Treats and Traditions for Fall Festivities 2014 Fall Fun for Everyone

Treats and Traditions
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Fall Fun for Everyone
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FALL 2014
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Disney Dream Reward Dollars®
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Traditions This Fall
amily traditions can grow from
a song, a favorite Halloween costume, the taste
of a special treat or the grin on a child’s face
when Mickey says “Hi!”
Like you, we love sharing favorite traditions with our
families and starting new ones, too. This fall, we’re eagerly
awaiting our chance to share Disney’s new live-action
film, Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very
Bad Day and one of Walt Disney’s masterpieces, with the
Diamond Edition of Sleeping Beauty. Since Disney music
has been the soundtrack to so many traditions in our lives,
we’re looking forward to experiencing the beauty of “Walt
Disney Records The Legacy Collection,” which celebrates
Disney’s musical masterpieces through the years. And of
course, we’re already planning to enjoy the Halloween fun
at Walt Disney World® Resort and the Disneyland® Resort,
plus picking up the perfect costumes from Disney Store
With the Disney Visa® Card you can enjoy these traditions
while creating some magic for your family. You earn
Disney Dream Reward Dollars® on all your card
purchases, and each Disney Dream Reward Dollar
has a $1 value when redeeming toward Disney
products and offerings.1 So load them onto your
Disney Rewards® Redemption Card to treat yourself
and redeem toward most everything Disney, including
tickets to one of the Disney Halloween Parties or
vouchers toward movie tickets and DVDs.1,2
Your Disney Visa Card can give you even more value
by using your Cardmember savings of 10% on select
merchandise purchases of $50 or more at Disney Store
locations and to dress your little one up
from head to toe.3
What Disney traditions do you dream of sharing with
your family this fall? Whatever they are, remember to
use your Disney Visa Card to celebrate old ones
and begin new ones. It’s the sweetest
treat of all.
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FALL 2014
Have a Villainous Time
at Walt Disney World® Resort
f you think Cruella De Vil is terribly cool, Maleficent is
magnificently malevolent and the Queen of Hearts has
stolen your heart with her heady brand of nastiness,
then you’ll want to take time out from trick-or-treating and treat
yourself to Disney Villains Mix & Mingle, at Magic Kingdom® Park at
Walt Disney World® Resort.
Time to Scare Up Fun
at the Disneyland® Resort
he Happiest Place on Earth turns into
the spookiest during Halloween Time at
the Disneyland® Resort from September 12
through October 31, 2014.4 There’s something
for everyone in the family to enjoy, so we’ve
scared up some tips for planning your visit to take
advantage of all the happy hauntings going on.
Family Fun for All
Get off to a grinning start at the Pumpkin Festival on Main Street,
U.S.A. at Disneyland® Park. Start by snapping a family photo in
front of the giant pumpkin in Town Square, then challenge the
kids to see how many different jack-o-lanterns they can find
among the hundreds on display. No two are the same.
After your stroll on Main Street, U.S.A., head over and pick up
a FASTPASS® ticket for Haunted Mansion Holiday. This is the
only time of year when they’re available for the attraction.
Continue to Big Thunder Ranch for the Halloween Carnival,
where youngsters will love seeing some of their favorite
Disney Characters in Halloween costumes, watching pumpkin
carvers at work and creating Halloween-themed crafts and
activities. When your ranch hands are hungry, use your
Cardmember savings of 10% on dining at Big Thunder Ranch
(meal period and other restrictions may apply).5,6 Plan ahead
and make your reservations early.
Throughout your day, challenge your family to see how many
photos you can take with Disney Villains who are creeping
about. Then reward the winner with one of our seasonal treats.
For the Globe Trotter
Come to Zocalo Park to explore the Dia de los Muertos (Day
of the Dead) exhibit in Frontierland to learn about this
Learn more
more at
FALL 2014
The wickedly fun show which debuted in 2005, features seven Disney
do-badders: Dr. Facilier, Maleficent, Captain Hook, Cruella De Vil, the Queen
of Hearts, Jafar and Judge Claude Frollo. The creepy bunch cut up and caper
on the castle stage in front of Cinderella Castle four times nightly as part of
Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party. The show is followed by a meet and
greet with the Villains, many of whom are not available for greetings at other
times in the Disney Theme Parks.
time-honored tradition. “Everyone we talked to when we were
creating Dia de los Muertos for Disneyland® Park had a story
about how their family celebrates it,” says Designer Daniel
Torres. “It’s been great to share those traditions with our
Guests.” While you’re there, enjoy a lunch or snack of savory
tamales, pumpkin flan and orange cake prepared especially
for this celebration at the Rancho del Zocalo Restaurante.
