Faculty and Workshops Elinor Burwash Kathleen Bissett

Faculty and Workshops
LEGEND: SM: sewing machine required / HS: hand stitching
C: computer
Elinor Burwash
Edmonton, AB
Kathleen Bissett
Elinor is a passionate quilter
and would rather be quilting
than doing anything else. She
has been working with textiles
since she was a young girl,
creating doll clothes, then
knitting and embroidering.
University brought Elinor
to surface design and then to quilting in the 1970’s. Her own
designs, mainly inspired by her garden, surroundings and
travels, show up in patterns and in the classes she teaches.
Elinor says that she sees possibilities in almost every form of
quilting and it is difficult to narrow her passion to one particular
form of quilting. However, in the past few years Elinor’s work
has been moving more in the direction of her roots, working in
appliqué and giving it dimension through choice of fabric, and
embellishments and use of threads, ribbons and beads.
Waterloo, Ontario
Currently enjoying the quilt
country of Ontario’s Waterloo
region, Kathy began quilting
in Quebec in the late 1970’s.
Always expecting to return
to the high school classroom
where she taught mathematics
B.C. (before children) she found
herself drawn to the quilters’
classroom. Kathy particularly
enjoys playing with colour and
interpreting traditional geometric patterns in new ways. She
also enjoys the innovative directions of quiltmaking. Kathy insists
that quilts are a combination of mathematics and colour!
When Kathy is not teaching, she may be working on the CQA/
ACC Quilt Judge Certification Programme or serving as the Chair
of the Grand National Quilt Show. In 2010 she received the 2009
K/W Community Arts Award for Textiles, Fibre and Quilting for
artistic achievement and in 1998 Kathy was honoured by being
named the prestigious Canadian Quilters’ Association’s Dorothy
McMurdie Award winner for her accomplishments and generous
contribution to quiltmaking in Canada.
1-F Round About
Friday, June 1, 8:30 am – 4 pm
2-WT The Four Seasons – Autumn
Wednesday & Thursday, May 30 & 31,
8:30 am to 4:00 pm
Note: This class has a kit fee of $20
This is a Canadian appliqué design
by Elinor. The traditional wreath
shape features maple leaves and embroidered wheat sheaves.
There are two options for borders for this 25” square quilt,
one using a variation of Hmong reverse appliqué; the other
pieced. Techniques for multiple pieced leaves will be taught,
along with a folded narrow stem application and a silk ribbon
embroidery stitch for the wheat sheaves. Simplified methods
for transferring the design to the background and a quick easy
template method will be used. A kit will include the pattern and
some basic supplies (not fabric). Enthusiastic beginner
It is always intriguing to investigate the
various block sets for a quilt. As quilters,
we normally “audition” the position of our
blocks before sewing them together. As I
played with my first modular set of quilt blocks, I became
intrigued with the idea of creating quilts in which the quilt
blocks could actually be rotated. Round About is the fifth in
a series of original Coffee Table Quilts in which the blocks
are constructed as complete units (modules). These 8-inch
completed modules can be rotated thus forming numerous
pleasing arrangements. Quick machine stained glass quilting
techniques will be used in the construction of Round About.
Intermediate level
1-S QSI Mystery Quilt
Saturday, June 2, 8:30 am – 4 pm
2- FS Design on a Theme
Friday and Saturday, June 1 & 2, 8:30 am
to 4:00 pm
In this two day class we will create
at least four original abstract designs.
We will choose our themes each day.
Examples include: rain, spring, celebration, flowers. We begin
by jotting down our thoughts about the subject. The instructor
will then guide participants to create their abstract creation
from these notes. Fusible paper-backed web bonded to cotton,
silk and other fancy fabrics will be used to create four 12”
square abstract quilt tops. Any or all machine stitching will be
completed at home along with further embellishments. The
instructor will bring lots of inspiration for embellishments. Be
prepared for fun and amazing results and start collecting fancy
fabric scraps. Enthusiastic Beginner
Become a QSI (Quilt Solution Investigation) detective and
spend the day investigating the secrets of this lovely pieced
quilt, clue by clue. Once the blocks are exposed, the fun is not
over, as there are numerous block sets to keep you intrigued.
This mystery quilt, QSI, is fun to construct using quick cutting
and machine techniques. If you can sew a consistent seam
allowance, you can make this quilt! The finished quilt, without
borders, will measure about 42 inches square. Beginner
Faculty and workshops, continued
Ana Buzzalino
Anna Davison
Calgary, AB
Mahone Bay, NS
Growing up in a small seaside
village in Argentina, Ana learned
to sew from her mother and
grandmother. On her move to
Canada, Ana discovered quilting
and shortly thereafter began her
teaching career. She enjoys taking
workshops with renowned quilt and fiber artists to improve
her skills. Ana’s quilts have won several awards at local and
national shows and have been juried into major international
shows. Some of her techniques have been published in
magazines and appeared in a video. Her current work focuses
on experimenting with different surface design techniques,
including her second love, which is paint.
I’m a Nova Scotian
girl – born in Glace
Bay, finished high
school in Halifax, and
live with my husband
in the beautiful town
of Mahone Bay on
the South Shore. We
celebrate our 42nd wedding anniversary this fall and are the
delighted parents of seven children, twenty-five grand children,
and one great grandson.
Though I have tried my hand at many arts and crafts over
the past thirty-five years, quilting is what I always came back
to. In quilting I have explored many phases - color, design,
pattern-making, teaching [which I love], special projects,
commission work, community pieces, and just doing it for the
fun of creating something from a bunch of fabric scraps using
a variety of techniques and embellishments. My newest phase
is the art quilt which starts with a theme and allows the creative
juices to flow. I look forward to meeting many more quilters,
newbies and experienced, at Quilt Canada 2012.
3-WT Introduction to Fabric Painting
Wednesday and Thursday, May 30 & 31,
8:30 am to 4:00 pm
4-WTF Rounding the Point 42” x 48”
Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, May
30, 31 & June 1, 8:30 am to 4:00 pm
This introduction to fabric painting class
is ideal for those interested in trying new
techniques. The class will cover blending,
shading and detail work. There will be a discussion of different
types of paints and brushes. Quilting options will be discussed
at the end of the class. All levels
Nova Scotia’s iconic sailing ambassador,
Bluenose II, sails around Battery Point
Lighthouse and heads for her home
port of Lunenburg with The Ovens in the background. This
elegant schooner is a great gift for any lover of tall ships and
is a lively accent for any room with a nautical theme. During
our three days together you will create a quilted background;
use schematic drawings to build your own Bluenose II, learn
three methods for making the sails, paper-piece Battery Point
Lighthouse, and discover how to make folded stars for the
borders. Suitable for experienced quilters
3- FS Machine Quilting Basics (SM)
Friday and Saturday, June 1 & 2, 8:30 am
to 4:00 pm
Note: This class has a kit fee of $25.00
Using a free-motion foot, the focus of the first day of class will
be on how to move the quilt and run the machine to get smooth
even stitches and while doing that, learn some interesting
freehand designs and background fillers. On the second day of
class participants will explore designing and quilting feathers,
both marked and freehand. In this 2-day class, you will simply
work on a techniques sampler that will give you new ideas
and expand your quilting horizons. Confident beginner to
4-S Folded Fabric Flowers (SM)
Saturday, June 2, 8:30 am to 4:00 pm
Learn my fast and easy technique
for making these origami-inspired
flowers; then use your imagination
when creating your next quilt, bag,
vest, jacket or hat, as a delicate
touch to your gift wrap or for a quick
bouquet to give as a gift. Some precutting of simple shapes is
required and you’ll finish at least 14 flowers during this one-day
workshop. All levels
Faculty and workshops, continued
Jo Diggs
5-S Direct Designing :
Floral Subjects (SM or HS)
Saturday, June 2, 8:30 am to 4:00
Portland, ME
Jo Diggs has always cut,
stitched and loved fabric. She
is best known for landscapes
of great depth and distance
that express feelings of quiet and serenity. Her work has
been exhibited nationally and internationally; her wool quilt
Snowscape is in the collection of the National Quilt Museum
(USA). Jo has created a quilt series of the Four Seasons, an
Audubon donation quilt, and in 2011, A Full Tank, a big,
crowded, exciting fish quilt. Two of her landscapes appear
in Valerie Hearder’s Points of View: Landscape Quilts to
Stitch and Embellish, C&T, 2007. A trained art teacher, Jo
is dedicated to helping other stitchers achieve success and
pleasure in their own work.
