American Silver and Plate

American Silver and Plate
Pair of Baltimore Federal Coin Silver Sugar Tongs, Jacob
Mohler, third quarter 18th century, with tapering arms, and
acorn-form nips, bright-cut engraved edging and monogram, lg.
5 7/8 in., approx. 2 troy oz.
William Gale & Son Coin Silver Water Pitcher, New York,
1852, pear shaped, with acanthus scroll handle, low trumpet foot,
with gadrooned rim, engraved with central cartouche flanked by
flowers and rocaille, cartouche enclosing a coat of arms and
presentation monograms with date 1854, ht. 10 in., approx. 16
troy oz.
American Federal Coin Silver Porringer, Philadelphia, c.
1780s, William Haverstick, maker, ovoid body with single scrollpierced handle, monogrammed, lg. 8 in., approx. 8 troy oz.
Baltimore Federal Coin Silver Pap Boat, Lewis Buichle, late
18th century, of typical form, with elongated spout,
monogrammed, lg. 5 in., approx. 3 troy oz.
Two American Coin Silver Teawares, early 19th century, an
unmarked urn-form creamer with tooled leaftip rim and cast
leaftip scroll handle, ht. 7 1/8, and a Baldwin & Jones covered
sugar, squat ovoid, with leaftip tooled angular handles, square lid
finial, and floral tooled rim, monogrammed, ht. 6 1/4 in.,
approx. 30 troy oz.
Four-piece Kirk Sterling Repoussé Tête-à-tête Tea Set, 184690, comprising teapot and creamer (1846-61), open sugar (186898) and a square salver with ball and claw feet (1880-90), all
chased and embossed with dense foliage, salver wd. 8 3/8 in.,
approx. 30 troy oz.
Twelve Wood & Hughes Medallion Pattern Ice Cream
Spoons, New York, mid-19th century, two sets of six, one with
medallion of a bearded warrior in a helmet, the other with a
goddess in laurel wreath, both with twisted stems, and tapering,
anthemion molded, gold-washed bowls, lg. 5 7/8 in., approx. 8
troy oz.
American Coin Silver Stuffing Spoon, T.C. Garrett & Co.,
Philadelphia, mid-19th century, Olive variant, with elongated
shell-shaped bowl, lg. 12 3/4 in., approx. 4 troy oz.
Small Gorham Sterling Footed Dish, mid-19th century, flaring
ovoid dish with demilune rim, raised on three lion-form feet, on
triangular base, engraved with presentation inscription dated
1864, ht. 2 7/8 in., approx. 6 troy oz.
Pair of American Coin Silver Footed Salts, third quarter 19th
century, squat ovoid, with beaded rim, on low spreading foot,
monogrammed, ht. 1 7/8 in., approx. 3 troy oz.
Whiting Manufacturing Co. Aesthetic Movement Sterling and
Copper Pepper Shaker, third quarter 19th century, balustroid,
applied with a flower stem with copper petals, on hammered
ground, ht. 3 1/4 in., approx. 2 troy oz.
693 (partial)
Set of Twelve Dominick & Haff Aesthetic Movement Sterling
Seafood Forks, third quarter 19th century, engraved with birds,
dragonflies or butterflies in flight, on hammered ground, with
gold-washed tines, lg. 6 in., approx. 7 troy oz.
Pair of Wood & Hughes Medallion Coin Silver Open Salts,
third quarter 19th century, tapered ovoid, mounted with a profile
medallion of a classical man in a laurel wreath, with flat leaf scroll
handles, on spreading foot, ht. 2 1/8 in., approx. 4 troy oz.
Gorham Sterling Aesthetic Movement Pierced Serving Ladle,
third quarter 19th century, retailed by Tiffany & Co., the leafform terminal mounted with a three-dimensional lily-of-the-valley
stem, with gold-washed pointed bowl, lg. 8 3/4 in., approx. 2
troy oz.
American Silver Aesthetic Movement Serving Spoon, third
quarter 19th century, reeded stem with three-dimensional
flowerhead terminal, the tapered pointed bowl engraved with ivy
and monogram, and mounted with leaves at shoulder, unmarked,
lg. 11 1/2 in., approx. 4 troy oz.
Boxed Set of Twelve Coin Silver Luncheon Knives, second
half 19th century, unmarked, in fitted Newell Harding & Co.,
Boston, case, with engraved cartouche and twisted stem,
monogrammed, lg. 8 1/4 in., approx. 24 troy oz.
Top: 715; Bottom: 673
Top: 677; Bottom: 678 (partial)
Set of Three Boxed Coin Silver Condiment Spoons, second
half 19th century, with oval terminals with bright-cut engraving,
comprising a pair of salt spoons and a mustard spoon, in fitted
case, approx. 1 troy oz.
Boxed John R. Wendt Sterling Medallion Cream Ladle,
second half 19th century, retailed by Ball, Black & Co., the stem
with profile medallion of Minerva, stem centered by a patera
roundel, with round gold-washed bowl, lg. 6 1/4 in., approx. 2
troy oz.
Three American Silver Flatware Servers, second half 19th
century, an Albert Coles cream ladle with stag head terminal, lg.
8, an Albert Coles “Kenilworth” cheese knife, lg. 7 5/8, and an
unmarked dessert server with cruciform terminal cast with cattails,
lg. 9 1/2 in., monograms, approx. 7 troy oz.
Wood & Hughes Sterling Medallion Cake Server, second half
19th century, with twisted stem and terminal with female profile
medallion, lg. 10 in., approx. 3 troy oz.
Tiffany & Co. Sterling Salver, 1854-70, round, engraved with
wreath of ivy vine, the rim embossed with further ivy, and beaded
exterior, on ovoid beaded feet, monogrammed, dia. 10 1/4 in.,
approx. 20 troy oz.
