HELENE KNOTT Fabric Artist Lectures/Guild Presentations

Lectures/Guild Presentations
Transcending the Vision, The Process of Creating Unique
Pictorial Quilts: Where do ideas come from and how do you turn
them into quilts? What if you have no drawing skills? Can you take
your favorite photograph and make it into a quilt? These are all
questions that are addressed in this lecture covering pictorial quilt
design from inspiration to quilt construction. The lecture includes a
slide presentation showing the step by step construction of one of
my award winning quilts and trunk show.
The Principles of Landscape Quilt Design: Fabric selection can
make or break a quilt. This is particularly true in quilted landscapes.
How do you achieve a sense of depth and perspective? How
does a sunset differ from a sunrise? Learn how to make a
landscape quilt that appeals to all the senses, that makes you wish
you could step into the picture and go for a walk. This lecture
includes a slide presentation on choosing appropriate fabrics and
observation of the design principles as seen in nature.
Fabric Artist
Classes and Lectures
Quilts With an Asian Flair: Asian art, particularly that of Japan, has
a strong influence upon my work. In this lecture I will cover the
topics of the Asian culture and perception of nature. Concepts
such as Yugen and Wabi Sabi style will be covered and how I
incorporate these concepts into my quilts. The lecture includes a
slide presentation and possibly a trunk show.
Helpful Hints For Quilters: 33 years of quilting exposes one to a
wealth of time saving, helpful information to make quilting safer
and/or more efficient. This presentation covers a wide variety of
useful tips gleaned from experience on subjects ranging from
rotary cutting and construction to organizing projects and storing
finished quilts. A detailed handout can be photocopied to
distribute to attendees.
GUILD/GROUP ACTIVITIES: Whimseys & Entertainments for
Quilters : A variety of games and activities to choose from that will
add a sparkle of fun to guild meetings. Some are based on Color
Theory Principles and are educational as well as entertaining. List
of activities is available upon request.
Landscape 101
PO Box 261
Oregon City, OR 97045
(503) 631-8806
email: [email protected]
I have been quilting since 1973 when quilting experienced a
renaissance in popularity. My classes cover a range of
methods and techniques and include hand and machine
applique, hand and machine quilting, hand and machine
piecing, landscape and pictorial quilt design and color theory.
My work has been published in a number of different forums
most notably on the cover of ‘Quilters Newsletter Magazine’
May 1998 issue #302, in the 2003 American Quilt Calendar
(Lang Graphics), AQS Quilt Art Engagement Calendar 2006,
and in various issues of QNM . In addition, my quilt
‘Teotihuacan’ was used as the background photo for a national
AQS book advertizing campaign in 1999. I have also shown
and taken awards for my quilts in local, regional and national
My workshop rates are $375 per day plus travel expenses,
meals and lodging (I will consider staying with a host quilter).
Lectures for a program are $200 per lecture ($175 if the lecture
is scheduled in conjunction with a workshop contracted by or
for the same organization or venue) plus the above applicable
Images shown do not necessarily
represent class project
Handquilting will always have a lofty place on the quilter’s pedestal. There is something
immensely gratifying about stitching a perfect design by hand. Choosing the right tools and
materials will make the difference between a pleasurable experience and one that you
merely struggle through. This class will cover all the ins and outs of the tools and materials
and how to prepare your project for quilting. Students will begin a small project to practice
their stitching on that can be turned into a wallhanging or pillow upon completion.
Skill Level: Beginner
Class Duration: 1 day
Additional Fees: $3 per student for pattern
Machine Quilted Block Textures
The texture created by quilting adds a lot to the visual impact of the quilt. In this class
students will experiment with a variety of textures created by dense quilting on small
easy to handle samples. The basic designs are based on traditional pieced block
patterns so that the concept can easily be applied to a traditional pieced quilt. This is not
a beginning level class and students are expected to have some familiarity with basic
machine quilting skills.
