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Telephone claim
Ver 1.1
1. Purpose
The purpose of this document is to provide help to the DDOs for preparation of
telephone claim for generation of bill for payment of telephone charges (form MTR31)
2. Problem Reporting:
Refer to FAQ available on first page to get answer to frequently asked questions.
The problems faced while operating the system can be communicated to the help
centers listed on first page through personal or telephonic communication.
A mail can be written to the email id mentioned on the ‘Contact us’ form on first
To login in to the system type the appropriate location in the address bar as
Fill up login detail in request for login to access the system.
4. Functions
4.1 Claim at a glance (Quick steps)
Login as DDO-assistant.
Select Master -> telephone
Enter master details for the telephone number
In DDO-assistant select Assistant -> claim entry -> telephone
In DDO-final select Approve claim -> telephone
Claim in detail
4.2.1 Create telephone master
Add new entry in telephone master for preparing telephone claim for separate
telephone connection.
Process –
1. Log in draft (assistant) mode.
2. Select Maintenance -> Master -> Telephone option from menu.
3. The system displays form for filling telephone details
5. Select service provider from the list displayed by the system. If the company is not
found in the list, then mail to the mail id given in ‘Contact Us’ page.
6. Select type of connection, whether it is residential or official
7. Select phone category. Depending on the category, feed in various other details.
8. The fields marked with red * are compulsory fields.
9. Above listed screen displays fields for land line.
10. For mobile –
Mobile number must start with digit 7,8 or 9 and it must be of 10 digits.
11. For Toll free –
12. For Dongle –
13. Consumer address – Enter the exact address of telephone location.
Enter Address. Select state / district / Taluka and village. Enter valid pin code. The
list for state / district / taluka and village are taken from Census 2011.
14. To add new telephone number in master, click on submit.
15. To edit / delete the entries already saved in master, select the telephone number
from the left hand side table. The details will be displayed by the system. Modify the
information as per requirement.
16. System will allow deleting the entry from the master only if there is no claim entered
in the system using the number.
4.2.2 Create telephone Claim (Assistant)
Process –
1. Log in draft (assistant) mode.
2. Select Assistant -> Claim entry -> Telephone option from menu.
3. The system will display form for filling telephone claim details
4. Select telephone number from the list for which the claim is to be generated.
5. To edit any previously entered claim, select the claim number from the Modify claims
6. System will display consumer address and telephone type.
7. Enter period of the telephone bill for which claim is to be prepared. System will
display error / alert ‘Claim already prepared for the period entered’. If any claim for
the same period and same telephone number is already prepared in the system.
8. Enter sub voucher number and date.
9. Enter number of calls.
10. System will display net calls as no. of calls – free calls.
11. Enter call charges.
12. System will display Monthly rent from master.
13. System will display net amount = call charges + monthly rent.
14. System will display service tax = 14 % of net amount and education cess = 2 % of
net amount.
15. Enter arrears details as amount and period if any to be included in the bill.
16. Select pay by date.
17. Enter amount before due date, on due date and after due date.
18. Save the claim. A unique number will be generated for the claim by the system.
4.2.2 Approve telephone Claim (Final)
Process –
Log in final (DDO) mode.
Select Approve claim -> Telephone option from menu.
Select claim number which you want to approve
The system will display filled telephone claim details
5. Select approve to approve the claim and make it available for bill preparation.
6. Select reject to reject the claim and make it available for changes in draft. Enter
rejection remark
7. Select submit