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Issue 22
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Knitting Basics: Felted Bag
with Lori
Mon Jun 2, 9, 16, 23, and 30, 6:30 – 8:30 pm,
$50 + tax & supplies
You will learn the basics: casting on,
binding off,
purling, increasing,
picking up
making Icord, and kitchner stitch. In this five-week
class, new and returning knitters will learn
the required skills for most simple projects
and complete the felted bag from the April
2006 newsletter!
Magic Loop I & II with Cha
Magic Loop I: Sat Jun 14, 1 – 5 pm, $30 + tax
& supplies
Magic Loop II: Sun, Jun 15, Noon – 4 pm, $30
+ tax & supplies
Magic Loop is back by popular demand!
How do you make socks without having
double pointed needles poking all over
your lap? You knit them on a long circular
needle. Cha will show you how to make a
mini-sock in Magic Loop I, and make two
socks, sleeves, or mittens on one long circular needle in Magic Loop II.
Toe Up Socks with Cathy
Tuesday, Jun 10, 17, and 24, 6:30 – 8:30 pm,
$30 + tax & materials
lace! This is a great way to ensure a perfect fit, and to make sure you don’t run out
of yarn! You can do either magic loop or
DPNs. Cathy knows both and will help you
make this lace sock pattern from Schaefer.
Beaded Lace Scarf with Laura
Tuesday, Jun 24 & Jul 1, 6:30 – 8:30 pm, $30
+ tax & supplies
This class is perfect for intermediate
to advanced knitters
wanting to learn to
knit lace with beads!
Make the beautiful
Scarf in Schaefer Susan (100% mercerized cotton) or Heather (55% superwash merino, 30% silk, 15%
nylon). In two nights Laura Nelkin, who
designed the scarf, will teach you how to
read charts, knit with beads and make the
scarf’s lace pattern to get you started. You
will be able to finish on your own.
Ravelry for Knitters with Steven
Mac: Wednesday, Jul 9 & 16, 7 – 9 pm
Windows: Monday, Jul 14 & 21, 7 – 9 pm,
$40 + tax
Ravelry is a wonderful web site for the
knitting community. Tens of thousands of
knitters show off their projects, exchange
tips, and chat about anything in on-line forums.
In this 2-week class, Steven, a computer
geek during the day and knitter at night,
will show you how to explore this wealth
of knitting information available on Ravelry as well as building a Ravelry profile for
all others to envy! You do not need to be a
computer expert! Topics will include:
• Searching for knitting information on
May 2008
By Lynda Bogel
In my (other) real life, I teach film studies; I analyze movies, place them in cultural and psychoanalytic contexts, devise
close-watching exercises and essay topics,
write about Hitchcock, talk intensely with
Cornell students, and so forth. The cousin
who taught me to knit two summers ago,
and watched yarn and me ascend into an
addictive relationship, now suggests that I
write a book about knitting and film, two
of my passions. My daughter suggested a
title (see above). It’s up to me to figure out
what the book would be about. It could be
Films in which people knit and what
it all means. Here are some of my
favorite older knitflix: Johnny Belinda: Deaf mute Jane
Wyman, using short row technique,
shows baby hat to kindly young Doctor,
who alone in the community is certain
she’s no “dummy.” (Woman’s wisdom)
Now, Voyager: The Boston spinster Bette Davis knits contentedly on
cruise, until she meets the man of her
dreams. (Feminine patience)
What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?:
Former child star Bette Davis (again)
goes nuts and hides her handicapped
famous sister in a room. Trapped Joan
Crawford knits while plotting her escape. (Not telling what she knows)
Like Water for Chocolate: GriefIf you already knit socks and are ready
stricken Lovely Woman attempts to
and curious
knit away her sorrow. A mile-long affor a new
ghan results. (Meditation)
Rosemary’s Baby: The witches plop
learn to knit
down and begin knitting when they insocks from
vite themselves into Rosemary’s apartthe toe up and
Continues on Page 2
Continues on Page 2
dabble with
May 2008
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Opal Sock Yarn Scarf
By Bev King
1 skein of Opal Hundertwasser sock yarn (75% superwash wool, 25% polyamid, 465
Bev is an avid knitter in Ithaca. Her
scarf will be on display in the shop for
a few weeks.
