April 23, 2015 Minutes Adobe Acrobat PDF file

Thursday, Apr 23, 2015
4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
McGivlra Elementary School
Vince Gonzales
Project Manager, Capital Projects
Maria BreuderMESPrincipal
Mary BattisonMESTeacher, Math Support
Todd BareCommunityParent
Andy JensenCommunityParent
Nori Hawkins
Parent, 1st Grade
Kristin DrakeMESK-1 Teacher
Maggie BurgessMES4-5 Special Ed Teacher
Amanda StempelMESK-3 Special Ed Teacher
Heather Christothoulou MES
3rd grade Teacher
Amy VanderhorstIntegrusDesign Team
Jeff MiddletonIntegrusDesign Team
Queena YiIntegrusDesign Team
Introductions were made to the meeting attendees, including members from:
• • • School/District Administration
McGilvra Elementary School Staff/Volunteers
Architectural Design Team
Project Overview and Presentation
An overview of the project history, project budget and schedule was presented along with the a description of the SDAT process.
Major milestones of the project include:
- 2015 Summer construction - Seismic upgrade of structure, new emergency lighting and sprinkler system
- 2016 Summer construction - Seismic upgrades, partial replacement of mechanical system
- 2017 Lunchroom addition
SDAT workshops will be meeting every Thursday for the next four weeks to continue the discussion of the new lunchroom
A brief history of the McGilvra Elementary School site and building was given to highlight the major changes that occurred.
A brief summary was given of the landmark process and status.
McGilvra Elementary School
Group Exercise: “Blink”
Based on the book “Blink” by Malcolm Gladwell, a series of
school-related images were shown for only a few seconds a
piece while being scored by each person as: Really Like, Like,
Neutral, Dislike, or Really Dislike. Scores will be tallied and
the top and bottom five images will be presented at the next
The purpose of this exercise is to reveal common likes and
dislikes amongst the members, which will help give insight to
the project development process.
Group Discussion
To open a discussion with the participants, three questions were asked of the group:
- 1. Why are you here? 2. What are you concerns, comments? and 3. What is the McGilvra Community?
Highlights of the discussion are the following:
- There is a concern about the potential disruption to the operating school while construction is occurring
- Nevertheless, all are excited about having the new space
- Goal is to complete as much work for the school as the budget can make possible. i.e. Maximize the money to improve the school.
- There is a clear problem of a lack of space so the addition is much needed. e.g. lunch break currently occurs over three sessions, not enough storage space, insufficient space for Special Ed.
- It is vital that the historic aesthetic / character of the building needs to be preserved along with the views from the surrounding streets. The new addition must respect the existing building.
- Many cafetoriums are not well designed and do not serve the users. The new addition should provide the flexibility of multiple uses along with providing a well designed space for its main use: a lunchroom.
- The community at McGilvra is very engaged and involved with the school.
- The project should look at innovative ways to inspire the group in a creative way to create a lunch room experience and not just a building.
- The addition should allow for special education to benefit by gaining some additional space
- Some discussion of how to re-purpose the old cafeteria occurred and most agreed it should transform back to a classroom
- Upgrading the utilities is extremely important. We need to have potable water!
- The landscape should be a part of the project.
- The real challenge of the project will be where to located the addition and how will look juxtaposed to the historic character of the existing building from the street.
McGilvra Elementary School
Virtual Tour and Best Practices
A series of images were presented to the group as case studies of existing lunchroom commons in order to start the conversation
about the potential hopes and fears for the new addition. A discussion of these hopes and fears will commence at the next work
shop. The goal of the discussion to define what the vision and goals for the project.
It was suggested that group members reach out to the community and gather any information that would be relevant and helpful
to the SDAT process so that the group is aware of any/all concerns within the community.
End of Minutes
McGilvra Elementary School