Learn three basic, easy floral
layouts to use in formal or
informal designs. Also learn
how to enhance and integrate the
flowers with attractive backgrounds and good borders. See how
fast and easy direct cutting can be and amaze yourself with how
much you can do with simple shapes. All Levels.
Judy Farrow
Parksville, BC
Judy has lived in the North,for thirty
years. She first went North as a teacher
in Iqaluit. During fifteen years in that
community, she travelled extensively
with her husband, by dog team in
winter and freighter canoe in summer.
Memories of that time are reflected
in her artwork today. In 1990 Judy
received a Northwest Territories Arts
Council Grant to make quilted fabric wall hangings. A ‘love
affair’ with quilting began. In the summer of 2001, the Farrows
moved to Parksville on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.
In 2003, Judy established Little Mountain Studio. Judy’s quilt
art can be found in private and corporate collections. In 2006
Judy had a one-woman show “Baffin Island to Vancouver Island”
at the La Conner Quilt Museum, Washington. Her quilts have
been exhibited nationally and internationally and although Judy
maintains a busy teaching schedule she jokes that her quilts travel
more than she does these days.
5-W Appliqué Landscapes:
depth, distance and light
(SM or HS)
Wednesday, May 30, 8:30 am to
4:00 pm
Layering fabric is a very easy
method for creating landscapes with depth and distance. Tips
for creating light effects add glow and reflections. Everyone
designs “quickies” and then a more advanced landscape.
Emphasis is on the method for designing; no patterns, freehand cutting does it all! Lots of class sharing and discussion.
All levels
5-T Landscapes and Beyond
Thursday, May 31, 8:30 am to
4:00 pm
(SM or HS)
Explore landscape enhancement,
re-structuring, repeating and
morphing to make your basic
landscape richer and more interesting. Paper exercises will lead
to expanded layouts with multiple views and shifting focus.
You will create from simple, basic shapes. Intermediate to
6-WT Liberated Machine
Wednesday and Thursday, May 30
& 31, 8:30 am to 4:00 pm
Note: This class has a kit fee of
5-F Designer Fish (SM or
Friday, June 1, 8:30 am to 4:00
Traditional hand appliqué can be
stunning but it can also be painstakingly slow. While working
on a quilt for a show deadline, I found that in order to finish
the quilt on time I had to make compromises with construction
technique. The result was quite satisfying, so come and be
liberated; find the machine technique that works for you.
Liberated appliqué is all about problem solving and putting
yourself in charge. On day one you will be guided through
a series of exercises and a kit of pre-cut materials will be
provided. This class also deals with sources of images suitable
for appliqué and making your own patterns. Skill level: beyond
basic quilting.
Combine wild, wonderful
or oddball fabrics to create
underwater scenes of swaying
kelp and brilliant fish. Scenes are nature inspired, but more
fanciful than literal. Direct cutting using simple shapes in many
layers, enables students to design without patterns. Great for
machine assembly and embellishment. All levels
Faculty and workshops, continued
6-FS Take a Leaf!
Friday and Saturday, June 1 &
2, 8:30 am to 4:00 pm
structure for fabrics from scratch. While using a variety of
everyday implements and found objects (forks, potato mashers,
pot scrubbers, bottle caps, you name it) you will create textured
layers by removing colour, pulling and manipulating the
pigments while they are still wet on the fabric. The end product
is a selection of personal exquisite fabrics. Just enjoy! No
previous experience necessary
Note: This class has a kit fee
of $10.
Take a leaf as your inspiration or starting point. Real leaves,
paper templates, fabric paint, acrylic medium, free-motion
stitching, layering fabrics, mixing sheers, synthetics and
metallics with quilt cottons. You play and the real leaves
guarantee success. Day one explore using real leaves and /
or scanned paper templates of real leaves to produce fabric/
paper leaves. You will be using free motion sewing techniques,
layering of fabrics and acrylic medium. You will be guided
through a series of exercises but it is essentially a play and
discovery day. A kit will be provided for the exercises. Day
two allows you to narrow your focus on a technique that suits
you and look at design concepts for a quilt of your design.
Construction techniques, machine quilting, and other finishing
options will be demonstrated. Skill level: those wanting to
move beyond basic construction.
7-F Irresistible Resists
Friday, June 1, 8:30 am – 4:00
Note: This class has a kit fee of
Are you ready for a fabric
adventure? In this workshop
you will use soy wax to
create batik like effects in a
wide range of patterns and textures on fabric - both abstract
and representational. Soy wax is an ecologically safe, food
grade wax, which unlike paraffin can be washed safely and
completely out of cloth in your home washing machine. You
will also earn how to mix pigment colours and make simple
stamps to use with the wax. Enjoy creating stunning fabrics
in your own colour scheme. Truly irresistible! No previous
experience necessary
Gunnel Hag
Toronto, ON
Gunnel Hag studied textile design
in Sweden and England. Her
studio, Trees Textile Designers
and Printers, in Toronto,
produces fabrics for film and
theater productions. She taught
in the Textile Studio at Sheridan College, Oakville, Ontario
for 12 years, and has been a visiting lecturer at the National
Institute of Design in Ahmedabad, India. Her fabrics have been
represented at International Design exhibitions. She teaches
workshops and gives presentations and lectures internationally.
Gunnel has published two books: Creating Texture and
Creating Texture: Soft Textures.
7-S The Power of Pattern
Saturday, June 2, 8:30 am – 4:00
Note: This class has a kit fee of
In this workshop you will
discover a thousand different
paths to the same goal: gorgeous
cloth. Learn to see patterns in
everyday objects and to turn
them into beautiful fabrics. You
will create stamps with your own
imagery and explore positive/negative design aspects while
printing a never-ending variety of repeating patterns in your
personal colour schemes. Thinking of more than fat quarters?
The stamps you create can be used to make fabulous T-shirts,
cushion covers, bags, tea-towels, you name it! No previous
experience necessary
7-WT Colour and Texture on
Fat Quarters
Wednesday and Thursday, May
30 & 31, 8:30 am – 4:00 pm
Note: This class has a kit fee of
Unleash Your Creativity! In this workshop you will learn
how to mix your own personal colour combinations in order
to create useful and unusual textures on fabric. You will
experiment with the application of pigments to cloth by using
brushes, foam applicators and scrapers. You will build a surface
Faculty and workshops, continued
Valerie Hearder
Anna Hergert
Mahone Bay, NS
Moose Jaw,SK
Anna Hergert is London City
and Guilds educated and holds
Diplomas in Art, Design,
Contemporary Embroidery as well
as Patchwork and Quilting. Her
life-long pursuit of the arts makes
her a passionate and inspiring
teacher. Anna is a teacher/lecturer
with over 20 years of experience in
the fibre arts field. Her innovative pieces have been exhibited
widely in solo shows and juried traveling group exhibitions.
Her work has won awards across Canada ranging from Best
of Show in “Focus of Fibre Arts” to awards of excellence in
quilting and surface design in “Dimensions Saskatchewan” as
well curator’s choice and awards of excellence for entries into
the “Grand National Quilt Shows.”
Anna makes her home in SW Saskatchewan, just north of
Moose Jaw on scenic Buffalo Pound Lake with her husband
Colin. She creates fiber art in her dream studio overlooking
the breath taking scenery that serves as a constant source of
Valerie has taught in the UK, Ireland,
Germany, South Africa and Japan
and is the author of two books on
landscapes. Valerie was nominated
for the Saidye Bronfman Award for
Excellence in 2002 and was the
recipient of the Dorothy McMurdie
Award for significant contribution to
Canadian quilting, conferred in 2005 by the Canadian Quilters
Association. Valerie’s work has been exhibited internationally
since 1986 including several major shows in Japan including
Thirty Distinguished Quilt Artists of the World, Tokyo Dome,
Japan 2003, and frequently at Quilt Festival in Houston, where
she was on the faculty for 25 years.
