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On top of Genetics
NGS for Epigenetics
Polo scientifico Universitario
Via delle Scienze 208, Udine, Italy
22-23 June 2015
Summer School
This practical course is organized by the Institute of Applied Genomics,
IGA Technology Services, the University of Udine, in collaboration with
DEANN project and promoted by CNR Flagship EPIGEN project.
The course is addressed to researchers with a background in molecular
biology willing to perform epigenetics analysis using next generation
sequencing data. Each topic will consist of a frontal introductory lesson
and practical work. The aim of the course is to enable attendees to become
self-sufficient in the basic processing of NGS data for epigenomic analysis.
Info and contact:
The course is limited to a maximum of 25 participants.
Registration fee 600 Euro. The course is free for DEANN and EPIGEN members.
Deadline to register: 8th June 2015
Applicants will be required to write a letter containing a 300-words outline
describing the relevance of the course to their research.
For information please contact [email protected]