Seahorse Earring – Jane Eborall © 2004 HOME Materials required

Seahorse Earring – Jane Eborall © 2004
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Materials required Number 20 thread and 10 seed beads.
Skills required Split ring (1 only), starting with a chain. For help on doing this without using a
knot please visit here.
Split Ring
Wsh2 working shuttle 2
bead moved into place
very small picot
Lock chain
working shuttle 1
Reverse work
For each earring. Wsh1 add 1 bead (eye). Wsh2 add 2 beads (nose), 7 beads (back) 1 metal
ring (I use split rings - like key rings).
Using Wsh1 and starting with a chain.
Ch: 14 RW
R1: 2 vsp 1 – 1 Cl RW
Ch: 2 B 2 B 2 RW
R2: 2 +(2nd p R1) 2 vsp 2 – 2 Cl RW
Ch: B 2 B 2 B 2 B 2 RW
R3: 2 +(2nd p R2) 2 vsp 2 – 2 Cl RW
Ch: B 3 RW
Before SR place B on Wsh1 on core thread round hand. Work first half SR with B well out of the
way at the back of the hand. Move the B next to last ds worked before starting second half.
When the SR is complete the B lies in the space between start and finish of SR.
SR4: 2 + (3rd p R3) 4 / 8 (move metal ring into place) 2 B Cl Change to Wsh2
Ch: 4 vsp 3 Change to Wsh1
Ch: B 2 B 1 Change to Wsh2
Ch: 3 + (vsp on last but one Ch) 4 + (vsp R3) Change to Wsh1
Ch: 4 Lj (vspR2) 8 Lj (vspR1) 4 Lj (base R1) T & C
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