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Groups & Workshops
Winter Spring 2013
It’s not too late for winter knitting
It is still cold….perfect for an indoors knitting project. Even
better, we have lots of beautiful yarns, many at special prices,
to clear our shelves for summer. This year we have been
particularly enthusiastic about wool alpaca blends, very soft
and light, and wonderful colours.
Delicious big chunky knits, 14-16ply in beautiful plain
colours: chocolate, grey, orange, and also in multi colours:
oranges, browns and reds; bright pinks and blues, and mossy
greens and soft aqua colours. Great with our chunky 15 stitch
or 9 stitch cable patterns, or in plan knit or rib stitch.
Also some lighter yarns, perfect for the changing season:
beautiful kid mohair and silk blends in fantastic colours,
tans dark brown, burnt orange. We have a good range of
fine yarn scarf & shawl patterns, including the Sackville &
Lane Cashmere Scarf & Wrap pattern, which is free with
yarn purchase.
We are always keen on the
paisley motif and have two
beautiful projects with paisley
designs in the store and as the
focus of workshops.
Mrs Sew & So, Gail Bett, is
back for her annual workshop
with us in August, featuring
her paisley design embroidery
piece, a very beautiful and
special project. We also have
a workshop embroidering
the paisley blanket from the
Blissful Beginnings book, this
is a really lovely project using
wool embroidery on pure wool
blanketing See the Workshop
List for details.
Traditional Baby
Classic, creamy white baby clothes in
soft, machine washable heirloom 4ply
wool (we have 3 & 2ply too) using
contemporary patterns. Cleckheaton
have a great new book with lots of
practical designs or dig out your
old classic Patons books.
And similarly traditional… Peter
Rabbit and friends in the garden in
soft pastel patchwork fabrics, with
quick and simple patterns to make
a small quilt or play mat.
We have been busy….
Sorry the newsletter is a bit late, we have been very busy with
Wangaratta’s Stitched up Festival and then the Australian Sheep
and Wool Show in Bendigo. Both events were really interesting
and definitely worth putting in your diary for the future
(Stitched Up is every 2 years; Bendigo every year in July).
The Sheep and Wool Show is an absolute must for the committed
yarn craftsperson, inspiring work and so many interesting yarns,
as well as sheep, shearing, working dogs. It is a serious wool
show. We did not go to the Craft & Quilt Show this year, maybe
see you there next year.
35 Reid St Wangaratta VIC 3677 T 5721 7948 F 5722 4582 [email protected]
Mon to Fri 9 – 5.30 Sat 9 – 1
Groups & Workshops – Winter Spring 2013
Groups & Circles
Groups or “Circles” are still gathering
in the Store, working on their own
projects, sharing ideas, inspiration and
companionship. The Knitting & Crochet
Group is going strong, and Needlework
enthusiasts meet on Friday afternoons.
In all the Groups a Sackville & Lane staff
member with specialist knowledge and
experience holds it all together, provides
information, helps with techniques,
shows you the latest products and ideas,
and of course, puts the kettle on. Groups
are for absolutely everyone, with skills
from beginners to advanced. Come when
you need help or come every week, it’s
very flexible, you just need to let us know
so we can be sure there is a place for you.
of different composition and thickness
to create unique and interesting functional
items, such as a hats, bags, and simple
garments. For knitters with basic
crocheting and knitting skills. Beginners
are welcome.
Last Tuesday of the month: 1.30 – 3.30
30th July; 27th August; 24th September; 29th
October, 26th November.
Senior Scrumbler: Jenny Brown
$7.50 with some materials provided
Needlework Circle
Knitting and Crochet Circle
A centre of enthusiasm for winter
knitting and crochet. Some come every
week, some drop in when they can and
some come to master a new skill or solve
a problem. Lots of energy, information,
creativity and chat. Enthusiasts of all skill
levels and ages get together to work on
current projects or start something new.
An informal, friendly, lively and popular
group, all are welcome.
Sit and stitch, enjoying the company of
others and the support of an experienced
tutor. Develop your skills and enthusiasm
for patchwork, embroidery, stitching.
Share inspiration and techniques, see and
try some of the latest products and ideas.
Bring along your hand or machine project
and join the circle.
a small quilt, fitted sheet, crib bumpers
and a notice board.
Two 2½ hour sessions: Thursdays 10th
& 17th October 10.00 – 12.30
Expert Organiser: Val Burkinshaw
$40 plus requirements: Vogue Pattern
& fabrics
Applique Glasses Case
A small applique
project in Japanese
cotton fabrics in
earthy natural
colours, Based on
an Olympus kit,
master the hand
work techniques,
and you can
apply them to
other projects,
big or small. Use
up small pieces
of your favourite
fabrics to make
the perfect gift.
Two 2½ hours sessions
Thursday 12th &
26th September 10.00-12.30
Master Handworker: Val Burkinshaw
$40 plus requirements: Glasses Case
Pattern and Fabric Kit
Patchworking & Quilting
Every Friday afternoon during term times:
1.30 – 3.30.