8-W Collage: Small Art Quilts
Wednesday, May 30, 8:30 am – 4:00 pm
Note: This class has a kit fee of $15
This workshop invites quilters to step
outside the grid of traditional quilting
patterns and experience the spontaneity
of free-form collage design. A design
exercise will be set and you’ll complete
a small composition of your own
original design using exotic fabrics
chosen by Valerie. You’ll learn to look
for design cues and elements within the fabric to generate
design inspiration. Using mainly fusible appliqué techniques,
this workshop is a fresh way to look at the design process
and would appeal to quilters interested in art quilts. Valerie
establishes an enjoyable and supportive environment for you to
explore design and learn to work in a spontaneous way. You will
complete a small framed project. Skill level: willing to explore
Power of Blue & White: Ancient Indigo
Examples produced by Anna Hergert
9-F The Power of Blue and
White: “Ancient Indigo”
Friday, June 1, 8:30 am – 4:00 pm
Note: This class has a kit fee of $25
Indigo is found in virtually every
culture throughout the ages. It
remains one of the most versatile
and intriguing dyes. Journey along to explore traditional
techniques practiced to this day in areas of Africa and Japan.
Participants will create an Indigo dye vat, and with the help of
everyday supplies transform ordinary cotton fabric into pieces
of art. All levels
8-T Small Scale Landscapes (HS)
Thursday, May 31 8:30 am – 4:00 pm
Note: This class has a kit fee of $17
History Revisited: The Ancient Art of Kantha Quilting
Examples produced by Anna Hergert
Unleash your creativity using
Valerie’s easy “cut and collage”
approach to designing small
landscapes. Design and hand appliqué
a small-scale landscape of your own
design. Learn techniques you can
apply to larger projects. An inspiring and productive day - and
you take home a completed and framed project! Luscious fabric
is supplied to inspire your own landscape design - a delightful
format for your stitchery and embellishment skills. Techniques
covered: collage design, hand appliqué and fusible appliqué,
embellishment. We’ll view slides of fabric landscapes, discuss
design ideas, and complete the project, which will be mounted
in a mat frame ready for the wall. All materials supplied, just bring
your scissors, needles and thread. All hand work. All levels.
After the Storm II, 2009 (60” h x 42” w); full view and detail
9-S History Revisited: The
Ancient Art of KANTHA
Saturday, June 2, 8:30 am –
4:00 pm
Note: This class has a kit
fee of $20
Do you like to learn more about other cultures and their
quilting techniques? Join us for a virtual trip to India and let
yourself be introduced to this ancient quilting technique that
elevates recycling to fine art. Hand quilters and embroiderers
will love this simple and yet effective way of decorating fabric
with running stitches to create one-of-a-kind pieces ready for
framing. All levels
Faculty and workshops, continued
Heather Lair
with organza for the embellishments. There is so much room
for creativity in this quilt- change it up and make it unique!
It can be made in any color and is a great stash buster. (20” x
24” Art quilt) Intermediate
Gimli, MB
Heather Lair has a passion for
quilting. She transfers this passion
and creativity to her students. She
loves teaching quilting to all ages
and levels, from school age groups
to advanced quilters, and inspires
students to play with colours and
visualize their ideas. Her personal
inspiration comes from a broad
range of traditional and unconventional sources: traditional
quilting patterns, Canadian landscapes, modern art, medieval
illuminations, Inuit art, ancient embroidery styles and the feel
and colours of the fabric itself.
With 35 years of experience, her award winning work
has been exhibited in galleries across Canada. She has been
published in American Quilter Magazine and been awarded the
Manitoba Arts Council Crafts Grant. Her art has been exhibited
in many solo and group shows. Commissioned pieces are
included in the collections of Parks Canada and The Manitoba
Museum. Heathers quilts have been juried into Manitoba
Prairie Quilters Shows, Quilt Canada’s National Juried Shows
and Fantastic Fibers 2011. Many of her quilts can be seen on
television shows and movie sets. Her quilts grace the walls and
beds of homes and public buildings from Manitoba to Japan,
Iceland and South Africa.
10-S Torn Strip Appliqué
Saturday, June 2, 8:30 am –
4:00 pm
Note: This class has a kit fee
of $5
This is a new technique that is very textural and fun to make. It
involves tearing strips of fabric and sewing them on a stiff base
to make art quilts. No two will ever be the same! I will show
you alternate finishing and construction methods. Very messy
– threads everywhere! The kit includes everything you need
for a postcard size sample of the technique. Students supply
materials for a larger piece. (11” x 20” Art quilt) Suitable for
all levels
Lily Lam
Westmount, QC
Creativity is an innate and essential trait
of human nature. Learning, sharing and
teaching go hand in hand. Throughout
her professional career, Lily finds
herself in different teaching roles. From
peer tutoring to teaching high school
and college classes, to product training and staff mentoring,
or to yet another quilting technique, it is the subject matters
that change. Teaching workshops is Lily’s way of sharing the
insights of her quiltmaking experiences with others. Her aim is
to help each participant move forward in their creative journey
by mastering and applying basic skills with playful and creative
10-W The Colours of Nebula
Wednesday, May 30, 8:30 am – 4:00 pm
Note: This class has a kit fee of $6
This is a fun class. To create the ‘nebula’
students assemble random chunks of
colourful cloth, cut these into squares and
then sew these squares in to a black lattice
that is then embellished with ribbon. It is a
nice combination of free form rotary cutting,
playing with colour, and ¼” seams. I like
this pattern as it is very easy for students
to change the shape and size of the overall
piece, and the colours will vary depending
on which Nebula they are inspired by. (19” x
50” Art quilt) Intermediate
11-WT Demystifying
Digital Magic
Wednesday & Thursday,
May 30 & 31, 8:30 am –
4:00 pm
Note: This class has a kit fee
of $45
10-TF Green Party Dress (SM)
Thursday and Friday, May 31 & June
1, 8:30 am – 4: 30 pm
Note: This class has a kit fee of $6
As digital camera and colour printer become common
household items, the desire to capture memories on fabric is
stronger than ever. Recent advances in consumer technology
for digital image processing open up unimaginable possibilities.
Mystified by the fast pace of change in technology, we often
wonder about how to proceed. Incorporating photo images
This is a very successful and popular
class. It involves basic rotary cutting
and sewing to make the central
mosaic panel, Seminole piecing as a
border detail, and raw edge appliqué
Faculty and workshops, continued
12-WT Making Faces (SM)
creatively on your quilt is easy once you are familiar with
the basic techniques. With a 3-stage approach, you begin by
exploring the 1-click magic, proceed to apply basic changes
adding mood-transforming special effects, and then venture into
the domain of advance editing techniques. Compile a “beforeand-after” album of your favorite images. Then turn your best
shot into a “wish-you-were-there” fabric post card. You will
learn about the options and techniques for image transfer on
fabric as well as ways to organize your ever-growing image
collection. Suitable for all levels
Wednesday & Thursday, May
30 & 31
This is a really fun workshop
using photographs to create
recognizable fabric portraits.
Drawing skills are NOT required,
but participants must be able
to trace and count to five or maybe even six. Minimal technology
is required to transform a photo into a stunning raw edge appliqué
image. Confident beginner to intermediate
11-FS Sashiko Evening Purse (SM)
Friday & Saturday, June 1 & 2, 8:30
am – 4:00 pm
12-TF Rusty Things
Friday & Saturday, June 1 & 2,
8:30 am – 4:30 pm
Note: This class has a kit fee of $25
Sashiko is literally translated as “little
stabbing stitches”. Whether used on quilts, wearable art or
utilitarian articles, the rustic elegance Sashiko offers emanates
from an ancient traditional sensibility that is solidly rooted on
basic design principles – notably the use of negative space,
lines, contrast and texture. Treat yourself to a fabulous Sashiko
evening purse made with sumptuous hand-dye fabric decorated
with contrasting threads and beaded embellishments. You will
learn to master this ancient tradition and then set it free. After
an introduction to the traditional Sashiko patterns and oriental
motifs, you are encouraged to create your own purse design. On
the second day, after a quick survey on beading techniques, you
will proceed to perk up your purse with one-of-a-kind beaded
embellishments and finish your project in the time-honoured
manner traditionally used for kimonos. Suitable for all levels
Have you ever tried to remove
a rust stain? In this workshop
we’ll explore the possibilities of
printing and dyeing fabrics with
rust… on purpose. We can create beautiful random patterns
similar to batiks or watercolours. We can print the shapes of
actual rusty objects. We can create detailed and controlled
patterns. Finished pieces are soft, malleable, washable and
permanent. All levels
Susan Purney Mark
Victoria, BC
Susan has come full circle to
Halifax where more than 30
years ago she was introduced to
quilting. Since then it has been
a life transforming journey of
colour, design and pattern. Art and
quilting has become her method
of self expression and the focus of
both her energy and methods of
communication. She is co-owner of
Patchworks Studio, a popular pattern business, written more than
30 magazine articles and is the author of 6 quilting books.