“People love the Disney Villains,” says Denise Case, Show Director. “But most
of the time, our shows are about the Disney heroes and heroines. So we
thought Halloween would be the perfect time to showcase our baddies, and
make them the stars of the day—or night, in this case. You can just imagine
the Villains saying ‘Can we talk about someone important—like US—for a
change? We’re soooo tired of all those goody-goody sweet girls.’ Can’t you
just hear them?”
For the Thrill Seeker
For more daring family members, a whirl through a “creeped
out” cosmos is in order at Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy.
“Instead of the usual star field, we’ve created images that
make you feel as if a ghost made up of a nebula of stars is
after you,” says Jeff Welton, Audio Design Director. “The ghost
first sees you in the launch tube before you launch into space.
He then chases you through the attraction. He’s very wily and
even gets ahead of you. At one point his ghostly hand swipes
at you. Even the exterior of the attraction gets involved with
projections that make it look as if the ghost is trying to break
out. It’s a lot of fun!”
In 2013 the creative team added castle projections to the show. “It was the
first time we had ever combined a live-action stage show with castle
projections,” Denise says. “They make the castle look haunted, and during
some of the song numbers, it looks as if the castle is dancing in a haunted
disco. Even if you’re not at the castle, you can see the projections in the
distance from a lot of places in the Park. The technology is crazy cool,” Denise
laughs. “It never ceases to amaze me!” The show also includes a tremendous
amount of pyrotechnics as well. These are the Villains, remember. They love
nothing better than making sparks fly!
Seeking More Screams
Scares and screams can also be had at Disney California
Adventure® Park. Drop in at The Twilight Zone Tower of
Terror™ or get your monster dance moves on at the Mad
T Party in Hollywood Land, where Tweedle Dee and Tweedle
Dum welcome Guests to a “Dead Man’s Party” featuring
Halloween music and a chilling new look.
Whether you and your family prefer giggles or screams,
Halloween Time at the Disneyland® Resort is the perfect place
to start or continue a tradition that combines merry with scary
so everyone comes out grinning. For more information, visit Happy Hauntings!”
This year, Guests can expect some new spooky fun. We can’t reveal any
secrets because we don’t want to spoil the surprise—but there will be
more hilarious havoc.
Mark Your Calendar
Treat the family to some
Halloween hilarity at Mickey’s
Not-So-Scary Halloween Party
at Magic Kingdom® Park at
Walt Disney World® Resort
on select evenings from
September 1 to October 31, 2014.
For more information, visit
On the west coast? Join the
boo-tastic happenings at Mickey’s
Halloween Party at Disneyland®
Park on select evenings from
September 26 to October 31, 2014.
For more information, visit
Buy early and save.
Cardmembers can enjoy a
special price on advance tickets for
select dates to Mickey’s Halloween
Party at the Disneyland® Resort.
for details.
“It’s so much fun to do something with these Characters,” Denise says.
“They’re so edgy and funny.”
The show runs about 8 to 10 minutes, so be sure to check your schedule
and make time to see it. “We know there’s so much to do during the party
and we want people to enjoy it all, so we kept the show short,” Denise explains.
“But you get a lot of bang for your buck in a very short time.”
After the show be sure to look for merchandise featuring your favorite
film bad guys (and gals), including Villain-inspired Mickey ears.
With your Cardmember savings of 10% on select merchandise
purchases of $50 or more at select locations you can
bring home some wickedly good fun.7
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FALL 2014
Very Good Fun for All
You’re late for school or a meeting.
Someone else gets the last parking
space. You forget your homework or to
fill the gas tank. A presentation goes
sideways. There’s gum in your hair!
with Character
What will your child declare for
Halloween this year? I am a princess.
I am a cowgirl. I am a superhero. I am
a Space Ranger. You know they start
thinking and talking about it months in
advance—trying on new ideas as fast
as you can say Mickey Mouse!
“Costumes can create magic for kids of all ages.
