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New Apples
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STOKE HOURS: 8:30 « . » . to
7 |ssa, Daily, •xcept Saiwnlay
Star* Opoa Until 10 p.aa.
Paoaa 2 f l l
Thursday, November 28, 1946
Page Two
Hannibal Personals
Mrs. Clare Mead will be hostess to the members of the Fortnightly club Monday evening, Dec.
2, Mrs. Raymond Howell will give
stories of American folk lore. Miss
Rfc'iades will give a paper on
American folk lore and dances.
i Roll call will be "children's jinMelba and Milton Early gles," Mrs. Harry Cole will be coVarieties That Are Prov- hostess.
The high school basketball team
ing Their Worth
will go to Savannah Monday evening, Dec. 2, for a non-league
Melba which ripens in mid-AuThe annual bazaar of the Comgust, and Milton, a fall apple, are munity
church will be held Wedcited by /ruit specialists at the ' nesday, Dec. 4, afternoon and
State Experiment Station a t Ge- j evening. There will be a sale of
neva as being well worth a trial baked goods and canned food,
fancy work, aprons, etc. Mrs. Wilby fruit growers.
fred Adamy is chairman of dinMelba originated on the Exper- ing room.
imental Farm a t Ottawa, Canada,
Mr. and Mrs. Charles French of
and is not an especially new ap- Jordan and Mrs. Charles Nichols
ple, although it is not yet well of Syracuse and Mrs. R. D. Eno
known to New York fruit growers and son of Auburn were recent
generally, says Professor Richard guests of Mr. and Mrs. Frank
Wellington, Station horticulturist. Wellington.
first of a Christmas series
The variety ripens about the mid- of The
Sunday evening services will
dle of August and is rated as es- start next Sunday evening in the
pecially good for the home or- Methodist church. Rev. Boyd Litchard and local market.
tle of Baldwinsville will show
"The tree of Melba is vigorous, | colored slides. AH are invited.
hardy, and an annual and early Next Sunday morning immediatebearer of medium to large fruit," ly after the church service in the
states Professor Wellington. "The Methodist church the church will
color is greenish yellow overlaid vote on the matter of a Youth
with red, distinctly splashed with Center in the rear room of the
carmen and overlaid with bluish church with badminton, dancing]
bloom. Growers who have tried and ping pong for program.
the variety describe it as 'the best} Miss Helen Acker entertained
early apple,' 'a winner,' buyers Mrs. R. B. Gable, J. B. Burt and
come back,' and so on. Production Mr. and Mrs. Jamea Reed of Oshas been fairly good a t Geneva," wego at dinner Sunday.
The Milton originated a t the
Homer Wallace is HI with arthStation in 1909 from a cross be- ritis.
tween Yellow Transparent and
Mrs. Minnie Taber is much imMglntosh, and is said to be rapid- proved from her illness and spent
ly becoming a commercial sort, the week end with Mr. and Mrs.
especially in the Hudson Valley. Clarence Ballard in Fulton.
The flesh is described as tender,
Mrs. Arthur Sidman visited her
cricp, white, with a delicious aro- mother, Mrs. Sarah Earle, who is
ma and sufficient sprightliness to seriously ill Monday.
make it both a good dessert and
Robert Cox was home* from
culinary apple.
Buffalo over the week end*
Milton ripens a t Geneva about
Miss Shirley Parmley, a former
the first week in September, Like resident here and graduate of
Melba, it must be handled care- Hannibal high school, now of Fulfully to prevent bruising, says ton and John S. Koski, also of
Professor Wellington, " B u t wher-| Fulton, were married Saturday at
ever there is a market for an ap- the Methodist church in Fulton
ple of the Wealthy season or by Rev. W. Melcher.
slightly earlier," he continues,!
"the Milton has met with high
Planting stocks of both varieties
are now handled by nurserymen
and may also be obtained from
the New York State Fruit Testing Association at Geneva which
introduced the varieties.
Miss Kathleen Ensworth, daughter oi Mr. and Mrs. Grant Ensworth, and Merwin Davidson, son
of Mr. and Mrs. Bert Davidson,
were married Friday at the Methodist parsonage at Bowens Corners. Rev. Luther Ridgeway, pastor, performed the ceremony.
Miss Pauline Shutts returned
to Syracuse Sunday where she is
a student nurse.
Miss Rosytha Risley was a Sunday guest of Mr. and Mrs. Leo
Gray at Bowens Corners. Their
daughter, Mrs. * Charles Yaffie of
Syracuse, was also their guest.
Mrs. Cora Blodgett is ill Mrs.
Candace Delano of Phoenix is caring for her.
Miss Dorothy Corey of Adams
spent the week end in town.
Mrs. Fannie Tucker was called
to Fulton Wednesday of last week
by the serious illness of her sis-
ter, Mrs. Jessie Bidwell.
Mrs. Mae France, who spent
the summer with her nephew in
Detroit, is with Mr. and Mrs.
Arthur Sidman for a time.
Miss Helen M. Acker and Mrs.
Alice Chamberlain called on the
latter's cousin, Mrs. Anna Clark,
in Fair Haven Tuesday afternoon.
