21 Fall Pilgrim Hat © Scholastic Teaching Resources

21 Fall
Pilgrim Hat
© Scholastic Teaching Resources
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Pilgrim Hat
Anagrams & Acrostics
Use the hat pattern for spelling activities.
Make 12 copies on card stock, and write one letter of the word
Thanksgiving on each. Attach a bit of magnetic tape on the back of
each hat and post in order on a magnetic board or chalkboard. Then
invite children to rearrange groups of letters to make as many new
words as they can. As they play with the letters, encourage children to
sound out the combinations to test whether they have made a word.
Words include king, think, ink, ski, knit, gang, sing, night, knight, and gas.
You might also use your letter hats to create a group acrostic
poem. Assign pairs of children to one of each of the letters in the
word, and give each pair a blank sentence strip. Encourage children to
write a word or phrase related to Thanksgiving that starts with that
letter (leaving out the letter on the
strip). Post the strips next to each hat
and then read your poem together! For ● Uses letter-sound relationships
to spell words
instance: Turkey; Happiness; Apple pie;
Writes in a variety of forms,
Neighbors, and so on.
such as poems
Holiday Word Wall &
Story Starters
Use copies of the hat pattern to create a holiday word wall.
Brainstorm key words with children, such as turkey, dinner, celebration,
food, feast, friends, family, table, harvest, thanks, cook, eat, and holiday.
Write each word on a hat and post on a
bulletin board. Encourage children to
use the word wall for writing
● Understands level-appropriate
sight words and vocabulary
Thanksgiving stories. As children write,
Uses prewriting strategies to
they might also come up with new
plan written work, such as
words to add to the wall. To spark ideas,
writing key thoughts
give children story titles such as:
✓ “My Favorite Thanksgiving Foods”
✓ “How My Family Celebrates Thanksgiving”
✓ “Things I Am Thankful For”
✓ “My Favorite Thanksgiving Memory”
✓ “The Thanksgiving Day Parade”
Pilgrim Hats
Kids decorate their own wearable Pilgrim hats.
Make a copy of the pattern on heavy paper for each child. Then invite
children to decorate it with crayons, markers, or paints. They might
squeeze a thin layer of glue on the buckle and decorate with gold or
silver glitter. Allow the hats to dry, and then attach each one to the
center of a long oaktag strip (a sentence strip works well). Fit it around
the child’s head, trim off the excess, and tape the ends together. Invite
children to wear their hats during a
classroom Thanksgiving activity, such as
a variety of basic art
performing a read-aloud play or
enjoying a Thanksgiving-themed snack.
Book Links
It’s Thanksgiving by Jack Prelutsky (Greenwillow, 1982). Prelutsky’s inimitable
wordplay graces 12 holiday poems.
The Night Before Thanksgiving by Natasha Wing (Grosset & Dunlap, 2000).
A gleeful Thanksgiving version of the classic Clement C. Moore poem.
Thanksgiving Day at Our House: Thanksgiving Poems for the Very Young
by Nancy White Carlstrom (Simon & Schuster, 2002). This delightful collection
describes one family’s holiday activities.
© Scholastic Teaching Resources
BIGGIE Patterns With a Purpose Scholastic Teaching Resources