They give them the freedom to be as imaginative
as they can, to think about themselves and the
world in new ways and to try on different personas,”
says Pritti Barrera, Senior Manager of Global
Product Strategy, Disney Store. “A shy child might
feel more confident when she’s dressed as a Disney
Princess. A boy might feel strong and brave when
he’s a superhero. Being ‘someone else’ can be very
Does your daughter love dreaming of faraway
lands? Choose from beautifully designed gowns
and accessories for some of your favorite Disney
Princesses including a new Aurora gown inspired by
the live-action film Maleficent. Is she a feisty spirit,
a perky best friend or nurturing caregiver? Cowgirl
Jessie, Tinker Bell, Doc McStuffins and Minnie Mouse
may be just the ticket! If she is a royal in training, she
can step out in style in a glamorous Sofia the First
costume and instantly feel like a princess.
Boys can feel big, brave, bold—and even bad—with Star
Wars Stormtrooper and Darth Vader costumes, as well
as Marvel characters including Star Lord from Guardians
of the Galaxy, Captain America and Spider-Man. Buzz
Lightyear, Cowboy Woody, Mickey Mouse, characters
from Planes: Fire & Rescue and Jake, means there is the
perfect costume for every imagination.
The designers at Disney Store take enormous care with
every detail in the costumes’ design, fabrication and
execution. “You have to understand the story and the
Learn more at
FALL 2014
Life’s full of little frustrations, and when they
pile up, you are officially having a “very bad day.”
Everyone has them. So why not laugh about them?
characters,” Pritti says. “You also have to think like a
child. Kids know these stories and characters better
than anyone else. They see the details—including
some things a grown-up might not see, so those
details have to be right. For instance, when we were
working on a gown for Princess Sofia, we had to
imagine we were like a little girl who loves her. We
had to think about what it is that makes Sofia special
to her, and then incorporate those things, like the
light-up magical amulet, so the child believes she is
Sofia when she puts the costume on.”
“It’s the same with boys. When they wear the Darth
Vader helmet and talk in a low voice, they’ve become
Darth Vader in their imaginations. We add the details
that they would see—like a real chain, not just printed,
or 3D belts for the tools they would have in that
character’s world.”
Sometimes getting the details right can be very
challenging. “We went back to the drawing board quite
a few times for the Star Lord mask,” Pritti recalls. “We
also had to search a long time to find the perfect fabric
to print a worn leather texture on his jacket. But when it
all works the way we want, it’s really exciting.”
What’s Pritti’s tip for helping your child find the perfect
Disney costume? “Oh, I believe in letting the child
choose,” she says. “Letting them be whoever
they want to be! It’s their time now to be as
imaginative as they can, and that’s a
very magical thing!”
Disney’s Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No
Good, Very Bad Day, in theaters October 10, 2014,
follows the exploits of 11-year-old Alexander (Ed
Oxenbould) as he experiences the most terrible
and horrible day of his young life—a day that
begins with gum stuck in his hair, followed by
one calamity after another. But when Alexander
tells his upbeat family about his disastrous
day, he finds little sympathy and begins to
wonder if bad things only happen to him. He
soon learns that he’s not alone when his mom
(Jennifer Garner), dad (Steve Carell), brother
(Dylan Minnette) and sister (Kerris Dorsey) all
find themselves living through their own terrible,
horrible, no good, very bad days. Anyone who
says there is no such thing as a bad day just
hasn’t had one.
The film is the first live-action adaptation of
the award-winning illustrated children’s book
by Judith Viorst. “I grew up reading this book
as a kid,” recalls Rob Lieber, who’s behind the
screen story and screenplay. “I always loved the
underdog position Alexander feels he is in. I think
every single adult and child can relate to that
feeling of ‘nothing’s going right today. Why me?’
I know I often identify with Alexander myself!”
But turning an illustrated children’s book into
a full-length film can be challenging. “I had
to do a lot of reinvention,” Rob explains. “The
book has a great theme and charm, and I had
to keep all of that and build a movie around it.”
Rob met the challenge by giving everyone in
Alexander’s family a bad day, so they are all just
getting through their ‘worst day EVER’ together.
Alexander’s brother is taking his driver’s test
and getting ready for the Junior Prom. You can
imagine how that turns out. His sister is playing
the lead in a school production of Peter Pan and
she doesn’t exactly soar. His mom botches an
important presentation at work, and his dad is
having a tough time juggling the demands of
being a stay-at-home father while job hunting.
“I felt it was very important to keep everything
real,” Rob says. “No aliens crashing through
the roof, nothing outrageous. Everything that
happens in the movie could potentially happen in
real life. They’re just normal, everyday events.”