Tiffany & Co. Sterling Aesthetic Movement Shoe Horn,
1875-91, sterling handle and blade, shoulder of blade and
terminal of handle with acanthus, body of handle acid-etched with
kelp, monogrammed, lg. 8 3/8 in., approx. 3 troy oz.
Tiffany & Co. “Ivy Chased” Six-piece Sterling Tea and
Coffee Service, 1865-75, comprising kettle on stand, 1865-70,
pear shaped, with pinecone finial, the stand with three griffin
monopodia, beaded rims, with coffeepot, teapot, covered sugar,
creamer, and waste bowl, dating to 1870-75, all ovoid, the pots
with elongated necks, lids with berry finials, acanthus-topped loop
handles, monogrammed C, coffeepot ht. 9 3/4 in., approx. 172
troy oz.
Tiffany & Co. Sterling Repoussé Compote, 1875-91, the low
bowl with slight lobing, chased and embossed with stylized
chrysanthemum flowers, between raised dotted and Asian-style
cloudwork bands, on conforming trumpet foot, monogrammed,
ht. 6 1/4, dia. 8 3/4 in., approx. 30 troy oz.
Six Tiffany & Co. Sterling “Chrysanthemum” Flatware
Items, 1875-91, a caviar fork, a sorbet spoon, a cheese scoop, a
large serving spoon, and a pair of salad servers, approx. 19 troy
Tiffany & Co. Sterling Child’s Cup, 1875-91, with lobed
handle, decorated with a continuous band of infant revelers, ht. 3
1/2 in., approx. 8 troy oz.
Two Coin Silver Vessels, fourth quarter 19th century, a Gorham
milk jug, ovoid, with short spout and ear handle, on tiered foot,
with floral engraving and monograms, ht. 10, and an ovoid
creamer, maker’s mark rubbed, engraved with shields, ht. 4 in.,
approx. 22 troy oz.
Gorham Sterling Three-piece Coffee Service, 1880, comprising
pot, covered sugar and creamer, each piece robustly repoussé
decorated with various flowers and leaves, leaftip neck and shaped
handles, monogrammed to base, ht. of coffeepot 8 1/2 in.,
approx. 49 troy oz.
Gorham Sterling Convertible Covered Serving Dish, 1882,
round, reeded body, lid with reeded fruitwood finial, top of lid
removable to convert to a separate bowl, base with two fluted ear
handles, on reeded ball feet, lg. to handles 9 1/4 in., approx. 31
troy oz.
Gorham Sterling Aesthetic Movement Three-piece Demitasse
Service, 1888, comprising coffeepot with bulbous body and
elongated neck, acanthus ear handle, and serpentine spout, with
ovoid open sugar and creamer, all with spiraled vertical reeding,
necks engraved with acanthus, pot with beaded girdle, creamer
and sugar with gadrooned rims, pot ht. 9 in., approx. 38 troy oz.
Black, Starr & Frost Sterling-clad Eight-day Travel Clock,
late 19th century, rectangular, with foliate chasing and embossing,
timepiece with subsidiary second dial, easel back, in fitted red
leathered case, clock lg. 4 1/4 in.
Pair of Gorham Rococo Revival Silver Plate Convertible Fivelight Candelabra, late 19th century, the weighted candlestick
base cast with rocaille and florals, with four serpentine candle
arms centered on a fifth candle sconce, monogrammed, single
stick ht. 10 3/8, full ht. 18 3/4 in.
Pair of Whiting Manufacturing Co. Rococo Revival Ivoryhandled Fish Servers, late 19th century, curved ivory handles
with shaped fluting, and engraved monogram, gold-washed blades
cast and pierced with stylized kelp, knife lg. 14 1/4, fork lg. 10
3/4 in.
Three Gorham Sterling Overlay Glass Perfume Bottles, late
19th century, a pair of green glass, ht. 4 3/4, and one cranberry,
ht. 4 1/2 in., all balustroid, with ovoid stoppers.
Eleven Gorham “Queens” Flat Sterling Luncheon Knives, late
19th century, monogrammed, lg. 8 1/4 in., approx. 19 troy oz.
Set of Six Goodnow & Jenks Sterling Candlesticks, late 19th
century, columnar, on round spreading foot and square base,
accented at rims with beaded band enclosing paterae, ht. 9 3/4
in., approx. 119 troy oz. total.
Gorham Sterling-lidded and Colorless Glass Cologne Flask,
late 19th century, flattened round lid with monogram, with
elongated colorless glass flask cut with spiraling vertical flutes, lg.
9 1/2 in.
Tiffany & Co. Sterling Trophy Tankard, 1891-1902, tapered
cylindrical, with diapered C-scroll and flowerhead cartouche band
at lower portion of body, slightly flaring foot, the lid with poppy
circlet, ear handle, bifurcate thumbpiece, engraved for the New
York Yacht Club and dated 1896, ht. 7 7/8 in., approx. 34 troy
Tiffany & Co. Sterling Demitasse Pot, 1891-1902, tapered
cylindrical, lid with ball finial, sinuous ear handle, short spout,
base of body with scrolling acanthus band, monogrammed, ht. 7
5/8 in., approx. 14 troy oz.
Pair of Tiffany & Co. “Colonial” Pattern Sterling Salad
Servers, 1891-1902, with gold-washed bowl/tines,
monogrammed N, lg. 10 in., approx. 9 troy oz.
Whiting Manufacturing Co. Sterling Trophy Demitasse Pot,
c. 1894, flaring balustroid, with angular ear handle, lid with ball
finial, slender spout, applied at neck and footrim with C-scroll
bands, engraved for the Larchmont Yacht Club and dated 1894,
ht. 9 1/4 in., approx. 15 troy oz.