Susan travels internationally to teach and lecture, her quilts
have been shown across North America and her work is known
for its use of traditional methods with contemporary design and
materials. When sharing her knowledge and experience in the
classroom Susan’s students have commented on the thoroughness
of her lessons and the careful attention given to each student. She
encourages quilters, both newcomers and the more experienced,
to enjoy the process, to gather as much knowledge as possible
and to challenge themselves with new techniques and methods.
Susan is an active member of the fibre arts community in
British Columbia and is a member of numerous national and
international quilt and surface design associations.
Susan Tilsley Manley
Durham, NS
Maker of Things. Yup, I make
things. Always have, hopefully
always will. What I make depends
upon the season, the demand, the
commissions, and the availability
of childcare. I am educated as
a painter, with a BFA from the
Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design in Vancouver, BC,
Canada. I am also experientially-taught as a quilter, fimo
jeweler, printmaker, knitter, mother, etc. I make altered books,
paintings, jewelry, cookies, quilts, paper, fabric portraits, fun
hats, sculptures, Halloween costumes, and I make monsters go
away—unless they are friendly—then I invite them for tea. My
home studio is a bustling place filled with colour and projects
and glitter and paint and toys and magic. I create from a place
of joy. Not a naïve joy that doesn’t know any better, but from a
joy that understands life is hard and short and way too precious
to be grumpy.
Faculty and workshops, continued
13-W Shattered Angles
Wednesday, May 30, 8:30 am – 4:00 pm
Norah McMeeking
Santa Barbara, CA
Join Susan for her most popular
workshop and discover the many joys
of working with colour in an exciting
new technique that is full of surprises.
Stacked and sliced fabrics combined
with bold, contrasting strips create visual excitement in your
quilt. Students can work with a planned colour palette or make
it scrappy, every fabric is perfect for a Shattered Angles
quilt! Finished size and layout is flexible, make it big or small,
students will be given lots of options for quilt design and
finishing. Shattered Angles is the perfect quilt for fat quarters
or a secret stash of wonderful fabrics! Susan’s book “Accent
on Angles-Easy Strip Set Quilts” from Martingale is based on
this technique. Confident beginner and above
13-T “Take Four” Fat Quarters
Thursday, May 31, 8:30 am – 4:00 pm
Norah McMeeking comes from
Santa Barbara, California. She
has a long-time interest in design,
working as a graphic artist
before taking up quilt-making.
After (don’t ask!) many years of
teaching adult classes, she spent
a year living in Britain, where
she took the opportunity to learn
all she could about textiles. She
later wrote a book, Bella Bella Quilts, inspired by the patterns
of Italian floors. The book’s purpose is to use simple methods
and encourage variation and innovation in design to create
beautiful, one-of-a-kind quilts.
Norah is also interested in landscape quilts, precise piecing,
and art quilts. She’s studied with many fine teachers and has
benefited greatly from participation in her local quilt guild.
She is a true fan of all types of quilts, and is especially happy
to see her “grandquilts” made by students and readers. Her
work appears in books by Jean Ray Laury and Katie PasquiniMasopust, and in The Art Quilt by Robert Shaw.
14-WT St. Mark’s Wall Hanging
Wednesday & Thursday, May 30 &
31, 8:30 am – 4:00 pm
We love them like chocolate – but - what can you do with
four Fat Quarters? Eight different projects for you with
luscious little bundles of fun! Susan will introduce you to new
techniques, including her popular Give and Take Appliqué™
and a lazy strip piecing method. Students can choose from
wall hangings, totes, table toppers and a runner. Students can
expect to get 2 or more projects made in the class and will get
instructions for all projects. Confident beginner and above
Note: This class has a pattern fee of
Anyone with basic sewing skills
can make this quilt—it looks more
difficult than it is! Variations in color placement are possible
and can change the design dramatically, so students will be give
a diagram beforehand for experimentation. Paper foundation
piecing stabilizes the many bias edges, resulting in a wonderfully
flat center. The accuracy is achieved simply by sewing on the lines,
and easy “fool the eye” appliqué sets the circle into the square.
Even people who “hate” foundation piecing have been “won over”
by this lovely pattern. The class pattern includes all foundations
and templates needed for a 45” x 45” top. Day one covers design,
cutting and foundation piecing. Day two covers assembly, corner
construction and machine appliqué. Basic sewing skills
13-FS Dragon Bones and Fish
Friday & Saturday, June 1 & 2,
8:30 am – 4:00 pm
Learn important design
fundamentals in this class while
mastering Susan’s Dragon
Bones technique. Play with
squares, rectangles, triangles or diamonds and use insertion
strips of colour to run across the fabric surface. Design
elements of line, shape, value and colour will be studied and
practiced and students will have the opportunity to test and
use several additional piecing techniques. Time will also be
spent trying out border, quilting and embellishment choices.
This class will be an excellent addition to your quilting skills.
Confident beginner and above
14-F Roman Rings
Friday, June 1, 8:30 am – 4:00 pm
Note: This class has a pattern fee of
Master curved seams and learn to
sew a perfect taper while making this
impressive circular design, based on
medieval patterns in Italian churches. The class pattern includes
three levels of complexity but students are encouraged to work
Faculty and workshops, continued
Then, with painted, printed and textured paper, personal
‘writing’ and disperse transfer dyed fabric, we will create mixed
media collages ready for stitch. One paper collage will be heat
transferred onto cloth, embellished with wool, lace and stitch
‘marks’. Wireform will also be included to give another piece
added dimension in the landscape. There will also be short
demonstration using Photoshop Elements and the effective use of
imagery in contemporary quilts. All levels
on the simplest variation (just one triangle per foundation) in this
one-day class (I know you’ll suit yourself though!) You’ll learn
how to produce accurate and symmetric tapers where the circles
are tangent to each other, master methods for “no-clips” curved
piecing, learn easy chain-sewing techniques for foundation
piecing, and get numerous tips for all your quilt-making. The
class quilt is 42” x 42” square, or can be adapted to make a table
runner 27” x 57.” Additional foundation sheets will be available
for those wishing to make a larger quilt. Intermediate level
15–FS Stitched and Bound
Creative Art Books
Friday and Saturday, June 1 & 2,
8:30 am – 4:00 pm
14-S Sewing in the Round
Saturday, June 2, 8:30 am – 4:00 pm
Note: This class has an optional
pattern fee of $6
Note: This class has a kit fee of $20
Allow the paper foundation to do
all the work as you earn to use this
accurate method to produce flat,
precise circular/compass designs in this class. Both ring and
wedge foundations will be covered, as well as advice and tips
on assembly sequence and sewing curves. The class offers a
selection of different foundation patterns from which to choose,
or you may bring your own design. You’ll get lots of tips for
faster foundation piecing, for efficient “pre-shaping” of patches,
and for accurate matching in assembly. Sewing curves can be
made easier by using adapted pinning methods, avoiding clipped
seam allowances, and learning when to “resort” to appliqué and
when to not. Confident beginner to intermediate
We will be creating a stitched and
bound sketchbook as a source of
ideas, drawings, collages and imagery
on a personal theme. Painted papers
pages will be folded into ‘signatures’
which are stitched and bound together. It will contain a collection
of source material and personal writings, with some fabric and
stitch added. Working through at least 12 different composition
exercises, this sketchbook will become a creative tool as
inspiration for that new contemporary quilt or series of stitched
textile and mixed media work for the future. No art experience
Karen Menzies
Sandra Meech
Oshawa, ON
Berkshire, UK
Karen Menzies began her sewing
life by making clothing and home
decor items. For the past 30 years she
has focused on quilting - for beds,
walls, tables, pets - and on applying
quilting techniques to clothing
and accessories. Once a traditional
handquilter, she now produces her
work by machine although she
undertakes some embellishments
by hand. Taking and teaching workshops provides exposure to
new and innovative techniques and memberships in art groups
of like-minded individuals keep the creative juices flowing.
Karen shares her knowledge through lectures, trunk shows,
workshops, and judging quilt shows.
Trained as a fine artist, Sandra was
a graphic designer and illustrator in
magazine publishing. She now brings
painting and photography together
with fabric and stitch. With many
international quilt awards, and work in
public and private collections, Sandra
travels worldwide teaching classes on
inspiration, creativity, surface design and mixed media. She is
the author of Contemporary Quilts…Design, Surface and Stitch
(2003) and Creative Quilts… Inspiration, Texture and Stitch
(2006), and Connecting Art to Stitch (2009) and is an exhibiting
member of Quilt Art, the international art textile group and
‘Connections’, a fibre-arts group based in Ontario.