In theaters
October 10, 2014
“People remember and love the book, so it was
key to keep that feeling in the film,” continues Rob.
“I wanted the film to be humorous and fun, but a
story everyone can relate to and enjoy. After all, like
Alexander says at the end of the book, we all know
that ‘some days are like that…even in Australia.’”
Luckily, you won’t have to go to Australia to
enjoy the film. Just redeem your Disney Dream
Reward Dollars for vouchers toward movie
tickets to go see Disney’s Alexander and the
Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day and
treat the family to a terrific, humorous, super
good, very fun time!1,2 For more information
about the film, visit
With your Cardmember savings
of 10% on select merchandise
purchases of $50
or more at Disney
Store locations and,
imagination is just a
gown, a helmet or a pair
of glass slippers away.3
Learn more at
FALL 2014
Stacks of Cuteness!
Countdown to Fun
with the Pixar Play Parade
magine monster cheerleaders, green army
men and dancing ants, all having fun together
at the same time. It’s the Pixar Play Parade at
Disney California Adventure® Park. With Toy Story 2
celebrating its 15th Anniversary in 2014, and The Incredibles
celebrating its 10th, this fall is a great time to discover—or
rediscover—this big, bright, colorful celebration!
The high-energy parade, which premiered on March 14, 2008,
stars Characters from several Disney•Pixar films, including The
Incredibles, Cars, Finding Nemo, A Bug’s Life and both Toy Story
and Toy Story 2.
The parade gets off to a booming start with a big bass drum
wheeled down the parade route by Sulley, with help from
Mike Wazowski and their mischief-making classmates from
Monsters University. Parade designer Jody Daily suggested the
opening as a tribute to classic Disneyland® Park parades, which
were often led by Mickey Mouse banging a similar oversized
In addition to dozens of Characters and five colorful floats and
push units, over 100 dancers, acrobats, stilt walkers and stilt
jumpers dance, prance, rock and roll to the upbeat rhythms of
two songs composed especially for the parade, “Countdown
to Fun” and “The Party’s On.” The infectious tunes were written
by Matthew Gerrard and Robbie Nevil, who wrote some of the
biggest hits for High School Musical.
Developing the Pixar Play Parade took over 500 Cast Members
nearly two years. “The idea was to take Disney•Pixar movies
and interpret them as a kids’ playground in their own worlds,”
says Steven Davison, Vice President of Shows, Parades and
Spectaculars. “The parade has a great sense of childlike
Learn more at
FALL 2014
playfulness and humorous surprises like streams of playful
bubbles and water squirters that mist and spray Guests.”
“Adding water play to a parade was a new element,” says
Robin Trowbridge, Show Director. “There were a lot of
challenges involved, including how it would affect the
performers. We dumped water and bubbles on the street
and then danced around in all the different costume shoes
to make sure they were slip-resistant.”
With the longest parade route of any parade in all the Disney
Theme Parks, there’s always lots of room to find a perfect
viewing spot. The parade proceeds through Hollywood Land,
down Buena Vista Street, past the entrance of Cars Land and
all the way to Paradise Pier.
In fact, why not count down to the parade by enjoying our
Cardmember Meet ‘N’ Greet between 10:30am and 1:30pm,
at Hollywood Land.8 Then take in some of your favorite
attractions and shows along the parade route, see the 5:15pm
parade as it winds through Paradise Pier, then enjoy 10% off
dinner at the nearby Cocina Cucamonga Mexican Grill at
Pacific Wharf or the Paradise Garden Grill (meal period and
other restrictions may apply).6 Finally, take home some of your
favorite Disney•Pixar pals with your Cardmember savings of
10% on select merchandise purchases of $50 or more at select
locations.7 You’ll find Monsters, Inc. merchandise at The Studio
Store in Hollywood Land, Toy Story toys at Midway Mercantile at
Paradise Pier and Cars companions
at Sarge’s Surplus and Radiator Springs
Curios in Cars Land. They’re a
perfect way to remember the
fun you had.
Plush toys are a favorite for
kids of all ages to collect and
love around the world. Now,
there’s a whole new group
of cuddly pals at select
Disney Store locations
Meet Disney Tsum
Tsum (pronounced
Tsoom Tsoom), the newest
in over-the-top cuteness.
