Memory Bear Directions
Memory Bear Directions
Material required: - 2 pieces of clothing
- black felt
- Simplicity Pattern #5461
- Black Fabric dye pen
1) Start out with
Simplicity 5461 using
the 18” bear pattern.
Cut out front (belly),
bottom of feet, and
inside of ears from one
fabric and the rest out
of the other.
- 11 oz. fiberfill
- 15 mm animal eyes
- iron on sheets for dark fabric
2) Iron on the heart to
the front left side, 1.5”
from the top, and ¾”
from the center seam.
Follow directions by
peeling off backing and
use parchment paper
(included) to cover heart.
Make sure the face
area will not be too
dark or too busy to
show the brown eyes,
black nose and mouth.
Use hearts pdf file from
2) When joining head
center (nose) to the
sides, use a lot of pins.
Have the flatter part
facing down so you can
slowly ease fabric out of
the needle’s way as to
avoid bunching.
4) 2” from the nose
seam and outside of the
head center, cut a small
slit. Place eye through
slit and snap rivet on
from the back.
Pins are placed
perpendicular to sewing
foot and sticking out ½”
to ease removal and
limit damage if you sew
over pin.
5) Pin the bottom of the foot to the rest of the leg
forcing the bottom flat. Sew from the top to prevent
sewing in creases or folds. Make sure both pieces of
fabric are caught with each seam before moving to
the next step.
We used PrintWorks Dark T-Shirt Transfers
purchased at Targets. The quality and easy of use
is better than similar products.
The eyes are attached
before the back of the
head is sewn on.
Join the two halves of
the back of the head and
join to the front pinning
from the center seam to
the edges.
6) Join the legs
to the bottom of
the front before
joining to the
The pattern joins
the legs
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Memory Bear Directions
7) Always line up center
seam and work pinning to
edges. Shown is the neck
area with the front and back
being lined up at seams
between legs. Clip off any
excess material to make
sewing easier.
8) lace a pin to locate
the center front of the
head. First bear’s head
was sideways.
Place right side out bear
into inside out body and
sew around neck.
Pattern calls for turning body
right side out, then attach
arms. We inserted the arms
right side out into the
unturned body so arms were
facing belly or front. And
stitched in place.
9) Stuff bear starting with head and body. Don’t stuff
arms much near neck or legs near body. Make sure
bear can sit before closing up.
Close bear up and weave pins in and out to make
hand sticking easier.
Knot along the way without
breaking thread so all the
stitching is not lost if thread
breaks. Create a loop, pull
thread through and pull tight
to close first loop and make
second. Feed needle through
loop and pull tight. Then
continue sewing.
11) Use the fabric dye pen to draw a mouth first in
the seam below the nose and then curve up in a
smile. The mouth is about 1 ¾” wide.
10) Cut nose out of felt
a little wider than pattern
and round out corners at
Use Fabri_Tac to glue
nose to face lining up to
12) Cut 36”
length of 1.5”
width wire
ribbon and tie
into a bow.
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