16-W Curved Piecing – No Sweat
Wednesday, May 30, 8:30am – 4:00
Learn how to manage the dreaded
curve with ease while creating an
eye-catching piece of art and practising
some effective techniques for quilted
embellishments. A complementary
pieced border finishes off the art.
15–WT Digital Images in a Landscape
Wednesday & Thursday, May 30 & 31,
8:30 am – 4:00 pm
Note: This class has a kit fee of $20
With photographic reference from a
natural landscape or cityscape —we will
look at simple composition possibilities.
Faculty and workshops, continued
Curved piecing produces interesting one-of-a-kind abstracts. Add a
complementary pieced border and you’ll have a quilted wallhanging
at the end of today’s class. All levels
on her Judging Certification with CQA/ACC. Her teaching
experience is extensive. She has served on the Board of
Directors for the Canadian Quilters’ Association, and continues
to write an article in their publication to feature Canadian
Pattern Designers.
16-T Playing with Silk and
Recycling, too
Thursday, May 31, 8:30 am – 4:00
17-WT Beginner Bargello – “The Nuts and Bolts” (SM)
Wednesday & Thursday, May 30 & 31, 8:30 am – 4:00 pm
Note: This class has a kit fee: TBA
Have you ever wanted to do a
Bargello, but didn’t know where
to start? This workshop is for you!
It is designed to offer an overview
on the concept of developing a
Strip Bargello Design. Participants
will be guided through the theory
of planning a basic design to obtain movement and curves,
along with the importance of selecting the correct colour values
within the design. They will then have the choice to construct
either a basic “Peak” or “Valley” design as provided by the
instructor. Advanced beginner to intermediate
Silk is a challenging fabric to piece.
Dig out the silk scarves and ties you used to love, pair them
with a couple of cotton coordinates. Learn how to tame silk’s
slippery-stretchy nature while working it into an uncomplicated
design for a wallhanging. Newly purchased dupioni or silk noile
or rayon batik or any silk garment is welcome, too. All levels
16-F Playtime for Mystery
Friday, June 1, 8:30 am – 4:00 pm
Feeling adventurous? Join the
magical Mystery Quilt workshop
with your eclectic collection of black/white fabrics and bright,
graphic prints. Come for the fun; leave with 2 unique tops. This
is a piecing only class. All levels
17-F Bargello Wallhanging – “The Basics”
Friday, June 1, 8:30 am – 4:00 pm
This workshop will cover the
basics of making a traditional
strip Bargello Wallhanging.
Throw caution to the wind
as you select 12 fabrics of
your choice. Step out of your
comfort zone and have some
“fun”. You will learn how to
create a “strata”, and then form the traditional bargello pattern
by cutting and placing your strips in a specific order.
16-S A Bag with Bling
Saturday, June 2, 8:30 am – 4:00 pm
It’s all about the BLING. Make
a quilted envelope bag from
embellished scraps or a lined,
vintage look reticule from unusual
fabrics. Choose cotton, silk brocade,
ultrasuede or something you’ve been saving for a special
accessory. Embellish with stitching, beads, buttons, found
items. Think about customizing your colours to create an
accessory for Saturday‘s banquet! All levels
Two designs will be offered. You will choose ONE of the
designs to make in the workshop. Beginner
17-S Let’s Go Skinny – The No
Guilt Quilt
Saturday, June 2, 8:30 am – 4:00
Joyce O’Connell
Courtice, ON
Joyce is an International Award
winning Quilt Artist who has a
broad knowledge of both traditional
and innovative quilting designs and
techniques. She has been juried
into many competitions and shows.
She had a solo exhibition of her
work “Bargello Inspirations” at
the Waterloo Quilt Gallery in St. Jacobs, Ontario, where she
exhibited many of her original bargello designs. In 2008 she
received her London City & Guilds Diploma in Design &
Crafts-Stitched Textiles and Quilting. She is presently working
It’s “skinny” without the diet! Have
fun learning this technique to make
a skinny quilt for that narrow space
in your home. You will learn the
technique of “fabric weaving” to create either an Art Quilt for
your wall, or a backdrop fabric that you can appliqué , bead or
embellish with luscious couching threads, ribbons, angelina anything you desire - no restrictions! Lots of options here as
you have some fun making your own skinny quilt. It’s great,
no chocolate, no calories, no measuring! A no guilt quilt! The
Instructor will have a variety of examples for “inspiration”. All
Faculty and workshops, continued
Barbara Olson
18-S Mystical Castles
Saturday, June 2, 8:30 am – 4:00
Billings, MO
Note: The class has a kit fee of
Barbara is a national and
international award-winning quilt
artist, teacher and lecturer and
author. “In The Beginning” one
of Barbara’s art quilts was chosen
as one of the best 100 American
Quilts of The Century. She has
written a book “Journey of an
Art Quilter; Creative Strategies
and Techniques.” For the last
eighteen years she has been developing and giving workshops
and lectures, creating patterns and a DVD for those interested
in expanding their unique creative talents in the area of quilting
arts. When Barbara is not on the road teaching, lecturing or
judging quilt shows she is at home in her mountain top studio
with her husband and two dogs in Billings, Montana.
What is your vision — The
Emerald City; Shrouded
Castles; Mountain Fortress;
Ancient Pavilions; Temples of the Spirit? Playing with colour,
texture, depth and shading, students will experience the joy
of translating Barbara’s castle drawing into their own unique
creation. Fusing will be used to construct a small wall hanging
to obtain a stained glass effect. No Sewing machine required
for class. All levels
Elaine Quehl
Ottawa, ON
www.equarelle.ca or
18-WT Cosmic Spirals
Wednesday & Thursday,
May 30 & 31, 8:30 am –
4:00 pm
Elaine is an award-winning
Canadian quilt artist and teacher
who specializes in colourful and
intricately stitched pieced and
appliquéd art quilts. Her naturethemed quilts are recognizable for
their depth and contrast, exuberant
colour and abundant texture.
Elaine`s work has been juried into
numerous shows and exhibits at the national and international
level and has been widely published. A resident of Ottawa, she
is in great demand as a teacher, and travels across the country
delivering workshops and lectures to colleges, summer art
programs, guilds, conferences and shops. She is recognized
for her week-long art quilt, dyeing and thread classes and her
expertise in free-motion machine quilting, fabric dyeing, and
many innovative techniques for creating original quilts. Elaine
is also a skilled dyer, dyeing most of the fabrics she uses in her
works of art. She has been selling her hand-dyed fabrics across
North America for the past seven years.
Note: The class has a kit
fee of $3.00
Students will learn the techniques Barbara uses in her award
winning quilts for designing and constructing magical spirals,
and will begin a small wall hanging containing one 18” block.
Foundation piecing is used to achieve precise points for the
geometric black and white spiral. Color is then added to the
next round of the spiral with strips to complete the block.
Drafting of the spiral will be demonstrated and a preprinted
pattern will be provided. Many design options will be
discussed. This two day workshop will include a foundation
pieced, machine appliquéd organic spirals block pattern. Basic
sewing skills
18-F Jump Start Your Creativity
Friday, June 1, 8:30 am – 4:00 pm
Note: The class has a kit fee of $4.00
19-W Fast and Fun Fused
Wednesday, May 30, 8:30 am –
4:00 pm
This technique is for the quilter that
is ready to break out of the box and
experience a playful way of creating.
Too much thinking or fear often stops quilters from trying new
designs and fabrics. Get your brain out of the way and jump start
your creativity. A simple flower pattern is the first ingredient, a
wide array of novelty fabrics (polka dots, geometrics, florals, etc.)
and few solid fabrics is the second ingredient and willing spirit
is the third ingredient. The construction technique is machine
appliqué. Level: Ready to break out
Create a fun and dynamic wall
quilt by fusing simple flower
and leaf shapes to a background.
Instructor will demonstrate
foolproof techniques to cut your
own shapes free-hand, using
scissors, a wave blade, and a
Faculty and workshops, continued
Hilary Rice
regular rotary cutter. Lots of fun and freedom! Basic design
principles will be covered to help you create a more dynamic
composition. You will also receive instruction on how to stitch
your garden into place. All levels
Cornerbrook, NL
Hilary Rice, a textile & mixed
media artist, has an experimental
approach to her use of a multiplicity
of techniques and unusual materials.