Head Needleworker: Michelle Shanley
$7.50 per session
Sewing Projects
Every Tuesday morning 10.00 – 12.00
Chief Enthusiast: Jenny Brown
(well she’s one of several Chief Enthusiasts!)
$7.50 per session.
Quilt As You Go Quilt
Nursery Organiser
Scrumbling Club
Creative knitters and crocheters gather,
sharing their interest in freeform shapes
and effects. Explore different knitting
and crochet techniques, the use of yarns
Make an eight-pocket organiser for the
nursery using a Vogue pattern, a very
practical and lovely project. Working with
Val, get tips on the most efficient way to
get a neat, professional finish.
The pattern has several matching projects:
Learn the techniques of quilt as you
go using a pattern by a local teacher,
Libby Kaye. A good introduction to this
technique working on a small quilt.
Get a great sense of achievement as your
completed quilt emerges row on row.
Two 5 hour sessions: Thursdays 19th
September; 3rd October 10.00 – 3.00.
Leader: Kerrith Bell
$75 plus requirements
• All participants receive a voucher for 10% discount in the store
• Tea & Coffee, and on a good day, home-made biscuits
• Samples for all the classes are in the store
• Book in the store, by mail or telephone
• Payment in advance to confirm the place
• Special arrangements for groups and bus tours
• Sewing Machines are available for use in workshops
but must be booked to ensure availability
Knitting & Crochet
Four 2 hour sessions: Fridays 30th August;
13th & 27th September and the
11th October 10.00 – 12.00
Expert Assistance: Michelle Shanley
$40 plus requirements.
Trouble Shooting Crochet
Even more advanced techniques,
confidently understand diagrams
and more complex patterns.
One 2 hour session:
Tuesday 1st October 1.30 – 3.30
Tutor: Jenny Brown
Prudence Mapstone Freeform Knitting
& Crochet
Prudence is back with us again with
her inspiring approach to working with
yarn, putting stitches and shapes together
to make amazing textural fabrics. This
workshop is a fantastic opportunity
to spend time with an internationally
renowned teacher.
The workshop is suitable for all, from
the timid beginner to the creatively
courageous (?outrageous), Prudence gives
us the technical skills of freeform knitting
and crochet, inspiring us with her amazing
use of fibres and colours.
An all day session on Wednesday 31st July
9.30 – 4.30 at the store.
$95 Some materials, refreshments and
again fortunately a light meal are included.
Learn to Crochet
Learn to crochet: Starting from scratch,
or getting confident with the basic stitches.
Learn the basic stitches in this 3 hour
session, and start on your way to a chunky
scarf. Crochet is fun, relaxing, very
portable and you can make great things.
For absolute beginners.
Mrs Sew & So
Two 2 hour sessions: Fridays 25th October;
8th November 10.00 – 12.00
Crewel Embroiderer: Michelle Shanley
$30 plus requirements including the
Inspirations magazine.
An all day session. Friday 23rd August
10.00 – 4.00 at the store
$95 Morning and afternoon tea and
light lunch are included. Patterns and
other requirements are not included.
The Next Steps in Crochet
One 2½ hour session:
Saturday 31st August 10 – 12.30 or
Tuesday 17th September 1.30 – 4.00
Tutor: Jenny Brown
Develop your crewel embroidery skills
while working on a rich traditional design
using a pattern in Inspirations magazine.
The project uses Cascade crewel threads
on natural linen to make a lovely handworked cushion or other item.
Trace the design onto the fabric before the
session, see Michelle in the store if you
need help, or want to borrow the lightbox.
Mrs So & Sew will be back with us for
another of her very special stitching days.
Since her last visit, Gail has spent time in
India, interpreting local Kantha patterns,
using their traditional form of stitching.
In this workshop she will feature her new
Paisley Design. Share her inspiration and
experiences while working on one her
One 2½ hour session: Saturday 17th
August 10 – 12.30 or Tuesday 3rd
September 1.30 – 4.00
Tutor: Jenny Brown
$25 plus Patons Learn to Crochet book
($20.50) and other requirements
Once you know the basic stitches, learn
to read a pattern, work advanced stitches,
techniques and shapes. Take your crochet
skills to the next level in this session.
Crewel Embroidery Cushion
Wool Embroidered Paisley Blanket
Using the Country Bumpkins new Blissful
Beginnings book of embroidered blankets,
stitch a beautiful blanket using pure wool
flannel and crewel wool threads.….
all very soft and lovely.
Master the basics of Hardanger. Learn
stitches and techniques of this very
traditional form of embroidery. Work
on a small sachet with the support of
Kathleen. Stitches include satin blocks,
buttonhole stitch, dove’s eyes, twisted
bars and picots. The techniques can be
easily applied to other to make a special
heirloom piece or lovely small gifts.
Two 2 hour sessions: Fridays 6th &
20th September 10.00 – 12.00
Tutor: Kathleen Lengrand
$30 plus requirements. The book, Hardanger;
Basics and Beyond by
Janice Love is also available.
Spring is Coming…
And how better to
celebrate it than by
surrounding yourself
with beautiful bold
colour, and we are
thinking of Kaffe
fantastic fabrics, great
projects and beautiful,
inspiring books.
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