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The officially un-official newsletter of the
Birkdale Scout Group!
Birkdale Bugle
Volume 1 Issue 1
Term 1, 2015
Our Group Executive
Committee meet every
4th Thursday of the
month at 7.00pm at
the den. Have you
considered coming
along and having your
say about what
happens in the Group?
We welcome all
parents/carers to
attend. Any input or
involvement you can
make will be greatly
appreciated as we are
always looking for fresh
new ideas.
The Committee holds regular fundraising activities such as Mary Street Fair,
sausage sizzles at Bunnings, raffles and food drives etc. The funds raised are a vital
benefit to our Group and reach all levels of our youth members.
We give a BIG thank you to all the parents/carers who gave their time to assist with
fundraising efforts and offering their assistance at Section meetings in 2014.
WATCH THIS SPACE to be involved in fundraising opportunities
This year the Committee hope to come up with a fresh fundraising idea. If you
have ideas and would like to be involved, please contact Andrina on 0402 810774
or Emily on 0435 522958.
We are now on Facebook!
Do you have
any for us?
• Do you have a New
Year’s resolution to
become more active
with your kids and
not let them have all
the fun?
• Are you looking for
something different
for yourself in 2015?
• Why not consider
attending the
leadership course to
become a leader?
What can we
do better in
For more information,
please contact Gareth
on Mob 0412 199437.
Skills of parents
We as parents and members of the Birkdale Scout
Group come from a wide variety of backgrounds and
occupations. It is always a bonus for any
organisation to know what skills, trades and business
activities each of its members possess or are
involved in.
If you have any skills/equipment/ resources that you
are willing to share with the Group at one of our
events, Section meetings or just to help with
upgrading our den, please let one of the Section
Leaders / Committee members know.
If you have a ride-on lawn mower, are a painter by trade or have skills with writing grants,
we would certainly like to hear from you. Please contact Andrina on 0402 810774.
Regardless of what Section meeting you are in, your Joey, Cub,
Scout or Venturer shirt and scarf must be worn unless the
Section Leaders advise otherwise.
When attending Section excursions and formal scouting events
such as Founders Day and ANZAC Day, the formal uniform
must be worn.
Whilst we do not request youth members to wear a particular
type/brand of shorts, the formal colour for shorts and pants is
fawn/sandstone. It is however accepted that black/navy may be
worn at weekly Section meetings.
Bright coloured board shorts and short shorts are not
appropriate. If you have any queries regarding the suitability of
your shorts, please approach a Section Leader or Committee
member. Thank you
This year our Annual Presentation of Reports will be held on
Wednesday, 29 April, 7.30-8.30pm
We request that each family be represented by at least one parent. The meeting is simply to
reflect over the past year, look forward to what’s coming up in the new scouting year and to
review the financials of the Group. Furthermore, if you want a say in how we run the Group
and want to vote on any proposed Notices of Motion, you will need to be present.
This meeting will not be involving any of our youth members and there will be no supervised
activities for children. We therefore request, if possible, that children not attend the
meeting. Thank you.
Come along
and meet
some other
Easter Monday, 6 April – 9.00am – Noon
We invite parents, leaders, venturers and scouts who do not have any plans on Easter Monday to come and help
out at our working bee which is for the purpose of clearing and sorting out the camping supplies shed and one
or both offices inside the den.
For health and safety reasons, we do request that young children not attend working bees.
For more information, please contact Andrina on 0402 810774.
On 21-22 March at Karingal, our Scouts took up the challenge of Butterfly, a competition wide
game which involves a navigational hike using a map and compass to hike from base to base.
To further enhance the hike, the Scouts need to complete skill based and very adventurous
activities. Adding to the adventure, shortly after the competition commenced, the skies
opened with a downpour of rain lasting several hours into the night with lots of thunder and
some lightning. Our Scouts did themselves proud including our newer and younger members
as it was extremely difficult in wet and muddy conditions. It proves that the resilience of the
Scouts, no matter what the conditions, they can still find joy in what they are doing and get a
real sense of accomplishment on completion. This year we didn’t make the top ten but who
cares, they were there for the absolute fun of it! (picture was taken at the final parade)
As part of our scouting community service, we have agreed to sell 200 Art Union tickets for the
Rotary Club of Redland Sunrise Inc. Art Union ticket books have already been handed out to
families. If you are unable to sell your book, please return it to the den so it can be reallocated.
All Art Union books must be returned to the den with money by the beginning of May.
Please ensure that you sign your ticket stubs/money in with a Committee member.
In exchange for our efforts, Rotary will be making a donation to the Group.
Can Cage
Life Line Bin
In the den car park there is a Life
Line bin. Our Group receives a
donation when the bin is emptied.
If you are having a clean out at
home, please remember the Life Line
bin in the car park.
Again, in the den car park there is a
Can Cage. Our Group receives a
payment when the cage is full so
please save your empty cans to put in
the cage.
Empty aluminium cans can be put into
the Can Cage at any time.
Please do not leave items outside
the bin.
Please, do not crush the cans.
One of the greatest things about Scouts is that it is truly
international. During a recent family trip to the USA, we planned
to visit a Boy Scout troop in New York City. One cold, wintery
evening, we visited Troop 414 of Manhattan District, of Boy
Scouts of America. The Scouts also invited their Cub Scouts, and
we were invited to join in their formal opening ceremony. After
introductions, I gave a presentation about Australia, Scouts in
Australia, and what the difference is between scouting in the two
countries. We had some formal presentations – we presented an
Australian Scout shirt (complete with genuine crooked Scout
sewing!), scarf, woggle, green book, and various badges; we were
invested as honorary members of their Scout Troop, presented
with a Troop scarf and badges. The Scouts then had a knot relay
race to prepare for a camp they had on that weekend (camping
in the snow! How fun does that sound?) which Mitchell and Lucy
participated in. To round the night off, we were treated to a meal
From the Group Leader’s Desk
prepared and cooked by the Scout Master and parents. It was a fantastic night, and we made some new
friends. If you ever have the opportunity to travel overseas, we can highly recommend making the effort
to visit a scout group in that country – it will be an amazing experience!
Gareth, Kathy, Mitchell and Lucy Oliver
FOUNDER’S DAY - 22nd February
What is Founder’s Day? It is the birthday of the founder of the worldwide
Scout movement, Lord Robert Baden-Powell. It is also coincidentally the
birthday of his wife, Olave Baden-Powell, who started the Girl Guides.
What a great Founder’s Day service we had, albeit with the short-notice
location change!
It made for a busy morning with one Joey going up to Cubs, four Cubs
going up to Scouts, four new youth investitures, and three Adult leaders
being invested! Thankfully the weather was better than the previous days.
Thank you for attending our small Founder’s Day service.
Photos of the event follow on the next page.