She has received numerous national
awards for her colour filled, skilfully
embellished, flowing textile-based works. Her artwork, described
as a type of “fused tapestry,” often relates to the artist’s sense of
the holy. She has a line of art quilt designs published under the
“Mother Earth” label. Hilary continues to develop a presence
across Canada, teaching textile art technique and design. She has
exhibited in galleries from coast to coast. Hilary was honoured to
be a member of the NJS 2011 judging team.
19-T Beyond Stippling
Thursday, May 31, 8:30 am –
4:00 pm
Learn the secrets that
will make you successful
at free-motion machine
quilting, while expanding
your repertoire of beautiful free-motion motifs! This course is
designed for machine quilters who have some familiarity with
free-motion stipple quilting, but need creative ideas to venture
beyond stippling. You will learn to stitch at least 20 different
free-motion motifs, and have samples to take home. Motifs
include various meanderings, swirls, nested designs, leaves,
flowers, and organic designs. Learn to work successfully with
a variety of threads, including cotton, polyester, rayon and
metallic. The best thing about this method of quilting is that
there is no need to mark your quilt top, and nothing to wash off
after. Experienced beginner to intermediate
20-WT Squiggles and Doodles (SM)
Wednesday & Thursday, May 30 & 31,
8:30 am – 4:00 pm
Thread. We used to think of thread as
the element that holds fabric together,
when making a seam. It has become so
much more than that! This workshop
will lead you comfortably into creating
thread embellishments to be used as a focal point. Progressing
from simple shapes, through gently enhancing an image into
creating a fully thread constructed representation, participants
will learn to use thread in the machine like working with a pencil.
No hoops, weird goopy materials or magic tricks. No need to
be able to draw like an ‘artist’ either. This will be pure, solid
stitching. Intermediate to advanced (experience with free-motion
stitching and a few degrees of patience suggested)
19-FS Collage Tree
Friday & Saturday, June 1 & 2,
8:30 am – 4:00 pm
Note: This class has an
optional pattern&photo fee of
Is there anyone who doesn’t
love a gnarled and mature
tree with all that textured
bark? In this two-day class
you can design your own
tree quilt using my collage
method. Bring a photo of your
favourite tree to use as inspiration. A second option is to use
one of my patterns ($8). Learn to see value and represent depth.
Please visit the Tree Gallery of my website at www.equarelle.
ca/EQTrees.htm to see samples of my tree collages. Pattern
choices are Standing Still, Branching Out, or Vagabond Song.
Experienced beginner to advanced
20-FS When Opposites Attract (SM)
Friday & Saturday, June 1 & 2, 8:30 am
– 4:00 pm
Note: This class has a kit fee of $30
Two of Hilary’s favourite materials
to work with are connected in this
workshop – silk and metal. Instruction
will be given in making formed silk
paper, together with the entire how-to’s
involved when working with metal as an
appliqué accent. Each student’s learning
pieces will be assembled into a final art piece, applying already
honed embellishing skills, coupled with a few new ones offered,
for unification. This workshop will allow the artistically timid
a chance to move from practiced techniques into using new
ones. The kit fee includes prepared metals (copper, brass and
aluminum), silk fibre, colouring and bonding agents, embossing
tools etc. Level of Expertise: For all with an adventurous spirit!
Finished works will reflect the individual’s experience.
Faculty and workshops, continued
Anne Morrell
Barbara Robson
Mahone Bay, NS
Margaree Valley, NS
Born in Toronto, Barbara has lived in
Nova Scotia for over 45 years. She
began to quilt 38 years ago and has
been quilting, teaching and exhibiting
her quilts ever since. Her quilts can be
found in private collections in Canada,
the US and England and in public
collections such as the Nova Scotia
Craft Council Permanent Collection, the Nova Scotia Art Bank,
the Province of Nova Scotia, Blue Cross Canada and All Saints
Cathedral, Halifax. Barbara is the proud recipient of the Silver
Thimble Award and an Honourary Life Membership from the
Mayflower Quilters Guild and the Dorothy McMurdie Award
from the Canadian Quilters Association. Barbara has been
active in the Mayflower QG and the Mahone Bay QG for many
years and has served on the executive for both Guilds and has
been the NS rep for CQA.
Anne was raised in Bucks
Co., PA and immigrated
to Nova Scotia in the
early 1970’s where she
became a mother, farmer,
horse breeder, and sawmill
worker. She currently
lives in Margaree Valley,
NS where she runs her
studio Kingross Quilts and Fibre Art. The farm has been
retired for the most part in favor of more time to make quilts.
Since finishing her first quilt in 1972, she has made almost
500 quilts; most as commissions for private homes, businesses
and public places. Her quilts have gone to Germany, Sweden,
Holland, Israel, France, Ireland, England, the USA, Peru and
elsewhere. She designs wearable art, hooked rugs and cloth
dolls. The focus of her quilt work is pictorial appliqué but she
enjoys experimenting with both traditional and contemporary
techniques. Her work has won many awards at exhibits in
both Canada and the USA and she belongs to art organizations
in both countries. When not making quilts Anne stays busy
teaching, gardening, cross country skiing, biking, hiking,
canoeing or fly fishing. Anne can’t resist being out in the world
that inspires her art.
22-W Stab Stitch Quilting
Wednesday, May 30, 8:30 am – 4:00 pm
If you are having trouble hand quilting with
the running stitch, then the stab stitch is
the answer; or if you have never tried hand
quilting, this is the stitch to learn! Your
stitches will be even, top and bottom stitches
the size you want them. If you have problems with your wrist
or hands, arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome then this is the
hand quilting stitch you should learn. This is a very relaxing,
stress-free class. It is a technique-oriented class, though there
will be some discussion on marking methods. All levels
21-WT Designing Medallion Quilts
Wednesday & Thursday, May 30 & 31,
8:30 am – 4:00 pm
Medallion quilts are quilts that consist
of a central design that is surrounded by
multiple borders. If you love the look of
this style of quilt and wonder how the
maker ever figures out how to fit them
all together then this class is for you. We
will cover drafting patterns, design principles, colour, fabric
choices, and figuring yardage. Start with an image or idea and
turn it into the plan for your next masterpiece, be it piecing,
appliqué or a combination of both. All levels
22-T Running Around in Circles
Thursday, May 31, 8:30 am – 4:00 pm
Using multiple layers of free-form cut circles create
a unique wallhanging. This is a hand appliqué class.
Depending on the fabrics chosen, this project can
have a very contemporary or a more traditional
look. Various methods of hand appliqué will be taught. All levels
22-F Waternish Star
Friday, June 1, 8:30 am – 4:00 pm
21-FS Flower Arranging for Quilters
Friday & Saturday, June 1 & 2, 8:30 am
– 4:00 pm
Begin an heirloom, hand pieced
quilt using this unique pattern and
traditional hand piecing methods. This
“scrap” quilt is a real gem and a great way to use some of your
stash. The original quilt (that this pattern is based on) is in the
Nova Scotia Museum Collection. It was found sandwiched in
another quilt! The blocks are a great project to work on as a
“take-along” project when you find yourself with time on your
hands and nothing to do! All levels
In this class you will create your own
floral arrangement using the techniques
of fusible, raw edge appliqué and
machine quilting. You can make it
formal or you can make it funky. We’ll
cover design, scale, colour and balance
as well as the technical aspects. All levels
Faculty and workshops, continued
Anita Shackelford
F. Dianne L. Stevenson
Bucyrus, OH
Burnaby, BC
Anita is an internationally
recognized teacher and lecturer
who loves combining appliqué and
fine hand quilting to create new
quilts in 19th century style. She also
enjoys using her sewing machine
for many parts of the creative
process and has recently added
longarm quilting to the mix. Her
quilts have been exhibited in shows across the United States, in
Australia and Japan, winning many awards, including twelve
Best Of Show and many for workmanship. Anita is the author
of several books published by the American Quilter’s Society.
Anita travels extensively, teaching and lecturing for shops,
guilds and quilting conferences. She is a quilt judge, certified
by NQA, qualified to judge Masterpiece quilts, and has been
involved in judging shows at local, regional and national levels.