Cast on 39 sts.
Knit 3 rows.
Row 1: (RS) Knit to end
Row 2: p1, (p2tog) twice,
*p2, yo, (p1, yo, p1) into next
st, yo, p2, p2tog, p3tog, p2tog,
repeat from * once more, p2,
yo, (p1, yo, p1) into next st, yo, p2, (p2tog)
twice, p1.
Row 3: knit to end, working in back of
Row 4: as row 2.
Row 5: as row 3.
Row 6, 7, 8: Knit to end.
Each colorway of
the Opal Hundertwasser sock yarn
is based on a painting by renowned
Austrian artist and
sculptor Friendenreich Hundertwasser.
This pattern
shows off the bold
unique colorway in a fun and easy-to-care
machine washable scarf.
Opal will be introducing new color themes for
their sock yarn throughout this fall and winter, including a series inspired by Harry Potter
books and movies. We will be bringing these
new colors to the “Sock Island” in Knitting
Etc as they become available.
particularly The Cider House Rules
(Charlize Theron’s fall pullover); The
Golden Compass (such a sweater
for Dakota Blue); Lost in Translation
(near the beginning, Scarlett Johansson’s scarf-in-progress).
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ment. (Witch-y intrusions)
Holiday: Katharine Hepburn, the
bright, yet misfit older sister, knits
quietly while her father interrogates
Cary Grant, who is meant to marry the
younger sister. She knits to be in the
room but invisible. Somehow he sees
her…. (Being present without being
Films you can knit along with, because
you don’t need to be hyper-attentive
to the screen: On my list right now,
most recently and most regularly: The
News Hour with Jim Lehrer (all talking heads, which you can glance at,
hold in mind, while focusing on your
fair isle pattern). And the old BBC
series, The House Of Eliott (about fabrics, feminism, English class struggles
in the Twenties).
Knitting puns on film titles: Knit of
the Living Dead, Purl Harbor, The
Terminknitter, Three Men and a Baby
Alpaca, The Blair Stitch Project, Dye
Another Day, Good Wool Hunting,
Knitting Hill, La Vie En Rows.
Really nice knitwear in movies, and
how to write patterns for them: See
May 2008
Continued from Page 1
A novel filled with conversations I’ve
had with knitting pals while we watch
flicks and knit. What the plot’s tension would be, I’d still have to gauge
A murder mystery with Seer Wise
Woman Dawn Page knitting out the
Fates in the background, calmly determining the outcomes and villains,
while Horrible Husband-slash-Dreadful Professor, knotted with guilt, purls
away his last days in a rainforest treetop, while Wife Destroyed knits and
videotapes him, unbeknownst (trust
me, I worked out all the details of this
one in a venting mood after an appalling committee meeting).
But I have too much knitting to do to
make time for any of these KnitFlix. Anyone else want to have a go?
Lynda Bogel now pauses occasionally from
her knitting to write a column here and a
blog in cyberspace, as she tries to make
some sense of this enthusiasm:
• Interacting with other knitters in group
forums (and making links in your
• Downloading photos of your projects
from the camera and editing them to
look their best in your profile, and
• Keeping your Ravelry account safe with
best security practices! Bonus: They will
keep your on-line banking accounts safe,
Guided Projects with Susan
Thursday nights, Jun 5 to Aug 28, 7 – 9 pm,
$40 + tax & materials for any 5 nights
The Guided Projects class is for more
experienced knitters who will get to work
on independent projects. Susan will help
you selecting an interesting project appropriate for your skill level, identifying and
fixing your mistakes, and learning new
This Guided Projects class gives you the
flexibility of attending any 5 weekly classes
of your choosing. Because of the imminent
arrival of Hickory’s baby, Susan Mehringer, an expert knitter who has been teaching
lace classes here, will be leading this class
over the summer. Hickory will
stop in the class whenever her
mommy duties allow.
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