the secret history of the Victorian interior Victorian Interiors Miles Lewis

Victorian Interiors
University of Melbourne July 2008
the secret history of the Victorian interior
Miles Lewis
papier mâché
‘Clarendon’, Nile, undated ? c 1840
Miles Lewis
‘Clarendon’, drawing room
Miles Lewis
‘Clarendon’ drawing
room centre flower,
and Bielefeld
catalogue illustration
Miles Lewis
C F Bielefeld. On the Use of
the Improved Papier-Mâché,
&c. London, no date [c 1840?],
no 2637
‘Clarendon’ drawing room cornice
Helen Stitt
‘Clarendon’ drawing room cornice &
Bielefeld patterns 94; 127N370;
Helen Stitt
Bielefeld. On the Improved PapierMâché
‘Clarendon’ dining room cornice and Bielefeld
patterns 96, 196, 96
Miles Lewis
Bielefeld. On the Improved Papier-Mâché
‘Clarendon’ hall centre flower & Bielefeld pattern 45
Helen Stitt
Bielefeld. On the Improved Papier-Mâché
‘Clarendon’ hall
cornice & Bielefeld
patterns 126N366,
Miles Lewis
Bielefeld. On the Improved
papier mâché centre flowers: ‘Killymoon’, Tasmania, c 1845, drawing room &
dining room; ‘Wood Cot Park’, Victoria, c 1854-5; ‘Werai’, NSW, 1858
Keene’s & Martin’s cements
Queen's Hall, Parliament House, Melbourne, by Peter Kerr, 1879
'Barwon Park',
Winchelsea, Victoria,
by Davidson &
Henderson, c 186970: interior
Miles Lewis
fibrous plaster
Read's (later
Moore's) Store,
Chapel & High Sts,
Prahran, Melbourne,
by Sydney Smith &
Ogg, 1911
fibrous plaster
Miles Lewis
Read's Store: details of cornices
Miles Lewis
‘Egremont’, 20 Welman St, Launceston, by Johannes Haenke, 1904: hall ceiling
Miles Lewis
'Ryllstone Park',
Rhyll, Phillip
Island, Vifctorias,
by Charles O'Dea,
c 1897
view of a ceiling
Paul Roser
‘Rhyllstone Park’: ceiling detail
Paul Roser
'Woodland' or 'North Park', 69 Woodland Street, Essendon,
by Oakden, Addison & Kemp, 1888-9: ceiling of the front room
Miles Lewis
‘North Park’ : ceiling detail
Miles Lewis
‘Star Hotel, Beechworth: ceiling of upper room, undated
Miles Lewis
‘Star Hotel’ ceiling detail
Miles Lewis
Wool Exchange, Collins
St, Melbourne: drawing
for the Wunderlich
ceiling by William Pitt,
Melbourne University
Architectural Collection,
State Library of Victoria,
OFF 2-21.
8 Glenelg Street,
Portland, Victoria, c 1854
rear view
muslin wall hanging from
the front room
Miles Lewis
Mandeville Hall, Toorak, extended by Charles Webb, 1878-9: drawing room in 1904
Melbourne Punch, 7 January 1904
Mandeville Hall: drawing room frieze and cornice
Irvine Green
'Boisdale' homestead,
Maffra, Victoria, by Guyon
Purchas, 1892
woven dado in the
smoking room
Miles Lewis
'Les Sauvages de la Mer Pacifique', design by Jean-Gabriel Charvet, manufactured by
Dufour & Cie, 1804-5, Australian National Gallery, Canberra: panel 1
Susan Hall [ed], Les Sauvages de la Mer Pacifique (Canberra 2000), cover
'Les Sauvages de la Mer Pacifique ': panels 1-4
‘Clairville’, Western Junction, Tasmania, 1830s
Miles Lewis
Miles Lewis
‘Clairville’ vestibule
Miles Lewis
‘Clairville’ vestibule
Miles Lewis
‘Clairville’ vestibule: detail of chimney breast
Miles Lewis
detail of
Miles Lewis
‘Clairville’ vestibule: detail of wallpaper
Miles Lewis
'Passage des Détroits' or 'Cérémonie Turque'
Odile Nouvel-Kammerer, French Scenic Wallpaper 1795-1865 (Paris 2000 [1990]), pp 288-9
'Isola Bella'
designed by
Ehrmann &
Zipélius and
produced by
Zuber, of 18413
French Scenic
Wallpaper, p 194.
