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Quilling, Twirled Paper!
Supply List
The supply list is set up by what you will need each week. You will see supplies listed as:
GENERAL SUPPLIES USED IN EACH WEEK – these supplies will be used in each class to practice the
lessons taught, week 1 through 6.
ADDITIONAL SUPPLIES FOR THE CURRENT WEEK – these supplies are in addition to the General
supplies that you will be using to learn and practice the technique(s) taught for the current week.
OPTIONAL SUPPLIES, VERY HELPFUL – these supplies listed in italics are not essential to be able to
complete the lesson but are very helpful to the technique being taught. Could also be used in weekly projects.
OPTIONAL SUPPLIES – these supplies listed in italics are not essential to be able to complete the lesson but
are used in quilling with the technique(s) being taught.
Feel free to substitute any supplies that will work similarly to the ones listed and that you may have on hand.
Or, change the design of the project to suit the supplies that you have and/or wish to use. Don’t let the length of
this list scare you, I have added a lot more “extras” that are not necessary to complete the class for your future
Extra OPTIONAL SUPPLIES listed that are used in quilling and that are helpful, time saving or used for
accenting etc. (but not absolutely necessary for completing the lesson), are listed in italics under the headings
above also and can be found at your local craft store or though the online links provided. As with any craft you
can spend unlimited amounts of money on supplies. The additional optional supplies listed range in price from
inexpensive to pricey. You may wish to purchase some of these and if you continue to explore quilling you
may wish to purchase some of the others, so they are listed for future reference. You may have some of these or
something that works similar already in your craft stash.
ADDITIONAL SUPPLIES FOR THE WEEKLY PROJECT(S) – these supplies are in addition to the General
Supplies and the lesson supplies, and are needed to complete the weekly project(s). Pull the strips indicated
from your assorted color packs and save for the projects and use the other colors to practice the lessons with.
The assorted color packs will give you most of the colors used in the projects but some will either have to be
purchased in addition to the standard assortment packs, or cut yourself, or substituted for ones of your choice.
OPTIONAL SUPPLIES USED ON WEEKLY PROJECT: These supplies listed are used in the sample project
but you may want to omit these or substitute other similar supplies (according to a design change etc. or
availability) Pictures of projects shown below for supply shopping and/or substitutions.
Quilling, Twirled Paper!
Sonya Appel, My Creative Classroom
[email protected]
Week 4 has a Bonus Demonstration of Punched Flower Accents that I use in my quilling and that have
applications beyond quilling. You may already have some flower punches, feel free to use those. To keep costs
in mind, I have listed the punches used and other options for making the punched floral accents, if you would
like to purchase the supplies to make the flowers in the demonstration. The cost of punches etc. can add up so
the supplies listed in the Bonus Demonstration do not have to be purchased for the lesson. The supplies are
listed so you will have it if you would like to purchase some or all in the future. Pictures of basic supplies are at
end of supply list, except for general paper crafting supplies such as card stock, tape etc.
Week 6 - is a Quilled Jewelry project. To make it easy for you I have made kits for both the necklace options
(Necklace or Medallion) if you would like to purchase them. All components to complete the necklace version
of your choice (or both, if you like) are in the kit EXCEPT FOR TOOLS AND ADHESIVE.
OR, I have listed and pictured the components of both necklace options so that you can purchase them or
similar substitute components yourself.
To purchase a kit(s), or with questions concerning the kit or supplies listed for completing the jewelry project
click PayPal purchase Button on class page or please email me at [email protected] with
your address and I will send you a Pay Pal invoice. See Week 6 supplies for details and price of kit. When
ordering please allow for shipping time to receive in time for class.
I will be happy to answer any questions about the supply list, please email me!
WEEK 1 Introductions to Quilling, Using the tools, Making basic shapes
1. Slotted quilling tool (easiest to start with) and/or Needle quilling tool
2. Bamboo skewer/long doll making needle or similar
3. Scissors, small, sharp pointed ends (not curved embroidery scissors)
4. Ruler
5. Tweezers, fine tip, curved tip the best.
6. Quilling strips, 1/8” wide assorted colors, pre-cut or hand cut from text weight paper. Assortment pack of
1/8” is good for practice and, 3-4 should get you enough strips in the colors needed to finish projects through
Supply Prep - Pull colors needed for each weekly project from your quilling packs and set aside until needed.
