“Trip to the South Seas” - Protective i-Pad Cover!

“Trip to the South Seas” - Protective i-Pad Cover!
designed and created by Anna Hergert ©2011
A simple quilted project that may be completed in one afternoon.
Materials: !
- Feature cotton fabric for the outside cover
- Lining fabric
- Strip of bias cut fabric
- Batting of your choice
- Timtex
- Threads of your choice
- Small piece of Peel&Stick vinyl or freezer paper
- Shiva or Markal fabric paintstick, stencil brush
- Janome Horizon 7700
- Dual feed foot AD
- Convertible free motion quilting foot QB-H
- Hand sewing needle & thimble
- Craft knife
- Cutting mat, ruler and rotary cutter
- Iron and pressing surface
1. Cut feature fabric for the outside cover 17” w x 11” h
2. Cut lining fabric for the inside 17” w x 11” h
3. Cut Timtex 7 1/2” w x 9 3/4” h twice
4.Cut batting 17” w c 11” h
5. Cut a bias strip of contrasting fabric 51” l x 2 1/2” w
6. Use Peel&Stick vinyl or freezer paper to create a template.
Use motif of your choice!
7. Peel off protective paper from the back
of the template or press freezer paper
template the the fabric. Apply oil stick to
the template and brush onto the fabric
with a small stencil brush. Let cure for at
least one hour. Press fabric from the back
to fix.
8. Assemble the individual components as follows:
- Lining fabric
- Timtex
- Batting
- Front cover fabric
9. Choose your threads, wind bobbin and insert into
the bobbin case.
10. Engage the automatic plate converter or switch to a
straight stitch needle plate.
11. Switch your foot to the dual feed foot or walking foot and
proceed to stitch several lines to indicate the spine, about 1”
wide. Note: You will only stitch through lining, batting and top
fabric. Timtex will be positioned on either side of the spine.
12. Change to the free motion foot and outline the
stenciled motifs on the front cover. Filling in the
inside of the motif with stitching is optional!
13. Once all motifs have been outlined with free motion
stitching fill in the background of the front with quilting
lines of your choice. Continue quilting on the back.
Quilting the cover is quick and
soon you will be ready to finish
the iPad cover.
14. Press the bias strip fabric in half. Stitch it
to the outside edge of the iPad cover by
machine using the dual feed foot and hand
stitch the binding neatly to the inside of the
15. Continue to attach the binding first by machine
and finish by hand.
Enjoy your designer iPad cover! >>>>>
Each one is an original, especially if you use
hand-dyed fabrics! A great gift idea!
These instructions may be modified for smaller
tablets and e-readers.
Hope you enjoy this free pattern. Drop me a line if
you have questions: [email protected]