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October 28, 2004
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Craving the Perfect Pumpkin - Jamal Baptiste
1. Decide on your pattern. The "half moon" technique is easy and creates a
unique pumpkin. For the eyes, eyebrows and nose, all you have to decide
on is how big or small you want the half moons to be. For the mouth, decide if you want to your pumpkin scary, happy, sad or shocked. Start with
the nose. For round pumpkins, use shorter half moons. For tall pumpkins,
lengthen the half moons to capitalize on the height. Using these half
moons in combinations will allow you to design all sorts of different faces.
And depending on how much space you have, consider carving as many
accents as you like to allow more light to shine through.
2. Pencil or marker your final design onto the pumpkin.
3. Using your large, sharp knife, cut off the top of the pumpkin. Also cut a
diamond out of the top of the pumpkin to help heat escape once you put a
candle in the jack-o'-lantern.
4. Scoop out the pumpkin's innards. uses an ice-cream scoop. He scrapes
loose all the innards and then he dumps the pumpkin out.
5. Carve out your design.
6. Polish your creation using a soft cloth and vegetable
oil. Wipe off any excess oil with a dry towel. This will
also preserve the life of your pumpkin.
• Annual Halloween
October 29th 7 – 10:30
Children’s Halloween
Party - 3:30pm-5:00pm
October 31st
• Casino Niagara falls
November 7th
• Drysdale Tree Farm
November 28th
• 2 of a Kind Craft and
Bake Sale
Dec. 4th 11am – 6pm
& Dec. 5th, 1-5pm
• Christmas Soirée &
Dog Pageant
December 14th
• Children’s Christmas
December 18th
7. Place a "cheap" candle into the pumpkin. Cheap
candles are best because they burn brightest.
If you don't like the smell of burning pumpkin, sprinkling nutmeg and cinnamon onto the underside of the
Your pumpkin will start to dehydrate and shrivel up after time. If you want
to eke a few more days from it, drop it into a bucket of water for four to six
hours. This should buy you some time.
Heather & Chai
Bleecker’s Gentle Tiger
Remember to Enter the Bleecker Pumpkin Craving Contest
Big Mouth
Staff (Left to Right): Angelica Batalla, Tristan Weddell, Denzel Brooks, Dorian Johnson, Shaquille Baptiste, Jay Jay
Saavedra, Zaayon Russell-Smith & Jamal Baptiste. Missing in Action: Christina De La Cruz
Seventh Edition
Bleecker Big Mouth
It’s an Jungle in Here - By Dorian & Shaquille
The Bleecker BigMouth Cattery.
is back!!! The 2004/05 Interviewers:
Has he ever been in a
season’s first edition
cat show?
features an interview
with Heather
and her - 2003
Yes, Chai’s show caexotic tiger. And yes
reer began in August
this tiger can legally
2003 when he was 5
inhabit an apartment
with his owner Heather months old. He appeared in shows in Acin our ever diverse
ton, London and Ottawa
community. Chai (a
Ontario. Chai won the
Hebrew name for
following ribbons
“Life”) is really a 25lb
cat, a Maine Coon to
Acton: 5 x best of color,
be exact, which is the
2 x 2nd best of breed 1x
largest breed of dobest of breed
mesticated cats.
London 5 x 1st best of
color, 2 x 2nd best of
Can you tell us about
Chai’s appearance in
Ottawa: This was
the 2005 Main Coon
Chai’s third show and
he didn’t take to show
Chai was chosen from life to kindly. Despite
hundreds of entrants to this he won in three
rings; 3 x 1st for color 3
be part of a calendar
x best of color, 2 x best
called “Celebration of
Maine Coons 2005”; he of breed! Right now
Chai and I are taking a
is a “calendar-boy” for
September 2005. The break from the show
ring. However, we may
purpose of the calendar was to show all the re-enter the show ring
in the New Year. Being
varieties of Maine
Coons. Chai is a male, older may make him
cream mackerel tabby. feel better in the ring.
