Course Descriptions Created 2 Praise 2013

Course Descriptions
Created 2 Praise
Archery - Bows and arrows with targets. Learn and practice the safe aspects of this outdoor sport (two sessions grades 5 - 9) Dwight Rohrer
Baking and Candy Making! - We will bake cookies, breads and make candies together. Everything we make you
will get to taste and you can share these treats with your family and friends. Baking and making candies is more
fun when we do it together! Marci High
NEW!! Balloon Creations: This is a course on the basics of balloon art. You'll learn some of the basic twists and a
few easy creations, as well as how to continue learning if you want to be able to make more complicated balloon
sculptures. (two sessions) Liz Boyer
Band - Have at least one year of playing experience on a band instrument: parts will be tailored to fit our varied
playing levels. Bring your instrument the first day! Micah Albrycht
Beginning Guitar: Have you wanted to learn how to play guitar? This class is for you! You will be provided a
beginner guitar book. We will work through the book, learning simple chords, and several songs. You will need to
provide a guitar! FEE Becky Hess
Bible Study - Exploring God's Word and sharing how it can help us through each day. James Snyder
NEW!! Boomwhacker Ensemble: No music reading needed to play these tuned percussion tubes! (two sessions age based) Becky Degan
NEW!!Brainteasers: Put you brain to the test by trying number puzzles, logic puzzles, and hands on puzzles such as
Tower of Hanoi, tangrams, and many other brainteasers ranging from challenging to VERY challenging! Matt and
Jon Burkholder
Cake Decorating (double session - fee) Michelle Aviles
Basic cake decorating: learn the basics of icing a cake, making buttercream flowers and writing with icing.
Fondant class: learn the basics of covering a cake with fondant, making fondant/gum paste flowers and
creating one of a kind cakes.
Cartooning for Beginners - Wanna learn how to draw neat cartoons? Each student will learn the basics of the
wonderful and exciting cartoon art including creating a character and a cartoon strip! (two sessions) Cole Brustad
Chess: Chess sessions for players of all levels. Whether you're just starting to learn or you're an experienced
player, there's something for everyone! Zach Cramer
Vaughn Stauffer
Beginner - for the first time clay builder. If you have no experience or knowledge of clay this would be a
good class for you. We will be investigating hand building methods to build small pieces of pottery. Pinch
pots, slab and coil building will all be introduced and practiced.
Clay Advanced - If you have worked with clay before or have taken the pottery classes at C2P before this
would be a good class for you. We will be building on the basics of pottery and building project based
pieces of pottery. Coil building, slab building or pinch pots may all be used.
Wheel Throwing Clay (grades 7, 8, 9 only!) FEE- For those of you who have taken the previous pottery
classes get ready to really get messy. We are going to be getting on the WHEEL to build vessels. In this
class we will be practicing the basics of throwing and attempting to throw uniform cylinders. This class is
only available to students entering 8th or 9th grade. Due to the time drying time of clay finished pieces
will not be finished or fired. No pieces will be able to go home.
Creative Writing - We will use guided creative writing experiences to express what God has impressed upon our
hearts, be that based on scripture or life
experiences. Good spelling and good grammar are not prerequisites. (two sessions, age based) Dot Smith
Digital Photography Students will be taught about the basics of photography, as well as many of the technical
considerations around today's digital cameras. The course will focus on taking photos, but some of it will go over
the computer side of things. Students are strongly suggested to bring a digital camera of their own. (Two sessions,
experience-based) Galen Sauder
Drama - Do you have a flair for the dramatic? Using improvisation and interpretation, we will explore emotions
and the creative ways that God gave us to celebrate his love and provisions. (two sessions, age based)Dot Smith
Drawing in Chalk - Be prepared to get messy... drawing in chalk is a lot of fun, but there is technique and illusion
to be learned to create a great picture. We will learn to look at the world around us in a new way and how to
convey that on the page. (double session: FEE) James Snyder
Desserts - Learn to create yummy desserts you can make at home with your family and friends. The variety of
desserts will include learning to make a pie crust and /or cheesecake and healthy dessert options. The best part is
you’ll get to taste some of the wonderful treats you learn to make. (three sessions, age based, FEE) Gail Wireman
Duct Tape Crafts: Create wallets, flowers and more with duct tape!
Pam Hargraves
First Aid - Know what to do in an emergency situation. Basic skills will be taught. Morgan Rose, EMT
Friendship Bracelets - This class will teach campers several styles of friendship bracelet methods. For those
campers who are already experienced, this class will provide the time to continue practicing and creating Katelyn
Games of Strategy: From the simple to the complex, games involving planning and strategy will take place. Plan to
play othello, mastermind, chess, and to learn some new games AND the strategy behind them. Matt and Jon
German - Immerse yourself in German language & culture! Learn basic conversational phrases, colors and numbers
through song and other activities in a fast-paced, student-centered atmosphere. This course is intended for
students with no knowledge of German. Jen Campbell
NEW!! Get dirty, grow flowers! Brighten the world with flowers. Transplant flowers to brighten the landscape,
learn about wildflowers and plan ahead with bulbs. This class will dig in the dirt, plant seeds and identify flowers
that could be used in various settings.Galen Sauder
Gotta Sing! - Do you like to sing? Would you like to sing better? Group voice class - we will all work on breathing,
diction and singing. Darlene Hein
Handbells - No experience needed to explore the joys of hand bell ringing! Students will learn basic hand bell
techniques as they prepare several songs.