Tsum Tsum means “stack
stack” in Japan, where they were first introduced in late 2013.
“I think their charm is in their rounded shape, bright colors
and stylized features,” says Douglas Oglesby, Director of
Global Product Strategy. “Animation artists will tell you that
in character design, large heads with smaller bodies evoke
a childlike feeling that is attractive to almost everyone. The
Disney Tsum Tsum characters definitely fit into that category.
They’re all head! They look very childlike and at the same
time, quite sophisticated. You just want to pick them up and
hold them.”
Disney Tsum Tsum comes in three sizes from a mini 2” diameter
to about 8” in diameter. As their name implies, they are
designed to be stacked on top of one another so they can
be displayed in a variety of ways.
“We’ll be introducing new characters into the line on a
regular basis,” Doug says. “So if your favorite characters
aren’t in the first group, just wait. We are always looking
to introduce new friends. We’ll also keep bringing back
characters in new costumes and looks, so there will always
be something to look forward to.”
“For our Guests to have something that feels uniquely
Disney, and also has that highly stylized aesthetic, is a
special combination,” Doug adds. “I think Tsum Tsum
represents the quality and excellence in design and
construction that Disney Store is known for. We are never
satisfied with the status quo. We’re always challenging
ourselves to find new creative ideas like Tsum Tsum.”
Doug recalls the moment the first shipment reached the
Disney Store home office. “We opened the boxes and
everyone just went wild about them. Work sort of came
to a halt as everyone oohed and aahed.”
For even more fun, a free mobile game app was launched
in January 2014 in Japan and very quickly hit #1 in the App
Store. In this fun, casual puzzle game, players match as
many Tsums as possible in 60 seconds and compete with
friends for high scores. “With millions of Guests playing Tsum
Tsum on mobile every day in Japan, we couldn’t wait to
introduce the mobile app to the rest of the world, and Tsum
Tsum made its U.S. debut in July 2014 on iOS and Android
platforms,” says Justin Scarpone, VP and GM of Disney
Interactive Japan. “The game definitely adds another level of
entertainment to your experience. And you can even use the
smaller plush to clean your screen!” Doug adds.
“As the world gets smaller, it’s exciting to me to think that we
can bring our Guests a product that is truly global. It shows
that we can create products that speak to our Guests no
matter where they live.”
“It’s really cool to think that someone in Japan is playing
with, hugging and collecting the same thing you are,” Doug
concludes. So use your Cardmember savings of 10% on
select merchandise purchases of $50 or more at Disney
Store locations and and add stacks of fun
to your home.3 Maybe pick up Snow White and all seven
dwarfs. Pin them on a jacket or backpack, trade them, collect
them, give them as Halloween party favors or as rewards for
tasks well done—and of course stack them. Whatever you
do, they’re sure to make “tsomebody” smile.
Learn more at
FALL 2014
A Tasty Tradition
19th Annual Epcot® International Food & Wine Festival Presented by
ime flies when you’re tasting treats! For
19 years, Guests at the Epcot® International
Food & Wine Festival have been delighting
in the sights, sounds, aromas and tastes of authentic
food and beverages from around the world, as well as enjoying
culinary and mixology demonstrations and special events.
This year the popular event has been extended to 53 days
of delicious delights.
“I participated as one of the chefs at the first festival,” recalls
Marianne Hunnel, Area Manager, Park Event Content Developer.
“It was a brilliant—and very bold—idea to hold a festival inside
a Theme Park. Really a first! When we started, most of the
Guests at Epcot® were very surprised, sort of an ‘Oh wow,
there’s a festival going on! Who knew?’ Today Guests love the
festival so much, they contact us way ahead of time about
dates and events so they can plan their vacation around it.
It’s really wonderful to see how it has grown.”
“We started with about 20 food kiosks,” Marianne points
out. “Now we have between 25 and 30. One of the other big
evolutions is how the food is prepared and presented. When
we began, we were cooking elsewhere and just serving on site.
Now the chefs prepare the food right on site. It adds a whole
other element to the event to see the chefs working and to
smell the aromas filling the air.” Guests’ tastes have changed
as well, according to Marianne. “Thanks to the number of
on-air cooking and food shows, everyone is so knowledgeable
about culinary trends such as farm-to-fork. Our chefs have a
lot of fun coming up with new ideas to please them. But it’s a
logistical challenge too. Just imagine creating a dish with fresh
strawberries and then having to be sure you can get enough
to feed thousands of
Guests for 53 days!
