z e n t a n g l e

a meditative drawing method
• Can’t draw? A zentangle has no pre-determined
up or down, and is not a picture of anything.
• No time? A zentangle can be completed in 20-30
minutes, giving you a sense of accomplishment.
• Not creative or artistic? Zentangle is based on
easily learned, repeated patterns.
• But... artists really enjoy it too!
Ottawa Bahá’í Centre, 211 McArthur
Tuesday, August 7 from 7 - 9:30 p.m.
COST: $45, which includes a small kit of supplies.
During the class you’ll:
• learn the background and philosophy of Zentangle
• learn the simple Zentangle method
• learn several tangle patterns
• create two beautiful drawings and have a lot of fun!
1. Contact the teacher and leave your name.
E-mail [email protected]
2. Leave your payment with Heather Harvey at the
Ottawa Bahá’í Centre, 211 McArthur Avenue.
FOR MORE INFORMATION about the class, or about
Zentangle, please contact the teacher.
MARGARET BREMNER has been an artist all her life and
has always loved patterns and detail. She encountered
Zentangle® in late 2008 and was smitten! In the spring
of 2010 she travelled to New England to become a Certified Zentangle Teacher. She currently lives in Saskatoon.
“Anything is possible... one stroke at a time.”
Zentangle is a registered trademark and “Anything is possible... one stroke at a time.” is the trademarked intellectual property of Rick Roberts & Maria Thomas.
For more information about Zentangle please visit www.zentangle.com