As a 5th generation quilter born and
raised in rural southern Ontario,
quilting was literally in Dianne’s
genes. She knows that “a quilt is
a blanket with a heartbeat” and to
share that joy she has been teaching
for the last 36 of her 40 years of
living on the West Coast. It is with a
sense of adventure that Dianne takes
students on a journey into new designs and techniques tweaking
tradition and adding new twists. Allowing students to step out
of their comfort zone in a humorous, supportive atmosphere is
what it is all about. Researching Canadian history has been the
springboard for a class aptly called “Canadiana in Cloth” and
the launch of “Black Crow Quilt Designs” patterns.
In 2010 Dianne was honoured to be awarded the CQA/ACC
Quilt Teacher of the Year Award and continues to travel and
spread the enthusiasm with her classes and trunk shows.
23-WT Surface Textures: Epergne of
Wednesday & Thursday, May 30 & 31,
8:30 am – 4:00 pm
24-WT “In Honor Of . . . .”
Wednesday & Thursday, May 30 & 31, 8:30
am – 4:00 pm
Discover how cording, padding and
stuffed trapunto can add wonderful
surface texture to your whole cloth
quilts. Begin a large theorem-style design
using seven different approaches to raised work. Hand work.
Intermediate/advanced levels
Celebrate our Canadian Forces in a
commemorative wall hanging designed by
you, the quilt maker. In this class we build on the fast patch
method of making a number of traditional “Maple leaf’ blocks
using a variety of fabrics. We then add a unique “Poppy” block
that I have designed as a tribute to “In Flanders Fields”. When
the blocks are finished we will explore how to complete the
piece with “random set” construction including photos and
mementos you have collected. A variety of filler designs will
be covered. Each wall hanging will be as individual as its
maker, varying in size and configuration. Confident beginner to
Note: This class has a kit fee of $14.00
23-FS Drafting Feathers to Fit the
Quilt Top
Friday & Saturday, June 1 & 2, 8:30
am – 4:00 pm
24-F Celtic Interlacing
Friday, June 1, 8:30 am – 4:00 pm
Note: This class has an optional kit
fee of $15
Learn hands-on, how to draft feather designs to fill blocks of
any size, and borders which fit and turn the corner perfectly.
Quilt top will be pieced in class. Designs will be drafted on
paper. Methods for transferring designs to the top will be shown
and worked on as time allows. Intermediate
Rediscover the joy of handwork as
you learn the history and theory of
Celtic appliqué. The day’s project
will let you make your own bias tape
then discover the secrets of the knot work that has no beginning
and no end. The systematic over and under appliqué echoes
the mazes that have intrigued us throughout the ages. The class
piece is suitable for a pillow or small wall hanging. Students
choose from a traditional pattern or one designed especially for
the class. Confident beginner to intermediate.
24-S Tumbling Maple Leafs (SM)
Saturday, June 2, 8:30 am – 4:00 pm
scrap quilts; cutting and pressing techniques and safety; and a
discussion on the history of Postage Stamp Quilts. Skill level:
some experience
Note: This class has a kit fee of $12
Enhance your décor by creating a
unique table runner with as few as two
fabrics, or a multitude of prints for a very different look of wind
swept leaves. Learn to redefine a traditional block using fabric
manipulation to give it a contemporary flair. Straight edges give
way to graceful curves with the flip of a fold. The possibilities
are endless. Confident beginner to intermediate
25-T Fireside Log Cabin
Thursday, May 31 8:30 am to 4 pm
This is my most popular workshop in my
“Stashbusters Club” series. It is also my
personal favourite as this quilt is the most
used quilt in our house. Students are asked
to bring a shoebox of 1 ½” strips plus some
2 ½” squares plus sewing supplies. We
will start off the workshop with a strip exchange game that is
great fun and a wonderful way for students to get to know each
other. The quilt is simple but it provides many opportunities for
teaching technique. Students are given size options from crib to
queen. Confident beginner and above
Heather Stewart
Arva, ON
Heather Stewart has been teaching
quilting for over 30 years. She
is a quiltmaker, teacher, lecturer,
judge and restorer of antique
quilts. Coming from a Mennonite
family, happily, quilting was
not an option so she made her
first quilt at the age of 10. After
studying art in school and taking design and quilting classes,
she has developed quilting styles encompassing a diverse range
from traditional to contemporary. Heather has taught at five
Quilt Canada conferences. In Saskatoon in 1996, along with
teaching, Heather chaired the first national Quilting Symposium
for Quilting Instructors and was one of the judges for the
Saskatchewan Provincial Competition.Heather has taught in
every province in Canada as well as in the United States. Her
quilts are in collections in Australia, England, Scotland, Italy,
Norway, and the United States as well as Canada. In 2009
Heather was awarded “Canadian Teacher of the Year” by the
Canadian Quilters’ Association. She was the first teacher to
be nominated by two different provinces; Ontario and Nova
25-F Colour Studies for Stash
Friday, June 1 8:30 am to 4 pm
Note: a kit of swatches is available,
but optional.
This course is designed for quilters with some experience who
are looking for ways to make their colour choices for their
work unique and interesting. Students are asked to bring in
photographs, Kleenex boxes, birthday cards and magazines, etc.
and we work with these to create unique palettes to be used for
their upcoming projects. Students will create six colour palette
boards for use in their next quilts. This approach to colour gives
a real boost to the student’s creativity and confidence. This
system makes use of a large number of fabrics per quilt so is
best for those who have accumulated a stash. Ten of my quilts
that have been made using this method of colour selection are
displayed and discussed in this workshop. Some experience
25-W You’ve Got Mail
Wednesday, May 30 8:30 am
to 4 pm
25-S Quilt Marking Mysteries
Saturday, June 2, 8:30 am to
4:00 pm
Note: This class has a kit fee
of $5 (includes workbook
with patterns and history of
Postage Stamp Quilts)
Note: This class has a kit fee
of $3
Choosing the quilting design for your quilt is possibly the most
difficult aspect of quiltmaking. The correct choice can bring
up a “ho-hum” quilt to something great while a poor choice for
quilting design can damage an otherwise good quilt. Students
learn how to choose the correct design, balance proportion,
choose the correct marking tool, easiest methods for making
accurately, and much more. All levels
When I first started working with 1 1/2” squares, I didn’t realize
how addictive it would become! This is one of those “selfish”
workshops where the teacher wants her students to become just
as addicted!! Students will be working with 1 ½” squares to
create one of many designs presented in this workshop. We will
be working with designs created from scrappy 9-patch “Postage
Stamp” blocks. Skills taught include three different methods
for making 9 patch scrap blocks; colour theory as it relates to
Laurie Swim
Kathy Tidswell
Lunenburg, NS
Burrts Corner, NB
Laurie Swim has worked
as an artist for some 40
years, developing unique
and innovative treatments to
fashion her imagery in textiles
with fabric and thread. She
has written three books, two
published internationally, on
quilt art. The Joy of Quilting
with an Introduction by Alex
Colville, 1984, made her an early leader in art quilt field.
Laurie’s third book, Rags to Riches: The Quilt as Art with an
introduction by Mary Pratt, was published in Canada in 2007.
Laurie’s works grace many private and public collections,
including the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, Nova Scotia Art
Bank, Nova Scotia Designer Craft Council, the City of Toronto
Art Collection and the Museum of Arts and Design in New
Kathy, a quilter, fibre artist,
instructor, and juried crafts
person, has been teaching and
selling fibre art for over 18
years. She has taught throughout
much of Canada and this will
be her fourth time as a faculty
member at Quilt Canada. In
2005 she was honoured as the
CQA/ACC Teacher of the Year.
Kathy’s work has been accepted into Grand National Juried
Quilt Exhibitions, CQA/ACC National Juried Shows and The
Ontario Network of Needleworkers Threadworks 2010. Her
wearable art received the CQA/ACC National Juried Show
Award of Excellence in 1999 and Honourable Mention in 2005.
Her award winning work has been published nationally and
internationally and her work resides across Canada, throughout
the United States, in the United Kingdom and as far away as
Singapore. Kathy combines teaching with selling thread painted
works of art.
26-T Landscape
Elements – Fibre art
interpretation for land,
sky and water
Thursday, May 31, 8:30
am – 4:00 pm
27-W Free Motion
Appliqué and
Wednesday, May 30,
8:30 am – 4:00 pm
Note: This class has a kit
fee of $15
While producing this
11 by 15 inch wall
hanging, you will
perfect an appliqué edge
that is particularly appealing in nature quilts. Using free motion
embroidery, you will finish the leaf and branch edges as well as
make one or more areas of cutwork. Once learned, the methods
can be used in original appliqué projects. Reference notes
provided. Intermediate
Create a series of samples with innovative techniques and
processes for landscape interpretation in fabric and thread.
