Dip Wizard Hydrographic Gun Kit Manual

Dip Wizard Hydrographic Gun Kit Manual
Thank You for Your Purchasing Our Hydrographics Dip Kit!
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Dip Wizard provides you with enough material in your kit to do multiple projects however if you want to
order more film or other film patterns, we will be pleased to fulfill your request. There is enough paint,
primer and activator in the kit to do many projects; you just may need more film or want to use other
patterns. Go to our web site at www.dipwizard.com to see other patterns that are available. We provide
film to the small hobbyist as well as the professionals who make their living providing hydrographic
Please read entire instruction manual before starting your project.
Contents of Hydrographic Dip Kit include:
12 oz can of Dip Wizard Primer/Paint 12 oz can of Dip Wizard Activator
12 oz can of Dip Wizard Clear Coat
2 Meters of Hydrographic Film
1 pouch- Cut Thru Wipe
1 pouch- Adhesive Promoter Wipe/Tack Cloth
2 sets of Latex Free gloves
1 scuffing pad
1 Dust Mask
1 Instruction Manual
Hydrographic Dip Kit does not include dipping container, tape or water.
Keep film in a cool and dry location. If film is exposed to humidity the film may have a tendency
to roll back on to it’s self. If you believe the film has been exposed to high humidity, unroll the amount for
your project (tape the edges so it doesn’t roll back) and place a high wattage light above it, this should
remove any excess moisture in the film.
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Dip Wizard Hydrographic Gun Kit Manual
Choose your Dipping container
Please choose the right size Dipping container.
It will be used to dip your project. It is important that your container is deep enough to completely
submerge the item during the dipping process. Please make sure there is ample space between the sides so
that you can move the item freely. Also consider water displacement to insure water does not spill over
during dipping process. Please protect the surrounding area from damage due to water displacement. You
will be able to find a variety of plastic containers at your local big box stores that vary in price.
Preparation of your project
Please make sure that the item you are wishing to dip can be submerged into water for at least 10
seconds. DO NOT dip any electrical parts or items that can’t be completely submerged into water
for 10 seconds. DO NOT dip any items that absorb water.
It is important to properly prepare your project prior to the dipping process. Use the enclosed scuff pad to
make certain that you have a grease free, clean and dulled surface so that the paint will adhere to it. Some
customers have found success using a grease/wax remover, alcohol or other cleaners to remove stubborn
grime. If you are dipping any metal parts, use the Cut Thru Wipe enclosed in the package, which insures a
good clean finish. Prior to painting, use the Adhesive Promoter Wipe on all of your items to be dipped.
This wipe allows the paint to adhere to the item.
Taping your project
Any area that you don’t want dipped will need to be
taped off. It is also a good idea to tape the inside
area of the gun so that all the removed parts will fit
as original.
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Dip Wizard Hydrographic Gun Kit Manual
Painting your project
Using the Dip Wizard BASE COAT Paint (Specially
formulated and packaged for Dip Wizard) spray your
item until all exposed areas you wish to dip are
completely covered. For best results, dip your project
within 24 hours of painting. As the paint hardens, the
dipping process can become more difficult.
Preparing the film for your projectKeep water away from your film. All
hydrographic film is water soluble and should
be kept dry and away from high humidity
environments. If the film gets wet prior to
dipping, the film will not process properly. Once
the size of your project has been determined,
measure the amount of film you will need for your
project. Make sure to take in account for curves,
round, 3- dimensional, unique angles and things
such as hinges. Use additional film if in question.
Using ½ inch masking tape, out-line your
measurements with tape. Once you have taped completely around your measurement, cut the outside
perimeter of the masking tape so the tape is part of your dipping project. Make diagonal cuts on all
corners as well as half way between the corners.
You are now ready to dip!!!!
Using your home tap water, make sure your water is between the temperatures of 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit
and fill your chosen container with enough water to submerge your project entirely.
Place your prepared film in a floating manner on the water with the proper side down. If you are not sure,
wet your thumb and index finger and hold the film, the sticky side will go face down in the water. *** It is
important that you place the film on TOP of the water and do not submerge any part of the film under the
water at this time.
Let the film float on the water for about two
minutes. Spray a nice even coat of Dip Wizard
ACTIVATOR (Specially formulated and packaged
for Dip Wizard); directly on top (not at an angle) of
the film using several passes and different spray
patterns about 18 inches from the surface of the
film, to insure an equal amount is covering the
entire film. Once the activator has been applied,
you will notice that the film will expand and then
stop. Don’t worry this is normal. When the film is
completely activated; the film will have a glassy
reach an area that is covered by any part of your hand. There are several ways to avoid this, you can make
tape handles in a place that will not be dipped, or you can become very creative in this process.
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Dip Wizard Hydrographic Gun Kit Manual
As you dip your project, submerge it at a 30 degree angle to avoid air pockets. Keep your project at the
same angle as you submerge it. Once the project is completely submerged, slowly shake the project to
dissolve the excess film in the dipping container. Remove your project from the water.
You will notice that your project will have a slimy milky residue on it. DO NOT rub it at this time. After
about 60 seconds, rinse your project in clean running water. Periodically gently touch the project while
under running water and rinse until the slimy feeling is gone. Let your project air dry completely before
moving to the next step.
Clear Coating you project
With your project completely dry, prepare a dust-free area where you can apply your clear coat. Apply
your Dip Wizard CLEAR COAT (Specially formulated and packaged for Dip Wizard) as you did the paint,
evenly as possible. You can apply as many coats of clear as you like. Just let each coat dry prior to each
additional application. Once you are done clear coating, let the item cure prior to use. Clear coat can take
several days to fully harden…..don’t rush this process or you will see finger smudges on your project.
Congratulations on your finished project! We hope you enjoyed learning how to use the
Hydrographic process. Please post your projects on our web site or Face Book page. Each month we have
a contest for the most unique project.
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