Impressive Black, Starr & Frost Sterling Trophy Centerbowl,
c. 1896, oval, with shaped and everted rim stamped with volute
acanthus scrolls, on oval base with shell feet and beaded scrolls,
with acid-etched presentation inscription to one side for singlemasted vessels, from the Commodore to Edward M. Brown dated
1896, lg. 20 in., approx. 116 troy oz.
Dominick & Haff Sterling Trophy Punch Bowl, 1896, with
openwork grapevine rim and feet, engraved for the Seawanhaka
Corinthian Yacht Club and dated 1895, dia. 11 3/8 in., approx.
41 troy oz.
Two Sterling Children’s Table Articles, a Dominick & Haff
porringer, 1897, engraved with names, with reticulated handle,
dia. 4 3/8, and a Newbury Silver Co. baby mug, early 20th
century, engraved “To my only baby,” ht. 2 in., approx. 8 troy oz.
Gorham Sterling Rococo Revival Patterned Serving Fork and
Spoon, late 19th/early 20th century, pattern similar to “Marie
Antoinette,” the spoon with pointed, gold-washed bowl, lg. 10
5/8, three-tined fork, lg. 10 1/4 in., monogrammed, approx. 6
troy oz.
Eight Tiffany & Co. Sterling Flatware Articles, late 19th/early
20th century, a set of six “Strawberry” berry forks, two-tined,
monogrammed, lg. 4 3/8, a “Floral” demitasse spoon depicting a
morning glory, with elongated gold-washed bowl, lg. 4 1/8, and
a “St. James” olive spoon, monogrammed, lg. 6 3/8 in., approx.
5 troy oz.
Gorham Sterling Eleven-piece Dresser Set, late 19th/early
20th century, with acid-etched strapwork decoration,
monogrammed, comprising a hairbrush, nail buff, comb, boot
hook, nail scissors, nail file, hand mirror, two colorless glass jars
with sterling lids, a glass powder jar with sterling lid, and a
perfume bottle with sterling-clad lid.
Three-piece Assembled Sterling Demitasse Set, late 19th/early
20th century, comprising a paneled Roger Williams demitasse pot,
ht. 8 1/2, and similarly styled Howard creamer and open sugar,
ht. 5 1/4 and 4 1/2 in., all monogrammed and with presentation
dates, approx. 28 troy oz.
Set of Nine Tiffany & Co. Sterling Butter Spreaders, late
19th/early 20th century, solid, with shaped blades, the handles
die-cast with poppy flowers, monogrammed, lg. 6 in., approx. 12
troy oz.
Note: For matching example, see Figure 413, pg. 275 of Hood,
Berlin and Wawrynek’s book, Tiffany Silver Flatware, 1845-1905.
Ten American Sterling Flatware Serving Pieces, late 19th/20th
century, a Victorian butter knife and caviar fork, a cake knife, two
cocktail forks, a child’s “Mother Goose” sipper spoon, a longhandled sardine fork, a cheese knife, and a matching cheese knife
and sardine fork, approx. 4 troy oz. weighable silver.
Five Sterling Flatware Servers, late 19th/early 20th century, an
engraved serving fork, a pair of Whiting “Louis XV” servers (fork
and spoon), a Wallace “Rose” cold meat fork, and a Wallace
“Violet” serving spoon, monograms, approx. 12 troy oz.
Ten Sterling Flatware Items, late 19th/early 20th century, two
Gorham “Medici” items (sauce ladle and sugar sifter), a Whiting
Manufacturing Co. “Berry” grapefruit spoon, an Alvin “Bridal
Rose” sugar spoon, a Dominick & Haff pierced and enameled
“Trianon” bonbon scoop, and five Gorham “Lancaster” items
(four dessert forks and a bonbon scoop), monograms, approx. 10
troy oz.
J.E. Caldwell & Co. Sterling Fruit Bowl, Philadelphia, late
19th/early 20th century, octagonal, on spreading foot,
monogrammed, dia. 8 3/4 in., approx. 22 troy oz.
Pair of Gorham Weighted Sterling Candlesticks, late
19th/early 20th century, with spiral fluted columnar stem and
round foot, ht. 5 1/4 in.
Four Sterling Flatware Items, 19th/20th century, a pair of
William IV King pattern sugar tongs, London, 1831, a Gorham
“Lancaster” punch ladle, an S. Kirk & Son “Repousse” berry
spoon, and a pair of sterling-handled grape shears; sold together
with two silver plate holly servers, (6 items total).
Four American Silver Flatware Servers, late 19th/early 20h
century, an N. Harding coin cake server, lg. 8 7/8, a Wm. Gale
& Son fish server, lg. 10 3/8, an Arts & Crafts handwrought and
hammered tomato server, lg. 7 3/4, and a gold-washed, pierced
and enamel decorated “Trianon” sugar spoon, lg. 6 in., approx. 9
troy oz.
Group of Twenty-six American Sterling Souvenir and
Commemorative Spoons, late 19th/early 20th century, various
makers, including five with enamel accenting, one inset with gold
flakes, two with figural fish stems, one Easter, one Christmas, one
July/astrological, and three Shiebler foliate spoons; sold together
with an English example with small gremlin terminal, and a
silvered bronze shovel-form example, (29 items total), approx. 14
troy oz. weighable silver.
Frank W. Smith Sterling Gravy Boat, late 19th/early 20th
century, ovoid, with lobing and flowerhead engraving, ear handle,
beaded rims, ht. 4 7/8 in., approx. 6 troy oz.
Set of Four Whiting Manufacturing Company Reticulated
Sterling Tazzae, late 19th/early 20th century, slightly dished
tops, on flaring foot, stamped with C-scrolls and fruit and flower
garlands, ht. 3 3/4 in., approx. 32 troy oz.
