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By appointment to H.M. the King of Sweden
By appointment to H.M. the Queen of Sweden
S t e n s t r ö m s
M a g a z i n e
S p r i n g
S u m m e r
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”This summer’s
scarves are perfect
with shirts, blouses
and jackets.”
Subtle and floral elegance
Made-to-measure shirts
Exclusive in white
Responsible for publication: Marie Ramberg
Editorial staff: Marie Ramberg, Caroline Säfstrand,
Lizzan Wiberg
Special thanks to: Ravlunda Bränneri, Max Nilsson,
Crockett & Jones, Joseph Cheaney & Sons, Stenströms
Damekipering, Bootskompaniet, Fossil, Ilse Jacobsen,
Sonia Rykiel
Production: Wiberg & Company Reklambyrå AB
Photo: Freddy Billqvist, Pelle Wahlgren, Lizzan Wiberg
Stylist: Ylva Vestberg
Hair & Make up: Amelie Holmberg
Print: Ljungbergs Tryckeri
”Both silk and cotton
blouses blossom with
gorgeous, graphic and
playful prints.”
Subtle and
floral elegance
That wonderful, exuberant feeling that comes when autumn and winter give way to spring
and summer shines brightly through this season’s trends.
Colourful patterns bursting with vitality lift the
collections, giving you the freedom to create a unique
mix-and-match layered look. The ladies wear collection
is a veritable festival of florals. Both silk and cotton
blouses blossom with gorgeous, graphic and playful
prints. A few unexpected patterns also appear, as in a
blouse with London motifs.
This summer’s large-patterned scarves with tassels
are perfect with blouses, jackets and cardigans.
Florals, dots, stripes, checks and other elegant yet subtle
patterns also appear in the menswear collection. And it’s
perfectly all right to match a checked shirt with a polka
dot hanky or a floral scarf – preferably in combination
with the blue summer blazer.
Summer’s subtle elegance
This summer, we bring you more than bold colours and
patterns. A subdued, relaxed elegance also pervades the
collections. For the gents, last season’s maritime theme
has assumed a more luxurious, quieter tone, with more
of a clubby look. Dark blue has shifted to aqua, and red
to coral. These colours also appear in the summer’s bestselling polos. The ladies’ collection includes stylish yet
relaxing tunics and blouses in safari green. A fresh,
elegant complement to the bold-coloured, patterned
blouses is our somewhat sportier white oxford blouse with
discreet details including a red logotype on the button.
Dress up or dress down?
Visit! Here, we present the
spring & summer collections and accessories
for men and women. You can also find your
nearest Stenströms store. Download this
magazine and our image brochure in PDF
Stay up-to-date on the latest news, read
about our more than 110-year history and
much, much more!
Consistently high quality from Stenströms lets you dress
up or down, whatever the occasion. It’s all about
combinations. A range of oxford shirts with
tasteful, elegant details, like a mother-ofpearl button with coloured stitching,
together with a silk tie, jacket and
handkerchief, creates a debonair effect
that’s just right for a party or important
meeting. In combination with jeans, these
same shirts create a comfortably relaxed
yet stylish look for everyday or evening
wear. The same can be said for the
beautifully feminine silk blouses
which, together with a smart pair of
trousers or a skirt, feel classically
elegant, but go just as well with
jeans. A yellow drape front blouse is
a typical example of a garment that
can be just as elegant as you want
it to be.
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Stenströms has long been famous for manufacturing shirts of very high quality. To give you,
our customer, the very best, we offer the Custom
Made concept. You can create your own
Stenströms shirt according to your personal
measurements and preferences. Choose from a
range of carefully selected fabrics, colours, collars
and cuffs. So that you can easily order more
shirts made to the same specifications, your
measurements will be entered in our database.
Exclusive in white
As a sharp contrast to this season’s colour trend, we offer
white shirts in exquisite qualities and superb designs.
Just as neat with jeans as with a pair of smart trousers.
At Stenströms, we have long been renowned for the fine
twill quality in our shirts. Now, we present a white poplin
with the right Stenströms feel. Pure luxury in white, our
poplin shirt is tailored from a quality fabric that just
grows comfier and more attractive with the years.
The shirts are adorned with fine, exclusive mother-ofpearl buttons and the buttonholes are stitched in different
colours such as red, blue and green.
For the gents, one of this season’s big hits is an
oxford quality shirt featuring the new, casually dashing
open collar for a delightfully summer Saint-Tropez feel.
For a rakish dandy look, tie a scarf around your neck!
”The poplin shirt
grows comfier and more
attractive with the years.”
Bright and colourful
spring feelings
Spring gives a colourful boost of energy that
shines through in our knitted range.
Knitted items in cashmere, merino wool or
luxurious silk/cashmere are available in a
range of colours. The accent colours orange,
aqua and coral, appearing in both solids and
patterns, shine brightest this season.
Don’t forget the accessories!
• Scarves – both his and hers, in silk, linen and cotton.
Preferably patterned.
• Handkerchiefs – in subdued nuances
or bold, colourful patterns.
Ties and bow ties
are definitely making
a big comeback.
Available in both wovens
and prints, in colourful
patterns or quieter shades.
The important choice of cotton
For Stenströms shirts, we mainly use cotton
fabrics from the foremost European manufacturers. Most often, Egyptian cotton is
used, since it is considered to be of the best
in terms of quality, something which is determined by the length of the fibres – the longer
the fibres, the better the quality.
The cotton with the longest fibres, Sea
Island Cotton, grown in limited quantities in
the West Indies, has the longest fibres and is
frequently used in Stenströms collections.
90 percent of the shirts in Stenströms men’s
collections are manufactured in twofold
fabric, which means that double-twist yarns
are used in both warp and weft. This gives
the fabric its special lustre and softness.