Skill Level: Intermediate
Class Duration: 1 day
Additional Fees: $2. Per student for handout
Machine Quilting 101
*Note: fees are valid for contracts signed before 12/31/05
Northwest Quilters (served on the board for many years and as president for 19992000)
Columbia Stitchery Guild
High Fiber Diet (facilitator for annual exhibit at the Japanese Garden)
American Quilter’s Society
International Quilt Association
Betty & Vern Swearingen; Story Quilts, 9340 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy,
Beaverton OR 97005
(503) 384-0185
Steve Lennert; Pioneer Quilts, 20330 SE Hwy 212
Damascus OR 97015
This workshop can be offered as an all day marathon or spread out over two days for
greater focus on technique. The two-day class will cover all the steps from layering to
finishing off your threads with plenty of machine quilting techniques in between. Students
will bring a pieced top from a pattern provided ready to layer (quilts for the one day class
will need to be layered ahead of time) and practice various techniques and styles of
quilting on. Class will cover marking and quilting a traditional feather design, stippling
(both classical and innovative), crosshatching, quilting with freezer paper templates,
quilting through tracing paper and free motion spontaneous design
Skill Level: Confident Beginner
Class Duration: 1-2 days
Additional Fees: $3 per student for assignment packet
Beginning Hand Applique:
‘The Bears Went Over The Mountain
Finished size: 14”x 20” w/o borders
Hand Applique: Students will make a wall hanging featuring a mountain
scene with bears to learn a finger crease needle turn appliqué technique.
The pattern is designed to provide practice at inside and outside points as
well as gentle curves and an introduction to reverse appliqué.
Skill Level: Beginner and up
Class Duration: 1-2 days
Additional Fees: pattern purchase required
Intermediate Hand Applique
Grape Cluster Design
Reverse Applique Leaves
Finished block size: 10”
(quilt size varies based on number of blocks used)
Reverse Applique Leaves: Learn reverse hand appliqué techniques
using a finger crease, needle turn method while making this sampler of
various leaf designs. Finished blocks measure 10” and can be combined
to make a quilt of any desired size.
Skill Level: Confident beginner and up (Note: good basic hand
applique skills are recommended)
Class Duration: 1 day
Additional Fees: $4 per student for pattern packet
Finished size: varies, usually 12” sq. - 18” sq.
Finished block size: 14” x 14”
Intermediate Hand Appliqué (Grape Cluster): This class for those who
have learned the basic techniques of hand appliqué and would like to
explore the technique further. The grape vine design is suitable for a
confident beginner with some basic applique skills and incorporates
methods such as turned bias stems, perfect small circles, reverse
appliqué and deep undulating curves.
Skill Level: Confident beginner
Class Duration: 1 day
Additional Fees: pattern purchase required
Molas: These are bright colorful reverse appliqué panels created by the
Cuna Indians of San Blas that usually feature folk art designs such as
birds, animals and fish. Students start with a basic simple image on
layers of fabric which are then cut away hand stitched and embellished
layer by layer to create their own unique design. For those who prefer
faster results, a machine technique will also be demonstrated. Pattern
packet includes a variety of simple folk art designs to choose from.
Skill Level: Intermediate to advanced hand applique skills or
proficiency with a free-motion machine presser foot
Class Duration: 1 day
Additional Fees: $4 per student for pattern packet
Garden Window Quilts
Color Theory I
Color Theory I: This two-part class is aimed at giving the quilter
confidence to choose the appropriate colors to achieve the desired results
in their quilting projects. The class is an intense study of colors and how
they interact with each other from an artistic perspective. Students start by
building a color wheel from fabric to use as a reference then carry out
exercises designed to teach the basic properties of color and color
schemes. Topics also covered are the psychological effects of color and
different ways of selecting a color palette for your quilting projects. As there
is a lot of material covered in this class, cutting and pasting fabrics onto
worksheets rather than sewing does the assignments. These sheets can
then be assembled into a reference workbook.
Skill Level: All Levels
Class Duration: 2 days.
Additional Fees: $35 per student for fabric color kit and assignment
Color Theory II: Value Studies
Finished size varies
NOTE: patterns may vary from samples shown
Garden Window Quilts: Piecing and applique (hand or machine) are
combined to create ‘windows’ that peek into a seasonal garden.
