CSE 1320 – Intermediate Programming
Homework 7
Due date: Tuesday, April 28, 2015, 11:59pm.
This is the firm due date. Any submissions will be not considered after the due
We are going to make a C program named “Library Manager”. The program
manages books for a library (adding, removing, checking in/out, and so on). The
main menu is following.
Add a new book
Remove a book (input ISBN)
Check out a book (input ISBN and the due date)
Check in a book (input ISBN)
Display all book details (along with their specialization)
Display all available book details
Display all checked-out books
Exit program
Each book has following properties such as ISBN, title, and so on (please see the
next page). Please create a “Book” structure consisting of the members. Then,
you have to ask such information of a book to a user when adding a new book.
Please check if the input is valid or not.
In this program, ISBN is a key, which means an identifier of a book (i.e., we
assume that there is only one book of the ISBN in this library, though it’s
unrealistic in practice). When adding a new book, you have to check if there is the
same ISBN already stored in the library. If so, you have to give an error message
to a user and ask again to input a different ISBN.
Has an ISBN (10 digits): e.g., 1001234567
Has a title (string): e.g., Java Programming Language
Has a type (string): e.g., textbook, magazine, journal, newspaper, novel, and other
Has a publisher (string): e.g., UT Arlington Press
Has a page information (how many pages) (integer): e.g., 506
Has a price (float): e.g., 20.00
Has a publication year (integer): e.g., 2013
Has a status (integer): e.g., 0=available, 1=checked-out
Has a name who checked out the book (string): e.g., Tommy
Has a due date (Date): use Date structure
Please use the “Date” structure for “Due Date” described as,
struct Date
int nYear;
int nMonth;
int nDay;
You have to check whether the date input is valid or not. Consider a leap year for
the validation. E.g., 2-29-2014 is not valid.
The Library manager may have a 1D array of the Book structure. You can define
the maximum book number (e.g., 100) that the library can store.
When exiting the program, you have to store all of the information into a file.
Then, you can load and initialize the data from a file when beginning the program
if there is a data file. You can define the file format for yourself. However, please
describe what you did for the file format at “File_Description.txt”.
Bonus (50 points)
If you display how many days are left before the due date for check-out books on
Menu 5 and Menu 7, you will have extra 50 points.
This describes how you store the data into a file.
The file has ten sequential blocks of the following data structure,
1-10 (bytes) for char types: ISBN
11-110 for char types: Title
111-150 for char types: Book type
- The assignment will be graded out of 100 points.
- A couple of homework submissions will be selected as the BEST program
and will be given extra 15 points more. The codes will be posted in the
course web site to share the nice codes with your friends.
- For the BEST program, I will consider readability, coding style, creative
codes and outputs.
How to submit:
1. The submission must include, as an attachment, a zip file containing two
files for the two tasks. E.g., LibraryManager.c and File_Description.txt.
2. You don’t have to check your program on Omega server for HW7.
3. Please submit it to BlackBoard (http://elearn.uta.edu).