Mother Nature better
This year, one of the
new marketplaces,
Patagonia, will be
enticing Guests with
such dishes as
Verlasso salmon, a
sustainable salmon
harvested in Chile,
Learn more at
FALL 2014
and beef empanadas
from Argentina as
well as two wines
from each country.
The Puerto Rico
marketplace is back
by popular demand,
and both it and the
Brazil marketplace
will be serving up
new ambience
and entertainment
A Festival to Roar About
orget your worries, as
Pumbaa and Timon would
advise, and join them and
Simba, as well as a cast of
60 dancers, singers, musicians
and acrobats for “Festival of
the Lion King,” a celebration
brimming with color and joy! Since
April 22, 1998, Guests at Disney’s Animal
Kingdom® Theme Park at Walt Disney
World® Resort have been thrilled by the
show’s exuberance and spirit, making it
the longest-running show at the Park.
This spring, the popular 30-minute
musical moved from its original location
at Camp Minnie-Mickey to a brand-new
air-conditioned venue in Harambe Village
near Kilimanjaro Safaris®.
Naturally, you’ll want to relax between nibbles, so
take advantage of a delicious retreat and stop by the
Chase Lounge, exclusively for Chase Cardmembers at the
19th Annual Epcot® International Food & Wine Festival.
For more information about the Chase Lounge, visit
“I’m thrilled about our new location and
new venue,” says Greg Wolfe, Producer
with Creative Entertainment. “It’s as if our
Guests are in an African village where a
festival just happens to be taking place—
and they’re part of it.”
Not only are there great food, music and memories, the festival
also dishes up a menu of special events you won’t want to miss.
“The show is inspired by Disney’s The
Lion King, but it doesn’t retell the story,”
Greg explains. “Instead it builds on the
momentum and the music of the film as
Simba invites you to participate in the
joyful energy of an African festival.”
New this year is Dinner with Walt. The one-night-only event,
on October 24, 2014, lets you share a night of memories with
a beautiful art-and-music-filled tribute to the man whose
storytelling genius changed the world. “The evening focuses
on Walt as a person,” Marianne explains. “Our chefs are even
developing a menu inspired by foods from those eras that he
probably ate.” This event is sure to be a hot ticket, so pick up
yours early when they go on sale.
Can’t make it to Dinner with Walt? This year, the popular
Party for the Senses, on October 25, 2014, features chefs from
Disney Resorts and Theme Parks around the world, including
Aulani, A Disney Resort & Spa, Ko Olina, Hawai‘i. Want to taste
what other Disney Guests are enjoying elsewhere? This event’s
for you!
The show roars to life with a theaterrocking version of “I Just Can’t Wait to Be
King,” followed by a playful rendition of
“Hakuna Matata”—a tune that’s perfect for
an amazing display of comedic acrobatics
by the Tumble Monkeys. To prepare for
their wild, fast-paced routine, the acrobats
trained extensively, even learning how
to think and act like monkeys—including
grooming giggling audience members in
the front rows.
The show swings from comedy to drama
as tribal warriors on stilts stage a battle
while another performer juggles fire to the
darkly ominous “Be Prepared.” “Naturally
we have to have a villain in the show,” Greg
points out. “So the hyenas show up to
create some menace and mayhem.” The
mood lightens when aerialists perform a
lyrical duet high above the audience to
“Can You Feel the Love Tonight.”
A spirited finale brings the full cast
together for a rousing rendition of “The
Circle of Life,” that even involves selected
audience members. “I love the entire show,”
Greg says. “I’ve probably watched it more
than 100 times, but this will always be one
of my favorite moments. When we hit that
song at the end, and everyone is on stage,
Guests just have this look of awe and joy
on their faces that’s wonderful to see.”
“Festival of the Lion King” runs as often
as 9 to 10 times a day, seven days a
week. Check the daily Park schedule
when you arrive for exact times. Greg
suggests using your Fast Pass+ for your
visit to Kilimanjaro Safaris® and “Festival
of the Lion King.” Then make time to
explore the marketplace, where you’ll find
unique African crafts and enjoy live street
performers. From the Africa Hub Cart to
the Ziwani Traders, you are sure to find the
perfect souvenir with your Cardmember
savings of 10% on select merchandise
purchases of $50 or more at select
locations to take a little bit of that wild
side home with you.7
From the “Festival of the Lion King” and
Kilimanjaro Safaris® to the authentic
architecture and atmosphere of the village
itself, the time you spend in Harambe
Village is almost like taking a trip to Africa.
