LMT50307 Diploma of Applied Fashion Design and Technology Course summary

LMT50307 Diploma of Applied Fashion Design and Technology
Classroom based - Full time Mt Gravatt
Course summary
TAFE Queensland Brisbane
Mt Gravatt : Classroom based - Full time : Starts on 27-01-2015
Full fee: $19,700.00
Careers: Quality Assurance Manager, Dressmaker or Tailor, Retail
Assistant/Salesperson, Machinist, Assistant pattern maker, CAD Operator, Fashion
Stylist, Fashion Designer, Manager/Assistant Manager, Production Managers
Outcome: Diploma
Whether your love is for street wear, swimwear or bridal, we will give you the skills to design and produce fashion
and sell your ideas to the world. Bring your creativity and leave with the skills to succeed in your dream job in a
fashion house or as a freelance designer. You could be the next big name debuting at fashion festivals in Australia
or worldwide.
Course details
The Diploma of Applied Fashion Design and Technology is an 18 month industry-focused course that will provide
students with the necessary skills, knowledge and techniques required to work in the design, manufacturing or
retail areas of the fashion industry.
There will be ample opportunity to show off your creations at industry events such as the Mercedes Brisbane
Fashion Festival and the Gold Coast Swim Festival. Compete at student designer competitions and sell your
garments at the Young Designers Market at South Bank. Our graduate fashion parade always attracts positive
media attention and could be your chance to make a name for yourself.
On completion of the Diploma course, you will have a comprehensive portfolio of work.
This Diploma incorporates LMT41007 Certificate IV in Applied Fashion Design and Technology. Students may be
able to access subsidised funding for this course.
To enrol directly with us, simply call 13 72 48.
If you are applying to QTAC, please use the following codes:
Full Fee - QTAC Code: 536543
Please read the TAFE Queensland rules prior to enrolment.
This course is eligible for the Commonwealth VET FEE-HELP loan scheme. Check out which financial support
option is right for you.
The three pre-requisite units listed in the Entry Requirements section are not eligible for VET FEE-HELP funding.
Enrolment in these units is required and attracts an upfront cost of $100.00.
Upon successful completion of Diploma of Applied Fashion Design and Technology, students are offered direct
entry into the Advanced Diploma of Fashion or Bachelor of Fashion (Apparel Engineering and Design).
Diploma graduate students will receive up to one year’s credit towards the Bachelor of Fashion (Apparel
Engineering and Design). Advanced Diploma graduate students will receive up to one and a half year’s credit
towards the Bachelor of Fashion (Apparel Engineering and Design).
The Degree program duration is 3 years (before application of credit) and is currently delivered at TAFE
Queensland Brisbane"s Mt Gravatt campus in partnership with University of Canberra. The Advanced Diploma of
Applied Fashion Design and Technology is 6 months in duration.
You might be eligible for recognition of prior learning.
Note: All information was accurate at time of publication, however TAFE policies, tuition fees and course content is
subject to change without notice. Course commencement is dependent on sufficient enrolments, appropriate
accreditation and registration requirements.
For FEE-HELP and VET FEE-HELP eligible courses, the unit fees are charged according to the study period in
which the unit commences. The fee schedule outlines unit fees and census dates applicable per semester of
Check out the study units below to find the topics covered in this course.
Hours of study:
Full-time 18 months
We have two major intakes in February or July. If you are interested in starting a program outside of these times,
please call 13 72 48 for more info.
Resources required:
This program may offer delivery through the my.TAFE online system. Where this occurs you will participate in
online units and activities. To access the learning platform my.TAFE you will require the following:
Computer running Mac OS X or Microsoft Windows 2000 or higher
Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 or Mozilla Firefox 3.6 or higher.
Microsoft Word & Excel 2003 or higher, or an equivalent productivity package.
Adobe Acrobat Reader
Adobe Flash Player.
Entry requirements
All students must complete the following three pre requisite units to achieve LMT50307. These units will be
delivered concurrently during the first semester of study:
CUVTEX301A - Produce textile work
LMTCL2001B Use a sewing machine
LMTCL2004B - Sew components
Students under 17 years of age must meet enrolment requirements as specified in the Education (General
Provisions Act 2006)
LMTFD5007B Analyse influences on contemporary fashion designs ( Semester 3, Elective )
LMTFD4001B Apply design studio process ( Semester 2, Core )
LMTFD5017B Apply design studio processes to meet client brief ( Semester 3, Elective )
LMTFD4003B Assist in preparation of preliminary design concepts ( Semester 2, Elective )
LMTFD4004B Calculate cost estimates for fashion products ( Semester 2, Elective )
LMTFD4005B Communicate and sell design concepts ( Semester 1, Elective )
LMTFD4007B Conduct quality assurance for patterns and garments ( Semester 1, Elective )
LMTFD5009B Cost design production ( Semester 3, Elective )
LMTFD4015B Create pattern from block to meet customer specifications ( Semester 3, Elective )
LMTFD4010B Create pattern to meet design specifications applying advanced pattern-making principles (
Semester 2, Elective )
LMTFD5010B Develop and present design concepts within specific guidelines ( Semester 3, Elective )
LMTFD5002B Develop and test patterns for bras and swimwear ( Semester 3, Elective )
LMTFD5004B Develop marketing plans for fashion products ( Semester 3, Elective )
LMTCL3009B Develop patterns from a block using basic patternmaking principles ( Semester 1, Elective )
LMTFD4012B Develop product specifications for fashion design ( Semester 2, Core )
LMTFD3004B Draw a trade drawing for fashion design ( Semester 1, Elective )
LMTCL2011B Draw and interpret a basic sketch ( Semester 1, Core )
CUVTEX401A Experiment with techniques to produce textile work ( Semester 2, Elective )
LMTGN2001B Follow defined OHS policies and procedures ( Semester 1, Core )
LMTFD4013B Grade 2D patterns ( Semester 2, Elective )
LMTFD2005B Identify design process for fashion designs ( Semester 1, Core )
LMTCL3001B Identify fabric performance and handling requirements ( Semester 1, Core )
LMTCL2003B Identify fibres and fabrics ( Semester 1, Core )
LMTFD4014B Identify influences on contemporary fashion designs and construction techniques ( Semester 2,
Elective )
LMTFD4006B Interact and network with fashion industry participants ( Semester 2, Core )
LMTFD5005B Manipulate fabrics to create new finishes ( Semester 3, Elective )
LMTCL2010B Modify patterns to create basic styles ( Semester 1, Core )
LMTGN2009B Operate computing technology in a Textiles, Clothing and Footwear workplace ( Semester 1,
Elective )
MSAENV272B Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices ( Semester 1, Core )
LMTFD5012B Perform contour draping ( Semester 3, Elective )
LMTFD5011B Produce fashion illustrations ( Semester 2, Elective )
CUVTEX301A Produce textile work ( Pre Requisite, Mandatory )
LMTCL2004B Sew components ( Pre Requisite, Mandatory )
LMTFD4016B Sew design prototypes ( Semester 2, Elective )
LMTFD4017B Source materials and resources for production of fashion designs ( Semester 2, Elective )
LMTCL2001B Use a sewing machine ( Pre Requisite, Mandatory )
LMTFD4020B Use electronic fashion design tools ( Semester 3, Elective )
There may be one or more elective competencies, these may differ between TAFE regions. Please contact the
region for more information.
Last updated on 26 August 2014