Practice with those not listed for specific projects and/or cut your own practice strips.
Additional strips sizes in assorted colors: ¾”, 5/8”(see note in “Quilling Strips” section, pg 10) wide, one pack
of each should be enough. Cut your own if you like for practice.
7. Glue – PVA/White, clear, fast dry or regular, must dry clear.
8. Toothpicks for glue application.
Paper crafting supplies such as tape runner, Scor-Tape or similar, Scoring board or tools, paper trimmer/cutter.
Optional Supplies for Week 1: Quilling circle sizer board or Circle sizer ruler.
1. General supplies listed above.
2. Card base – size & color card stock your choice (size for my example 5 ½ x 4 ¼),
3. Quilling strips 1/8” – 8” length 6 of: pink, light pink, blue, light blue, leaf green 8” length 9, purple, light
purple, yellow – 8” length 15, dark yellow 8” length 7.
Optional supplies to make Week 1 Project: Used on sample -12 x 12 card stock for layers, 12 x 12 pattern
paper for layers, embellishments such as: 24” ribbon, dies/die cut shape/circle maker etc. (Nestabilities Scallop
circle and circle dies used in my project), buttons etc, sentiment stamp and other stamp for inside, coordinating
ink pad color.
Quilling, Twirled Paper!
Sonya Appel, My Creative Classroom
[email protected]
WEEK 2 Fringing, Scrolls, Domes, Bells, Folded Roses
1. General Supplies listed Week 1
2. Quilling strips, 1/8” for practicing techniques
3. ¾” wide strips flower colors or any color for roses, for practicing techiques.
4. 5/8” wide strips in white or assorted colors for fringe flowers.
5. Long doll making needle or similar.
Optional Very Helpful Week 2 Supplies: Rose quilling tool.
Optional Week 2 Supplies: Quilling Mini Mold for making berries and grapes etc. Fringer 90 degree.
WEEK 2 PROJECT 2 ADDITIONAL SUPPLIES NEEDED: Fringed Daisy/Gerber Daisy Desk Frame,
for 5 x 3 ½” picture (portrait orientation, frame pattern and instructions given in PDF & in class), listed
makes 1 frame project.
1. General Supplies listed in Week 1
2. 5/8” quilling strips in white and/or gerber daisy colors, at least 6 – 12” strips
3. 1/8” light green, yellow, brown quilling strips, at least 6 – 12” of brown; 8 of green color or more
4. Long doll making needle or similar long needle width item
5. Sky blue (or your choice of color) 12 x 12 piece of textured card stock, for frame
6. Small piece of fun foam (ie – 4” x 4”) or mouse pad used for paper piercing and a piercing tool.
7. Scissors and/or paper cutter
8. Tape runner and 1/8” red liner or Score tape very helpful.
9. Craft knife
10. Scrap paper 6 x 6
Optional Supplies used for Week 2 Project 2 : Iridescent glitter
1. General Supplies listed in Week 1
2. Card stock tags or shipping tags - hand cut or die cut, shades of purples and/or greens card stock, size of tags
– 6 ½” x 3 ½” base layer purple/green to match grapes, inner tag layer, cream – 6” x 3”.
3. Ribbon and/or fibers for tag tie, colors to match design – greens, purples etc at lease 12” of your choice.
4. 1/8” quilling strips in shades of: green for leaves (rose tag, olive greens were used in sample project and are
not in asst. packs). For grapes, 16”- 15 -18; 12” – 22-25, 6 ½” – 10 - strips various colors of purples, 3 shades
either darks or lights or medium; or pale greens, 3 shades each length. For grape vine, 12” – 3; ¾” quilling
strips in shades of pink, white, cream, yellow etc. for roses; 12” or more for each rose, 9 – 10 roses on project.