Assembled American Sterling Five-piece Dresser Set, late
19th/early 20th century, comprising a Black, Starr & Frost
repoussé hand mirror, a Gorham repoussé hairbrush, an
unmarked repoussé boot hook, a Dominick & Haff repoussé
handled shoe horn, and a plain Gorham glove stretcher, approx. 2
troy oz. weighable silver.
Alvin Sterling Fruit Bowl, late 19th/early 20th century, shaped
round body molded with anemone flowers at rim,
monogrammed, dia. 10 1/2 in., approx. 14 troy oz.
Three Sterling Dresser Articles, late 19th/early 20th century, a
William Knoll & Co. letter rack with beaded rims and reticulated
front panel, ht. 5, and two small repoussé edged pin trays, one
Tiffany & Co., monogrammed, lg. 4 1/2, the other with no
maker’s mark, with trophy inscription, lg. 5 3/8 in.
Gorham Sterling Fruit Bowl, late 19th/early 20th century,
ovoid, with scalloped rim molded with acanthus and scrolls, goldwashed interior, dia. 9 3/8 in., approx. 18 troy oz.
Three Small Silver Articles, late 19th/early 20th century, a
Battin & Co. teething ring, dia. 4 1/8, a Shiebler whistle, lg. 2
3/4, and a George V partially gold-washed fob pillbox, London,
1912, Comyns, maker, dia. 1 1/2 in., monograms/inscriptions,
approx. 4 troy oz.
Two American Sterling Silver Matchsafes, late 19th/early 20th
century, one stamped with shells and scrolls, lg. 2 1/4, the other
with vertical reeding, lg. 2 1/2 in., approx. 1 troy oz.
Five Sterling Flatware and Tablewares, late 19th/early 20th
century, a pair of S. Kirk & Son repoussé poultry shears, a pair of
Redlich grape shears, a lily patterned bottle opener, a Dutch silver
tea strainer, and a pair of Gorham scissors in calf leather sheath,
approx. 2 troy oz. weighable silver.
American 14kt Yellow Gold Reticulated Napkin Ring, late
19th/early 20th century, monogrammed, dia. 2, approx. 10 dwt,
sold with two 14kt yellow gold pen stems, one plain, lg. 6, the
other with overall scroll engraving, lg. 6 3/8 in.
American Sterling Punch Ladle, early 20th century, unmarked,
bowl with ruffled edge, lg. approx. 11 in., approx. 6 troy oz.
Nineteen American Sterling Flatware Items, early 20th
century, a set of twelve Gorham fish forks with gold-washed tines,
in a pattern similar to “Marie Antoinette,” monogrammed, lg. 6
3/4, and seven Jenkins & Jenkins Inc. forks with foliate engraving
and stylized monogram, lg. 7 1/2 in., approx. 30 troy oz.
Three-piece Sterling Demitasse Set, early 20th century, A.
Stowell & Co., pear-shaped coffeepot with floriform finial, pearshaped creamer, and ovoid open sugar, all with serpentine
handles, and trefoil-topped legs with trifid feet, monogrammed,
pot ht. 8 1/4 in., together with a pair of Towle sugar tongs, (4
items total), approx. 24 troy oz.
Dominick & Haff Sterling Water Pitcher, early 20th century,
paneled vasiform, engraved with ribbon-tied floral garlands, short
spout, ear handle, and spreading foot, ht. 9 1/2 in., approx. 22
troy oz.
Dominick & Haff Sterling “Broad Antique” Flatware Service
Retailed by Cartier, comprising: twenty-three dinner forks;
twenty-one teaspoons; twelve each: cream soupspoons, large
teaspoons, dessert forks, fish forks, fish knives, dinner knives,
luncheon knives; ten iced tea spoons; five grapefruit spoons; four
each: serving spoons, place spoons; carving fork and knife, serving
fork, asparagus server, cake knife, sauce ladle, and a gravy ladle,
monogrammed, approx. 217 troy oz. weighable silver.
Eleven Tiffany Sterling “Marquise” Pattern Teaspoons, early
20th century, lg. 5 3/4 in., approx. 11 troy oz.
Three American Sterling Flatware Serving Pieces, early 20th
century, a Durgin “Chrysanthemum” preserve spoon, lg. 7 1/2, a
Towle “Old English” serving fork, lg. 7 1/2, and a Wallace
“Irving” sauce ladle, lg. 5 3/8 in., approx. 5 troy oz.
Nine Gorham Sterling “King George” Pattern Flatware
Items, early 20th century, six cream soupspoons, and three
luncheon forks, monogrammed, approx. 18 troy oz.
Five-piece International Sterling Tea and Coffee Service, early
20th century, comprising teapot, coffeepot, creamer, covered
sugar, and open sugar, all squat ovoid, with angled ear handles,
on C-scroll feet flanked by foliate scrolls, pots with turned ovoid
fruitwood lid finials, coffeepot ht. 8 1/4 in., approx. 79 troy oz.
Four American Sterling Flatware Servers, early 20th century,
three Frank M. Whiting “Floral (Lily)” pieces: pair of spoons and
a serving fork, all lg. 8 7/8, and an Amston serving fork, lg. 9
3/8 in., approx. 14 troy oz.
Gorham Sterling and Glass Presentation Flask, early 20th
century, ovoid, wrapped with basketweave sterling along threequarters of body, base with removable cup with interior gold
wash, engraved with monogram and dates, one pint capacity, lg. 7
3/4 in., 4 troy oz. weighable silver.
Two American Sterling Serving Pieces, early 20th century, a
Whiting Manufacturing Co. syrup jug, cylindrical, with short
spout, ht. 4 5/8, and a Gorham muffineer, cylindrical, ht. 5 in.,
both engraved with a laurel wreath, approx. 6 troy oz.
