Sugar Skull Zentangles Objective(s):

Art 2
Sugar Skull Zentangles
Objective(s): Students will create their own
artwork inspired by Mexican sugar skulls.
Students will perform this assignment by
focusing on the repetition of tangled patterns
within their skull. Students will respond with an
artist statement, self-evaluation and
collaborative commentary.
1. Research Sugar Skulls to find appropriate
imagery for inspiration.
2. Create layout of rough design - including the
skull and other possible elements.
3. Draw final copy. Outline contours in fine-point
black ink.
Duration: 1 to 2 weeks
Materials: 14 x 14 tag board, black and
colored ultra-fine ink pens (Sharpies)
4. Using print and web resources for
Zentangles™, being to fill the space, including
the background. Create your own tangled
patterns using simple repetition of 2 to 3 lines
5. Add color or shading to desired areas.
Learning Target(s): I can create repetition
with line. I can draw a variety of tangled
6. Reflect up on work and attach completed