This tutorial is a ‘how to’ in making an Apron... pattern is found at the end of the instructions and...

This tutorial is a ‘how to’ in making an Apron Dress Costume. Half of the
pattern is found at the end of the instructions and the other half you draw up
yourself. If you have any queries on my method please don’t hesitate to
contact me.
Size of pattern is for 23-25in chest (baggy fit). If you want to make bigger you
lengthening at the shoulders and under the armpits.
What you will need:
1 meter of fabric for the main dress.
½ meter for Apron and bodice lining.
Contrasting fabric for the pockets.
Velcro to fasten at the back.
All seams are 1/4 inch.
1. Cut out the pattern of the bodice provided and draw up the skirt
pattern. It is a rectangle with the dimensions 23 inches long x 12.5
inches wide. This is used for the front skirt and the back of the skirt.
12.5 in
23 in
For the front skirt: Lay the rectangle on the fold and cut out.
For the back of the skirt: cut out two.
Now you should have three parts to the skirt (pic below)
2. Sew the two back parts of the skirt to the large front skirt along the long
edge. I serged the seams and the two sides of the skirt. I then folded and
ironed (¼ in) the serged sides and sewed them down.
3. For the Apron I cut out another rectangle (18in x 20in) serged three
sides, folded over and sewed the edges (you can double over the seam if
wanted). If you want to put pockets on the front the time is now (I left
mine to the end and its tricky dealing with gathered fabric). Just a simple
pocket, fold in sides of rectangle, sew the top edge down and then sew
onto the apron along remaining three sides.
Pin onto the skirt sew in place. Using gathering stitch (or long length
stitch) sew along the top edge of the skirt. Gently pull on one thread and
slowly gather in the skirt. Leave now and start the bodice.
4. Cut out your bodice pieces. One set for the lining and one set of the
outer fabric.
5. Take the outer fabric and sew the shoulder seam together, iron flat.
Repeat this with the lining pieces.
6. Lay the lining and outer fabric on top of each other, good sides together.
Sew along the seams shown below. Put little cuts (I used pinking shears)
into the rounded seams (carefully not to cut into the seam) as this will
help those seams to sit better when turned right side out.
7. Gently turning the bodice right side out by pulling the back part of the
bodice through the shoulders and into the front and out (sorry that
sounds confusing but not sure how to explain it). Iron flat.
8. Now to sew the seam under the arm pits. Good sides together pin the
outer fabric together and the lining together. Sew along this edge. Press
flat. I then top stitched all edges on bodice but it is not necessary.
9. Get your gathered skirt, line up the side seams of the skirt with the side
seams on the bodice (good sides together). Move your gathers around till
it all fits, pin down.
Sew this seam together and then serge or zigzag stitch to finish.
To finish the above seam I just top stitched it down.
Last steps: simply hem the bottom of the skirt and I just put
approx 3 inches of Velcro to the top of the bodice at the back to secure. I
just added some patches around for fun.