You may wish to purchase the assort. purples for grapes. Greens also come in several assort color packs.
5. ¼” quilling strips – 8” length – 2 in pink or color of your choice to match roses.
6. Small Grape leaf paper punch or die cut/hand cut leaves, Oak leaf works as a substitute, medium or dark
green card stock
Optional Very Helpful Supplies: Rose quilling tool.
Optional Supplies used on Week 2 Project 3: acrylic or glass crystals, flourish rubber stamp, ink pads, ink
applicator, embossing ink and powder- gold, glimmer mist – gold, gold gel pen, paper distresser,6” of lace,
Bow Easy.
Quilling, Twirled Paper!
Sonya Appel, My Creative Classroom
[email protected]
WEEK 3 Eccentric Coils, Not just Flowers, Husking, Looping, Combing, Crimper
1. General Supplies listed in Week 1
2. Quilling strips 1/8” wide – assorted colors
3. Cork board or Fun Foam mat covered with a clear acrylic piece of scrap packaging material or other material
that glue will not stick to, you will pin husking shapes into this.
4. Straight pins, stainless (non-rusting) with ball heads, or T head pins.
5. Small gauge graph (1/8” squares) paper covered with a clear transparency or clear wrap/scrap packaging
material, this goes on top of cork board or fun foam and is covered with clear plastic protection, PRINT FREE
6. Quilling Comb (onion holder is the same thing see supply pictures below)
Optional Supplies: Husking board with patterns. (patterns used in class included in Week 3 PDF), cork board
circle sizer, quilling paper crimper or larger paper crimper.
WEEK 3 PROJECT 4 SUPPLIES NEEDED: Framed Quilled Daffodils or Fuchsias
1. General supplies listed in Week 1
2. 8 x 10 photo mat with rectangular opening for 5 x 7 photo, color to compliment yellow/white/green. (Cream
was used in example).
3. Solid color embossed paper for backing. I used a light green cut from a 12 x 12 sheet found at my local craft
4. 1/8” white, yellow, dark yellow/light orange, dark green quilling strips for daffodils
OR, dark pinks, light pinks, white, purples, dark greens for fuchsias.
5. For fuchsias – floral stamens, long doll making needle, birch leaf paper punch or hand cut leaves
6. Dark green card stock – leaves, for daffodil project
7. Dark green paper twist – stems, for daffodil project
WEEK 4 3D Quilling and Floral Punched Accents
1, General supplies listed Week 1
2. 1/8” quilling strips – yellow 12” length 1, deep blue 24” length 16 - , bright green , metallic gold, deep purple,
olive green
4. Small acrylic crystals deep purple – 3 mm – 13 (26 if you want to add to back side of feathers) deep purple; 2
black (for eyes).
Optional very helpful:
Curling Coach for 3D quilling, uses regular slotted quilling tool.
Quilling, Twirled Paper!
Sonya Appel, My Creative Classroom
[email protected]
Floral punch supplies can add up quickly, so I have added the list of supplies below as OPTIONAL. You may
already have some of these or similar, or have an electronic cutter (Cricut – Mother’s Day Bouquet has several
same and similar shapes to use, or SVG Cuts listed below). You can purchase or use these if you wish to
practice now, or save for possible purchase and practice later.
General Supplies listed in Week 1
Optional: Paper punches and supplies for Punched Flower Accents Demo –
Small flower punches-EK Success- clover, 5 petal flower, small daisy
other small size flower punches
Punch Bunch medium pear punch used in Rose, plus several other flowers
Punch Bunch -Calla lily punch
Punch Bunch – Lily
Punch Bunch – medium birch leaf punch.
Punch Bunch – medium or large 6 point snowflake- Alta Flake 5
Punch Bunch – stamen (Big Sky Flake 3)
(Punch Bunch punches can be found at and full selection at Or, use similar shapes from other punch makers.
Text weight paper in different flower and leaf colors.
Vellum in metallics, pearls and colors
Pearlescent and shimmer paper, text weight
Card stock in different flower and leaf colors.