Students may purchase a pattern or design their own special garden
window quilt.
Skill Level: Confident beginner and up
Class Duration: 2 days
Additional Fees: Patterns will be available for purchase by those not
wishing to design their own quilt.
Chorographed Quilts
Finished size varies depending on project
Color Theory II: In this class we will explore the concept of value and it’s
application in creating graduated color schemes. The first session of the
class will be spent building a value chart and performing some exercises to
further understand the principle of value and contrast. The second session
will be devoted to making a quilt using these principles. There will be two
quilt patterns to choose from or l can assist students to determine the
suitability of a design of their own choosing
Skill Level: Confident Beginner
Class Duration: 2 days.
Additional Fees: $35 per student for fabric color kit and assignment packet
Picture shown is provided as an example only and does not represent an actual class project
Chorographed Quilts: Chorography is the process of creating a map. In
this intense drafting/design class, you will learn how to ‘map out’ a quilt on
paper to make a blueprint from which to create stunning masterpiece
quilts. Topics covered will include organizing a large scale project and
design sources for those with limited drawing/artistic skills.
Skill Level: Intermediate
Class Duration: 2-4 days (depending on whether class is strictly focused
on design or if quilt construction is begun).
Additional Fees: $2 per student for handouts.
Postcards From Japan
Ginger Jars
Mt. Fuji
Windswept Tree
Orchard Temple
Courtyard Sanctuary
Sacred Grove
Inland Sea
Finished size: approximately 21”x 30”
Finished size: 32”x 41” w/o borders
Asian fabrics are hot right now. Use those beautiful prints to create a
sampler type display of classical 'Ginger Jars'. Blocks are assembled in
easy to piece units then combined into panels. Pattern can be followed as
in the class sample or adapted to create a larger quilt.
Skill Level: Confident Beginner
Class Duration: 1 day.
Additional Fees: Pattern purchase required
Postcards From Japan: These appliqued Japanese landscapes were
inspired by the work of 19th century Japanese artist Ando Hiroshige who
traveled the ancient highways of Japan immortalizing the views from
various ‘stations’ (rest areas) along the way in a series of famous prints.
There are eleven original designs to choose from that can be rendered in
a variety of seasons and/or times of day.
Skill Level: Intermediate/advanced applique skills or fusing is
Class Duration: 2 days
Additional Fees: pattern purchase required
Playing With Blocks
Finished size approximately: 26” x 38”
Finished size: 18” diameter
Sashiko: This class covers the history and basic techniques of Sashiko
(Japanese decorative hand stitching). Students will learn how to transfer
patterns to fabric and make a sampler of some of the classic patterns.
Skill Level: Beginner
Class Duration: 1 day.
Additional Fees: $3 per student for pattern packet
An appliquéd circle of some very special fabric makes the focal point for
this sampler. Learn a variety of piecing techniques while you mix and
match your choice from a variety of block designs and arrangements to
surround the focal point and create a unique, one of a kind wall hanging.
Skill Level: Confident beginner/intermediate
Class Duration: 1 day
Additional Fees: $3 per student for pattern packet
Cultural Inspirations
Landscape Quilts 101
Finished size: Approximately 24”x 30” w/o borders
Finished size: 25”x 34” w/o borders
Create a fabric sampler to showcase special fabrics. The focal point is a
hand or machine appliquéd motif block surrounded by panels, strips and
squares of ethnic fabrics. Themes can focus on African, Japanese,
Indonesian, etc. A variety of motif patterns representing many different
cultures are supplied in the packet ranging from simple to intricate or
students can design their own motif.
Skill Level: Confident beginner and up (Note: basic hand or machine
applique skills are recommended for this class)
Class Duration: 2 days
Additional fees: $3 per student for pattern packet
Primitive Pathways
Landscape 101 (Beginning): In this class students make a landscape
quilt from patterns of my own design. The workshop begins with a lesson
on the basic principles of landscape design and how to achieve
perspective by selecting the appropriate fabrics. Students will then begin
constructing their quilts using a combined strip piecing and appliqué
technique that will allow them to compose the quilt in class and finish the
applique later. There are two patterns to choose from, designed to allow
for some individual customization if desired.
