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Volume: 1
April 2015
Issue: 8
BHS Students & Staff Spring Break Fun
Spring Break is always an anticipated event for students at Boaz
High School. It marks the last long break before the end of the
school year. Because of that, students their friends and family
sometimes plan to do something special. Many times it is just a time
to relax and do the fun things. In March The Anchor asked students
what their plans for Spring Break were. As a follow up to that article
we asked numerous students what they actually did over the break.
Here are some of their responses:
In this issue…
 Spring Break
 April Calendar
 SSCC Career
 BHS Band
 Aladdin Info
 Anatomy Class
 Physics Class
 Spring Sports
 Research Papers
 BHS Bank
 Caleb Sanders went to the state park.
 Emily Hernandez babysat her baby cousin.
 Mrs. Ballentine had knee surgery and attended therapy.
 Jon-Eric Frederick went bowling.
 Felicia Goss when hiking in the woods near her house.
 DJ Jones went to Tennessee.
 Jacob Haney stayed home and played video games.
 Ashley Ennis got her driving permit.
 Braeden McDonald went camping.
 Coach Littleton went snow skiing in Colorado.
 Clindale Eartè stayed home and played video games.
 Toby Davis got his wisdom teeth removed.
 Michelle Holmes went to Gatlinburg.
 Linda Jimenez went to Boynton Beach, Florida.
 Chandler Gilbreath went bowling.
 Caleb Moon went to Gulf Shores.
 C. J. Shell and Friends went to Gulf Shores to the beach.
 Desiree Duke went to Noccalula Falls and fed the ducks.
Although we polled only a few students and teachers their
activities took them many different places and they did many
fun activities. All students and staff hopefully had a safe and
relaxing week and return ready to finish up the school year.
April Calendar of Events
April 1
 Report cards go home
 April Fool’s Day
April 3
Good Friday
 MCYL Interviews
April 5
 Easter Sunday
April 6-10
 Cheer Tryouts
April 7
 Snead State Community College Career Expo and Hiring Fair, 12-4 pm
April 8
 MCYL to Montgomery
April 10
 Marshall County Olympics, Arab Sports Complex
April 11
 BHS Junior-Senior Prom
April 16
Spring is a very
busy time for the
numerous sports at
Boaz High School.
Due to the lack of
space on the
monthly calendar,
all spring sports
schedules can be
found at the BHS
web site. Please
check them out at
 Microsoft Office Specialist Credentialing Exam,
Coach Keenum & Mrs. Willis
April 21
 BHS CPCT TEST, Mrs. Cole
April 22
 Earth Day
April 24
 Boaz High School Theatre Department presents
Aladdin, 7:00 pm.
April 25
 Boaz High School Theatre Department presents
Aladdin, 7:00 pm.
April 26
 Boaz High School Theatre Department presents
Aladdin, 2:00 pm.
April 28
 BHS ACT plus Writing Test for all juniors.
Seniors Attend Career Expo
Pirate Bands to Travel
Twenty eight seniors have
signed up to attend the 6th
Marshall County
Career Expo and Hiring Fair
to be held at the Snead State
Community College Wallace
Plunkett Gymnasium. They will be going on
Tuesday, April 7 from 12:00 until 1:00 pm.
There will be representatives from local
employers where students can make
connections for prospective jobs. Imagine
your future possibilities. Dozens of
companies and organizations will be on
hand, plus representatives from Snead State
Community College. Students will be able to
talk to representatives and ask questions and
get answers about their future careers and
college decisions.
The Boaz High School
Marching Band will be
traveling to Universal
Studios in Orlando,
Florida at the end of
April, and will be stay
beginning of May. They
will be performing with the STARS
Performance Program. This program
provides the experience of performing a
parade through the park. While at the park,
students will have the opportunity to
experience different musical cultures
throughout each park. The band students
will also have the opportunity to see Blue
Man Group on their stay. The band has had a
very successful year. The marching band had
a very successful season this past fall,
receiving superior rating at all their
competitions. The band also received
superior ratings at the 2015 Music
Performance Assessment (MPA) at Gadsden
High School. Congratulations on your
success, band!
Physics Flies Off
Mr. Elkin’s Physics classes
will be shooting off
rockets at the BHS
Practice field. The class
spent the last few weeks
building and decorating
the rockets. The class built
the rockets out of kits
ordered by Mr. Elkins, and
were given the freedom to
paint the rocket however they pleased. The
rockets will be graded on how will they are
built, and if they preform correctly at launch.
The students in the class, as well as Mr.
Elkins, are all looking forward to launch day.
