If you love knitting and sewing, an ak knitted

If you love knitting and sewing, an ak knitted
doll kit will charge your imagination and bring
together all your creative skills
This project involves knitting your own ak doll, dressing her in a modern shift and boots, then
sewing and knitting versatile basics and knock-out hand knits that come together in delightful outfits
through the use of colour and accessories.
It’s a big concept – the complete wardrobe is extensive – but one designed to be accessed in a
number of practical ways.
For example, you have the option of purchasing a starter kit which can be built upon as time
permits. Make a set of fabric clothes or another outfit for a special occasion using ak Miro dk wool,
fabric packs and sewing and knitting patterns all which are available separately. Alternately, begin
with a starter kit but add wool and patterns to make several other outfits. Or, let us put together a
customised kit containing all the wool, fabric, patterns and trims to make the complete wardrobe.
The choice is yours.
Getting started is easy…
Select your favourite
colourway from the
five options.
Choose between a
standard starter kit
and a customised kit.
Decide how you’d like you
kit to be packaged – in an
ak workbox or calico tote.
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Colourway A
Colourway B
Colourway C
Colourway D
Colourway E
Selecting a colourway
Each colourway combines ak Miro 100% pure merino dk wool colours typically ak style.
The stripe repeat of the dolls stockings is created from four key colours and pulls the various
elements of the wardrobe together.
You have the further option of choosing black, brown, auburn or blonde (not shown) hair.
Facial features can be changed around to suit personal taste.
Choosing your kit
If you select a standard starter kit it will comprise:
x 50gm balls of ak Miro 100% pure merino dk wool, patterns and instructions to make
the basic doll and dress her in a garter shift and felt boots ( as shown above).
– Wool felt, embroidery thread and findings for boots and belt
– Quality synthetic toy stuffing, calico and fabric to make an inner body
ewing patterns to make 5 wardrobe essentials – pleated skirt, t-shirt, pants, peasant blouse
and night dress.
work book containing patterns to create matching coat and hat as well as pants, top and
felt shoulder bag. We have also included a plan of the full wardrobe showing the sewn
components and the ak miro colours required for each outfit - the complete wardrobe laid
out as colouring-in pages and even a set of colouring pencils to help it you keep track of
your work.
This kit can be packaged in either an ak workbox or a calico bag.
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You now have the option of adding to your wardrobe
over time with the following accessories
Patterns and Materials
ak Miro 100% pure Merino dk wool
$10.00per 50gm ball
Knitting patterns
patterns contain accessory templates where part of outfit.
$5.00 each outfit
(Complementary with
purchase of wool)
Wardrobe basics pack
Wardrobe basic packs with 5 basic sewing patterns-appropriate,
coordinated fabrics- some buttons, bag findings and a matching open
ended zip to complete the sleeveless hoodie are available in each
Basic sewing patterns (pack of 5)
Doll sized notions and trims (a coordinated selection).
Workbox alone
Open ended zip (6 colours)
Printed t-shirt to paint, decorate and make up
(3 options) 1 x t-shirt with extra motifs
3 x t-shirts with extra motifs
Printed cotton skirt pack to make up
Choice of various colours
Alternately, create your own customised starter kit by adding components that
you want to make now – such as a colour coordinated wardrobe basics pack,
must-have knitting patterns and more wool.
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This is an example of how a customised starter kit might work
– Select a standard starter kit in Colourway C with blonde hair packaged in an ak workbox.
ecause you intend to put together a wonderful wardrobe and will need some hardworking basics
to combine with all the hand knits and create lots of different outfits choose a wardrobe basics
pack in Colourway C. This might comprise * a pink cord wrap skirt, green pants, mauve skivvy,
cream peasant blouse and cream nightie. Also included in the pack will be buttons for the twin-set,
bag findings, and an open end zip in orange
– 3 x 50gms of ak Miro dk wool, felt and trims to knit and make City Style – knitting pattern included.
– 2 x 50gm of ak Miro dk wool, felt and trims to knit and make So to bed – knitting pattern included.
In an ak workbox, this customised kit would cost $225.00 and produce the following items,
– a hand-knitted doll in knitted striped shift and felt boots,
knitted sleeveless top, dress coat, cloche hat, moss stitch dressing gown, slippers, bed toy and
felt bag all of which will team beautifully the wrap cord skirt, cotton knit skivvy, long cord pants,
cream peasant blouse and soft nightie,
* subject to availability – colour mix may differ slightly
When finished, you’ll have various amounts of wool left-over that can go
towards either small items like an extra bag or towards another outfit.
Choose either an ak workbox or an ak calico tote.
Our charming and versatile workbox is the perfect place to stash your handwork and later
your dolls wardrobe. Printed with images of the entire wardrobe, the box has a lift out tray
for portablity and a separate internal box with lid to keep small items safe.
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ak traditions wool collection
ak traditions wool collection brings together our passion for natural fibres and vibrant, intense
colour. 100% superfine Merino wool grown and dyed in NZ in ak’s unique tonal palette.
A wide selection of 4 - 5 shades within each colour to inspire the creative process. Machine
washable. Soft to the touch. Great metrage.
Available in DK and 4ply 50gm balls. Shade cards on request. Mail order.
©ak traditions – home, children, textiles
524 malvern road, prahran victoria 3181 australia tel +61 3 9533 7576
[email protected] www.aktraditions.com