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Support the
St. John’s Youth Group
in serving the homeless
Provide a hand crafted item to someone in
The Prayer Shawl Ministry is having a drive to knit or crochet scarves to support the St. John’s Youth Group charity outreach program. The students will visit the homeless in New York before Christmas and Easter to provide a meal and share community. We want the youth to also be able to provide a warm scarf or hat. Here's how you can help:  Knit or crochet on your own
 Join the Prayer Shawl team every other Thursday at either 9:30 am or 7 pm – we can also teach anyone that
wants to learn
 Get a group of friends together and knit
• Size: Our scarves should be 5-7 inches wide and 60-70” inches long.
• Yarn: Mid-weight yarns in washable wool or wool/acrylic blends (but please no cotton yarn –
it is not warm and holds moisture)
• Colors: Neutral, classic or bright (but please no white or light colored yarns which soil easily)
• Yardage: about 200 - 250 depending on yarn weight
• Needle size: U.S. 7-9 depending on yarn weight
You can also make hats, mittens or socks – or use your own creativity!
Here's when: Completed items need to be received either before the Christmas or Easter midnight runs
by December 13, 2012 or March 14, 2013
Here's where: Scarves, hats, mittens can be dropped off at the Rectory with a note indicating “Midnight Run”
You may also drop it by the Prayer Shawl Ministry meeting on Thursdays (see schedule on reverse)
See reverse for patterns and more patterns available on the web site under the Prayer Shawl Ministry
Any questions contact Anne van Geldern 203 750 5313 or [email protected]
Easy-to-knit Scarf
Using a “bulky” yarn, often indicated by the number “5″ on the label.
Cast on 14 stitches using size 13 needles.
Be sure to cast on loosely so the stitches don’t pull.
Work in garter stitch (knit all stitches) for the entire length of the scarf
until the yarn is almost gone; bind off loosely.
Weave in ends to finish.
Finished scarf will be approx 5-1/2″ wide and approximately 60″ in
Simple Knit Ribbed Scarf — Let the yarn do the work.
Size: Approximately 60″-70″” Long and 5” Wide
Approximately 300 yards of worsted medium weight yarn (16-20 stitches
over 4 inches).
Size US 9 needles (or size recommended by yarn).
Scissors and tapestry needle to trim sew in ends.
Gauge: 4-5 stitches/inch
Cast on 32 stitches.
Every Row: K2 P2
Continue until scarf is 60”-70”long.
Bind off loosely.
Easy-to-crochet Scarf
Hook - J
Yarn: Knitting Worsted
Amount of yarn: about 5 oz. for a 60" scarf.
Width: 8-1/2" (gauge isn't terribly important)
R 1 - Ch 32, turn
R 2 - HDC in "back loop" of each chain across; ch 2, turn.
R 3 onward - Repeat R 2 in each stitch across for 36 to 48 inches; fasten off.
If you would want to participate and need some help to knit or crochet, please drop by one of the Prayer Shawl Meetings, we would be
happy to help you. Meetings are in the Pierre Room every other Thursday 9:30 am/7 pm
Dates: (October 25; Nov 8, 29; Dec 6; Jan 3, 17, 31; Feb 14, 18; Mar 14)