Hakuna Matata!
Dining Spotlight
Gazelles, zebras, giraffes and
other exotic animals roam
the Sunset Savanna as you dine
at Sanaa at Disney’s Animal
Kingdom Lodge.
Discover African cooking with
Indian flavors when savoring
slow-cooked meats, salads
and vegetarian specialties, all
while enjoying spectacular
views of African wildlife
including over 200 birds and
30 animal species.
This exquisite East African–
inspired eatery, which evokes
the feel of a traditional spice
market, is one of the select
locations where you can enjoy
Cardmember savings of 10% off
dining at Walt Disney World®
Resort. Other nearby
locations where you can enjoy
your Cardmember savings
include Boma–Flavors of Africa
and Jiko–The Cooking Place
(restrictions may apply).6
Be sure to check the Tip Boards at the Festival Center
for other special events, culinary demonstrations and
more, including opportunities to meet and lunch with some
of the celebrity chefs at the Festival on select Fridays from
10am to noon.
Epcot® admission is required for the Epcot®
International Food & Wine Festival. For more
information, visit
Learn more at
FALL 2014
hey may seem a bit dithery and a tad
absent-minded. At first glance you may think
they’re not very powerful. But Flora, Fauna
and Merryweather, the three good fairies
from Walt Disney’s animated masterpiece Sleeping Beauty, have
something Maleficent doesn’t have, doesn’t understand—and
doesn’t take into account—the power of their hearts.
As The Walt Disney Company celebrates the 55th Anniversary
of Walt Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, releasing for the first time on
Diamond Edition Blu-ray™ and Digital HD on October 7, 2014,
we thought it would be fun to look at how the young Princess’
three spunky, spirited and staunch allies developed.
At the beginning Walt considered making the three good fairies
identical like Huey, Dewey and Louie, Donald’s irrepressible
nephews. “We thought ‘that’s not going to be any fun,’” recalled
Disney Legend Ollie Johnston in the book “Disney Animation:
The Illusion of Life” which he coauthored with Disney Legend
Frank Thomas. “So we started working on how we could
develop them into special personalities.”
Frank and Ollie began studying older women to learn how they
move and stand, think, feel and express emotion. “It’s the same
thing we do with every character,” Frank said. Eventually three
distinct personalities began to emerge.
Flora, the tallest and largest fairy, is the unspoken leader.
Voiced by Verna Felton (the Fairy Godmother in Walt Disney’s
Cinderella), Flora is like a highly capable, no-nonsense matriarch.
According to Frank and Ollie, “Flora dominates without realizing
she is doing it. She’s just full of ideas, and the others usually
follow them. Flora gets things done.”
If Flora is the cool-headed planner, Merryweather is the
hot-headed reactor. “Little Merryweather was a feisty little
thing and got upset real easily,” Frank recalled. Voiced by
Barbara Luddy (Lady in Walt Disney’s Lady and the Tramp),
Merryweather is impetuous and childlike.
A do-first, think-later fairy, Merryweather doesn’t always want
to go along with Flora’s plans and loudly voices her objections.
Luckily, sweet-tempered, kind-hearted Fauna (voiced by
comedienne/writer Barbara Jo Allen) is there to balance the trio.
Interestingly, Fauna proved to be the most difficult to create,
and her personality was elusive at first. It’s a bit hard
to animate pure niceness, after all.
you up, made you cry and laugh
and been a part of your life since
you can remember. They are the
songs and music of Disney’s most cherished films.
Inspiration for Fauna finally came from a lady
Frank and Ollie met while on vacation. “She could
be described as wispy, constantly smiling and
twinkling-eyed,” Thomas said. “She loved everybody,
thought beautiful thoughts, could scarcely conceive of
wrongdoing and delighted in spreading what she considered to
be sunshine. Here was a positive character who saw only good
in everything and still lacked nothing in personality.” Presto—as
if by the wave of a magic wand, Fauna came to life.
Now, in tribute to these musical treasures, “Walt Disney
Records The Legacy Collection” was created, a series of
albums featuring the original soundtracks of 12 of Disney’s
most beloved animated classics. The first, The Lion King,
debuted on June 24, 2014 in honor of the Academy Award®winning film’s 20th Anniversary. Three additional releases are
planned in 2014: Mary Poppins, Sleeping Beauty and The Little
Mermaid. Eight releases slated for 2015 will honor Fantasia,
Pinocchio, Cinderella and Toy Story, among others.
