Zebra Print trend spy Urban Pouch

trend spy
Zebra Print
Urban Pouch
You can find this compact
canvas urban pouch
(Urban Pouch) in zebra
print at Joann Marie
Designs (circle 114 on
Free Info Card).
biquitous both on the runway and in retail, zebra prints
are a huge favorite among today’s hottest designers and
chain stores. From Jimmy Choo to Mulberry to
Michael Kors, fashionistas are clamoring to get in on the
action, whether portraying zebra stripes in traditional
form or in updated, colorful renditions.
When featuring this eccentric
“Zebra is a print that has style-staying power,”
says Jenny Straub, marketing and product develprint in tops or bottoms, pair it
opment coordinator at Vitronic Promotional
with dark solids to stabilize it. For
Group (asi/93990). Jessica Levine, marketing
example, a zebra-print top would
tation, as it permits “an array of various
associate for Boxercraft (asi/41325), agrees.
go perfectly with black jeans or
industries to purchase such products.” She
“Zebra prints just won’t go out of style; they
lists spas, salons, shopping centers and womcontinue to be an enduring trend,” she says, adda white skirt; similarly, a solid
conferences as clients currently investing
ing that the fun and fashionable whimsy of this
black or white top would
in this trend, and suggests zoos as well as gift
print contributes to its popularity, as well as the fact
offset zebra bottoms
shops and casinos as potential ones.
that the pattern is based on two neutrals. “Black and
with flair.
Kristy Zeran, national sales manager for Joann
white, of course, go well with a variety of colors,” she
Marie Designs, weighs in on the branding power
says. Those are all reasons why Levine designates zebra
of the zebra craze: “The zebra print is a bold pattern. It
prints as great for the promotional product industry.
Zebra and other animal prints are primarily geared toward female would make any company’s logo stand out and be viewed as fashionend-users, but Straub views this as an asset rather than a limi- able at the same time.”
Fashion Tip
Exercise Bra
PJ Pants
Rain Hat
This zebra-print exercise bra (SB100AZEB) is
available from Boxercraft (asi/41325; circle 113
on Free Info Card).
S&S Activewear (asi/84358; circle 109 on Free Info
Card) carries these cozy kids’ zebra PJ pants (F19Y)
made of 100% cotton flannel.
Keep out the rain with this water-resistant zebra
rain hat (FT8527) from Vitronic Promotional Group
(asi/93990; circle 108 on Free Info Card).
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