Quality Environment (QE) practice is a concept which can be applied in the workplace by workers. It creates a more conductive, clean
and tidy workplace. If all workers treat Quality Environment (QE) practice as a daily activity, work definitely become faster and easier. A
major attraction of 5S is that it does not require capital investment. The heart of the concept is the belief that positive change occurs
through investing in people “with every pair of hands comes a free brain”. Therefore, implementation, though not cost-free, can be a
minimal cost investment. This makes Quality Environment (QE) practice accessible and achievable for all types of organisations.
Through the implementation and practices of Quality Environment (QE) practice everyone is able to contribute towards increasing company’s productivity and quality. A successful Quality Environment (QE) practice, programme will contribute to a change in culture, processes and work practice.
Objective :
Understand the importance of Quality
Environment (QE) practice concept
Develop teamwork spirit among workers in order to achieve company’s
Understand the ideas to implement
Quality Environment (QE) practice at
Contents :
The importance of productivity and
Date : 7-8 April 2015
Time : 8.30 am - 5.00 pm
Vanue : Bilik Latihan MPC, Level 2, MAA
Understanding the Concept of Quality
Environment (QE) practice
Benefits of Quality Environment (QE)
Quality Environment (QE) practice
Excellence Location (Slides)
Key to Quality Environment (QE)
practice for successful improvement
Step by Step Implementation of
Quality Environment (QE) Practice
Step 1 & 2 - Preparation and Official
Step 3 & 4 - Big Cleaning and Initial
Step 5 - Daily Seiri, Seiton and Seiso
Step 6 - Periodic Quality Environment
(QE) practice Audit
Recognition and Appreciation
Quality Environment
Management Systems
RM 848.00 per participant
* Included lunch, refreshment, notes, course material and certificate.
* Included 6% GST
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Maintaining/ Sustaining Quality
Environment (QE) practice
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1 April 2015
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