When we walked into
Heather’s apartment to
When did you get
interview her we were
sure we were looking
into the eyes of a baby
I got the Chai in June
tiger cub. We found out
2003 from Grandeur
that Chai is actually
just a gigantic, loveable pet. Because of
his beautiful color and
length of Chai’s fur he
can make anyone believe that he is not an
average cat. Chai may
sound a bit scary because of the way we’ve
described him, but
really is very gentle; he
would be more afraid
of you than you are of
him. Chai’s exotic coat
includes having long
fur sticking out of his
ears and paws. His
bushy tail looks like it
has an afro, but not a
nappy one! Maine
Coons require daily
brushing and grooming. This big boy even
gets bathed!
You can meet Chai
and Heather at the
Bleecker Co-op 2 of a
Kind Craft and Bake
sale on December 4
& 5. Heather and
Bleecker Youth will
be selling the Maine
Coon 2005 Calendar
with all profits going
to Bleecker Co-op’s
“Pete’s Pet Fund”.
So look no further for a
great gift for the cat
lover on your holiday
shopping list.
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Halloween Edition
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Superstitions Of Halloween - By Denzel B.
Halloween Time By: Jay Jay
•Some believe if you catch a
snail on Halloween night and
blue, there’s a ghost near by.
•In north America, its bad luck if lock it into a flat cup, in the
a black cat crosses your path morning you will see the first letand good luck if a white cat ter of your partner’s name
crosses your path. In Britain it’s •In Britain, people believed that
the Devil was a nut-gatherer. At
the exact opposite!
•If you ring a bell on Halloween it Halloween, nuts were used as
magic charms
will scare away evil spirits.
•Knocking on wood keeps bad •To prevent ghosts from coming
into the house at Halloween,
luck away I’ve tried it
•You should walk around your bury animal bones
home three times backwards •Many people used to believe
and counter clockwise before that owls swooped down to eat
sunset on Halloween to ward off the souls of the dying.
evil spirits
•If a candle flame suddenly turns
It’s Halloween again
It’s time to dress up boys and girls and women and men
It’s time to go trick or treat
It’s the time when kids knock your door and say “trick or treat or smell
my feet give me something good to eat”
It’s the time when kids come and show off their costume
It’s the time when little girls dresses up as princesses and put on some
It’s the time when people go to haunted houses
It’s the time when couples watch scary movies on their couches
It’s the time when kids get cavities
And leaving nightmares in their head leaving scary memories
Witches flying on brooms
Kids coming home to sort out their candy soon
But remember safety comes first
So no one gets hurt
Happy Halloween
From Bleecker Big Mouth and me
Community Activities - by Christina D.
Top 10 Halloween
Drawings from
Zaayon RusselSmith
As the winter weather
rapidly approaches us
the co-op activities become more numerous
including annual gatherings that have been
around for several
years and others that
are refreshingly new. It
becomes difficult to remember all of the fun
happenings. Which is
why it is imperative to
keep up on these
1. Mars
2. Snickers
3. Coffee Crisp
4. Oh Henry
5. Caramel
6. Smarties
7. Jolly Rancher
8. Spider Man Sticks
9. Suckers
# 1 Halloween Candy
10. Rockets
•On October 29th, from 7:00 to 10:30, come
show off all of your genius Halloween costume
ideas at this years Halloween party. It will be
held in the courtyard, if the weather permits.
The Kids get their turn to party on Halloween
day (Sunday) at the children's Halloween party,
including fun games and costume contests.
•The Co-op crew goes on the annual trek for the
perfect community room and lobby Christmas
trees to the Drysdale Christmas tree farm
(Nov.28). The trip will include a guided trip
around the pine tree farm, and a visit to retreat
to the warm gift store for hot chocolate after the
crisp country air.
•In December our second 2 of a kind Craft &
Bake sale will take place to show case the many
talents of our co-op residents of our Co-op residents. You can reserve a vendors table for selling your wares by calling Scott or Signing up in
the 85 lobby on Nov.3.
•Our Annual Doggie Pageant is considered one
the highlight of the year. With gourmet food &
appetizers, the pageant. The pageant is so
much more than a contest. Come down on the
14th to enjoy an incredible night.
•Santa makes his yearly visit this year at the Children’s Christmas party on December 18th. Drop
by for festive games and lots of Christmas fun!