Two American Sterling Tablewares, early 20th century, a
Watson lidded reticulated mustard pot with cobalt glass liner, ht.
2 3/4, and a Currier & Roby Classical Revival tea strainer,
retailed by Shreve, Crump & Low, with flute and leaf stem ending
in laurel wreath terminal, inscribed, lg. 8 1/8 in., approx. 3 troy
Bailey, Banks & Biddle Sterling Tazza, early 20th century,
engraved with scroll and floral wreath, the rim reticulated with
flutes and stamped with flowerheads and husk swags, on
conforming trumpet foot, monogrammed, dia. 7 5/8 in., approx.
11 troy oz.
Nine International Sterling “Cloeta” Ice Cream Spoons, early
20th century, with shaped bowls, monogrammed, lg. 5 1/2 in.,
approx. 7 troy oz.
Three Silver Bonbon Scoops, early 20th century, a cast Gorham
example, lg. 5, a Wallace “Rose” pattern scoop, lg. 4 5/8, and a
cast Continental example, lg. 5 1/8 in., approx. 4 troy oz.
American Sterling Water Pitcher, early 20th century, balustroid,
with short spout and ear handle, marked “Paul Revere
Reproduction,” ht. 7 1/8 in., approx. 22 troy oz.
Three-piece Redlich Sterling Demitasse Set, early 20th century,
comprising lighthouse-form coffeepot with serpentine fruitwood
handle, ovoid open sugar and creamer, pot ht. 8 7/8 in., approx.
26 troy oz.
Pair of Frank M. Whiting Sterling Open Vegetable Dishes,
early 20th century, ovoid, rims molded with sinuous S-scrolls, lg.
12 1/8 in., approx. 31 troy oz.
Nest of Three Towle Sterling Graduated Platters, early 20th
century, elongated octagonal platters with reeded rim, each
engraved to center with the seal of the city of Charleston, South
Carolina, lg. 16, 18, and 20 in., approx. 139 troy oz.
Pair of Canadian Georgian-style Silver Wine Coasters, early
20th century, with gadrooned rim and turned wood bases, dia. 5
7/8 in.
Gorham Sterling Wine Coaster, early 20th century, flaring sides
reticulated with scrolls, with S-scroll rim, turned fruitwood base,
dia. 5 3/8 in., sold together with two silver plated wine coasters,
one Georgian-style, the other embossed with grapevines, (3 items
Two Silver Framed Colorless Glass Bonbon Dishes, early 20th
century, a Simons Brothers & Co. heart-shaped example, lg. 5
1/4, and a Continental Dutch-style oval basket, glass with
scalloped rim accented with star cuts, ht. to handle 6 3/4 in.
Shiebler Art Nouveau Sterling Trophy Bud Vase, early 20th
century, tapered ovoid, molded with vertical bluet stems, and
applied with an entwined snake, with openwork rim, foot with
bluet flowerheads, engraved for the Allegheny Country Club, ht.
8 1/4 in., approx. 8 troy oz.
Four Sterling Table Articles, early 20th century, an American
milk jug, ht. 5 3/8, a Duhme & Co. syrup jug, ht. 4 1/4, a
Durgin spherical travel box, and an Edward VII spirit lamp,
Chester, 1905, approx. 22 troy oz.
Large Bailey, Banks & Biddle Sterling Trumpet Vase, early
20th century, tapered body, on flaring foot, with flute reticulated
rims, accented with husk swags and floral garlands, and engraved
with acanthus cartouches, ht. 17 3/4 in., approx. 50 troy oz.
Gorham Sterling Aesthetic Movement Trophy Vase, 1900,
balustroid, with rocaille rim and base, adorsed dolphin handles,
on domed foot applied with scallop shells and kelp, footrim with
C-scrolls, shells, and flowerheads, with single cartouche with
similar border, ending in further dolphins, enclosing an acidetched presentation inscription from the New York Yacht Club,
ht. 16 1/8 in., approx. 69 troy oz.
Gorham Athenic Copper and Sterling Salver, c. 1901, oblong
body engraved with stylized fish amidst kelp, and name of sailboat
“Weetamoe,” with molded sterling rim with leaftip demilunes, lg.
17 1/8 in.
Black, Starr & Frost Sterling Trophy Loving Cup, c. 1901,
Georgian-style, with single girdle band, and pair of ear handles
with heart-shaped terminals, spreading foot, engraved for the
New York Yacht Club and dated 1901, ht. 7 in., approx. 28 troy
Black, Starr & Frost Sterling Mounted Elephant Foot Trophy
Inkwell, c. 1901, the slightly domed lid molded with trefoils
enclosing stylized flower stems, engraved for the Seawanhaka
Corinthian Yacht Club and dated 1901, lid enclosing two
colorless glass wells, on elephant foot base, lid dia. 6 1/2 in.
Gorham Sterling Six-piece “Plymouth” Pattern Tea and
Coffee Service, 1904-05, comprising tea and coffeepots,
creamer, covered sugar, waste bowl and hot water kettle on stand,
with ebonized handles, monogrammed, ht. kettle 11 1/2 in.,
approx. 92 troy oz.
Pair of Dominick & Haff Art Nouveau Weighted Sterling
Candlesticks, 1902, double baluster stem molded with tulips,
with shaped nozzles and foot, ht. 10 in.
Tiffany & Co. Sterling Fruit Bowl, 1907-38, with scalloped
rim accented with shells, border acid-etched with foliage-filled Cscroll cartouches over S-scroll border, dia. 11 3/4 in., approx. 17
troy oz.
Meriden Britannia Sterling Trophy Centerbowl, c. 1903,
ovoid, with shaped sides, wide floral molded and pierced rim,
engraved for the American Yacht Club and dated 1903, dia. 15
1/2 in., approx. 39 troy oz.