Boaz High School Sports
The Boaz High
Baseball team
over the spring break where they
participated in the Gulf Coast Classic
tournament. The BHS Boys and Girls Soccer
teams played over the break also. The boys
won their first game of the year against
Cherokee County 3-0. The girls gave it their
all but came up a little short. BHS Softball
team is ranked number 9 in the state and did
excellent over the break. They played in a
tournament in New Hope winning 3 of the 4
games they played. BHS Boys and Girls
Tennis came up short against Cherokee
Anatomy Classes Dissect Eyeballs
The anatomy of the human eye can be better shown and understood
by the actual dissection of an eye. An eye of choice for dissection, that
closely resembles the human eye, is that of the sheep. Mrs. Chumley’s
anatomy classes will be dissecting a sheep eye on April 1. After
studying for the lab, they will prepare for the actual dissection. The
following is a procedure that they will do in order to find all of the
Observe the eye’s outer structure and identify the optic nerve,
sclera, and cornea. Next, trim away the excess tissue on the sclera
surrounding the eye.
Hold the eye gently with your thumb at the cornea and your forefinger near the optic
nerve. Begin a cross-section of the eye by making an incision slightly behind the middle of the eye
through the sclera.
Separate the eye into halves after you have
completed the cross-section. Let the vitreous humor—
gelatinous, transparent material found inside the eye
behind the lens—and any associated structures slowly
slide out of the eye. You may need to tease the vitreous
humor gently away from the eye’s lining.
Look at the inside front portion of the eye. The lens
may still be suspended in the middle of the pupil. Tip the
front portion over and let the lens and associated structures fall out.
Observe the vitreous body, lens, and associated structures. The hyaloid fossa is an
indention in the center of the vitreous body that supports the lens. Surrounding the hyaloid fossa
is the zonula ciliaris, made up of suspensory ligaments that suspend the lens and stretch it to
focus. You will also notice dark lines around the hyaloid fossa. These lines are pigment from the
Continue to explore the sheep eye and identify each of its parts, using the diagram as
Seniors Research Topics for Paper
With the coming of spring it is time for senior research papers. For
that reason, Mrs. McCullers 12th grade English classes will be writing
an eight hundred word essay on a topic of their choice. This topic will
include reasonable ideas and reliable resources. This paper requires
research and documentation. The body of the paper will be 3-4 pages
long. The entire paper must be written in third person (No You or
Your). Thesis statements must be worded as a “Should/Should Not”
and placed at the end of the first paragraph. The paper must be an equal mixture of quoting,
paraphrasing, and summarizing, with a maximum of one quotation that is four lines or longer.
The paper must be in MLA format in order for it to be graded. The paper must have a title and the
thesis statement must be underlined. Students will be graded by the rubric and essay is worth
300 points.
Students to Visit the Meat Lab
Mrs. Shrader will be taking a group
of students to the Auburn
University Lambert-Powell Meats
Lab on April 8th. Located near the
Auburn University campus, the
facility is a state of the art teaching,
research and extension facility
supporting a variety of activities in
the Department of Animal Sciences. Several undergraduate
courses utilize the unit each semester for demonstrations and hands-on laboratories. Faculty and
graduate students conduct research in the areas of meat quality, meat processing and food safety.
The Lambert-Powell Meat Lab is a fully functional inspected facility under the jurisdiction of the
United States Department of Agriculture Food Safety Inspection Service. This facility often serves
for not only student training, but also training for USDA
personnel. Products produced under inspection are available
to the general public in the Retail Sales Room which is open
from 2-5 pm Monday through Thursday and 11am-5pm on
Friday. There is a variety of fresh pork and beef as well as
bacon, different varieties of sausage, and on occasion a
selection of BBQ, smoked brisket and hams. The students will
tour the facility and will be able to see the meat processing
and food safety demonstrations that take place there.
First Bank of Boaz Coming to BHS
During the spring break the FACS sewing
lab underwent a major change as the
construction for the new BHS Bank was
started. The facility is set to open in the
fall of the 2015-16 school year. After construction is completed the First Bank of Boaz will have
bank operating at Boaz High School. Students will be able to deposit cash, cash checks,
disburse loans, and any other service a bank provides. There will be 2 teller windows and a
bank office. Designated as a training facility of the First Bank of Boaz, Coach Keenum’s Banking
Financial Service Class will run the bank here at BHS. This will be a good method for teaching
students about financial literacy.
The BHS culinary team won 3rd
place on March 14 at the
H3 Construction pictures where our
new culinary, medical wing, pirate
restaurant, and school store will be
open in the fall of 2015.
Show Choir performed very well at a
recent competition in Enterprise,
Dr. Philip Cleveland, State
Department of Education visited
Coach Clark, with Mr. Elkins
demonstrating the 4D element app.
C.J. and Morgan in Mrs. Chumley’s
Anatomy class
Students in Mrs. Ballentine’s AP
Calculus class created cross sections
of equilateral shapes.
BTA-A students practicing for the
GMerix Exam.
Lucy (aka Mary Holcomb) was a big
hit at Boaz Has Talent 2015.
Mrs. Lett’s Pirate Period, Worldwide
Celebrations Students
MMD Students playing their Opoly games
BHS Senior Class of 2015
The countdown is on…
The Boaz High School Theatre Department’s
production of
will be presented at the Boaz High School
Auditorium Thursday, April 24th & Friday, April 25th
at 7:00 pm. A Sunday matinee will take place on
April 26th at 2:00. The cost of admission will be
$7.50 per person.