Many hands on demonstrations will be given throughout the
day. Beginner - intermediate
26-FS In the Making- Enhancing
fibre art landscapes
Friday & Saturday, June 1 & 2, 8:30
am – 4:00 pm
Note: This class has a kit fee of $15
27-T 3D Thread Appliqué:
Hummingbird or
Thursday, May 31, 8:30 am
– 4:00 pm
Create small textile sketches from
a variety of techniques to add
texture and a painterly touch to
your creative process. There will be hands-on demonstrations
throughout the two days exploring the possibilities for
landscapes in fabric and thread. Patternmaking, finishing
and methods of hanging will also be covered. Intermediate advanced
Learn to create an appliqué
totally from thread. Free
motion machine embroidery
will be used to make a realistic image of either a black capped
chickadee or a hummingbird. Students who work quickly may
be able to produce both. All the tricks, from working with
difficult threads to controlling distortion, will be covered. These
can be used as focal points in wall hangings and wearable art.
Reference notes provided. Intermediate
Faculty and workshops, continued
27-F Flowers From Thread
Friday, June 1, 8:30 am – 4:00 pm
Maggie Vanderweit
Fergus, ON
Note: This class has a kit fee of $4
Maggie Vanderweit has been
sewing since childhood and
quilting for over 30 years.
She operates her textile art
business in a new home on the
Grand River with an exciting
walkout studio where she
lives with her husband, two
teenage sons and three cats in
Fergus, Ontario. Her work is
in private collections around
the world and in public buildings in Ontario, and has been
shown in galleries, shops and museums across Canada. It
includes original contemporary wall-hangings created with her
own hand-painted fabrics, silk fusion, felt, hand embroidery,
beading, collage and densely machine quilted surfaces. Maggie
presents lectures and classes for guilds, schools, the Haliburton
School of Art, Elora Art Workshops, quilt stores, the CQA, and
national needlework and quilting festivals. She is a member of
Connections, ONN, The Harris Collective, Wellington Artists’
Gallery and the CFUW Guelph Quilting Group.
Learn to
both wild
and the
variety, totally from thread. Free motion machine embroidery
will be used to create flowers such as iris, lady slipper,
sunflower, fireweed, goldenrod etc. Students choose which
flowers to master. Use of hoops, needles, stabilizers and threads
will be discussed. Methods for using them in quilts, artworks,
cards and wearable art will be demonstrated. Reference notes
provided. Intermediate
27-S Painting With The
Sewing Machine
Saturday, June 2, 8:30 am –
4:00 pm
Note: This class has a kit fee
of $6
28-W Sketchbook
Thread Painting (SM)
Wednesday, May 30,
8:30 am – 4:00 pm
Learn to use the needle of the
sewing machine like a paint
brush to produce wonderful
texture. Initially make a
reference work of free motion
straight stitch and zigzag
stitches to create grasses, weeds, flowers, trees, water etc.
Hints will be provided on using the appropriate aids; correct
needles, threads, stabilizers and hoops. After the basic free
motion embroidery stitches are mastered, the students create
a simple fabric landscape on which to paint with their sewing
machines. Design considerations such as composition, depth
and perspective will be discussed. Reference notes provided.
Beginner to intermediate
Bring your sketchbooks
of line drawings and
learn to easily turn them
into exciting, original,
textile art using your
sewing machine, thread
and paint. Beginning machine quilting skills needed
28-TF Curves, Wedges &
Wonky Log Cabin
Thursday & Friday, May 31 &
June 1, 8:30 am – 4:00 pm
This is a really fun, hands-on
workshop where you learn how
to make quilts with irregular,
often unplanned shapes. Cut and sew effortless, graceful curves,
discover lots of ways to use wedge shapes and create many
varieties of logs to build with. Students can choose to make
a piece with any or all of the techniques. Great bridge class
between traditional and contemporary quilting. All levels
Faculty and workshops, continued
28-S Hand
Embellishment (HS)
Saturday, June 2, 8:30 am
– 4:00 pm
29-T Sewflakes: Papercut Appliqué
Thursday, May 31, 8:30 am – 4:00
Note: This class has a kit fee of $15
Note: This class has an
optional kit fee of $25
As featured in Kathy’s book
Sewflakes, papercut appliqué is a
technique similar to making paper
snowflakes. In this workshop, learn
from the author how to design these unique snowflakes for
fabric, with an emphasis on incorporating recognizable images
into the design, and then look at various ways to transfer the
design from paper to fabric. All levels
Spend time learning how
to add beautiful hand
stitching to your textile art. You’ll start by experimenting with
new ways of using simple but strikingly effective embroidery
stitches with a wide range of decorative threads and yarns.
Then you will be introduced to the fascinating world of beads
and learn how to apply them in original designs with bead
embroidery. All levels
29-F Butterfly Mosaic (SM)
Friday, June 1, 8:30 am – 4:00
Kathy Wylie
Whitby, ON
Note: This class has a kit fee
of $20 (optional)
Kathy is a multiple
winning quilter
specializing in appliqué
techniques in a
“contemporary traditional”
style. She lectures and
teaches all over the
country at guilds, shops
and quilt shows and is
a CQA/ACC Certified
Quilt Judge. Her work has been featured in magazines, and her
designs have been published as individual patterns as well as in
her book “Sewflakes: Papercut Appliqué Quilts”.
Let your creativity soar as
your butterfly comes alive with
colour. Cut and fuse small
pieces of fabric to form your own mosaic masterpiece. Optional
kit includes 40 swatches of pre-fused fabric, but this is a great
place to use up all those scraps! All levels
29-S Tools of the Trade
Saturday, June 2, 8:30 am – 4:00
29-W Introduction to
Wednesday, May 30,
8:30 am – 4:00 pm
Note: This class has a kit fee of
$22 (book)
Tools of the Trade features
papercut appliqué blocks of some
of the favourite tools in a quilt
maker’s studio. Begin this project
in class by making the scissors
block using fusible appliqué with an invisible edgefinishing
technique . Exercise accurate piecing skills while making a
3-¼” spool of thread block. Book purchase required (see kit
fee): Sewflakes: Papercut Appliqué Quilts by Kathy K. Wylie
(C&T Publishing). All levels
Note: Laptop
computer and EQ7
software is required.
EQ7 is the newest and most advanced version of the bestselling Electric Quilt software and it is also the most userfriendly. This incredibly full-featured quilt design and drawing
program has been especially designed with beginners as well as
advanced designers in mind. This workshop is oriented towards
beginners and covers the basics of simple quilt layouts as well
as how to colour, save, and print your quilt designs. (EQ6 or
EQ7) Beginner
Faculty and workshops, continued
30-TF Under the Sea (SM)
Thursday and Friday, May 31
& June 1, 8:30 am – 4:00 pm
Coreen Zerr
Nanaimo, BC
Make an underwater
scene using fabrics and
embellishments. A pattern will
be included in class, but just
about anything you can imagine
to depict an ocean floor will be
covered from free motion thread appliqués of creatures, yarns
for seaweed, to preprinted fish! Intermediate
Coreen is a well sought after
instructor who enjoys exciting
her students into creating their
own masterpieces. Fibre art
in quilting is her passion and
she has won and received
much recognition for her
work. One of her most recent
achievements was winning the Manitoba 2010 Homecoming
quilt competition and having the quilt displayed at the 2010
Olympics in Manitoba House at Vancouver, BC. When not
teaching or travelling, she lives with her husband on Vancouver
Island in Nanaimo, BC.
30-S Quilt as Desired (SM)
Saturday, June 2, 8:30 am –
4:00 pm
Once you have completed a
quilt top-does it sit in a UFO
pile as you are unsure or have
a fear of trying to quilt it?
Coreen will show you how to dive in and free motion quilt,
using designs to suit your quilt and commanding control of all
those difficult threads that we love to use. Learn all the tricks
and tips to make your quilts look stunning! Beginner
30-W Fantasy, Flare and Foiling
Wednesday, May 30, 8:30 am – 4:00 pm
Note: This class has a kit fee of $15
Let’s get creative and learn to play with
the many fun products, threads and ways
to embellish an ordinary quilt into a
masterpiece. Class will cover different
techniques of foiling, stencilling with
paint sticks, bobbin drawing, couching
and more. Class is a technique learning
experience! Beginner