'Eden' or 'l'Éden' designed by Joseph Fuchs and produced by
Jules Desfossé, of 1861
Nouvel-Kammerer, French Scenic Wallpaper, pp 213-218
the Mills Cottage: newspaper fragment found beneath
later papers in the central part
'Black Rock House', fragment of paper above the skirting in the rear passage
Miles Lewis
'Black Rock House', fragment of paper above the skirting in the room 6
Miles Lewis
Black Rock House fragment & French muslin [mousseline] paper of ten colours
on a brown satin finish base, 1850s, Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris
Véronique de Brugniac, Le Papier Peint (Paris 1995), p 74
Black Rock House, room
4, sprigged paper below
skirting, & detail with
registration mark
Miles Lewis
'Black Rock House', dining room paper (the pencil line marks the extension of the
chimney breast); unidentified flock paper, Bibliothèque Forney, Paris, pp 50 (1840-50)
Miles Lewis; Bibliothèque Forney
nursery wallpaper, Black Rock House
Miles Lewis
detail of nursery paper, Black Rock House
Miles Lewis
French wallpaper in
Louis XVI Cordoba
leather manner
Marie-Brigitte Metteau et al [eds], Le
Bon Motif (Paris 2004), p 102, pl 2
room finished in Rottman Strome & Co's Japanese papers, 1884
Journal of Decorative Art, 1884
'Alicante' pattern of Rottman Strome, registered 1897
Hoskins, The Papered Wall, p 159
Relief papers at 'Rippon Lea', Hotham Street, Elsternwick, c 1884
Miles Lewis
grape & pomegranate paper at ‘Mynda’, 5
Molesworth Street, Kew, by Lloyd Tayler, 1885
Miles Lewis
22 Coppin Grove, Hawthorn, 1885, 1887: the wallpaper fossil
Miles Lewis
'Ontario' ('Labassa'), 5 Manor Grove, Caulfield,
remodelled by J A B Koch, 1890: frieze of stair hall
Miles Lewis
'Ontario‘: filler of stair hall
Miles Lewis
details of upper stair hall
Miles Lewis
views of upper stair hall & ceiling
Miles Lewis
Ontario: view of the trompe l'oeil staircase ceiling
Victoria Hammond, Labassa: a Grand Victorian Mansion (East
Melbourne 2004), p 28
figure of Christ for
stained glass, based
on the altarpiece of
the Chapel at
Magdelen College,
Nathaniel Whittock, The
Painter's and Decorator's
Guide (London, no date
[1828]), pl lxxiv.
borders for stained glass
Whittock, Painter's and Decorator's Guide, pls li, liv
Christ Church C of E, Wellington St, Longford, Tasmania, 1839-44: sanctuary (actually west)
window, designed by William Archer and made by William Wailes of Newcastle, 1842
Christ Church
sanctuary window:
signatures of
Archer and Wailes
Miles Lewis
'Tudor house', 52 Pasco Street, Williamstown, by Wilson
& Beswicke, 1884: detail of transfer decorations
Paul Roser.
'Boisdale', Maffra, by Guyon Purchas, 1892: detail of transfer
decorations in the dining room
Miles Lewis
'Woodlands' or
'North Park', 69
Woodland St,
Strathmore, by
Addison &
Kemp, 1888-9
transfers in
upper passage
door and
Miles Lewis
'Woodlands': detail of scene in door transfer. Miles Lewis
'Woodlands': detail of sidelight transfer
Miles Lewis