Despite their comic scenes, the fairies’ are not foolish. “Finding
entertainment in a personality does not mean making a clown
out of that character,” Frank and Ollie explained. The challenge
was always to create situations where the fairies’ individual traits
could be brought out in an entertaining way.
And for a limited time, as a Cardmember you can take
advantage of the exclusive offer on page 15 to share your set of
“Walt Disney Records The Legacy Collection” with your family.10
“The three fairies really carry a lot of the action in the film,”
said Disney Legend Floyd Norman in a recent interview. Floyd
was a young animator at the time the film was in development.
“When I was first assigned to work with Frank and Ollie
animating the fairies, I thought ‘oh, I don’t want to draw little
old ladies,’ but after working with them for two and a half years,
I learned to love them.”
Whether dominant, dithery or delightful, the three good fairies
bring their individual strengths to their goal of protecting their
darling “Briar Rose,” and if that means taking on Maleficent,
well, they’ll try their best. Love gives
them bravery much bigger than
they are. Everyone should have
friends like them on their side.
Join us in celebrating the animated
masterpiece of Sleeping Beauty.
For a limited time, you can receive a
free print, featuring Maleficent, with
the purchase of a new D23 Gold or
Silver Membership, courtesy of D23:
The Official Disney Fan Club.9 See
page 15 for offer details.
FALL 2014
“About a year ago, we noticed that there were a number of
significant Disney film anniversaries in 2014 and 2015,” says Rob
Souriall, Vice President of Marketing for Walt Disney Records.
“We realized this would be a wonderful time to celebrate the
amazing music from these classic films in a special way.”
“We wanted each of the albums in the “Walt Disney Records
The Legacy Collection” to be a collector’s piece in terms of
both the album content and the art,” Rob continues. “So we
went on a quest to find a fine artist who could re-envision
the original album covers.” After an exhaustive search, the
team found Lorelay Bove, a visual development artist at
Walt Disney Animation Studios who worked on Princess and
the Frog and Wreck It Ralph.
“Lorelay’s style is very fresh and unique,” Rob says. “It’s
a little reminiscent of Mary Blair, one of Walt’s favorite
development artists. We were delighted when Lorelay
agreed to work on the collection with us.”
Each album is as beautiful as the music it contains. Inside,
an elegant book features rarely seen original film concept
art from the Disney Archives and extensive, insightful liner
notes. The Lion King album features notes by producer
Don Hahn. The album also includes over 30 minutes of film
score which has never been released before as well as bonus
songs and demos.
“For all the albums, we’re presenting the music in a way that
hasn’t been done in many years by mixing the score and
songs in the order in which they occurred in the film. It gives
listeners the experience of hearing the music exactly as if they
heard it in the film itself,” Rob explains.
While it isn’t possible for all “Walt Disney Records The Legacy
Collection” releases, some will also include a fascinating
addition entitled “The Lost Chords” which will feature songs
that were written and recorded but not incorporated into the
final films. “For instance, there are seven compositions which
never made it into Mary Poppins, so Richard Sherman and
Randy Thornton, our own musical history expert, went into the
recording studio with a full orchestra and brought those lost
songs to life.”
“It’s a wonderful feeling to be part of the team working with
this legendary music,” Rob says. “Our goal with every
album in ‘Walt Disney Records The Legacy Collection’ is to
create something truly unique for those who love Disney
music…something they’ll want to share with their kids and
their grandkids. We want the collection to be as timeless as
the music itself.”
Treasure Them All
Learn more at
You’ve sung them in the
car and in the shower;
you’ve danced to them
with your sweetheart
and rocked your babies
to sleep to their calming
melodies. They’ve lifted
Celebrate a Legacy
Meet Three
Tiny Heroines
Learn more at
© 2014 Disney
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A Wickedly Wonderful
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In honor of the 55th Anniversary of Walt Disney’s animated masterpiece Sleeping Beauty,
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year-round Cardmember perks.
Celebrate the magic of Disney Music
Receive 10% off a CD bundle of the first 3 titles of
“Walt Disney Records The Legacy Collection”
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This bundle includes the multi-CD sets for The Lion King, Mary Poppins
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