Small Tiffany & Co. Sterling and Colorless Glass Trophy
Tankard, c. 1904, tapering cylindrical with domed lid, reeded
footrim, and glass base, ear handle topped by thumbpiece,
engraved for the New York Yacht Club and dated 1904, ht. 5
3/8 in., approx. 17 troy oz. (includes glass).
Tiffany & Co. Sterling Gravy Boat, 1907-38, ovoid, with
scrolled handle, monogrammed, ht. 4 1/2 in., approx. 12 troy
Tiffany & Co. Sterling Cake Plate, 1907-38, with circular plate
and everted rim of molded lappets and openwork designs of
trefoil-shaped foliage, the foot with similar designs,
monogrammed, dia. 10 1/2 in., approx. 32 troy oz.
Tiffany & Co. Sterling “Winthrop” Tomato Server, post1909, ovoid blade, monogrammed, lg. 7 7/8 in., approx. 3 troy
Large Watson Sterling Basket, first half 20th century, oval,
reticulated with scrolls to ends, gadrooned rim, swing handle
reticulated with ribbons, on oval foot, monogrammed, lg. 15 in.,
approx. 33 troy oz.
Tiffany & Co. “Faneuil” Flatware Service for Six, 1910-47,
comprising six each: dinner forks, lg. 7, salad/dessert forks, lg. 6
3/4, dinner knives, lg. 9 3/8, large teaspoons, lg. 7 1/8, and
butter spreaders, lg. 5 7/8 in., approx. 38 troy oz. total
weighable silver.
Tiffany & Co. Sterling “Flemish” Partial Flatware Service,
1911-38, comprising twenty-three teaspoons; eight each: dinner
forks, lg. 7, dinner knives, lg. 9 1/8 in., demitasse spoons; seven
cream soupspoons; six salad/dessert forks; six bouillon spoons;
five butter spreaders; three place spoons; serving fork, and serving
spoon, monogrammed, approx. 104 troy oz. weighable silver.
N.G. Wood Arts & Crafts Hammered Sterling Trophy
Pitcher, c. 1914, spreading ovoid, with short spout and ear
handle, engraved to one side with date 1914, ht. 6 in., approx. 13
troy oz.
Four Sterling Yachting Trophy Tablewares, c. 1922-29,
Durgin cake plate, dia. 9 1/4, a Durgin bread basket, wd. 12
5/8, a Black, Starr & Frost footed cake plate with reticulated rim,
ht. 3 7/8, wd. 10 3/8, and a Black, Starr & Frost covered
vegetable dish, dia. 12 in., approx. 65 troy oz.
Set of Four Gorham Weighted Sterling Classical Revival
Candlesticks, 1923, ovoid nozzle and sconce, on tapering ovoid
stem and foot, with bat’s wing fluting throughout, with beaded
rims, ht. 12 in.
Extensive Stieff Sterling “Rose” Flatware Service for Twelve,
second quarter 20th century, comprising twenty-four teaspoons,
twelve each: fruit knives, lg. 6 1/2, dinner knives, lg. 9 1/2,
dinner forks, lg. 7 1/4 in., iced tea spoons, cream soupspoons,
bouillon spoons, demitasse spoons, orange spoons, chocolate
spoons, ramekin forks, seafood forks, desert/salad forks; four
serving spoons; two serving forks; a three-piece carving set; a pie
knife, cake knife, ice cream slice, cheese knife, bottle opener, nut
cracker, asparagus server, lettuce fork, tomato server, sugar tong,
ice tong, gravy ladle, sauce ladle, cream ladle, mustard ladle,
mayonnaise ladle, and a toast server, monogrammed, approx. 238
troy oz. weighable silver.
S. Kirk & Son Inc. Sterling Trophy Bowl, 1925-32, oval, with
reeded girdle band, and pair of scrolled handles, on spreading
foot, engraved for the Class D winner of the Governor or
Maryland’s Cup, Gibson Island Ocean Race and dated 1929, wd.
to handles 15 in., approx. 57 troy oz.
S. Kirk & Son Inc. Sterling Water Pitcher, 1925-32, ovoid,
with short neck and spout, plain ear handle, monogrammed, ht. 7
3/4 in., approx. 22 troy oz.
Gorham Sterling “Maintenon” Pattern Platter, 1928, oval, the
rim cast with acanthus and berried scroll cartouches, with husk
border, monogrammed, lg. 18 3/8 in., approx. 52 troy oz.
Five-piece Stieff Sterling “Baltimore Rose” Repoussé Tea and
Coffee Service, 1928-32, comprising baluster coffeepot, creamer,
squat pear-shaped teapot, covered sugar, and open sugar, all
chased and embossed with dense flowers and foliage, domed lids
with flower stem finial, on leaf-scrolled feet, coffeepot ht. 9 3/4
in., approx. 99 troy oz. total.
Watson Sterling Trophy Vase, c. 1929, slender trumpet form,
with single girdle band, on domed and weighted trumpet foot,
with double ogee rims, engraved for the winner of the Ten Meter
Class for Larchmont Yacht Club dated 1929, ht. 18 1/2 in.
Pair of Handwrought Sterling Cellini Craft Salad Servers,
Chicago, 1930s, tapered stem with bifurcate terminal accented
with three beads, overall hammered surface, lg. 8 1/2 in., approx.
6 troy oz.
International Sterling Art Deco Serving Bowl, c. 1930s, oval,
with lobed sides and ogee rim, with double fruit-filled cornucopia
handles, on four ball feet, lg. to handles 14 1/2 in., approx. 46
troy oz.