Jan Stauffer
HAVERSAKE! - In colonial days, men, women, boys and girls were prepared for any situation which they might
face. One skill was SOS Sewing & Emergency Repairs! Students participating in this class will learn to incorporate a
variety of stitches to make their own Haversack which can be used to collect and carry necessities on their next
outdoor adventure!(Charlotte Rissler)
Join us and face the lost button with courage and confidence!
Hiking: Here’s a chance to stretch your legs and get moving outside. HIking equipment, identifying trails and other
topics will be covered. (two sessions) Galen Sauder
NEW!! Intro to ASL: Immerse yourself in American Sign Language! Learn beginner signs on such topics as everyday
signs, alphabet, animals, colors, counting and food through games and song. Learn about deaf culture and
technology options available to the deaf. Learn to sign "How Great is Our God" and perform in front of everyone
on last day of the camp. This course is intended for students with little to no knowledge of ASL. Jen Campbell
NEW!!Irish Dance: Learn about Irish dance culture, learn beginnerIrish dance technique and traditional group
dancing. Appropriate footwear required to dance: ballets slippers, dance sneakers, or regular sneakers. No sandals,
flip-flops, bare feet, or stocking feet.. Kara Hartman
Jewelry Making - Kerry Rohrbach
Beginner - explore basic techniques of jewelry making, including stringing and finishing various beads on
different types of cords. Projects include making a bracelet and necklace.
Advanced (FEE)- learn new techniques for working with different types of metals and wire. Projects will
include making earrings and a necklace.
NEW!!Re-fashioned: This class will focus on the recycling and repurposing of everyday objects into
fashion accessories.
NEW!!! Juggling: This class will focus on learning to juggling balls. We will learn some basic tricks, steals, and passes.
However, students will also have an opportunity to try out a variety of juggling props. Kevin McCulley
Keyboard to Organ - This class is for students with piano experience who would like to explore the King of Instruments
- the pipe organ. In class we take whatever level piano/keyboard skills the student already has mastered and
apply those skills to organ playing, so that at the end every student will play something on the organ that sounds
like the pipe organ. Some practice required at home. Emphasis will be on giving everyone a positive introduction
to the unique sounds of the organ. Glen Lehman
Knitting - Amanda Reiff
Beginner Here we will prepare the student to know how to knit. They will learn to cast on, knit, purl and
to bind off. It helps if you are familiar with slip knots.
Advanced Advanced students are those who know how to cast on, knit and purl. They will learn how to
increase, decrease, yarn overs and do a simple pattern stitch. They will also learn how to read a pattern.
They may select their own project to work on or I will bring one along. However, please supply your own
needles and yarn for any project you choose.
Legos: If you can dream it, we can build it. LEGOS will be used to create our structures, and there will be one
major project we will work on as a tea.
Katelyn Bailey
NEW!! Mixed Media Art: We'll draw and paint using a variety of different art materials: oil pastel, watercolor,
tempera, crayon, collage. Each day will be a different combination!(two sessions, FEE) Emily Beidler
Newsletter - We will be writing stories and sharing unique events in a Created 2 Praise newsletter. Marlene
Paper Crafting and Stamping This class we will be folding, stamping, punching and embellishing paper projects.
Projects will include a purse and a memory album . You can follow my examples or customize your project. (two
sessions) Alissa Kopp
Passport to the World: We will visit 5 countries (Egypt, Vietnam, Iraq, Botswana, Australia) without leaving home!
Exploring their religious faith; music; food; sports; and traditions, we will discover God’s love for these peoples and
cultures. Linda Helmus
Scrapbooking - Come with pictures and a scrapbook (if you have one) and by the end of the week you will have
created one or two lovely scrapbook pages. (two sessions) Becky Marshall
Show Choir - simple moves and choreography to enhance a song - Darlene Hein
Spanish - ¡Hola! Immerse yourself in Spanish language & culture! Learn basic conversational phrases, colors and
numbers through song and other activities in a fast-paced, student-centered atmosphere. This course is intended
for students with no knowledge of Spanish. Nate Campbell
Strings - We will enjoy 45 minutes of string music that is tailored to the students in the class. Participants should
have at least 1 year of experience playing the violin, viola, cello or bass. Bring your instrument for the first day!
Micah Albrycht
Teambuilding Games - Learn to work together by communicating and cooperating while playing outdoor group
games. Games will include kickball, dodgeball, helium stick, team juggling, and other games requiring teamwork!
Matt and Jon Burkholder
3D puzzles and God: Exploring a puzzling object lesson and working jointly on some 3-D puzzles. We will have
several puzzles to choose from to work on, in small groups. Dot Smith
Water Colors - We will follow step by step in how to create a detailed watercolor. Come learn various watercolor
techniques! If you have watercolor paint tubes, white tip or real watercolor brushes bring those. (Two sessions)
Crystal Dull
Worship Dance - We will worship using creative movement to interpret the lyrics of a contemporary praise song,
possibly incorporating a few basics of streamer and/or flag performance into our routine. We will minister to
others by using our GIFT of dance to perform a short piece of choreography at the end of the week. You will need
an all-black outfit (pants/capris & top, or skirt, leggings & top) that stays in place when you are moving for
performance day(Friday)! Krisstin Lefever
Worship Guitar - Do you know basic chords? We will work on learning favorite worship songs with various
strumming and picking patterns. Becky Hess