctic Circle. Through an interactive seminar, you will learn to combat Norwegian trolls and survive other perils of the
Steampunk to the Stars: How 19th Century
Engineering Enables 21st Century Space Settlement
Kent Nebergall
Using Leather in Steampunk Gadgets & Accessories
Calvin Patten Jr.
Steampunk vs. Neo-Victorian
Sally Van Eycke and Tabitha Braglin
The Victorian era was launched in an environment of vast exploration and the first industrial revolution. Learn why that future bases
on the Moon and Mars may contain much that is recognizable by Victorian engineers. Is Steampunk only a nostalgic dream, or
future fact?
This panel will cover the basics of leather working, what supplies you need and where to get them, and how leather can be used
to create Steampunk gadgets and accessories. The panel will finish with step-by-step instruction on how to create wax-hardened
leather goods.
Come discuss the two different movements and how they relate.
Anatomy of a Book
Emilie P. Book
Queer Cogs Caucus: Steampunk NonConforming People, Characters & Cosplay
Lisa Hager
A Writer’s Track guide to making a book. Whether you are looking to commercially publish or fly solo, knowing the terms of how a
book goes together is key. This talk shares insight and tips on formatting, layout and common parts of every printed book.
Panel discussion on trans* and gender non-conforming people in the steampunk community, as well as literary characters and
cosplay personae.
teslacon 4 — Sunday, November 3rd, 2013
Science Fair Registration
Please be prompt and ready to display.
Cassie Noble Beyer
Promethean Society Science Fair
Cassie Noble Beyer
Discover the odd, weird and downright unbelievable! Promethean Society Science Fair awaits you!
Pick Up Items from the Science Fair
Closing Ceremony
The science and science fiction of space travel in the 19th Century. See Jules Verne’s moon gun, H.G. Wells’ Cavorite sphere,
Konstantin Tsiolkovsky’s space elevator, Erasmus Darwin’s rocket, Thomas Edison’s aether propeller, and Tesla’s Venusian X-12.
Where they got it right, where they got it wrong, and how you can incorporate it into your steampunk narrative.
Victorian Spacecraft
Zebulon Vitruvius Pike
A Steampunk’s Guide to Death
Screaming Mathilda, Professor Calamity of Combustion Books
This presentation will unearth morbid curiosities from the Victorian period in a light-hearted but informative exploration of 19th
century death. Join our intrepid historians as they blow the coffin lid off the Victorians’ obsession with death.
Newcastle Sisters’ Murder Wrap-Up
Newcastle Sisters
The story progresses as the Newcastle Sisters wrap up the weekend story!
A frank discussion of the potent drinks of the age, how they were made, their social importance, and how many an adventure was
begun or ended over a good stiff drink. This will also be a discussion of the importance of the meeting for drink, how it brought
people together, and in some cases, how it separated people and set them apart.
Potent Potables
David W. Crawford (Dayton Stormhawk)
Language of War
A panel discussion on how multiculturalism is represented in steampunk
Diana Pho, Jenni Hellum
Thomas Boice, Michelle Boice, Pete Diederichs of the Intrigue Factory
Dealers’ Rooms Hours
Open to the public
War and battle speaks to us all. We will follow the history of violence, military psychology, and sociology from biblical times to the
modern great wars and vivisect in open panel discussion what has made effective soldiers and military campaigns successful over the
millennia. From the exalted to the reviled, all aspects will be covered and discussed.