Five Stieff Sterling Repoussé Tablewares, two pairs of salt and
pepper shakers, date marked 1932, balustroid, with overall dense
foliate repoussé, two with gold-washed lids, on scroll feet, ht. 5,
and an oval side bowl with floral repoussé rim, 1930, wd. 7 3/8
in., monogrammed, approx. 16 troy oz.
S. Kirk & Son Sterling Fruit Bowl, 1932-61, tapered ovoid
form, monogrammed, dia. 9 in., approx. 17 troy oz.
Towle Sterling “King Richard” Flatware Service for Eight,
post-1932, comprising sixteen teaspoons, and eight each: dinner
forks, dinner knives, salad/dessert forks, butter knives, and cream
soupspoons, monogrammed, approx. 54 troy oz. weighable silver.
Gorham Sterling “Marie Antoinette” Pattern Cake Plate,
1941, rim stamped with husk swags and reeding, on low flaring
foot, dia. 11 in., approx. 17 troy oz.
Three American Sterling Serving Dishes, a Meriden bread tray,
boat-shaped, with reeded sides and pierced rim, lg. 11 1/2, a
Gorham shell dish on two ball feet, date marked 1941, lg. 9 3/4,
and a Whiting Manufacturing Co. cake plate stamped with rose
garlands, date marked 1917, dia. 10 in., approx. 36 troy oz. total.
Three-piece Reed & Barton Sterling Demitasse Service, 1945,
plain, elongated ovoid pot, creamer and open sugar, pot with
spherical lid finial, ht. 9 in., approx. 36 troy oz.
Two American Sterling Serving Dishes, mid-20th century, a
Durgin bread tray, ovoid, with pierce cast rim of ribbon-tied fruit
swags, lg. 13 7/8, and a Wallace hand-chased low bowl, the
shaped rim chased and embossed with C-scroll, acanthus and
flowerheads, dia. 11 1/4 in., approx. 32 troy oz.
Pair of Gorham Sterling and 18kt Yellow Gold “Gold Tip”
Salad Servers, mid-20th century, comprising a spoon and fork,
the end of the handle applied with a gold band, lg. 9 in., approx.
7 troy oz.
Six Kirk/Stieff Sterling Repoussé Bonbon and Nut Servers,
mid-20th century, a pair of S. Kirk & Son bonbon scoops with
oval bowls molded with fruit, lg. 5 1/8, and four Stieff nut
scoops with flattened, stylized shell-shaped bowls,
monogrammed, lg. 5 1/4 in., approx. 7 troy oz.
Four-piece Gorham Sterling “Fairfax” Coffee Set, third
quarter 20th century, comprising pot, covered sugar, creamer, and
open sugar, tapered octagonal, pot ht. 7 1/4 in., approx. 50 troy
Eleven Tiffany & Co. Sterling “Linenfold” Flatware Items,
1956-65, a pair of serving spoons, lg. 10 1/8 in., a sauce ladle,
and eight cocktail forks, approx. 16 troy oz.
Gorham Sterling Revere Reproduction Fruit Bowl, late 20th
century, the exterior decorated with an armorial, engraved band
of scrolling leaftips and lines of wrigglework, circular foot, dia. 10
1/4 in., approx. 34 troy oz.
Two Gorham Sterling Presentation Salvers, one 1962, with
gadrooned rim, acid-etched to center with the seal of the United
States, and with inscription to Lieutenant Colonel, 103rd
Artillery, dated 1953-63, dia. 12, the other 1985, engraved with
monograms, and inscription, molded edge, dia. 11 in., approx. 34
troy oz.
Gorham Sterling “Chippendale” Pattern Presentation Tray,
1967, presented from the Gorham Corporation to a Member of
the Board of Directors, dated 1965-67, with acid-etched
decoration of a silversmith and the Gorham factory, dia. 12 in.,
approx. 27 troy oz.
Pair of American Sterling Grape Shears and a Pair of German
.800 Silver Sugar Nips, 20th century, shears with grapevine
handle, lg. 6 1/8, the sugar nips formed as a whimsical male
character, lg. 4 in., approx. 2 troy oz. weighable silver.
Partial Gorham Sterling “Louis XV” Flatware, comprising
eighteen dinner knives, lg. 8 7/8, twelve each: dinner forks, lg. 7
in., demitasse spoons, teaspoons, seafood forks; six cream
soupspoons, a pair of sugar tongs, and a jelly spoon, approx. 44
troy oz. weighable silver.
Wallace “Grand Baroque” Pattern Sterling Flatware Service,
20th century, comprising twelve of the following: dinner knives,
dinner forks, teaspoons, salad forks, and cream soupspoons; eight
butter spreaders and a two-piece child’s set, approx. 85 troy oz.
weighable silver.
Gorham Sterling Vase Lamp Base, 20th century, square section
columnar form with slightly flaring rim and base, engraved
throughout with foliate scrolls, and with central monogram, later
mounted as lamp base, ht. 16 1/4 in.
Pair of Silver Plate Three-light Convertible Candelabra, 20th
century, foliate cast balustroid stem, weighted spreading foot with
flowerhead and scroll rim, with three tapering sconces on reeded
bypass arms, full ht. 18, single stick ht. 11 1/8 in.
Pair of Randahl Sterling Goblets, 20th century, with bellshaped bowl, baluster stem, and spreading foot, ht. 6 3/4 in.,
approx. 16 troy oz.
Four Sterling Tablewares, 20th century, a Reed & Barton salver,
dia. 11 3/4, a Watrous Mfg. Co. reticulated cake plate, dia. 10, a
Fisher “Rose Bouquet” bread tray, and an S. Kirk & Son repoussé
side bowl on ball feet, dia. 5 3/4 in., approx. 49 troy oz.