Bruce U per aft visited Sherman
Cole several days last week.
Miss Florence Caruba entertained her sister from Buffalo a t
the home of Mrs. Louise Lockwood over the week end.
Frank DiBello has received an
honorable discharge from the army and is at his home here.
Mrs. Floyd Wiltse spent the
week end with Mr. and Mrs. Orville Wiltse. a
Benj DiBello and Mrs. Nellie
Walpole each have new cars.
Mrs. Laura Plummer entertained the anniversary bridge club
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Gleason
entertained Tuesday evening in
Stock Reduction
Sale of
Three recommended ways f o r
honor of Mrs. Kenneth Gleason of
get more milk in t h e
Mansfield, Mass., who is a guest of
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred fall a r e : 1, give milking cows better care and feed; 2, feed cows,
Post of Minnetto.
and heifers better before they
Man has domesticated only two freshen; and 3, use a calf s t a r t e r
to save milk for the market.
insects—bees and silkmoths.
unior Dresses
Sizes 9 to 17
Save up to oHe-third. Buy nationally advertised Johnny Junior,
Americana and Nardis of Dallas
Dresses at a big saving.
Lovely Dresses Reduced to
There are just no "buts" about our
cleaning. If we can't remove a
stain it just can't be removed. All
work done on the premises. A
dependable service promptly rendered.
J5.95, $7.95, $10.95
and $19.95
Gardner s-Sodus
&<m** .•«>.
Miss Arlene Bohrer of Reche*ter was a recent guest of Mrs.
Blanche Gillette.
Raymond Wilmoth is making
his barn on the corner of Writh
and Lake av. into apartments.
Born—last Thursday to Dr. and
Mrs. Charles C. Singles a son.
Born—last Friday at Sodus
hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. Bernard
Gardner* a daughter.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Shear went
to Washington, D. C. to spend the
week end with their daughter and
Mrs. DeForrest Fowler was a
recent guest in Delhi. Miss Bessie Fish accompanied her as far
as Morrisville and visited friends
there over the week end.
Lewis Furhman returned to his
home from a Syracuse hospital
Monday following an operation
and is much improved.
James P. Thompson was i n Albany Wednesday and Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. Ned Waldorf and
son have left for Florida.
Derward Michael of Syracuse
spent two days last week with his
cousin, Mrs. W. B. Weller.
.. Mrs. F. M. M. Hull is spending
this week with Mrs. W. B. Weller
and Mr. andMrs. Albert P. Hull.
Howard Lincoln spent
Tuesday afternoon with Mrs. Bert
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Tall and
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Blodgett attended the card club meeting at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. Fred
Hudson Saturday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Groesbeck
and family and Mr. Benedict were
in Syracuse Saturday afternoon.
Raymond and Gordon Tall spent
Saturday night with their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Tall.
Mrs. Earl Perkins, Mrs. Glenn
Blodgett and Mrs. Bert Blodgett
were shopping in Fulton Saturday.
John Blodgett spent Saturday
night with Mr. and Mrs. Bert
Donald Tall is repairing his
barn. Earl Parmley is helping
'Mrs. Donald Tall and
visited her grandmother, Mrs. Anna Simmons, Sunday.
Leon Spafford called on S. B.
Spafford Thursday evening.
Hold Services
For Mrs, Brundidge
Mrs. William Brundidge died a t
her home in North Wolcott Nov.
20, after an illness of four years.
She was born in Huron Sept. 3,
1881, the daughter of William
and Emma Douglass Sherman. She
is .survived by her husband; one
son, Floyd Brundidge; one daughter,* Mrs. Terrence Reynolds; 3
grandsons, Robert Brundidge, Edson and Robert Reynolds and 2
granddaughters, Edith Brundidge
and Sallie Reynolds.
The funeral was held Saturday,
Nov. 23, with a prayer a t the
house a t 1:30 and services a t the
North Wolcott Methodist church
a t 2 p . m. with Rev. M. Butman,
pastor of the church, officiating.
Burial was in North Wolcott
All Makes Fountain Pens—Sheaffer,
Parker, Eversharp, Waterman, Moore,
Easterbrook and others.
Pen Sets $1.95 to $97.50
Parker "51" Pens, $12.50 to $18.00
New Eversharp C. A*, writes 2 months
to 3 years, $18.00
Chests of Plated Silver, all makes
Sterling Silver patterns by Gorham,
International, Towle and others.
Writing Paper and Christmas Notes,
^ 50c to $3.00 per box.
AH new Kem Indestructible .
Playing Cards
Congress and Duratone Playing Canfak
Thousands of Every-day and Christmas
Cards, 5c to $1.00
Boxed Cards, 79c and $1.00
Watches — Diamond Rings — Men's Wedding Rings — AH Styles Rings for Ladies
and Gents — Baby Rings — T i e and Collar
Sets — All Styles Bracelets — Chatelaine
Chains — Lockets,
Pendants with Chains — Charms for Brace*
lets — New Crystal Rosaries — Pearl Beads
—, Gold Choker Necks — Miraculous and
S t Christopher Medals and Chains
20 West Bridge Si..
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