Cone shape flat coffee filter - used to punch flowers from
Paper crafting chalks
Twinkling H2O’s watercolor paints or similar
Water brush or water color paint brushes
Crystals and pearls for centers of flowers
Flower Soft in yellow, nut brown, light green for stamens
Brown fine tip marker
Piece of fun foam to mould petals on.
Ball stylus in various sizes
Other options for flowers and flower parts: – 3D flower files (and any software needed to use
on your electronic cutter); Cricut Mother’s Day Bouquet cartridge; both for electronic cutters.
Technique books for Floral Punch: Paper Bouquet - ISBN-13: 978-1600590597, The Paper Garden Publisher: The Punch Bunch, Temple Texas (2006), by Susan Tierney Cockburn
WEEK 5 Quilled Embellished Project
WEEK 5 PROJECT 6: Quilled Embellished Keepsake – Embellish your choice of a: Keepsake
Invitation/Announcement or Box or Matt Frame or Scrapbook page. Quilled embellishments will be the same
on all.
Your choice of either of these keepsake bases for your quilled embellishments:
CHOICE 1: Box of your choice - either pre-made/finished/hinged or painted paper mache
(round/square/rectangle). Size approximately: 7 ½” L x 5 W x 3” H to 8 ½” L x 5” W x 6 ½ H. (something in
this range)
CHOICE 2: Photo Matt size for an 8 X 10 photo, of your choice, preferably white, cream or foliage green
Quilling, Twirled Paper!
Sonya Appel, My Creative Classroom
[email protected]
CHOICE 3: Keepsake invitation or announcement (such as a wedding invitation, birth announcement,
graduation announcement) to be mounted on a paper backing that is cut to fit a picture frame size; larger than 8
x 10 AND has at least 2 ½” or more (to accommodate quilled embellishments) around invitation/announcement
that will be centered on it; color of paper to compliment but not the same as the invitation and quilling. When
choosing backing think what will show off the embellishments and invitation/announcement. I used Canson
Mi-Tientes, these come in several colors and is a large sheet suitable for cutting to size needed. Finished project
must have dimensions to fit inside a standard picture frame or shadow box frame.
CHOICE 4: Scrapbook page - 12 x 12 base and photo and photo card stock matting
1. General supplies listed in Week 1
2. 1/8” quilling strips colors (coordinating) your choice, plus shades of green to coordinate with your color
3. ¼, 3/8 ½, 5/8” quilling strips colors to compliment your color choice for roses, fringe flowers/leaves.
Purchasing a single packs of individual colors and sizes will give you the amount needed for project, 1 of each
sizes and colors. Choose mono color in various shades ,or colors to match invitation/announcement, school
colors, home décor colors, colors to match photo to be matted, etc.
Optional Supplies used on Week 5 Projects: Other embellishments such as pearls (half back or round), crystals,
ribbon, die cuts, flower punches for accents flowers and leaves etc. Accessory sheets of coordinating color
paper for accent flowers, calla lilies etc. your choice – vellums, pearlescent, metallic, etc.
WEEK 6 Quilled Jewelry Project
WEEK 6 PROJECT 7: Quilled Necklace or Quilled Medallion, either gold or silver
KIT: Necklace - all components and quilling strips (no tools or glue) - $ 25.00 + $2.50 shipping
Medallion on velvet cord - all components and quilling strips (no tools or glue) - $15.00 + $2.50 shipping
Click on PayPay Button in the classroom or Email order to [email protected] with
name, address and kit/color choice: GOLD or SILVER for each kit ordered, and I will send you a Pay
Pal invoice with shipping included. Please put MCC QUILLING KIT in subject line.
OR purchase components and supplies yourself using list below and pictures provided:
WEEK 6 INDIVIDUAL JEWELRY COMPONENTS & SUPPLIES: All components and either antique
gold, or antique silver, beads and crystals in complementary colors – silver, clear for antique silver; gold, topaz
for antique gold etc. Components show in both finishes. ALL COMPONENTS FOR BOTH NECKLACE
Pre-made velvet jewelry cord, size according to your wish, used for Medallion.