Set of Six Alvin Sterling Goblets, 20th century, the bell-shaped
bowl with gold-washed interior, on trumpet foot, ht. 6 5/8 in.,
approx. 30 troy oz.
Fisher Silversmiths, Inc. Sterling Water Pitcher, 20th century,
tapered ovoid, on spreading foot, short spout, and ear handle, ht.
10 1/4 in., approx. 24 troy oz.
American Sterling Queen Anne Style Coffeepot and Creamer,
20th century, retailed by Shreve, Crump and Low, pot with
flame-form finial and gadrooned top edge and foot, baluster-form
body and shaped spout molded with leaftips, ebonized handle, ht.
10 5/8, pear-shaped creamer with scroll handle, monogrammed,
ht. 5 1/4 in., approx. 32 troy oz.
Gorham Sterling “Plymouth” Pattern Flatware Service, twelve
each: dinner forks, dinner knives, salad/dessert forks, cocktail
forks, teaspoons, tablespoons; eleven demitasse spoons; six each:
cream soupspoons, place/serving spoons, monogrammed, approx.
94 troy oz. weighable silver.
Gorham Sterling “Fairfax” Partial Flatware Service, 20th
century, comprising: fourteen teaspoons; twelve salad/dessert
forks; ten dinner knives; eight dinner forks; five butter spreaders;
four cream soupspoons; two place spoons; master butter knife,
sugar spoon, pair of sugar tongs, sauce ladle, cheese knife, and a
pie knife, sold together with three International “Wellesley”
teaspoons, and five other silver flatware items, approx. 60 troy oz.
weighable silver.
Three American Sterling Cake Plates, 20th century, two with
reticulated rims, one by Graff, Washbourne & Dunn, dia. 9 1/4,
the other Redlich & Co., monogrammed, dia. 11 1/4, and the
third with slightly fluted sides, dia. 12 in., approx. 34 troy oz.
Three American Sterling Serving Bowls, 20th century, an
International fruit bowl with vertically ribbed sides and ogee rim,
dia. 10, an International bread tray stamped to sides with reeding,
lg. 12 1/2, and a Towle side bowl with reticulated scrolled rim,
dia. 6 3/8 in., approx. 33 troy oz.
Set of Six Sterling-handled Flatware Servers, 20th century,
with Empire-style stylized fan terminals, with English stainless
blades/tines, comprising two cake knives, two cheese knives, and
two sardine forks.
Partial S. Kirk & Son Sterling “Repousse” Flatware Service,
modern, comprising sixteen teaspoons, ten dinner knives, ten
dinner forks, nine soupspoons, nine dessert/salad forks, two
serving spoons, pair of salad servers, vegetable spoon, sugar
spoon, cheese knife, and cake knife, approx. 67 troy oz.
Three American Sterling Flatware Items, 20th century, a Kirkstyle repoussé serving fork, a Kirk & Son “Repousse” paper knife,
and a pair of Gorham ice tongs, approx. 8 troy oz.
Tiffany & Co. Sterling Presentation Bowl, modern, Reverestyle, with engraved presentation inscription dated 1986,
presented from the Rockefeller family, dia. 8 1/2 in., approx. 18
troy oz.
Two Sterling Serving Pieces, 20th century, a Meriden Britannia
Company reticulated cake plate, dia. 9 1/2, and a Reed & Barton
“Hepplewhite, engraved” crumber, lg. 12 3/8 in., approx. 14
troy oz.
Set of Twelve Sterling Side Plates, 20th century, with ogee
molded and gadrooned rim, monogrammed, dia. 6 3/8 in.,
approx. 83 troy oz.
Reed and Barton “Francis I” Pattern Sterling Flatware
Service for Twelve, 20th century, comprising twelve each: dinner
knives, dinner forks, butter spreaders, teaspoons, salad forks, and
cream soupspoons, with fitted box, approx. 83 troy oz. weighable
Extensive Westmoreland Sterling “Lady Hilton” Pattern
Flatware Service, 20th century, comprising twenty-seven knives,
twenty dinner forks, twenty bouillon spoons, ten fruit forks, fortytwo teaspoons, ten strainer forks, three ladle tablespoons, thirteen
gumbo spoons, twenty-two salad forks, three sugar spoons, five
fork tongs, four spoon tongs, six cheese slicers, twenty-four
skewers, four openwork flat serving spoons, two tomato servers,
two pasta servers, two serving forks, six serving spoons, five pairs
of salad servers, two large ladles, twelve tongs, three pastry
servers, two pastry knives, seven tablespoons, four pairs of
vegetable servers, six fruit knives, ten butter knives, four table
knives, four carving sets, four steels, two large knives, four
demitasse spoons, twelve napkin clips, forty-six salt spoons, with
eight W.L. Brennan cuff napkin rings, and with approx. twentyfour glass salt cellars, with two fitted cases, approx. 215 troy oz.
weighable silver.
Boxed Set of Eight Wallace Sterling and Lenox Porcelain
Demitasse Cups and Saucers, 20th century, bell-shaped Lenox
cups with gilt rim, in conforming Wallace sterling frames with ear
handles, round saucers, monogrammed, full cup ht. 2 1/2 in.,
approx. 24 troy oz.
Pair of Gorham Sterling Mantel Vases, 20th century, flaring
neck with ogee rim, ovoid body, with reeded band at waist and
reeded bands at the weighted trumpet foot, each engraved with
ecclesiastic crest with motto “Viam Veritatis Elegi” (I Have
Chosen the Way of Truth), ht. 12 1/2 in.
International Sterling “Royal Danish” Five-piece Tea and
Coffee Service, 20th century, ovoid bodies, with ear handles, and
stylized acorn lid finials, comprising teapot, coffeepot, creamer,
covered sugar, and open sugar, coffeepot ht. 9 in., approx. 89
troy oz. total.