Junior/Senior Prom Rules and Dress code

Bishop John Snyder High School ’ s Formal Dress Code
The following rules and guidelines apply to both BJS students and their dates. The administration will
enforce the formal attire guidelines at the entry. While we will be reasonable in our interpretation, you
will not be allowed into the dance if you are dressed inappropriately. If you are dressed appropriately
at entry but alter the outfit during the dance, you will be asked to leave. Money will not be refunded.
This dress code does not limit your ability to show your style and uniqueness; however, we are a
Christian school that promotes modesty as a virtue. If you have questions, take photos of the front,
back and sides of the attire in the dressing room to show Mrs. Vetzel BEFORE you purchase the
It is the responsibility of BJSHS juniors and seniors to inform their guests of this code.
Formal length is floor-length. Material should be appropriate for formalwear.
Legs cannot show:
1. NO SPLITS in skirts.
2. No short dress with long overlay of sheer material.
3. No high-low hems.
Cleavage should not be visible.
No open sides. Midriffs will not be exposed. No cut- outs or sheer materials. If the dress does not
meet code, fabric inserts must be sewn (not pinned) on the dress.
Dresses may be backless as long as they are not cut below the waistline (navel).
Spaghetti straps or strapless are allowed, as long as they follow the other rules.
No cover-ups (shawls, sweaters) will be allowed over dresses that do not meet code.
No form-fitting dresses.
Tuxedo or formal suit : jacket, tie, dress shirt, pants, belt, and dress shoes.
No baseball hats or bandannas.
No earrings. No canes.
Shirts must stay buttoned to the second button. Plain white t-shirts should be worn underneath.
Pants should fit properly and not sag below the waistline.
Faces should be clean-shaven.
Not allowed for males or females :
Athletic shoes, slippers, Sperry–style, boots, or flip-flops. Formal dress shoes must be worn.
Body piercing jewelry.
Visible tattoos.
Cosmetic contact lenses of a color or pattern not natural to a person.
School rules apply for hair. No hair colors or styles not natural to a person (e.g., pink or faux-hawk).
Junior-Senior Prom FAQ
Who? BJSHS juniors, seniors, and their dates are invited. Faculty and administration are
Saturday, April 18
7:00 – 10:30 p.m.
Arrival: The doors open at 6:50; no admittance after 7:45. Please plan your time well: don’t aim for a
7:45 arrival! Other high schools will have their proms that night, so restaurants and traffic
will be slower than usual. The Prom Court will be announced around 8:30.
Departure: Once you exit the prom, there is no re-entry. You cannot visit your car in the parking lot.
Please arrange to leave by 10:35.
Ticket? Tickets are $60 single and $120 couple. The prom committee will sell tickets at lunch time
March 27-31 only. No tickets will be sold at the door. Tickets are non-refundable and nontransferable. You will receive an invitation to keep for your scrapbook. A teacher will be at the door to
verify approved names from a master list. If you purchase a ticket, but need to cancel after the ticket
sales are over, keep in mind: NO REFUNDS. We have already paid our vendors for you to attend,
whether you attend or not.
Why $60 per ticket?
The price covers the venue, the deejay, the decorations, and the food
(see menu below). A prom costs as much as a large wedding!
What is for supper? While some students enjoy going to a restaurant before prom, we will be
serving heavy hors d’oeuvres/ dinner.
Menu: quesadillas; chicken tenders w/ Ranch and blue cheese dressing; mini flatbread pizzas;
Angus slider burgers; fried potato wedges vegetables w/ herb dip; cheese; fruit ; crackers;
cupcakes; iced tea, punch, and water
Bringing a guest? BEFORE you are allowed to purchase tickets , you MUST have the guest
approved by Mr. Kellum. Tickets will be on sale March 27-31, so you need to have paperwork
approved by March 25. Fill out the Non-school Guest Approval form available at the front desk, from
Mrs. Naughton, or on the school website. A copy of the guest’s driver’s license must be attached. All
of these papers must be presented at the time the ticket is purchased. The guest has to bring the
driver’s license with him/her to the prom. Persons 21 years of age and older may not attend the
prom. Students who have been expelled or excluded from Bishop Snyder may not attend.
Is formal photography available? No, but bring your camera. The view will be worth your while.
Music? The DJ is responsible for the play list. We discourage your requesting songs at the
dance. Reason 1: We are a Christian school that does not allow explicit lyrics.
Reason 2: The DJ, a professional businessman, knows many songs ; however,
he cannot be held responsible for playing a song he has not listened to recently since it
may contain objectionable material.
Dancing Style? Physical contact will be monitored by the chaperones. There should be no
PDA. No grinding. Areas that a bathing suit covers should not be in physical contact with anyone
else. When bodies touch, both must remain upright. If your contact is inappropriate, a chaperone
can and will ask you to leave. Mr. Kellum will give you the consequences the following Monday at
school. There are no refunds.
We are proud of the compliments we usually receive on our students’ behavior at
extracurricular events; however, we will reiterate that guests and students abide by BJSHS’s
rules. This may include submitting to a breathalyzer and on-site drug testing if there is
reasonable suspicion. Anyone found to be under the influence of any drug /alcohol will be
turned over to law enforcement authorities. We cannot emphasize enough that we want
everyone to have a great – and SAFE – prom.
If you have a legitimate issue, please express your concern to Mrs. Vetzel, not
to fellow students or parents or other teachers.
Where? The University Club occupies the 27th floor of the Riverplace Tower on the Southbank
of downtown Jacksonville. The address is 1301 Riverplace Boulevard, Jacksonville, FL 32207.
This is a tall white building. The parking garage is immediately to the right, and it has a Wells
Fargo sign. Although security is present and watchful, please do not walk alone in the garage or
to the building. We are only allowed in the areas we have rented. A chaperone will be present in
the lobby to help with the elevator. You are not allowed to play on the elevator or get off on any
other floors (which contain business offices). Security will escort you out of the building (and you
will face behavioral consequences at school on Monday) if you should wander onto other floors.
From the South: Take 95 North to the Downtown Exit, stay to the right and take the Prudential
Drive option. Turn right at Riverplace Boulevard. The Riverplace Tower Building will be on your
left at the 1st light.
From the North: Take 95 South to the San Marco Exit (the first exit off the Fuller Warren
Bridge). At the second light, turn left on San Marco Boulevard. Continue until the end of San
Marco Boulevard. Turn right on Riverplace Boulevard. The Riverplace Tower Building will be
three blocks ahead on your left.
From the West Take I-10 East into Jacksonville to 95 South. Take 95 South to the San Marco
exit (the first exit off the Fuller Warren Bridge). At the second light, turn left on San Marco
Boulevard. Continue until the end of San Marco Boulevard. Turn right on Riverplace Boulevard.
The Riverplace Tower Building will be three blocks ahead on your left.
PARKING? Free parking is available in the garage east of Riverplace Tower Building; this
garage is connected to the building. When you face the building , the garage is immediately to
the right.There is a Wells Fargo sign on this garage. There is also a free parking lot available just
before Riverplace Tower Building in front of the Crowne Plaza Hotel along Riverplace Boulevard.
Please keep in mind you should not walk alone while downtown.
*** Parents, please discuss with your child any before- or
after- prom activities, and ensure these activities are
chaperoned by responsible adults.