Jewelry chain, medium gauge links, large enough to get jump rings in, 24” of length, used for Necklace.
Clasp, T-Bar or Lobster clasp and ring – 1 set needed of either. Used for Necklace
Crystals – 4 to 5 mm, square or round – 3 needed for necklace; 6 needed for Medallion
Head pins at least 2” in length – 4 to 6 depending on preference, for dangles. Used for Necklace.
Assorted beads and short bugle beads – 10 short bugle beads for medallion; 6 for necklace, 15 to 20
small beads (larger than seed beads) and bi-cone crystals, see close up picture for dangles. Used in both.
Quilling, Twirled Paper!
Sonya Appel, My Creative Classroom
[email protected]
7. Jump rings large enough to go through filigree base and necklace chain and clasp and necklace chain – 4
needed (included in count #8), used in Necklace. Or through Medallion and velvet cord – 1 needed.
8. Jump rings small, but large enough to fit through both filigree base pieces and move freely. *** Jump
rings must go through the hold where arrow is pointing. If substituting base pieces, they must have
holes on edges like examples to be able to join them together. See close up photo of joining in example
– 12 to 14 needed, plus extra for dropage, used in Necklace.
9. Oval jump rings were used to join filigree bases in class example – 6 were used in example, plus 6 of #8
above. Used in Necklace
10. Filigree base, 15/16th” or 1” – 3 needed. Used in Necklace.
11. Medallion base, 1 ¼”, 1 needed, for Medallion.
12. 1 pack Metallic Gold or Silver Edged Black 1/8” quilling strips. Used in both.
13. If gilding your own strips, 18kt Gold or Silver Leaf paint pen. Used in both.
14. Matt sealer spray if desired. Used in both.
15. Needle nose pliers (two pair very helpful), small wire cutters, used in both.
16. I used Crystal Effects to glue quilling and beads/crystals to jewelry components, just let dry thoroughly
or you can use E-6000 (thicker and has odor until dry) or similar. Used in both.
17. piece of plastic that glue will not stick to for assembly of quilled pieces. Used in both.
Quilling, Twirled Paper!
Sonya Appel, My Creative Classroom
[email protected]
Class supply list has been forwarded to Denise and she can help you with supplies listed (except jewelry
components, she does not stock 5/8” width, see below for supplier).
TOO BAD DOGS QUILLING – rose quilling tool, side slot tool, -
Rose tool link:
Long side slot tool:
5/8” wide strips, combo color pack link:
Local craft stores – Hobby Lobby, Michaels, AC Moore, Local craft/scrapbook stores
Punch Bunch punches –
Tools pictured below:
Quilling, Twirled Paper!
Sonya Appel, My Creative Classroom
[email protected]
1. Rose Tool
2. Side Slot Tool
3. Slotted Toll
4. Fine Tip Slotted Tool
5. Needle Tool
6. Doll making needle
Quilling, Twirled Paper!
7. Fine tip scissors
8. Bent tip tweezers
9. Clear drying glue
Sonya Appel, My Creative Classroom
[email protected]
Paper quilling strips, for practice assorted colors and sizes, 1/8”, ¾”, 5/8” are most used. But 1/16” and 1” and
larger are also used at times depending on need and pattern. See individual weeks for specific colors and sizes
needed for each project. NOTE on widths: for 5/8” and larger – width does not need to be exactly “exact”.
The sizes listed are manufacturer pre-cut “standard” sizes and what most quillers are used to working with. A
strip that you cut yourself can be a bit wider or narrower and not greatly affect the pattern or design. See note in
WEEK 1 on SUPPLY PREP. Or cut your own using PDF “Cutting Your Own Strips” guide. Hobby Lobby in
US has very small quilling supply section; strips and other supplies can be purchased at online quilling suppliers
listed above.
If you have any questions about the supplies, please email me, I’ll be happy to help!
Looking forward to seeing you in class,
Sonya Appel
[email protected]
[email protected]
Quilling, Twirled Paper!
Sonya Appel, My Creative Classroom
[email protected]