Skill Level: Confident beginner and up (Note: basic hand or machine
applique skills are recommended for this class)
Class Duration: 2 day class
Additional Fees: patterns $8 each
Advanced Pictorial/Landscape Design
Picture shown is provided as an example only
and does not represent an actual class project
Finished size varies dependent on number of blocks and border choices
Primitive Pathways: This quilt is an excellent way to use up small scraps
for those of you who are scrap hounds and fat quarters or charm squares
for those who are not. It also makes good use of a striped or bold geometric
fabric. The piecing technique is casual, fast and easy making this quilt an
excellent project for beginners as well as more advanced quilters, no
precision is necessary until it is time to square up your blocks
Skill Level: Confident beginner
Class Duration: 1 day
Pictorial/Landscape Quilt Design (Advanced): A design workshop in
which students make pictorial or landscape quilts from a picture of their
own choosing. I will help you develop and draft your own design and help
select appropriate techniques to render it. The first session is devoted to
discussing the principles of landscape design and how to achieve
perspective by selecting the appropriate fabrics and drafting the designs.
This will allow the student to assemble suitable fabrics for their project for
the next two sessions. The second and third session are devoted to
constructing the quilt using a variety of techniques depending upon
students' interest and skill. This is a class for quilters already possessing
intermediate sewing skills.
Skill Level: Intermediate to advanced
Class Duration: 3 days
Batik Blizzard
Waterfall Quilts
Finished size dependent on block size and quantity
Remember cutting paper snowflakes for Christmas as a child? You can
create a beautiful quilt with the same idea. A raw-edged machine applique
technique will be used to create the blocks. For those who prefer a ‘more
finished’ appearance, raw edges can be covered with zig zag stitching.
Skill Level: Confident beginner and up (Note: basic familiarity with the
use of a free motion quilting presser foot is recommended for this class)
Class Duration: 1 day
Additional fees: There will be some patterns available for a small fee
for those not wishing to design their own snowflakes
Finished size (approximately): 21”x42”
Choose between Multnomah or Yosemite Falls and construct one these
quilts from patterns created by the teacher and published by Story Quilts.
The samples as shown combines hard-edged (hand or machine) applique
and raw-edged machine applique techniques for dimensional texture.
Skill Level: intermediate (confident beginners can usually handle
project with fusing techniques).
Class Duration: 2 days (can be extended to 3 days to include a fabric
buying field trip)
Additional Fees: Pattern purchase required
Dancing Leaves
Bryce Canyon photo courtesy of Freestockphotos.com
Finished size: 48”x48”
Structured design and carefree frivolity come together in this project that
features leaves swirling on a large-scale traditional block background. A
pattern is available for the ‘Snail’s Trail’ version shown or students can
recreate their own favorite block pattern in a large format for their leaves to
‘dance’ on.
Skill Level: Confident beginner and up
Class Duration: 2 days
Additional Fees: A full sized pattern can be purchased for $8 or a
nominal fee for leaf template patterns for those designing their own
Postcard/Calendar Mini-Quilts
Finished size varies from postcard size to about 12” x 12” (w/o borders)”
Postcard/Calendar Mini-Quilts: Use a favorite landscape postcard or
calendar picture to create a unique fabric collage that can be embellished if
desired. Finished mini-quilts can be hand cancelled and mailed (postcard
size) or matted and framed (calendar size). .
Skill Level: Confident beginner and up (free motion stitching skills
strongly recommended)
Class Duration: 1 day
My Personal Gallery
(these are not classes but examples of some of my personal work)
‘The Canyon of Singing Water’ 21”x 35”
‘Moonlight Sonata’ 30”x 48”
‘The Captain’s Wife’ 58”x 80”
‘Gateway to Heaven’ 18”x 38”
‘Low Tide’ 64”x 90”
‘Residual Light’ 26”x 41”